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Fri, September 7, 2012 Douglas Dietrich was a D.O.D.

(Department of Defense) Research Librarian for alm ost a decade, responsible for incinerating highly classified materials on critic al historical topics such as Pearl Harbor, Roswell, Vit-Nam, and the different et hnic holocausts; as well as documents exposing the reality behind vampires, zomb ies, Soviet psychic warfare, and other occult phenomena. Volumes of notes on Tes la, H.P. Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, the Vatican and United Nations were destroye d, along with reams of reports detailing everything from military/intelligence-s ponsored drug-smuggling operations to experimental mind-control programs. Record s plundered from both Allied and enemy states articulated the hidden objectives of modern mass-movements such as Nat-Zism, Zionism, Izamicism (Whh'bist/Islamist F undamentalism[s]), Vouhodouxnism ("Voodooism"), and other ideologies. His Post was El Presidio Real de San Francisco's Western Defense Command Center, which was seething with Satanism, child abuse, and controversial medical experi mentation. An assassination plot on presidential candidate William Clinton was e ven attempted. Since base-closure, his background in military reference and his experiences in mercenary/security enforcement exposed him to startling insights into geopolitics, the current demographic apocalypse, and the medical-industrial complex thanatizing our future. Weapons of Mass-Deception unleashed generations ago by increasingly self-deluded American lites have since warped the U.S. electorate's very perception of realit y -- NOW is the time for TOTAL disclosure. ght-in-the-midlands Douglas Dietrich on Late Night In the Midlands ____________________________________________________________________ Douglas Dietrich on Late Night in the Midlands. [host- Vara] Douglas Dietrich was a DOD, that is Department of Defense resea rch librarian for almost a decade responsible for incinerating highly classified materials on critical historical topics such as Pearl Harbor, Roswell, Viet Nam and the different ethnic holocausts as well as documents exposing the reality b ehind vampires, zombies, Soviet psychic warfare and other occult phenomena and t onight, well, well see what direction he wants to take us in but, everybody, plea se welcome back Douglas Dietrich. Douglas, welcome back to Late Night in the Mid lands. Got a conference coming up, dont you? [Douglas] I do. Thank you so much for asking about that and thank you so much for having me in front of your wonderful audience. Im so glad to be here to be here with them again and really happy that theyre spending their time with us. So, this conference that you mentioned is Bay area UFO Con, 2012. So, with you r permission Ill give them some links that they could look up so they can find ou t more about it, Mr. Vara. [host] Absolutely.

[Douglas] Great. Thank you again. So please, I invite you all to check ou t and youll find out everything you need to know. Also you can go to my website and find out more about it. Just go to and youll find the banner and Douglas is spelled with on s and Dietrich is spelled like the famous Marlana and youll find the banner. Most of you including Mr. Var a are probably too young to remember her so just put the words, diet and rich to gether, and Mr. Vara has been kind enough to have me on toni ght without a specific topic so Im happy to kind of go along with whatever you mi ght have been discussing before you were kind enough to bring me on the air. Wha t exactly were you covering that we could kind of segueway gracefully into my no rmal state of affairs which is, of course, the reality behind revisionist histor y and current events and also trends forecasting, exactly where this takes us ba

sed on the cycles of history. [host] Well, one of the things that I was discussing is the fraud of the two-party system and how the elections really dont matter. That was one of the things that I was getting into and, of course, talking about the fake wars, the fluoride and just you name it. [Douglas] No, thats great. Well, definitely when you speak of the two-part y systemweve addressed this before on Late Night in the Midlands {this program} an d Im happy to review it again. Basically that entire electoral system of the Unit ed States became a fraud literally one hundred years after the Republic was esta blished. The Republic or the establishment of the constitutional republic known as the United States {United states of America?} was born of one of the longest declared wars in American history and until the Second World War that was the lo ngest declared war in American history. It was eight years long and it started i n 1775 with the shot heard round the world and it took place even before the Fren ch Revolution and one of the reasons that you dont hear about it is because it wa s a very peculiar revolution. If you go to the former Soviet Union into Russia, certainly in the days of when the Soviet Union was still with us. He went to Fra nce which is still in its Fifth Republic, Republic Francois and if you went to C hina, of course, whats the one thing that all of these nations have in common alo ng with Viet Nam, Algeria or many others is that they would beat you on the head with their revolutions in their educational system or in their relation of thei r own history. Theyll talk about Bastille Day in France and theyll talk about the day that Algeria severed from France and Algeria, etc. Youll basically have enti re nation state concepts based on their revolutions and beyond that they will at tempt to export their revolution as a model. When the revolution of the Iotola t ook place in Iran and they instituted a fundamentalist Mullocracy, a theocracy b ased on Shia fundamentalism. Whats the first thing that they did? They tried to e xport it and theyve been trying to export that revolution as a model ever since. Indeed thats one of the major problems that led to the Iran-Iraq War, the First G ulf War of 1982 to 98. And you have that with all the other nations. China was e xporting Maoist revolution. As a matter of fact, there are still Maoist rebels o perating in the Philippines, in Peru through the Shining Path, a Maoist guerrill a faction, in Nepal. Even with the death of collectivization in China the Maoist agenda is being exported almost on its own inertia at this point and Russia, of course, tried to export its revolution, etc. Now, why didnt America ever do that ? The bottom line is that America doesnt export its revolution as a model to deve loping nation was because its revolution was extremely specific. It was a conser vative revolution. What does the word, conservative mean? Conservative means in its very natureIm not trying to create a division because Im on the side of Mr. Var a in terms of liberal and conservative as they have come to mutate to us today h as ceased to have any meaning. Theyre not discernibly different in practice when we have their different representative parties in power. Whether it is Republica n or Democrat what you get is a continuity of the fact that youre being ripped of f {amen} and youre getting nothing in return. But in terms of the original Americ an Revolution what you had werethis is what I mean by using the term, conservativ e, in its proper context. You had a lot of men with a lot of property and financ e and materials to conserve and that would include human chattel slaves. So, may people might take umbrage at the founding fathers being put in this perspective and its rather hackneyed, rather clichd, something that a lot of Communists would bring up back in the sixties and the seventies. Unfortunately the fact remains that no matter what your political stripe, its a historical fact. The men who got together and they created the Declaration of Independence, they wrote the Ameri can Constitution, these were Caucasian landowning, slave owning, for the most pa rt, almost 100%, the majority of them at least and they were basically people wh o were tired of paying taxes to the Monarch, the King of England, and wanted to keep it all for themselves. And this was most personified in George Washington b ecause when he finally won that revolution, that conservative revolution in whic h a lot of the elitists fought to keep their own property without paying taxes t

o an overseas monarch then what did he do? He had an opportunity to present a sp eech that would be the equivalentnot that I admire Abraham Lincolnbut Abraham was masterful in delivering speeches and Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Ad dress which is a model for speechmaking to this day. And George Washington had a n opportunity to deliver his version of a Gettysburg Address at the conclusion o f that eight year war, the American Revolution, the War for Independence. And wh at did he do when he delivered that speech? He basicallyhe complemented all of hi s fellow officers, his landowners, and he said nothing about the enlisted men be cause to him the enlisted men, quite obviously, did not matter. He did not credi t them and unlike Abraham Lincoln he was not simply Commander-in-Chief of all of the armed forces. He was an active general in the field so we had an active com missioned general in the field who took not a moment in time to credit his enlis ted men. And we always have to remember that as far as I am concerned no officer , no officer, ever earns medals. Only his men earn the medals. He may be masterf ul at commanding his men but when he commands his men they earn the medals for h im. And if hes an officer of any worth then that is what he would credit duly to the men under his command. That is the price of officership. What is the differe nce between an officer and an enlisted man? At least in the United States you ha ve the term, commissioned officer, you have the term, noncom, or non-commissione d officers and enlisted men. Lets analyze that for a second because that is roote d in this conservative revolution. Well, basically, if youre an enlisted man, any one from a private all the way up to a master sergeant and a little bit beyond t o the warrant officer class you are an enlisted man which means per the Uniform Code of Military Justice and there is other stipulations of our republic that un less youre getting paid you dont have to fight and a lot of people dont understand that that if youre not getting paid you dont have to fight. Now, a commissioned of ficer from the lowliest junior lieutenant all the way up to a five-star general up to the commanding supreme marshal of the armed forceswe dont use that term, mar shal, in the United States or havent in a long time but people like a George Catl in Marshal who was commander-in-chief of all military forces in the United State s during the Second World War came down to the lowliest junior grade go for, sec ond lieutenant. They are commissioned officers. What does that mean? That means that they hold stock in the nation. That means that as long as the Constitutiona l Republic exists they are obligated to fight. They have to fight because they h old stock in the nation literally. That is what that term means. That originated from the days of the early republic. So what happened when George Washington go t up there and basically dissed all of his enlisted men that he has used to figh t off the monarchy and establish a republic in which they no longer had to pay t axes to the Brits overseas. And, by the way, Americans didnt have to pay taxes, c ertainly not federal income taxes. And they would not pay federal income taxes u ntil just shortly before entry into the First World War when they were mobilizin g to enter the First World War. If you had a grandfather or a great grandfather at this point who was alive and I knew many men because I worked out of Presidio Military Base and what the Presidio Military Base was famous for was its cemete ry. This even comes up in the movie, The Presidio, with Mark Harmon and Sean Con nery. They bring up the Presidio Military Base. Matter of fact one of my former co-writers, a lady named Ester Fisherman {sp?} she was married to the last man t o be buried in the Presidio Military Base. And the whole trip about that is that at the Presidio Military Base we got very acquainted because of the cemetery wi th all of these dying veterans so I would speak to many, many elderly veterans i ncluding veterans of the First World War, including veterans of World War One an d people of that age could remember, before World War I we didnt pay taxes. That wa s what the entire revolution was about. [host] Now people do it and they are led to believe that they had to and now r eally you cant stop because if you do theyll come kick in your door and take every thing. [Douglas] Thats right. Before the first world war this was not the case. P eople paid sin taxes because this was a very Christian nation. So another mistak

e people have about the founding fathers, I remember at the veterans administrati on in the waiting room waiting for my father to be treated and there was a woman who was sitting next to me who had an open book, The Christian Roots of Our Rep ublic and I was just thinking how incredibly naive she was because the overwhelm ing majority of the founding fathers were indeed Free Masons, they were Masonic and at that point being a Mason really meant something and it still does but to a very, very pale extent. Its very much a shadow of the power that they once held . But in those days to be a Free Mason truly meant that you were a power holder, that you were a power broker. It was indeed a fraternity of power brokers and a t that period of time the Masons were for the most part theistic. As a matter of fact, they were all theistic, that was part of the requirements for the rites o f Masonry, the entering of the Masonic order. So, not to create an anti-Masonic kind of conspiracy backlash which I doubt would happen anyway in this day and ag e. If you were to find the majority of people who were taking of Masonic lodges today it would be as non-threatening as Fred Flintstone and his Moose Lodge. I m ean, its really that absurd at this point in history. I mean, theyre just basicall y renting out their facilities to make some extra money on the side. It truly is at this point an empty ritual. But at that point in history when George Washing ton was active with all of his co-conspirators essentially his confederates was the term that was used by the British elite, the monarchy. They were theistic an d to be a theist means that you believe in a universe of a god gone away, that t here was a divine intelligence that created the universe but it was a clockwork mechanistic universe on the model of Newtonian physics so that a clockwork mecha nistic universe was set up by a cosmic watch maker, a cosmic clock maker and at which point he abandoned the universe to its own design. And thats where men of g reat knowledge should be allowed to rule according to the Masonic doctrine and, of course, they imposed themselves as candidates for that rulership. So, they at tained that rulership in the United States. So, the constitutional republic of t he United States is not a theological or a Christian national foundation. It is a theistic foundation which means that God is no longer with us according to the men who contrived the Constitutional Republic. And why is it so important for A mericans to realize this? Its important for Americans to realize this because the re were European Americans hundreds of years in North America before there was a Constitutional Republic known as the United States {of America} just as there w as Russians for a thousand years before there was a constitutional entity known as the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was internationally recognized by the rest of the world during the year of my fathers birth, 1919 and my father outlived th at constitutional entity. He died in 1991. Now, there were Americans who came he re of European descent who landed at Plymouth Rock and various other areas and t hey were truly Christians. They were fanatical Christians. These were Christians who were so extreme in their beliefs and their ecstatic religious experiences. They were known as the Quakers and the Shakers because they had theseorgasmic gyr ations that they would go through in fits of religious ecstasy that made them so eccentric to the Puritan of England that Cromwell when he took over England and instituted a theocracy, a republic under religious law and he went so far as to execute his own monarch, the king. He committed regicide and established a puri tanical dictatorship. These people were so extreme that they were exiled to Nort h America. The North American continent would ultimately have a United States Co nstitutional Republic imposed upon it but it is transitional. So my point is tha t the original founding European Americans considered themselves to be either ro yal Americans under crown or they considered themselves to be living under the d ictatorship of God. That was a true theocracy. So, at that point that is the Chr istian foundation for an America that existed for hundreds of years before the C onstitutional entity was imposed upon it by a theistic group of incredibly wealt hy propertied individuals. As a matter of fact the original Declaration of Indep endence, the lines that were written were in pursuit, life, liberty and property. That was the original line. They said, well we cant get any of the common folks t o fight for us. They concluded quite reasonably that they couldnt get any of the common men to fight for them if they would include that word, property, because that term would exclude just about ninety-nine percent of the American public at

that time. They said, well, if we want them to fight for the one percent that ha s the slaves and the plantations and the property then well have to say something else. So they said, happiness. Now, what does that mean? What if your happiness is youre a pedophile or a child predator? What if your happiness is youre a serial r apist or a mass murderer? What if your happiness is destroying the lives of ot hers or financially raping them as a bankster or a corporate raider? Its a meanin gless term. I mean you may as well say love. I mean, its meaningless in context o f a legal document, it is meaningless. You may as well say love or respect or so mething of that nature. Its a very, very bizarre term to use. Now, what does it l ook like to foreign people? Now, I was born in Taiwan, of course. My first langu age was Putawa {sp?} the national language of Mandarin Chinese. To put this in a perspective for you for other cultures because it is useful. This is another re ason why people shouldnt be so violently aggressively exporting ideologies. The U nited States exports democracy with the same violent aggression that the Soviet Union exported communism and yet it doesnt use its revolution as a model. At leas t the Soviet Union, the various other communist nations would try to use revolut ion as a model. It never works. Most communist governments set up the world over were set up through military invasions. Very few people would follow the revolu tionary model that was offered by the communist fatherlands of China and the Sov iet Union. So they had to resort to armed invasion. Well, its the same way with d emocracy. {note: the founding fathers did not set up a democracythey knew it was evil. The banksters did, however.} Most cultures view democracy as a totalitaria n ideology as alien as communism and as a result the Americans {banksters} have to impose it by armed invasion. Its armed invaders that imposed democracy in Iraq , in Afghanistan, in so many other areas that we lose count. And what is the rea son behind this? Why doesnt everybody just love democracy? Well, take a look at o ther cultures. Theyre not inherently meant for democracy. Its an artificial synthe tic modern totalitarian ideology. And if you go to China and they literally tran slate into their languages, the iconographic languages, of China or Japan. To pu t this in a perspective for you. In Japan there is no character or iconograph in the Japanese language for privacy. Theres no word for privacy in Japan. Theres no term. If people were to look it up there might be a post modern, post ceasefire , post war meaningpost 1952when the Japanese-American war legally ended. There mig ht be a synthetic iconograph that was ultimately developed but if you looked up the etymology of that character if it does exist it would be something that exis ted after my mothers time. It would be something that would indeed be introduced with new generations in Japan that other Japanese never had in their vocabulary. I dont believe that they have it even to this day. But the reason why is because the Japanese couldnt afford the concept of privacy. Now, China, theres no such wo rd for freedom or independence or liberty. They would basically all be covered, someth ing similar, a synonym something comparative to it, would be covered by the Chin ese iconograph for the character which would be a criminal mindset. Basically, the closest American interpretation to that Chinese iconograph would be a criminal mentality or mentation process where you basically say, screw everybody, every ma n for himself. So, when the Declaration of Independence is translated into Chines e and the Chinese read the American Declaration of Independence it literally tra nslates as a criminal document. It translates as a document signed by a bunch of criminals who got together and said, we declare that were going to screw everybod y, every man for himself. [host] Ive been told over and over that were supposed to be a consti tutional republic, not a democracy. What do you think about that? [Douglas] Thats absolutely the case but the whole point of the Constitutio nal Republic was that is was based on an electoral process and the Constitutiona l Republic died in 1876. And what had happened at that time, exactly one hundred years after the establishment of the Constitutional Republic in 1776 was that t he Civil War {Lincolns War of Aggression, aka. Our socialist revolution. I.e., th e American people got railroaded into socialism via the Civil War and the invasi on of the Socialists from the 1848 failed socialist revolution in Europemainly Fr

ance and Germany.} had just come to an end and the Civil War was a railroad war. {masterminded by Tom Scott, CEO of the Pennsylvania Railroad who also invented the modern corporation, so carefully avoided by the founding fathers who rememb ered the Kings corporations and their evilness.} Every major battle was fought wi thin twenty miles of track and the men who profited the most from the Civil War were the northern union rail barons {especially Tom Scott who bought out the Sou thern railroads after the war and also Averill Harriman.} and the rail barons ba sically were going to pay for a government that would continue their expansion b ecause after the American Civil War was over they had to expand track in order t o maintain continuity of profits. And what was the most logical direction to exp and in? The West. So the frontier army of the United States, 7th Cavalry, etc., they all became loaded with Confederate veterans. And these were people who woun d up exporting violently for the Union the interest of the rail barons, robber b arons {Rottenfeller etc.} of the rail era by exterminating the Indians and becom ing very adept at guerrilla fighting with the Indians and all for the purpose of expanding the rails of the United States corporations. And the way that they ha d this donehow did we get to that point where we were involved with that horrible war of genocide with the original peoples of North America on the Great Plains was because the rail barons bought themselves the presidency. {Its been for sale ever since} Then the president is, of course, the commander-in-chief {puppet-inthief??} of the United States armed forces. So they said, we got to have a presid ent select. Weve got to have someone who is willing to expand westward and what t hey did was in November 7th of 1876 they overthrew the legally elected president , Samuel Tilden. And Samuel Tilden was famous as the Ralph Nader of his day. He had been fighting military corruption, especially the Union Generals who had rai ded the South and they had stolen all kinds of goods from those stately Southern palatial mansions down in the southern states and they were putting them on the black market. So, because he had made a career out of helping to shut these men down the American public responded by electing him president by a quarter of a million votes on November 7th of 1876 and in electoral votes he won 196 to 173 o ver General Rutherford Hayes, the Republican candidate. Samuel Tilden happened t o be a Democrat just like Ralph Nader. And what had happened was the spoils mach ine went to work basically in Florida. If you can think of the Jeb Bush dominate d Florida that had toa controversy with Al Gore and they wound up using a state j udge to basically usher in his brother, George Bush, Jr. This anticipated all o f that. In Florida a mass shipment of cash wrapped in threats went to the vote r eturning boards and the votes of the Democratic precincts were disallowed and th e chairman of the board admitted all of this later when a promised appointment d idnt come through. By that time it was way too late. And Florida had four elector al votes and the same combination worked in Louisiana of November 8th of 1876 an d Louisiana had 8 electoral votes. So Tilden still had a quarter of a million po pular votes more but the switch has made General Hayes president by one vote. So by one single electoral vote 185 to 184 with littleand it brought daylight. The United States military overthrew the Democratic Republic. And at that point that junta served the interest of the rail barons. From that point forward for thirt y bloody years following the American Civil War the United States frontier armys North American Indian Campaign conducted over 1400 battles. Thats one battle/mass acre every single week of the year. Think about what Im saying. And they extermin ated the American Indian, {see the mini-series movie Centennial} placed them into concentration camps in a campaign that lasted until the twentieth century {we ar e now the next Indians} literally until about 1904, just before World War I was wh en Geronimo was one of the last few American Indians to die fighting the Constit utional Republic of the United States. Whats the point of this? Basically what ha ppened was from that point forward every single president in the United States w as a president select. {November 2nd therefore is selection day or probably more accurately as Bet Midler said, erection day.} One of the first things that Genera l Rutherford B. Hayes had to do because it was so obvious that he had stolen the election was at that point the South threatened to secede again. There was talk of rebellion and, as a matter of fact, the Louisville Courier Journal which was a Republican Dominated newspaper called for a hundred thousand men to defend th

e capital because people were threatening to march on Washington from the South and from the North this time, both areas. But they were under a great depression and everybody was too busy scrambling for something to eat {the elite banksters must have taken note of this for further reference} and to feed their families with to overthrow the government. And as a matter of fact the Depression was so bad that people were turning themselves into jail every night just to have a pla ce to sleep and a place to eat. I mean, thats how bad it was. As a matter of fact , when I think about it there were about 80,000 homeless people who came into po lice stations according to government documents that I worked with at the Presid io Military Base every night and that was in New York City alone. That meant one -tenth of the nations greatest city at that time lived in prison. Thats the kind o f economy that we were talking about. This is all thanks to your rail barons. Se e, this is that one-percent as opposed to the 80-percent that they keep taking a bout. These were the people who have a military whose officers own stock in the nation and so this was the situation at the time. Every president since that poi nt in time has been a president select. The American democratic republic or the Constitutional Republicmeaningless. [Host] [Douglas] [Host] Even Kennedy? Yes. Every president was. Ill show you why.

So he didnt sneak inhuh?

[Douglas] No, there no sneak-ins. Kennedy was brought in. They brought ina ll of them were selected whoever they thought would serve them. And Kennedys big mistake was in turning on them. And so, if they dont think youre going to serve th em youre not going to win. But they thought he was going to serve them and he did nt. Then he was taken out. Now, I mean that makes sense, I would hope. [Host] Oh, it does. It makes absolute sense. I liked Kennedy and I thought he was going against the elite and thats what got him killed so it makes absolutely perfect sense to me. I mean, theyre not going to let anybody get in th ats going to Thats why Ron Paulforget about it. Hell never get in because theyre not going to allow that. [Douglas] I agree. I think that even if he did get in theres nothing he co uld do. The one thing he could do as commander-in-chief of the military forces w ould be to recall all of the military forces from abroad. He could do that and shortly after he did that he would be taken on a long slow ride through an open limousine in Dallas. [Host] Its not funny but, yeah, youre right. [Douglas] And thats essentially how that would work. But in terms of what went on with the presidencies afterwards, Kennedy, for instance, when he became president in 1961 one of the first things that the Strategic Air Command did was they approached him and they brought all of these photographs that were taken b y space reconnaissance. By the way, in 1961 we had space reconnaissance. We had the reserve astronaut program, project Odyssius which was mostly a military oper ation and at those heights above the atmosphere was pretty useless for photograp hing development on the ground in Eurasia, on the Eurasian landmass. So, most of the reconnaissance was done by satellite photography. We actually had photograp hic satellites that were thrown into the sky at that point. We had U2 over-fligh ts which were even better for reconnaissance photography and the end result was thatand by the way, many scores of pilots died in U2 over-flights. There literall y had to be hundreds of pilots that were lost in photographing the landscapes of China and the Soviet Union during that time and place. Well, they knew exactly what they were looking at because they had been conducting strategic bombing for ever. They were conducting strategic bombing in Viet Nam. As a matter of fact th

ey were more bombs dropped in the nation of Laos alone than were dropped on Germ any and Japan combined throughout the 2nd World War. So, this was a bombing camp aign that began mostly around the 1960s or very shortly thereafter. But they wer e conducting plenty of observation flights from World War 2 all the way up that period in time through the Korean War. There were satelliteinterpretation of imag ery was a fine science. So, for the most part when they bothered to analyze they could figure out what they were looking at. There was plenty of mistakes. Certa in types of Chinese architecture were interpreted as nuclear cyclotrons and thes e were like buildings that had existed for thousands of years that happened to b e circular in shape with great hollow toroidal architectural construction and de sign and they were around for thousands of years and they were mistaken to be nu clear cyclotrons. So mistakes can be made. But they knew what missiles looked li ke and so when they approached Kennedy and they put all these photographs in fro nt of him, the Strategic Air Command, and they said, Mr. President, the Soviets h ave 1500 ICBMs on launch pads ready to launch, all of these photographs and they pointed to all of these photographs and they pointed to every war memorial, ever y church spire, every grain silo and they told him, that was a missile. They were lying through their teeth. At that point, it has been proven since that time the y knew exactly what the Soviets had. The Soviets had fourcount themfour operationa l ICBMs at that point. And when they basically told him that set of four, they h ad 1500 he was convinced there was a missile gap and invested heavily into inter continental ballistic missile research so that the United States could catch up with this incredible Soviet lead that was so misrepresented. Well, this is high treason. This is criminal. Every single commander in the Strategic Air Command a t that point in time should have been taken out and shot. [Host] Yes, I agree.

[Douglas] Yeah, there is no other word for that. So, as a result you cann ot trust the military industrial complex. What was going on in Eisenhowers time? In Eisenhowers time they had the nuclear flight program and the nuclear flight pr ogram basically was something that was taking billions of dollars and putting it into this so-called nuclear flight where they were claiming that they could get planes in the air that would never have to land. And if they got these planes i n the air that would never have to land then all they would need to do is have m en flying around forever and then they would land. They would basically use some kind of helicopter transport and either have the plane never land and have the crew insert itself through either some kind of slow over-flight to have the plan e slow down. This was sheer fantasy. None of this would ever have worked. Or the y would have the plane land actually which would be much more likely and then pu t new crew members in. Well, some of this could never take place because unlike in the water where you have a nuclear submarine or a nuclear aircraft carrier th e ocean itself serves as the cooling mechanism. So theyre constantly cycling in w ater and the aqueous medium provides a cooling mechanism for the nuclear engineon these aircraft carriers and these nuclear submarines. You dont have that on land . So if you have a nuclear powered tank youre irradiating everything around you. If you have a nuclear powered plane youre irradiating everything around you plus everything that plane flies over so youre basically irradiating the world. So wit h the Convair MB36H project known as the Crusader they took an old Convair B 36 bomber that had been destroyed in a tornado and they re-cobbled it into this Fra nkensteinian monstrosity where they inserted a leaky nuclear reactor and they cl aimed that was powering the plane. Keep in mind this was propeller drive. Suppos ed atomic plane that was destroyed in a tornado, reassembled with a nuclear reac tor inside of it and they got this airborne and flew it all over the United Stat es. And they would microwave chickens in their coops. And they were spending bil lions and billions of dollars on this and Eisenhower said no. And they steamroll ered him like he wasnt even there. And they went through this beltway campaign an d they made it public. They made it public and they told the American public, we got to have this atomic plane because the Soviets have an atomic plane. And the Soviets, it turned out, had done the exact same thing that the United States had

done. All they had done was get a nuclear reactor in the air. The reactor was n ot powering the plane and all the pilots involved in the Soviet Union died. So w ith this other American nuclear plane they were spreading so much radiation that they ultimately got a bunch of They knew it was going to crash eventually so ra ther than canceling the program they kept it flying and what they did was they p ut several support planes around it so every time it took off in the air it woul d have a bunch of support planes around it that could cordon off the area by lan ding paratroops. So they had an entire marine corps paratroop unit that would fo llow this plane in its wake and all those men would get irradiated in the wake o f this Convair NB36H flying through the air and all of these irradiated young ma rines ultimately became sterile. The men who were flying the plane, it said that they have to be beyond childbearing age which means they had to be eighty years old. This was all part of it and when Eisenhower threatened to shut it down the y ultimately made him look like a fool and a buffoon. The public acted against h im and said, keep it flying. And so when he left the presidency he said, beware of the military-industrial complexthat was one of the reasons why and that was one o f the reasons besides the Truman thing that took place before him of why he of w hy he was speaking about the military industrial complex because they had pretty much emasculated him and he said that just before he left. He didnt have the gut s to say it while he was in office. His granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, will be speaking with me at the UFO Con. So the granddaughter of the general of the all ied forces, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces Europe, the Commander-in-Chief of the American military forces who knew exactly Americas atomic potentials and wha t did work and what didnt work and the man who was president of the United States , his granddaughter will be there. She will be speaking of carrying on the Eisen hower legacy of speaking against the military-industrial complex and again, you can confirm this by going to And in terms of after Eisenhower you had Kennedy and Kennedy shut the program down and then he was killed. {host] Ok, Douglas, lets take a break here and when we come back well pick back up on that. I also want to talk about the economy and foreclosures. M any are saying its planned. It looks like it is to me. Somebody in the chat had a lso asked about vampire so Id like to ask you about that and wondering if theres a ny documents that you might have come across to indicate life on Mars. So theres a few things Id like to get into tonight so we will do that and thats basically it , folks. Its fear mongering. Thats what they do to get you behind their evil. They put the fear mongering on you. Oh, Irans going to nuke everybody so we got to go in there and we got to blow them out. And thats what theyve been doing throughout history. They tell you that this one or that one is out to get youthe bogymans go ing to get you and it gets you backing up their baloney basically. We got to put an end to this, folks, we really do. Wow, 80 year old pilots for atomic planesaw esome. 858-683-1309 press 1 so we know you want to get on. Well take calls short ly if you got questions or comments for Douglas or myself. We will take your cal ls. Im Michael Vera. This is Late Night in the Midlands and well be back in just a few minutes with my guest, Douglas Dietrich. Douglas, unless you had [something] further you wanted to go with that theres a f ew other areas Id like to get into as well. One is the economy, the foreclosures, many economists say a land grab. [Douglas] Well, Im not surprised and I think thats a good way of looking at it. Certainly we have to remember that the Americans are famous for land grabbi ng as a government and conducting seizures. We might be giving them too much cre dit for a plan of attack or actually having a plan at all. I really dont believe that they do. By the way, I very much appreciate what you said about my potentia l as a history teacher and I certainly really want to emphasize the fact that, y es, our education is very, very lacking. Tomorrow as a matter of fact is interna tional literacy day, believe it or not and one of the things that we need to con tend with is the fact that to one extent or another were all illiterate because o f the public educational system and even those who attend the higher levels of e ducation at Ivy League Universities are not necessarily historically literally b

ecause so many of these place even in military universities unfortunately. You h ave people at Quantico, at Annapolis Universities and various other universities that are teaching nothing but myth and propaganda concerning military history. A good example of this would be the man who later on became the General Petraeus and later on became the US Army general whos in charge of the Central Intelligen ce Agency and General Petraeus wrote an incredibly asinine thesis which helped h im to gain promotion that the United States had militarily won the Vietnam War e ssentially without losing a single battle. Now, its not that the US military didnt behave as professionally as it could under incredibly challenging circumstances sourcing just not from the enemy and the theater of war but from the political conditions at home and the constraints put on them as a result of those politica l conditions at home. But nevertheless that military did indeed lose around 50 m ilitary confrontations in Vietnam that could be easily referenced or cited. So f or General Petraeus to say something that is so asinine, so empethetical {sp?} t o reality and then get promotions for it shows you the trouble that were in. The American elite, these are the men who sent your children to die. These are the m en are commanding your children on the field and once they start believing the l ie theres no hope and thats exactly why the Soviet Union collapsed and thats exactl y why America is collapsing. So I tend to view whats going on with the homes, the real estate thats just symptomatic of that domestic collapse. And to give them l ike the dignity of planning ahead really ignores the fact that these really are at this point in history nothing more than what they call gold-collared criminal s. They used to use the term, white collared criminals to differentiate the offi ce criminals from the people who were just sheer bank robbers and thugs and gang sters and rapists. Now, we have the term, gold-collar criminals where these peop le to prison that are like hotels if they go to prison at all. Prison to them is a stop on the Monopoly board and that in itself says it all. The most popular g ame in American culture is not capital, it is Monopoly and because of that we ha ve to realize that capitalism itself is a chimerical farce just as communism was . It is something that can never exist, its a fantasy unless youre living in extre mely regionalized libertarian, very autonomous series of economies that will dev elop in North America after the collapse of this republic. You can at that point have a capitalist system very similar to the city states of Florence and Genoa and Venice during the time of Renaissance Italy but until we get to that point w e are stuck in a socialistic series of monopolies that have dominated the econom y and driven it to the ground and they are run by gold collar criminals who are simply stealing everything thats not nailed down. So in terms of a land grab and actually giving them that much credit I think its simply that they just sold ever ything that they could on loan to many, many people including illegal immigrants who they knew were entirely unqualified to ever pay for these homes and they ne ver thought of the future and it all crashed and thats essentially what were deali ng with. If it were planned as a conspiracy that would imply forethought and wit h what Ive seen of all of these individuals including, especially government work ers there is no forethought and the criminals who run the economy to the ground basically have even less. As a matter of fact the closest we can get to that wou ld be Allan Greenspan because Allan Greenspan was a true ideologist. Allan Green span was anAyn Randian and Ayn Rand was someone who was very much a person who em phasized the invisible hand, the laissez faire { a doctrine opposing governmenta l interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary for the maintena nce of peace and property rights} economy system and so she was always saying th e market would correct itself. Well the market doesnt correct itself and because the market wouldnt correct itself Allan Greenspan stood by and allowed the market to simply spiral and dive and now its crashed. Thats what were contending with is See, the economics does not affect politics. Politics controls economics and if youre afflicted by a political ideology that is not viable then your economic sys tem will crash. Thats what happened with communism. Thats whats happening with capi talism. So that essentially is whats going on and again in all fairness this is n ot true capitalism. This is essentially monopolism because as soon as enough men get rich and powerful enough they make sure that they have no competition. But I can speak to because today is also the day that Japanese forces entered rappro

chement on this September 7th anniversary with Chinese forces in China. I can sp eak to more of the international economics. Im much more familiar with that and I can put the economic situation into that perspective. That would certainly hope fully make some sense to the listening audience. So with your permission I would like to do that. [host] Yeah, absolutely, then we take a call after that.

[Douglas] Id be happy to do that. So since today was the anniversary of ra pprochement between the forces of the Japanese and the Chinese in Shanghai in 19 45 it served as the basis for cooperation between Japan and the Nationalist Repu blic of China into which I was born which ultimately reestablished itself in exi le on the island of Taiwan. Now, this is important to economics because Taiwan i s an enormous part of the world economy. Literally if Taiwan were, God forbid, t o be wiped off the map and its population of 25 million people the information h ighway would crash because essentially all computer hardware is manufactured in general in Taiwan. And so the information highway in a very real sense begins in Taiwan. And this economy was far larger than that of mainland China with over a billion people for many, many years, literally decades until quite recently. An d at times the Taiwanese economy has been the eighth or ninth largest in the wor ld. And it was one of the Asian economies, the Asian Tigers that never collapsed . It was not a bubble economy because it never took loans from the international monetary fund. It was not privy to the world bank. And the reason why is becaus e its not recognized by the United Nations. Now, thats incredibly important becaus e the United Nations is not allowed to interfere in any way, shape or form with its economy then its economy has thrived and as a result America should seriousl y consider extricating itself from the United Nations. Thats an example to be hel d. And the important thing about Taiwan, again, the result of Sino-Japanese coop eration is what does that mean in terms of the Japanese economy which basically spawned it because Taiwan was a part of Japan for over half a centuryat least 55 years from 1895 up until 1952 when the Japanese-American peace treaty went into effect and between 1948 to 1952 was when the Nationalist Chinese government was reestablishing itself on Taiwan. So my point is in Japan itself its economy is n ot capitalism, has never been capitalism and this is an interesting way to expre ss it. So, a truly capitalist economy would be some free wheeling economy where money controls everything. And we will consider it on a two-dimensional timeline . Its basically at, shall we say, the right of the timeline for the sake of conve nience. And the closest model in the world to capitalism was the island of Hong Kong known as China as Jung Gong and the Hong Kong economy was such that you cou ld bribe your way out of fire safety rules or regulations. So in Hong Kong every time a fire takes place thousands of people die because nobody builds fire esca pes. People build all kinds of dens, they build all kinds of housing with pentho uses that have no escape system and the end result is that when fires take place theyre extremely dangerous because everybody just bribes their way out of follow ing building codes. And thats true capitalism, thats what capitalism leads to in H ong Kong. But it is, in all fairness, one of the most prosperous city states on earth until its absorption by Communist China which has allowed it to maintain s pecial economic status and ultimately Hong Kong has come to affect China or that China has come to affect Hong Kong. Now, to the left of that spectrum of econom ics you would have the closest model of true communism, no longer with us, used to be Albania and Albanias gifts from communism was a totally militarized econom y where they have a landscape dotted with thousands and thousands of atomic shel ter bunkers. So there is nothing in Afghanistan other than cave systems full of stored MIG planes and because of the communist system these werent the most effec tively constructed systems so theyve got water leakage, the planes have all ruste d into uselessness. Its a true model of economic disaster and today it is a model essentially of anarchy. Theyve retreated into feudalism and that is an important point. Their feudalism, their medieval structure is such that the American cons ulate is across the street from a gibbet and a gibbet is a medieval torture inst rument in which they hang criminals naked in a spiked cage so that the birds can

rip their flesh off. Thats what hangs across the street from the American Consul ate in the capital of Albania. So thats what you have at the other end of the spe ctrum. And this is so important because when I was down in Nicaragua, Managua, t he capital thereof during their civil war everybody was worried during the Regan administration about communist insurgency, the Sandinista. Theyre going to get i nto Mexico, its going to be insurgency all the way up north into Texas through th e Mexican waves of immigration. None of that took place. When I was down there I saw that all of the communists were Catholic, every one was Catholic. Everybody was wearing big tacky wooden crosses so it was meaningless. They dont have capit alism or communism in so many of these nations like Central America. In particul ar they have feudalism. {soon to arrive in Amerika} And that is whats coming up n orth. That is ultimately what were going to be stuck with. This is what the gate d communities are all about. In a gated community you have an elite group of peo ple, doctors and lawyers who dont even use your US Post Office. They use Fedex o r UPS, the two monopolies that dominate your communication system when it comes to parcel package deliveries and they have their own doctors, they have their ow n offices. They have everything within the gated community and when it comes to riots and anarchy outside theyll simply shut their gates with their private secur ity militia, their paramilitary unit, and try to hold out while they get re-supp lied from convoys. This is hacienda living. This is living in the rancho style l ike you had down in feudal Central America. Thats whats coming north. {Si} So wha t is the kind of capitalism? Thats succeeding the world over. Well, in the 1980s when we had a huge Japanese economic wave and you hadand you hadand all these vari ousstyles of management that were being studied in the United States. Everybody w as really into what is this Japanese management system? What can we do to emulat e this? Well, what this was, was the importation of a foreign ideology oftotalit arian ideology is like communism, like democracy. Well, in terms of this kind of ideology this was known in Japan as bushidoism {a feudal-military Japanese code of behavior valuing honor above life}. Bushidoism was a modernized version of t he code of ethos for the Samurai. Samurai simply means those who serve and this Bushidoism was never even acknowledged as the ideology that it was. But America was facing multiple challenges. Americas military confrontation were with the Sov iet Union which was a rival totalitarian system in terms of politics. The Americ ans offered democracy. The Soviets offered Communism. And so the Soviets had thi s enormous military machine, the largest in the world that the Americans were co nstantly confronting throughout what the Americans propagandized as the Cold War . But economically their greatest challenge was from across the Pacific and it w as in the form of a superior management exportation, centralized capitalist econ omy, the model for Communist China today and it was called Bushidoism. And that was so incredible in impacting economic systems, so superior that the Americans consistently propagandized against it just as they kept propagandizing that the Soviets were a threat even while the Soviets were in utter collapse. The Soviet Union didnt have a military industrial complex. It was a military industrial comp lex. It ultimately collapsed because no one could bear the burden of supporting that military industrial complex. Pretty much the only people who had jobs in th e Soviet Union were either in the military or they were communist bureaucrats. A nd so the end result was they wound up collapsing and America won in that very r eal sense that military confrontation. Now, on the economic sense by the way, bec ause of that military confrontation the Americans kept portraying the Soviets as a threat. I remembered when I tried to get a job at a think tank, Rand, MIT, th ese various other corporations. I used to dream transferring laterally to a thin k tank and working with them to propagate future cycles and talk about trends fo recasting. And none of them wanted me. They said, Dietrich, what do you have to o ffer us. Tell us what you analyzed for trends forecasting for the future. And I s aid, well, I can predict the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reunification of G ermany. I showed them all these statistics. I said, look at the population status. The only Soviet growth in population is in the Moslem Asiatic republics. There was none among the white Slavic population of Belarus, Ukraine and the greater R ussia itself. I showed them the Soviet Union was going to collapse and they said, we cant have you working with us because all of our contractors are the US govern

ment and they all count on the Soviet threat as the only reason why they get tri llions and trillions of dollars to spend. We cant have you. So the end result was theyve lied completely just as they did to Kennedy about a non-existent Soviet th reat. Now, with Japan its just the opposite. The Japanese economy was so successf ul that the Americans have lied repeatedly about its success and claimed its in r ecession. And the reality is they use false accounting, the so-calledmethod of ad justing for inflation which is an approach that economic experts know artificial ly boosts a nations apparent growth rate. So, because of that Americas growth in r ecent years has been overstated by as much as two percentage points a year. And because of that if you analyze the real statistics the United States is behind J apan in per capita performance. And so the whole point is that Japans growth has continued and it never entered the recession that the Americans claimed and theres so many things to back up exactly what Im saying. The most evident [Host] Yeah, were lied to about everything. I mean its like with Iran too. I mean, theyre doing the same thing there, telling us that its a big threat. And Syria, they want to go in there too. It never ends. [Douglas] Yeahso the final point just to wrap that up is that from the end of the 1980s, around 1990 until this point the Yen has risen 87% against the US dollar and 94% against the British Pound. And its even risen against the Swiss F ranc. I could go on and on about the quality of life. Its visible just when you g o there. My whole point is that this is what has led to the Americans propagandiz ing. You would think that people were literally living on the street if you were listen to American propaganda about the Japanese quality of life. And its just t he opposite because they dont want you to know how bad it is here. But my point t hat I was making because this was a day of Asian rapprochement is that the way t hat this has happened was that Japan divested in the United States around 1996 a nd it revested in Communist China and instead of turning out consumer goods, con sumer products that people could see like cars, computers, VCRs in the old days, what they started getting into was producers goods. And these are products that the consumer doesnt see. These are material science. These are industrial control systems for mass manufacturing assembly lines, automated assembly processes tha t are taking place in China. So everything that says made in China is actually m ade possible by design systems sourcing from Japan. So Japan is behind the madein-China boom. This is why China and Japan have broad trade balance as opposed t o China and Japan having an enormous trade imbalance with the United States wher e Japan still owns the vast majority of American T-bills along with China. Chin a owns the most, Japan second most, probably the third most, I would assume, wou ld be Saudi Arabia. But many are owned by Germany as well. So my point is what i s this new economic system based on Bushidoism, this alien ideology to Americans coming out of Asia. Its basically economic fascism. That is the wave of the futu re globally, state centralized command economies based on ownership of private p roperty but also a socialized network like they had during the time of the Third Reich. During the time of the Third Reich due to economic fascism people, peopl e cannot deny this, there were more vacation camps then there were concentration campsnot to defend the concentrations camps. But Im pointing out the fact that th e fascism was a far more effective economy, so effective that both the capitalis ts and the communists united against it because they felt it such a threat. Well , the end result was that the fascist economies won and the fascist economies wo n. You can see the quality of life that Germany and Japan lead. Their quality of life that theyve gained has been exponentially beyond anything they ever dreamed of gaining militarily and its been gained economically. That is the economic wav e of the future coming out of Asia, thats the model of Singapore. Thats the model of South Korea. Thats is the model of Taiwan, of Japan, of China. That is the fut ure in which you have state-sponsored controlled economies as opposed to what ha ppened in the United States where everything crashed and in the end Soviet style the Americans had to bail out these banks, these major corporations and now the corporations are like, the Soviet state owned corporation that designed much of the Soviet cosmonautical program, the Soviet Soviets and the MIRs, the space sta

tions that were active in space. That, I think, is probably something to emphasi ze today as we get to the bottom of the hour and I really thank you for your pat ience with that but its so important because Americans are really kept in the dar k about that economic situation globally. [host] Were going to take a call but I just want to say that Japan having so mu ch success even though the elite here in the United States dont want people to kn ow about it, I guess. Theres a lot of speculation about Fukushima and that being an attack, Japan as well and we can get into that in a minute if youd like. [Douglas] Yes.

[host] But lets get Anthony in Wisconsin, hes been hanging on here f or a while. Hey, Anthony, welcome aboard. [Anthony] Hey guys, thank you for having me. Im listening to all this and Im like hot, cold and hot, cold and what I want to say is your guest you have on t onight, hes right on topic. The points are really good. But then you cant just up and say that were this way or that way, theres no manipulation or anything for oney ou cant manipulate people {since when?} You cant saylike we learn in history and hi story does repeat itself, you just cant say that about people because things chan ge, people change and you just cant do it. [Douglas] Well, I really want to thank you for your patience for waiting to this point to come in and show that. [Anthony] A lot of the things you were say, Im on base with you, I really a m, but then towards the end there was some thing Everybodys different. Everybodys g ot their own character too. [Douglas] Yeah, I really appreciate you sticking with us, again. Im not qu ite sure exactly what youre addressing when youre speaking {neither are we} [Anthony] Your topics of what youre saying about people being in a pseudo c ertain It sounded like it to me {It sounds to me that while Anthony was waiting he was hitting the bottle} It sounded like to me youre were categorizing. Thats what it sounded like to me. [Douglas] Well, lets put it this way, when you deal with historical cycles and Im not quite sure whether youre talking the nuances of history because I dont feel that you intend to contradict yourself but you said history goes in cycles and then you said but things change and people change [Anthony] No, no, I did not say. I said

[Douglas] Well, whatever you said what I will say in response to what you said is that history doesnt repeat itself. History rhymes as Mark Twain said. [Anthony] It shouldnt repeat itself.

[Douglas] However is prelude and past has always been prelude and as a re sult it is only through the past that we have an adequate prediction of the futu re. This is why my historical analyses have always proven correct because in the case forecasters what they do is they will take the current situation and they will just take it to its logical conclusion into ten, twenty, thirty years down the line what I do is I base what Im saying on historical cycles as opposed to cy cling forward from the current situation which is too close to us from which to provide adequate analysis. So, in other words, we cannot just take what were seei ng now and cycle forward from that. We have judge everything on the basis of his tory. {The readers & Anthony might want to read War Cycles, Peace Cycles by Rich

ard Kelley Hoskins} If we deny history were denying reality because were denying e xperience [Anthony] Whats your experience, whats considered experience?

[Douglas] Well, me personallyI personally served as a Department of Defens e research librarian for almost a decade wherein I destroyed thousands of docume nts that were distributed to academia, they were never distributed to media so i t is an entire which you have not been exposed to. So, aside from that experienc e Ive had personal experience serving militarily not only for the United States g overnment but privately overseas and{Anthony keeps talking over Douglas ceaseless ly} and beyond that I served care provision and senior advocacy for my parents for ten years which is where all my money got sunk into which is why Im left with out a dime today so all of the money that I made through private mercenary secur ity enforcement contracts, through my years of work for the government all went into medical expenses for my parents because our medical-industrial is so corrup t. {amen} So I can tell yourange of experience is exactly where Im coming from Als o I am foreign born so I can give you a detached foreign perspective so that is just some of the basis for everything that I say. So if youre somehow discombobul ated by what Im saying I cant help that. That would be my answer, that would be my response. Im not really getting a coherent kind of question out of [Anthony] I was trying to really get at is like your Im listening Man, I love you, I do, I love you, what youre standing for, what you its really good and then at the end is like I was really trying to understand what you were talking aboutk ind of baffled me, put it that way, I guess thats a good for it. You kind of baff led me at the end. I just wanted to know where your foundation is. [Douglas] The foundation is reality. The reality is that we have to learn to survive in a reality that is rapidly changing. Socially what were entering in is a new dark age. We are ultimately with reconstruction experience a renaissan ce and the reality which will come of that renaissance will be far different fro m the kind of social system that you have today which is a statist Constitutiona l Republic which is enforcing this totalitarian ideology known as known as democ racy {demon-ocracy} around the world. It has resulted in pain and suffering on a n unimaginable level for people all over the world in ways that Americans are en tirely unaware of. And as a result people have to assess the historical fact in the United States that through the United States government Americans are percei ved of as the bad guys and as a result Americans really should rejoice about the coming collapse, the impending collapse, the ongoing collapse of their Constitu tional Republic because this will give them a chance to really reconstruct an ec onomy that will libertarian, that will be capitalist in which they can prosper. If you want to see the future of the United States imagine a North America with a thousand Hong Kongs, a thousand Singapores, city states along the deltas of th e Mississippi and the Columbia that are forming Hanseatic style trade leagues. E ach one of these cities could have an impact on the world around just as Genoa a nd Venice and Florence did. It will be an incredible period of economic growth j ust on the currencies exchange alone let alone everything else that will be ongo ing. So in terms of what we have today we dont have any of that and we have a gov ernment that has a history of genocide and it was probably most brutally demonst rated in the Philippines where the Americans went and exterminated three million Philippinos and so I bring up these American atrocities a lot, not just because Im shall we say trying to make Americans feel bad. Im bringing up the fact that t his has led to enormous consequences. My nation in which I was born, Taiwan, was part of Japan at that time and it bordered the Philippines. That meant that we had a maritime boundary that was so close that it was just like Americas physical boundary with Mexico. Now, when the Americans went in there and exterminated th ree million Philappinos the Argonaut which was a very well read newspaper in the United States at that time really said, the major problem with the Philappines w as it was loaded with Philippinos. And it actually said that. They said, unfortuna

tely these Philippine islands, 7, 100 islands, basically theyre rich, theyre full of dense woods, full of valuable hardwood, timber, they contain mines of preciou s metals, their fertile land produces enormous crops of sugar, rice and tobacco and touched by the wand of American enterprise, fertilized by American capital t hese islands will become speedily rich but unfortunately theyre infested with Phi lippinos. Theres millions of them and its feared that their extinction will be to o slow. And every man who believes in developing the islands must admit that it cannot be done successfully while the Philippinos are there. Theyre indolent. The y only raise food to live on. They dont care about money. They occupy land which might be better utilized by Americans and therefore the more of them that are ki lled the better. That was stated in the Argonaut. And then a report from the US Army near Manila on February 5th of 1899 read, In the path of the Washington regi ment at Battery D of the 6th Artillery there were 1008 dead niggers and a great many more wounded. We burned all their houses. We killed all the women and child ren. We wouldnt take any prisoners. This was your democracy {evilocracy}. This wa s the democracy of the dead and this is the democracy that Americas exported all over the world. And so you have to realize that you have to stop thinking of you rself as a US Citizen. Start thinking of yourself as an American and stop thinki ng about the world and start thinking about what youre going to do here. And what youre going to here has to based on the realities of history just like if you we re to drive a vehicle or to make a plane youre going to base it on the reality of physics. This is pseudo-science that said, hey, birds have feathers and since t hey can fly then anything we covered in feathers ought to be able to fly. If you cover your car in feathers and you drive it off the edge of a cliff, its not goi ng to fly but thats what Americas doing with its economy, with its military operat ions. Its basing all of its actions on fantasy. They have this fantasy, atomic bo mbs won the war with Japan. Well, the war didnt end with Japan in 1945 and atomic bombs won the F-ing war with Japan. Great, drop one on Afghanistan. We can win the war. Its fantasy. You live in a fantasy matrix. Its time to wake up. The rest of the world does not live like this. The rest of the world contends with reali ty. The Soviets didnt and the Soviet Union died. The United States Constitutional Republic didnt and thats why its dying. Thats where Im coming fromits reality. [host] Ok, I was going to Anthony back on for a minute but he has hung up. I dont know exactly what he was asking. {neither do we} I just didnt so I dont know. [Douglas] A lot of people are disturbed by it. to I know Anthony a nights I think something do you thinks going t in the chat room about

[host] Yes, of course. It would be disturbing nd I think hes well awake. I dont know. Just one of those shook him up. Well, it is what it is. Iran and Syria, what o happen there? Theres quite a few who have been asking me that.

[Douglas] Well, I predicted a long time ago that nothing would happen wit h Iran in terms of the United States Thats been a kind of pabulum thats been spew ed forever now. At this point in history people tend to forget that the Iranians were a democracy. The theological Shia clerics who rule Iran have been in bed w ith the Americans for quite some time. Basically, during the days of the Carter administration when George Bush senior wanted his front man, Reagan, to become p resident they organized the October Surprise. Now, theres no point in just going over all that atrocity because most people are somewhat aware of it. They can lo ok it up. Basically what had happened was that under the command of President Ji mmy Carter Delta Force, a counter-terrorist commando unit was ordered to go in a nd rescue the American hostages. Now, they were sabotaged and when they went in to rescue the American hostages helicopters crashed into each other, helicopters fell out of the sky. Theres no way that anything like that could happen based on chancenot that many helicopters all at once. And who was in charge of the CIA wh ich could have sabotaged these helicoptersGeorge Bush Senior. And as a result the

entire hostage rescue failed. Carter was made to look weak and Reagan was broug ht in and essentially George Bush senior ruled as president for about three admi nistrations which was one reason why he was able to give up, not that he wanted to, but when he was forced to give up his presidency he gave it up as gracefully as he did. Hed already been in there for almost the same amount of time as Presi dent Roosevelt running the country. And then he had a dynasty established throug h his son. So we have this sick situation of obvious corruption in which theres i nfighting and so when he says, I guess thats one of the things that might have up set Anthony as well was the fact that Im saying that theres not necessarily the co nspiracy. Theres interdepartmental infighting. Theres corruption that makes these men at the top far more vulnerable than people like to see them because if peopl e really saw them for what they are, vulnerable idiots, morbidly inbred degenera tes then they would realize they have no excuse for being raped by these people. I think that really upsets people. They like to think of them as essential. Peo ple like to rationalize themselves into impotence. I would be the first to tell you there is no need to pick up a gun and advocate violent revolution. Theres no need to do that. The system is on its way out. Its collapsing far faster than I w ould like it to collapse. So its something you just have to brace yourself, prepa re to survive and ultimately participate in reconstruction. But one of the ways that you can constructively do so is by making yourself aware of the history tha t led us to this point. If we arent aware of the history that led us to this poin t were never going to be able to contend with the future. Thats essentially my res ponse to that with Iran. Basically youre not going to see anything of any consequ ence concerning Iran because the Americans, when they conducted the October surp rise George Bush Sr. did so with the full cooperation of the Iranian Iotollahs a nd the Iran under the Iotollahs has since that point in time through the Iran Co ntra scandalpeople can look this upIran Contra Scandal exposed the depths of inces tuous relationship between the Americans and the Mullahcrats of Iran and theyre b irds of a feather. They repress women. Theyre bigoted. Theyre ignorant. Theyre narr ow minded. Theyre theologically fundamentalist. They really are brothers under th e skin. So American has never done anything against Iran. It wouldnt dare to do a nything against Iran. And weve got people who for the last ten years have been pr edicting war against Iran. Its absurd. Its ridiculous. Its not anything to dwell on . Syria would be a problem of destabilization. People might see another Libya th ere but in terms of how thats going to affect yourself its not an issueit really is ntespecially Syria. I mean Syria could collapse into absolute anarchy and how on e arth is that going to impact the world economy to the point where it provokes a war? I mean sadly it is not. Libya had much more oil, much more resources, inclu ding water in the desert and that did not provoke a world war. So were not going to see that coming out of the Syrian-Iranian situation, not at all. Its one of th ose things that you can watch from afar but its not going to impact youI wouldnt dw ell on it. [Host] Well, I hope youre right, Douglas. Douglas, vampires, somebody had asked in the beginning of the show about that, a bout the vampires. What records are there actually on vampires? [Douglas] Well, what I dealt with at the Presidio Military base were many documents that were stolen from the Soviet Union through espionage that ultimat ely wound up under different jurisdictions. And in the case of Zempfier?{sp?} th ese were a subspecies of humanity that was recognized by the Soviet Union. And i t needs to remembered that Soviet science was ideologically motivated and theref ore went along an entire train of development just as science did in the Third R eich and as a result or their matrix of reality was far different. As an atheist ic materialist culture they still conducted research into electronic voice pheno mena, EVP, and phenomena of disembodied intellect meaning what we would term a s oul or a spirit and in other words as an atheistic materialist rationalist socie ty they did not accept a divinity, a theistic approach to reality and yet they w ere acknowledging that the conscientiousness maintains itself after death and th ey will filter this through an ideological filter that enabled them to rationali

ze it and feel that when someone died their intellect would continue to linger a s a residence by the . materials that once housed that intellect or near the body . So unlike many Americans who feel that cemeteries would be empty, that spirits would ascend to heaven that spirits would essentially be something that would n ot be in the cemetery. Many Americans have that opinion. The Soviets were differ ent, they felt that cemeteries were loaded with disembodied intellects. Thats jus t an example of the different paradigm of reality. Now, they also were the heirs to a 1000 year old culture, the Russo-Slavonic Culture and as a result had a hi story of them belief in vampires. And combine the two together and you have a sc ientific analysis of these cultural beliefs and they came to accept that there w as a subspecies of humanity that they refer to as vampires that has been amongst humanity for millennia. That were basically an evolutionary adaptation from the days because they were evolutionists. They believed in evolution from the days when we were apes. So basically unlike medieval ancestors of Europe they felt th at mankind in the majority had evolved in the African Savannah. They felt that d uring that period of time there were tree dwellers, there were ground dwellers l ike.and that throughout the.that basically there were various forest apes that dev olved into humanity and that a sub-branch of that began to feed off the humans t hemselves {Sounds like the banksters are the present-day relations} through the tapping of the veins. And there are all kinds of animal species that do this fro m the Darwins finches there are vampire finches on the Galapagos Islands that Dar win recorded as feeding off the blood of other birds. And so this goes on with m any species and they concluded that it happened in humanity as well. So, they be gan to recruit these individuals that they sought out who they believed to be va mpires and began to form military units of these people during the Second World War and from that period of time were working with them. Now, all of the documen ts about this were basically compiled from medical notes that were taken from So viet medical universities where they were studying the sub-species of humanity a nd they started a colony of these humans or sub-humans or humans or species of hu manity known as vampires. Up in the., the islands north of the Arctic Circle, abo ve the Soviet Union where its night for six months out of the year and when they started this colony they forced recruited as they were apt to do being the Sovie t Union many medical students to go up there, to study them, to participate in t he projects of basically domesticating these species and forcing them to work wi thin the expansion of Communist Ideology through espionage for military means. S o you had many students who were dissidents and one of them took all of his medi cal noteshe gave them to someone in the Czech Republic. At that time it was still Czechoslovakia behind the iron curtain. They wound up giving it to the CIA and the CIA translated it and thought it was all disinformationthey thought it was ga rbage. And they gave it to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization military high command and asked them if they wanted anything to do with it and they coul d analyze it and if they felt it was a military threat they could respond to it. And NATO basically thought it was disinformation. So they sent it to various pl aces in the United States to DOD at this point, the Department of Defense, it wo und up at the Presidio Military Base at San Francisco, a set of these records or at least a copy of these records. And they were ordered for destruction because they had been actually declassified slated for destruction, no release to the p ublic or release to media or to academia. And most of the thousands of documents I destroyed, before I destroyed them I took copious notes. And I did so and the res a basis for a book, The Reality of the Red on Deadthe Untold True Story of the Supernatural Soviet, which I will be releasing. I had to put that on hold becau se we had to turn attention because of the upcoming UFOCon 2012 where Ill be spea king to Roswell and the Rising Sun and all the historical facts behind the reali ty of Roswell. We basically felt I had to concentrate on that, I had to put this on hold, there were other things that were happening such as the Basalt Inciden t because in that book Im not only speaking about vampires, Im also speaking about the Zombie phenomena so as a result the publishers agreed, well, see what happe ns if anything new comes from the Basalts, were going to append that as a preface to the book. So itll be after the convention itself that we will be releasing th e Reality of the Red on Dead. Well probably be taking preorders for that along wi

th my book, Roswell and the Rising Sun, at the convention itself. People should be able to pick up a convention exclusive. Theyre kind of like a gallery of photo graphs or images that Ive cobbled together for kind of like a precursor to the bo ok and at least it will certainly be there on the table for people to review. Bu t well certainly be taking preorders and, again, thatll be the fifteenth through t he sixteenth, its a weekend of this month in September. Itll begin on Friday night , the Friday the fourteenth. Itll last through Saturday, the fifteenth and Sunday , the sixteenth. Ill be speaking on the fifteenth so feel free to buy even just a one-day ticket to you can speak to the Roswell phenomena and you can personally ask me throughout the weekend while Im circulating about vampires or any other q uestions that you have concerning this type of subject. But that was basically t he source for what I have found out about vampires in general. And if I went in depth into that, that would basically take us another two hour show. We would ha ve to do a two-hour show that was dedicated entirely to that to do it justice an d we probably will do that as soon as the book comes out which should be very so on. But to put this in perspective for people it wasnt only the Soviets that beli eved in vampires, it was also the Third Reich because all of Europe has a histor y of the vampire belief system. So what Adolf Hitler had purposed in order to re cruit vampires into units in service of the Reich was about artificially generat ing a new nation state for them, one in which they would be recognized as a subspecies and provided with human chattel off which to feed. And so the dedicated nation state or the nation state area that was dedicated to this was known as th e.and this was about 93 hundred square kilometers of rich agricultural land direc tly north Belgrade in Serbia. And so at that time it had a population of about 6 40,000 people and this entire area was to have its capital to be established in the city ofwhich was intended as the newfor a vampire nation state. People can loo k this up about that area of northern Serbia and what was once part of Romania a nd Hungry. And it is in juxtaposition to all of these nations, it borders no les s than five European nations depending on the how the borders change according t o World War I and World War II, etc. But it has at times bordered Serbia, Croati a, Hungry, Romania and it is basically the center of the Balkans, it is the hear t of the Balkans. And the people will find out that that nation was under specif ic German military administration throughout the war under a very, very mysterio us administrative clause that has never been specified in any civilian history b ooks. So whatever I speak of people can do some background research by themselve s and they can also inform me of what they find because obviously theres plenty t hat has leaked, theres much that has not. The weakest link in the chain is human data entry and if its not entered onto the internet by human beings youre not goin g to find it. And that is the whole point that I make about documents destructio n. Who organized the internet? DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, originally with DARPA net. And theres plenty of documents I destroyed that never made it onto DARPA net and theres mountains and reams of information on DARPA ne t that never makes it into the civilian internet. So what youre getting is a shad ow of a shadow. The military industrial complex itself is working in the dark an d half blind because of all the documents have been destroyed let alone you as a civilian. So I hope that puts it into perspective for people. With that in mind are there any other questions coming out of the audience. Mr. Vara, are you sat isfied with how I addressed that. [Host] Oh, yeah, absolutely. One question, have you ever been threa tened for the information that you give? Have ever any governments or what have you put their hammer down or tried to put the hammer down on you? [Douglas] Absolutely, and they murdered the last person that I cared abou t in life which was my mother. She was elderly. She had suffered from a series o f brain injuries and I was taking care of her as care provider. What turned out to be the terminal decade for both of my parents, it should not have been. My fa ther died from enormous malpractice, misadministration of prescription drugs and misdiagnoses. My mother was impacted by them to the point where she suffered fr om a series of catastrophic brain injuries that forced me to become her care pro

vider. I had to employ other people to help in that care provision. When I went down to speak to Roswell and the Rising Sun and I made the DVD that we are selli ng and thats something I do need to bring up. Everyone is invited to go to and on there youll find the DVD set that we are selling and were discontinuing this DVD package as soon as all these currently remaining DVD set s are gone. They never be re-issued again. The DVD of the set, Roswll and the Ri sing Sun which led directly to my mothers death is going to analog into printed t ext format which well be taking preorders on at the UFOCon2012 and people will fi nd out about that. And Ill be speaking, delivering a presentation specifically on the contents of that DVD which is why were officially discontinuing it very shor tly thereafter. And the important point about that is that Id like people to purc hase it and finish off the collection we have of it simply because so that my mo thers death would not have been in vain. But when I made that DVD, I believe it w as the last Saturday of the first month of the year, January 2011 and I came hom e to find my mother dying. And so the end result was I went to deliver that pres entation under very strange circumstances. The woman who you see on that DVD, Cy nthia Segal. She used to be the host for the UFO connection which was a sacramen tal television based UFOlogical phenomena oriented named television show. And sh e was planning to interview me for that and she received so many threats and her show was canceled. And it upset the people who were involved with that program so much that were producing it that they ultimately took that show off the air. And so she figured we still have to deliver this. This is obviously extremely im portant because I retain fragments and shrapnel from the Roswell incident. And s o we delivered in a private venue and the DVD shows that. Its done so hurriedly w e dont even have a screen up to put the images on. But theyre still quite visible because it was a high definition camera that was used. And the important thing i s that when I came home after delivering that very hastily prepared. We didnt eve n advertise for it yet we still had the largest audience that Sacramento Mutual UFO Network, Sacramento MUFON, ever had even without advertising. Thats how impor tant the subject was to people. And I came home and my mother was on the floor o n top of two shattered portraits. The people who were supposed to be her care pr oviders who were supposed to be tending to her while I was gone had been detaine d by men in black suits with black sunglasses in black Cadillacs and limos I cert ainly reviewed this with them. Theyre not at fault. They literally were detained without being arrested and prevented from taking care of my mother. My mother I took her immediately to an emergency room. Her aorta, the main vein leading to h er heart had been dissectedthat was the term that they used. Theyve never seen any thing like it at UCSF. They said, its incredible. Your mothers still alive she shou ld be dead. They told me, shes going to die, shes going to die. They said, shes basica lly the very pressure of the blood pumping through her aorta should split that v ein open. Its a miracle it hasnt done so yet. They said, weve never seen anything li ke it. It looks like two laser scalpels were used to dissect her aorta. The cuts are so fine that the blood pressure hasnt shattered the vein open yet. Now, natu ral aortic rupture which would have just ruptured. It is something that was cut but there was no punctures, there was no bruises, there were no external signs o f any injuries on her whatsoever. And the end result was they said, weve never see n anything like it. And, of course, well, I did what any person would do who has a conscience. I got on air. At that time it was George Noorey on coast-to-coast AM. I asked him to start a group prayer session for it because he does offer tha t and people did go into action praying for my mother. It must have worked. She lived for another two months without the pressure of blood running through her v eins rupturing that aorta. But on the day that the Area 51 book was released by Annie Jacobs, she had been working on that book for five years at least she had been working on that book. And it was about Area 51 and it was very historically cited. The whole book is impeccable in its research credibility and the governm ent approached her at the time that I was releasing the information on Roswell a nd asked her to stick in seven pages of disinformation about Roswell in which sh e claimed that Dr. Joseph of the SS was working with the Soviets on creating defo rmed children to fly Horton flying wings. I mean just absurdity. It was all disj ointed fragmented contradictory information and she took the money and she destr

oyed her career. She put that into her book the last minute before publication a nd it totally destroyed the credibility of the rest of the book. All seven pages are incomprehensible, theyre incoherent. And she rightly has been shunned ever s ince. But the point is that her book was ready for publication just before I did the presentation on Roswell. As soon as I did that presentation they approached her to add in those seven pages. It was released on the day my mother died whic h was March 19th of 2011. So when my mother died on March 19th was the day Annie Jacobs book came out. She died very mysteriously. I had put her into a rehabilit ation facility trying to rehabilitate her even with those dissections in her aor ta to the point where she would be strong enough to stand the insertion of a ste nt so we could get a stent in that aorta to prevent it from rupturing. Well, on the day of the release of Annie Jaobsons book the rehabilitation facility called me to tell me she was dead. It was the worst storm we had ever had in all our re corded meteorological records in San Francisco. It was thunder, there was lighte ning, the rain was a very, very hard, very many mile per hour wind. It was the S an Francisco equivalent of a gale. Theres no exaggerating it. When I was finally able to get to the rehabilitation facility no one was downstairs to let me in. I went up to her room and her window was wide open. She had died of pneumonia. So mebody had left her window wide open. She was saturated. She was totally soaking wet with rainwater and died of pneumonia. So we brought in the paramedics and a ll we could do was confirm her death. So, again, she died very mysteriously. Tha t should not have happened. So, yes, I paid the ultimate price for this as far a s Im concerned and in terms of myself what I have is collateral. If you think wha t Im telling you is damning and damaging think about what Im not telling you and i t has nothing to do with the private sullied lives of child predators in politic al power or anything of that nature. They dont care about that. I mean, who cares if one mans career gets damage. What I hold is the occult equivalent of the nucl ear code. I was liaison for almost a decade to the United States Armys officially recognized satanic chaplain and he had a lot of do with the ultimate rededicati on of HAARP to occult purposesdid this through his battering ram, Lieutenant Jame s Shannon who was the founding father of the first earth battalion, a battalion of Satanists and with gays who are in the United States Army. And anyone who dou bts the power of Colonel Aquino {sp?} in the US military hierarchy ignores the f act that he was employed to write the chaplains handbook. They didnt approach a ra bbi, they didnt approach a priest, they didnt approach a deacon, or any other foll ower of any other religion. They approached a Satanist. He was consulted and con tracted in retirement to write the chaplains handbook for the United States Army. The officially recognized Satanic chaplain of the US Army was hired to do this. So this is how important his influence was in the US military. It doesnt matter whether or not you yourself if one is agnostic or materialist or atheist believe s in the occult. What matters is that the men in power believe in the occult. Yo ur beliefs dont matter. Their beliefs matter when it comes to the policies that a re instated. And in this case they believe in the occult which is why Aquino was given the recognition and the power that he was and the end result is because t hey are convinced that I hold the occult equivalent of the nuclear codes because of my liaison work with him for almost a decade. Thats what keeps me alive becau se I have a post mortem arrangement with Face Book amongst other media where the moment I die Face Book cascades those codes. And if Face Book doesnt do it theres other media outlets that I have personally made arrangements with that will. Th at is why my manager is known as my executrix. Gloria Fenton is an executrix. An executrix is a female who takes over ones estate. My estate such as it is, is th at. And if they bump her off the same thing will not go into effect but it will if I do. I simply find another executrix. Thats what thats about. But with that in mind, sir, how much time do we have left before the show comes to a conclusion? Do we still have another half hour or just another five minutes or what is the schedule like for us tonight? [Host] [Douglas] We still have about another 25 minutes to go. Thats fantastic. Im really glad to hear that.


Yeah, so what about Mars.

[Doublas] Yes, well, we havent been to Mars. Weve been to what is known as Cruithne and I brought this up before amongst other venues but I certainly need to emphasize this. Surrounding Mars is probably a host of natural satellites or some might assume unnatural satellites. Certainly there are unnatural fixtures o n one of the Martian moons. I literally forget whether its Damos or Phobos. But t here is literally a very unnatural, very angular almost cubic looking site on on e of those moonletsthat would be the more correct term for them. And these moonle ts, Damos and Phobos which orbit Mars are not the only ones. As a result there i s at least one more homicidal third moon out there. The last photo taken by the Russian Phobos probe before it lost contact with earth in 1989 showed a telltale streak across the picture and this was not a camera glitch. This was an incomin g fast moving tiny object that almost certainly was another satellite on an orbi t which had not yet been cataloged. So, if theres one, there almost certainly are many more. This is why theyre afraid of using conventional technology to send me n to Mars. Imagine spending billions of dollars to get a man in space and get hi m all the way to Mars and have him taken out by a natural satellite, a moonlet, that has not been cataloged and whose course has not yet been charted. But have been to Cruithne and Cruithne is the second moon of earth and basically it is in a very eccentric horseshoe orbit but from Cruithne and thats how it is pronounce d because its named after an ancient Celtic tribe which is probably extinct but m ay have ancestors of that tribal line living in Ulster today. But it was discove red initially by an Irish-American astronaut who landed on it, gave it the name which was very strange for the time because most of our planetoids and heavenly objects are named after traditional Hellenic Greek mythology oriented names and titles. But in this case Cruithne is strategically of utmost importance because when youre standing on Cruithne without telescopic aid you can see both the earth and the moon as a binary planet system within range of your faceplate. You can see them with the naked eye behind your faceplate without telescopic aid. That m eans from Cruithne you can assemble, because its in a horseshoe orbit, goes way o ut of earths ability to monitor and then comes right back then you can assemble s omething when its out of monitoring range like a rocket system, a missile system. When it gets back into range you can hit either anything on the earth or the mo on from Cruithne. So, whoever dominatesss Cruithne dominates an extremely valuab le strategic position and thats one of the reasons why the Americans and the Sovi ets were fighting each other in space over possession of that object and why youv e never heard of it. So if you look it up theyll say, oh, its not earths second moon , its too small. This is ridiculous Its the same size as, I forget which one, again , Damos or Phobos, literally the exact same diameter, area and size and they dig nify those satellites around Mars with the title of moons. So if those are moons from Mars this is a moon for earth. So it is earths second moon. Thats the kind o f disinformation campaign youll get. What about any questions, Mr. Vara. I hope t hat kind of like puts that in some perspective. [Host] It does and one question that came from the chat and I guess the question was about Face Book and I guess I kind of agree, you cant count on Face Book for much but you did mention you had other outlets that protected info rmation to launch if something went wrong, something should happen to you. [Douglas] [Host] e them. Right, thats correct. Yeah, people dont have much faith in Face Book and I dont blam

[Douglas] I understand and it is really frustrating with Face Book at tim es and, believe me, I can understand that and most people actually feel that Fac e Book for all intents and purposes almost a government sponsored site and I cou ld understand why they would think that and for all I know that might very well

be the case. But you understand that even if thosekeep in mind I know the code th ey already know. So its not like they dont know these codes. By putting it through that Face Book post mortem arrangement they know I know the codes. I hope that makes sense. [Host] It certainly does.

[Douglas] And if I die unnaturally everyone knows the codes. Thats the thr eat and it may not release through Face Book but they know now through Face Book since they scour it repeatedly they know that other media outlets will release it that I can trust. [Host] Ok, absolutely. I just want to remind people 858-683-1309. W eve got a few minutes to go here and we will take calls and we do have a call com ing in now, Douglas, that well take. Weve got Bruce in New York and Im took, hes read y. Alright, Bruce in New York, youre on the air, my friend. [Bruce] [Host] Oh, wow. Hello Michael and Mr. Dietrich. How about that for fast service.

[Bruce] That was super fast. I hadnt even got the phone down yet. I wa nt to ask Douglas, and thanks for having me on, Mike. But I wanted to ask Mr. Di etrich going back a little bit he had stipulated that he could foresee this nati on, the demise of its monetary system and perhaps eventually the breakup of the country. Now, I could I think you stated thatright? [Douglas] Yes sir.

[Bruce] Yeah. Now, I could foresee where the country would break up i nto segments like six, seven, eight, perhaps ten different segments. Now, when I think about historyand each of those segments would eventually probably have the ir own monetary system, probably have their own set of laws and when you think a bout what happened in the past with city states centuries ago they were always w arring with each other. They may have traded with each other but they also fought each other. Now, do yo u believe that if this happened on the North American continent, if we broke up into all these segments that eventually we would be warring with each other over minor differences. [Douglas] I really appreciate your bringing that up and thank you very mu ch. Youre very astute and I want to commend you on your foresight. Youre not comin g at me through a theological filter, not that theres anything wrong with that, b ut that can always be fairly simplistic and it can also tend to color a lot of t he interpretation that one has. Instead youve come at it from a very detached per spective which is absolutely accurate. Your conclusions are quite true and unavo idabletheyre inescapable. I am not fusingand I hope people will understand that Im n ot smacking my lips over a collapse or impending collapse. It is something that is the reality that Im preparing people to contend with. One of the results of th at reality will be economy of scale. That means that mines that were considered entirely tapped out in our day and age will suddenly become viable mines again f or regional area in terms of supplying much more local and much more smaller eco nomies. And people will be battling over that. Keep in mind the collapse itself and Im sure this wouldnt surprise you. Sadly, tragically, its going to kill billion s of people. Billions of people are going to die with civilational collapse, the collapse of civilization as we know it. Ironically, places that will come throu gh with the least amount of scars will be places that are already at the bottom, many places in Africa, many places in Asia and Latin America are going to come through this without noticing too much of a glitch. If anything their lives migh t improve. But in our case, because we are going from what people envision at t

he top, we actually arent. We have millions of people already living in cars. We have semi-nomadic existence of many, many people seeking employment so were alrea dy sliding and the end result, however, of an actual collapse, the juice turns o ff, the water turns off. This is why all the talk about rounding you up in camps as American citizens, they could have done it in World War II, they couldnt do it now because the American publics not behind it now. The American Republic is a lso wll armed. There are more guns in the State of Texas alone that there are in the entire United States National Guard. So you got a well armed population. Its both an advantage and a disadvantage when it comes to the violence that will oc cur when the water goes off and the electricity goes off in many, many cities. A nd when billions die and these cities re-establish, the water comes back on, the electricity comes back on when various empty skyscrapers are turned into multistory hydroponic gardens and you have regional agriculture then youre going to ge t a city states effect where city states are going to be warring against each oth er as well as basically forming trade alliances. Thats why during the Italian ren aissance period of Machiavelli you had the mercenary armies and the mercenary ar mies became the standard fixture of Machiavellis age in which he wrote The Prince . That was an age of city states that were trading with other nations and this w ill be an age of city states that are also trading with other nations and at the same time defending themselves. Now, think of these cities as having a fraction of their former population. It will be known essentially in America almost cert ainly as Mayoralty. And these mayoralties will basically have a population betwe en about five to thirty percent of their pre-collapse populations. [Bruce] I believe that. The point I was trying to get across, Douglas , wasand I think youve already answered it, after survival, after the demise of th e Republic and the growth of regional city states or whatever you would want to call them, you do believe that there would be trade alliances and warfare betwee n these regional areas of the United States? [Douglas] Absolutely. And beyond that as you said there will be ethnic en claving. There will be some regional areas that will be much larger, mostly towa rds the west. Mostly towards the west youll have the establishment, almost certai nly in response to this of a Mormon Theocracy. In some areas you will have white area supremacists. Government is many areas near the Idaho region. You will hav e black nationalist areas in many areas that are east or deep South. And you wil l have both white confederate and black confederate kind of regions in that area . So youll have some nation states that will be ethically enclaved. Others will b e much more cosmopolitan. And you will, I can guarantee you this, be a return in some of these city states to chattel slavery. You will see them either using th eir prison population or prisoners of war captured in city state feudalistic war fare that will be used as slaves in certain city states. In some of these city s tates it will be theologically justified on the basis of Bible text as interpret ed by the Mayor of that particular Mayoralty. Some city states will have theocra cies and rule under a Mosaic law. So none of this, I think, would surprise you. And Im sure of that, what Im saying if anything will lead to the color texture of post-collapse North America. And you can imagine being a merchant traveling with convoy or caravan from one city state to another and trading in currencies exch ange. You could make a fortune but think of the risks. [Bruce] [Douglas] Thats very high risk. But profit is always directly proportional to risk.

[Bruce] I got just one other statement to make and then Ill get off in case anyone else wants to call in and that is the fact that when you really thi nk about it in this country we talk about the middle class but do you realize th at that middle class has only been in effect for a very, very short period of ti me in this country? Basically, since World War II. Prior to that, it was a stati st, it was the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the very, very rich people. And the

rest of the people were relatively poor. [Douglas] Absolutely, and youre absolutely correct in that and it was a ve ry, very different world. Also, during that period of time when you had a great depression you had authors like John Steinbeck who were able to travel from one end of the United States to the other during the era of the dust bowl and the er a in which he wrote the Grapes of Wrath. And he started off at one end of the Un ited States with a few pennies in his pocket. He traveled from one end of the Un ited States to the other and he never spent those pennies. Everywhere he went pe ople were able to take him in. People were able to help him out. People were abl e to give him work in exchange for food in terms of doing something on their hom estead. The world today is not like that. You had a very homogenous culture like that which is why in the event of global collapse Japan, for instance, could pu ll through much better because they have a homogenous culture just as the Americ ans had a homogenous culture back in the days of the great depression. [Bruce] Were rapidly getting away from that homogenous culture.

[Douglas] That is correct. Well, it no longer exists. It no longer exists at all. The amount of And I dont mean this in an offense sense but I would be a n example of that, the largest amount of births, the highest proportion of birth s in the United States are mixed race births. I am of mixed race heritage. My fa ther was Caucasian but my mother was obviously Asian. So, I am essentially Amera sian. And the Asian immigration wave has just superceded that of the Hispanic im migration wave. So, like I said, there were European Americans here. Certainly m y father was of that descent. I would not want to see European Americanism disap pear. Thats not going to happen. With this kind of collapse youre going to see co smopolitan multi-ethnic city states out of necessity because of the economics. T hen youre going to see other states that are much more exclusive. [Bruce] Ok, Douglas. I think that we concur, agree on most things and Ill just call it the world according to Bruce and Douglas. [Douglas] [Host] [Bruce] [Host] [Douglas] I think thats great. Alright, Bruce, thank you so much for your call. Yeah, thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you.

[Host] Douglas, were down at the end here so if theres anything that youd like to add or say or put in a plug for before we call it a night by all mea ns the floor is yours. Go right ahead. [Douglas] Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. This wouldnt be pos sible without Mr. Vara and Mr. Vara does a tremendous service for the community, not only just in the alternative information media community but for the commun ity in general by what he does. And hes been doing this for years and dont forget that as he says he has drives to help him keep this show afloat. Make sure to re spond to those drives to help him and keep him on the air in order to have shows like this. Also, believe me when I say this. You could tell by how upset Anthon y was and Anthony expressed the fact that he does indeed agree with me on many p oints. Were not talking about Bruce who just got off the air but Anthony who was on earlier. He did express the fact that he sympathized with me, related to a lo t what I was saying but nevertheless much of what Im saying obviously disturbed h im. And thats the way it is with many people. Thats the way it should be. The reas on that it disturbs so many Americans is because the reality is so much differen

t from what they have been told. Theyve been fed a systematic chain of lies. And the systematic chain of lies has not served them well. The electorate has been u nable to make coherent decisions and thats the way the elites in power have wante d it. And the best that we can do since we tend to all agree that collapse is im pendingits very few people who do not see that, certainly nobody whos listening or assessing alternative information media. So since we do agree on that basis thena nd we do want to participate in a reconstruction then the best we can do is info rm ourselves about the patterns of history. When I spoke about the Philippines a nd talked about Japan bordering the Philippines when the Americans invaded think of how the Americans would have felt if the Japanese had invaded Mexico and pre ceded to slaughter millions of Mexicans. How on earth would the Americans have r esponded if they had any sense of reality they would have prepared for war? They would have been criminally negligent not to do so. And that is what Japan was c onfronted with, a genocidal invader to the south of its border. Think about what Im saying. Those are the realities behind American history. This is why American s need to contend with the realities of it. Part of the realities of that are ex posed in a eight-hour Skype interview that I conducted in GermanDeutsch language withNexus united Germany and Nexus magazine had been a worldwide leader in altern ative information for many, many years and it was in the United States circulati ng for a short period of time but their alternative health advertisements went a gainst the grain of FDA regulations, Food and Drug Administration regulations, a nd as a result Nexus magazine at least for the present has not been circulating in the United States. But its available in the English language throughout the Un ited Kingdom and throughout Australia and the former Commonwealth of Nations so it is available in the English language. So if you want to access that series of transcribedwe took that interview which was eight hours. We turned it into pages and pages of transcription and then translated it into English so we narrowed i t down to cover three issues in three eight-page parts. So since its a bi-monthly periodical Nexus Magazine has my interview in there for the next six months or the next half year. So, part one is already circulated. Part two is currently ci rculating. You can access both of those by going to . You can actually download those specific articles, electronically, for only a dollar and fifty cents. And I dont make any money off of it. This is strictly getting i nformation out internationally. At this point I am internationally recognized as a military historian, have been for quite some time. Actually, I was recognized in the field externally outside the United States long before I was recognized here. So do assess what the rest of the world knows about me concerning the info rmation I provide about the Thousand Year Reich in exile. Thats what these three articles are about. So, again, that hidden history of World War II etc, Douglas Dietrich speaks to it, . Also, as I said, go to my website , and connect to the DVD package which were discontinuing . The second part of that set of DVDs Satans Crusaders, I will be speaking too at the super soldier summit number two which will be held in the year 2013, probab ly around the month of March. And our first super soldier summit number one was so successful that we basically are holding the next super soldier summit just h alf a year afterwards as opposed to a full year afterwards. Itll probably be held in Los Vegas, Nevada and I will be speaking and delivering the contents or subj ects pertinent to that DVD at that particular super soldier summit and so get th e DVD now while you still can. Toward this end were offering the two DVDs for the price of one till the depletion of supply and one of them is Satans Crusaders, t he other one is Roswell and the Rising Sun. Also, again, check into our upcoming UFO Con 2012. Not only will I be there but other UFO celebrities will be there such as Richard Dolan and, of course, other people that are veryJordan Maxwell wh os been around forever as a cornerstone of the alternative information community, specializes in research into symbology. General Eisenhower, President Eisenhower, his granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower wi ll be there speaking to her perspectives. And, of course, I will be there and as the flagship speaker I address the most controversial aspects of UFOlogy, basic ally the old ufology is dying and good riddance to it in many respects because t he old ufology is based on people like Stanton Friedman and you take a look at S

tanton Friedman, what was he involved with? He was involved with nuclear flight. He cannot hide this. He was involved with nuclear flight and that so-called nuc lear flight scam cost the United States taxpayers billions and billions of dolla rs while irradiating the American landscape and leading to cancer rates that are just unimaginable. Every one of us statistically will know or has known someone , a loved one, or close intimate or a relative or a friend whos going to die of c ancer because of physicists like Stanton Friedman. These American physicists wan tedwas, they wanted the kidney shaped swimming pools and they were more than will ing to kill millions of Americans. Thats what theyve done, killed millions of Amer icans in order to get that lifestyle. And theyve done this through the radiation experiments. Theyve done this through above ground nuclear testing. In projects A rgus they shot three nuclear weapons into the atmosphere, created artificial Van Allan radiation belts that stretched thousands of miles into space and were bro ught back down into earth by our magnetic field and as a result from 1958 on whe n Operation Argus took place billions of people were ultimately affected with ca ncer and killed millions. And until that point in time medically cancer only exi sted in Caucasian explorers and servicemen and sailors who were exposed too much to the sun and didnt have the melanin to protect their skins from solar exposure and they developed what was known as squamous cell cancer, dermatological cance r. My father had it. Ive known men whove died from it. But until 1945 those were t he only people who truly suffered any form of cancer. It didnt exist. It wasnt eve n medically defined. After 1945 weve all got cancer because of men like Stanton F riedman. Youre going to believe what this guy tells you, the guy who was involved with this so-called nuclear flight irradiating the landscape? You know what he did? The US landscape was so irradiated he move to Canada. He applied for Canadi an citizenship because he knows Americas not worth living in anymore because its b een so irradiated by the projects he was involved in. You going to believe what this guy comes back and tells you about Roswell and all the other men involved. That entire old ufology space brothers is dying. And the reality of it that betw een the 1945 era to 55, 55 to 65, 65 to 75, that entire ufological phenomena during t hat period of time was vastly different from the ufological phenomena that has b een parallel through the human experience from the dawn of time. Weve always seen lights in the sky. But between 1945 to around 75 we had them falling out of the sky. And we had bodies. Eli Nevada where Ansel Adams set up his photography shop so he could photograph all of these natural wonders of Yosemite and other areas . Eli, Nevada, there was a crash where 16 bodies, some say 17 bodies, were retri eved. Youve got other crash sites atto the FBIs J. Edgar Hoover long after Roswell. It was a 1950s memo. It had nothing to do with Roswell. If people keep using thi s to justify Roswell aliens how are all these aliens crashing and smashing into each other during this period of time, are they landing in the Four Corners Regi on and popping the mushrooms? Are they coming here to play chicken? Thats what St anton Friedman will tell you who says that these two alien craft crashed into ea ch other. Thats a really bad polity. What makes more sense and I got to ask what makes more sense, what theyre telling you or what Im telling you in some sourcing from the military documents that I destroyed. These were Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean prisoners of war they were experimenting on. These were war crimes. And that is part of the problem. Everybody is aware that after World War II there we re 425,000 German prisoners, there were 53,000 Italian prisoners. They didnt go h ome for five to ten years because they used them to pick fruits in the fields be fore we had Mexican immigrants. And all the agriculturalists kept lobbying the U S government, we need these boys to reconstruct the American economy. If you let them go home our farm systems going to collapse. So they stayed here for ten yea rs conducting slave labor under American auspice. The Japanese, the Taiwanese a nd the Koreans never went home. All 15,000 of them died here, tortured to death in these various experiments where theyre falling out of the sky. Thats the collat eral damage from the 2nd World War. This is the reality you need to contend with . And this is the new realitythis is reality that Im hoping that people will appre ciate in terms of its gravity. The entire world is much different from what youve been told. And only thanks to Mr. Vara are we able to get this out. I, myself, address these issues twice a week. I am on Revolution Radio so youre welcome to c

heck that out through and thatll be much easier for you to access. Thatll take you to the Revolution Radio Homepage. Im on Saturdays at 7 p.m . till 9 p.m. Pacific time, 10 to midnight, Eastern. And so, I come on before Co ast-to-Coast AM does and youre welcome to listen to me. I do two hours of open li nes, Saturday night, firing line, all I do is take calls and answer questions th at anyone is willing to ask on any subject. And what always fascinates me that a ll of these historians and professors who take pot shots at me on U-Tube and the se academicand these armchair generals who make these comments that they do, none of them ever confront me on air and ask the questions where theyre given ample o pportunity to do so on the weekends, on the Saturday night firing line. No matte r how many times we give that phone number out, no matter how many times we give the freedomstream Skype out they dont confront me because they have nothing to s ay. They know that what Im saying is irrefutable and true. And also on Tuesday ni ghts on my critical omissions, this Tuesday night will be September 11th, Memori al Day, I will have LadyAudrey van. Who I will be interviewing concerning her anal ysis. She used to work in an architectural design office of the twin towers coll apse. And I will bring up what I know about the Pentagon. Thatll be this Septembe r 11th, Memorial Day, Tuesday and were still on the 5 p.m., Pacific to 7 p.m. Pac ific scheduled for that so thatll be eight to ten p.m., Eastern time. And within a very short while after the UFOCon 2012 well be moving that show down to the sam e time as my Saturday show, 10 to Midnight, Eastern. But for now itll be 8 to 10, Eastern. Catch me this Tuesday on the Revolution Radio. Other than that I want to certainly thank you all for your infinite patience with myself while Mr. Vara has been kind enough to provide me venue and give me platform. You can tell tha t Im a human litmus test. As the human weapon of mass destruction only the men wh o are dedicated to truth, only the women who are seeking the reality, only the p eople in alternative information media who really are out there to find out whats behind the faade ever have me on. All the other people who are painfully aware a nd do not have me on then you know that something is wrong and it doesnt matter i f theyve had me once before. Many people have been threatened afterwards and neve r had me on again. So, if someone doesnt have me on again then you know that they may have succumbed. So keep an eye out for who at least regularly every once in a while has on Douglas Dietrich and you can tell whos the real purveyor of truth out there and Mike Vara certainly stands out outstandingly as one of them. [Host] Well, thank you very much, Douglas. I appreciate those kind words and I want to thank you so much for being a guest here tonight. Thank you and good luck at the conference and well have you back again in the near future, thats for sure. [Douglas] Thank you, Mr.Vara. Its always an honor to be here and my best t o all your audiencereallythank you, all of you, again. And check me out on Face Bo ok, for the public timeline. Thank you again. You can follow me by going to and just press the big bule facebook button and itll take you there. And Im going to post up, as I alway s do, columns which are quite long but historically very well documented and ref erenced that people can look up anything that they want to on these various colu mns that I write concerning various aspects of history and current events that n eeds to be addressed and thanks for Mr. Vara and what he does again and for all of you for spending the most valuable asset that you have which is your time wit h us and Mr. Vara and I strive our best to make it worthwhile. [Host] Well, thank you again, Douglas and till next time I wish you the best and well talk to you again in the very near future. Thank you, Douglas Dietrich again weve got him linked up over on Late Night in the so i f you missed the website and you want to just click on over there and see what h es got and you can do that, . Just click tonights e vent. I want to thank each and every one of you wherever it is you might be arou nd the globe, in the chat room or on the phone lines for tuning in tonight. You got Dr. John DiSalvo tomorrow night with Mysterious Realms, .on Sunday and I will

be back with you on Monday. So, with that being said keep your eyes close to th e sky, keep your ears close to this broadcast because you never know what you mi ght learn. Good night, everybody. 012/09/08/douglas-dietrich-on-late-night-in-the-midlands h ttp://