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Business process outsourcing (BPO) can bring new levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance to a companys operations. it can help improve the cycle time and reliability of key business processes, or increase flexibility to scale operations based on market demands. it can free up staff resources to focus on core business processes, and more importantly can help you significantly reduce operational cost by leveraging global destinations for service delivery. Organizations increasingly rely on outsourcing to address a variety of challenges:

Maintaining service levels that align with business needs improving operational efficiency and service quality Keeping senior leaders and talent focused on strategic initiatives reducing operational cost by leveraging scalable low-cost global destinations

Whatever the reasons for deciding to use BPO, the key is to select a service provider that has the resources, knowledge, and experience to provide predictable, reliable, and high-quality services that address your business requirements. sunGard Global services provides BPO services focused on meeting the needs of financial services companies. We can help you capture the benefits of BPO with the confidence that your processes are being administered and managed efficiently and securely.

We bring together a comprehensive array of resources to address your BPO needs. Our business process assessment approach includes a return-on-investment model for your BPO initiative, cost-benefit analysis and a risk-aware outsourcing road map. We employ a thorough transition methodology to ensure a smooth handoff of your processes. We then deliver services through structured processes supported by standard operating procedures and quality controls, all monitored by an independent process quality group having six sigma knowledge and expertise. Our team includes financial services and technology professionals with deep experience in core vertical processes such as retirement benefits administration, insurance actuarial assessment and reporting, and finance and accounting. Our global delivery centers in Tunisia, indian and china provide the flexibility and diversification to ensure you receive reliable, around-the-clock service availability. We are well positioned in the BPO space due to our ability to combine the knowledge of our financial services product solutions along with core BPO capabilities to bring platform BPO solution to our customers. We have developed common tools and methodologies that we leverage globally. We employ sunGards XP / Power image and infinity Process Platform (iPP) solutions for workflow and business process management, as well as service-level agreement dashboards and knowledge management tools. Our state-of-the-art BPO delivery infrastructure includes clean-rooms with stringent access control, strong work-premise, data-access, and network security. Our stringent controls are backed by isO 27001 certification, sAs 70 Type ii audit compliance, and customer Operations Performance center (cOPc) certification.

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We provide BPO services across a range of financial requirements such as:

Benefits administration Insurance Actuarial services Month-end and quarter-end financial reconciliation Forms processing Finance and accounting Data management and reporting XBRL-based filing services IT service improvement roadmap


BPO can bring new levels of efficiency, transparency and performance to your business. Achieving those benefits requires a provider with the experience, resources, and knowledge to understand your needs and deliver the services that will meet them.

About SunGard Global Services sunGard Global services combines business consulting, technology and professional services for financial services firms, energy companies and corporations. Leveraging sunGards global delivery model, more than 5,000 employees worldwide help customers manage their complex data needs, optimize end-to-end business processes and assist with systems integration, while providing full application development, maintenance, testing and support services. For more information, please contact us at:

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