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Samantha McGonagle September 9, 2012 Clearmeat The word Consomm means, literally, a Concentrated or Clarified stock.

Consomm is a finished liquid that is served as a soup that is a product of a stock. This specific type of stock is usually served cold, and contains little to no fat. You never want to stir a consomm, so, that the raft doesnt emulsify with the stock, which would result in an unservable pot of soup. A raft is a crust that is developed by coagulation of proteins, lean meat and egg whites, and impurities that rise to the top of the stock. The raft also contains the mirepoix and sachet dspices. Mirepoix is a mixture of carrots, onions, and celery. The ratio of the three vegetables is 50% onion, 25% celery, and 25% carrots. A sachet, or sachet dspices, traditionally is bay leafs, thyme, and peppercorns. The formation of the raft is a critical part of the clarification process. Make sure that your stock never boils; boiling will disrupt and break the raft which will produce a cloudy consomm, which would be undesirable. Simmering will also release the flavors from the meat, mirepoix, and sachet dspices. Egg whites is a clarifying ingredient, the egg whites is a protein, with albumen that will coagulate with the lean meat which will provide structure and act as a trap to impurities. Albumen in the eggs, also, acts as a clarifying agent, which is water soluble and denature when applied to heat. The whites of the egg provides little to no flavor and is fat free. Lean meat is the second protein ingredient that clarifies, but, it also fortifies the stock. As stated above, the meat will coagulate with the egg whites and retain structure, but, the meat also adds flavor. You want the Clearmeat protein to match the protein that was used in making the stock for the consomm. For example, if you have chicken stock in your refrigerator, you would want to cut up bone-less chicken breast, remove all fat, and grind up to put into your consomm. You want to ensure that you remove all, or most, visible fat from the surface of your meat. If you refrain from doing so, it could result in a cloudy consomm. Aromatics and mirepoix act as fortifiers. The word Aromatics refers to the spices that you include in your sachet. Traditionally for consomm the sachet includes bay leaves, thymes, and peppercorns. The aromatics fortify the consomm by adding aromas from the spices essential oils. The spices also enhance flavors. Mirepoix is a combination of onions, carrots, and celery. The mirepoix doesnt help clarify the consomm in any way, but adds flavor to the finished product. You want to mince the ingredients, so, the raft can support the vegetables. Acid ingredients help with coagulations of the proteins, although it is not necessary to coagulations that are what the heat is used for. The types of acid that is usually utilized in consomm are tomato for beef or chicken consomm or lemon for fish consomm. Acid is used to fortify and clarify the soup. In conclusion, the method of making a consomm is to start with a cold and strongly flavored stock. If the stock does not retain enough flavors reduce until concentrated. Mix the egg whites in a separate

bowl until light and frothy. Incorporate all Clearmeat ingredients together in a stock pot with a spigot, if available. Add stock slowly, and mix with your Clearmeat until fully incorporated. Heat slowly until it reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you notice the raft to form, with a natural crust, it is time to make a vent. Make sure that your stock does NOT boil at all. If you do let your consomm reach a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it will become undesirably cloudy. You want to let the soup to simmer for about forty-five minutes to one hour, so, all of the flavors can fortify the soup and the clarification process will fully take effect. Once fully cooked, carefully strain out the finished consomm through a chinois and cheesecloth. Repeat until its finished being strained. Compost the raft. Shock the consomm until it reaches 70 degrees, must be within 2 hours only, and then refrigerate. If there is any visible grease try to remove it with a spoon or refrigerate and wait until the fat is solidified. The remain result should be a clear and concentrated soup. Enjoy.