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Free Penis Enlargement Encyclopedia

1. Introduction 2. Who needs penis enlargement? 3. Penis enlargement methods 3.1 Shuka hairs 3.2 Koteka 3.3 Jelqing 3.4 Meditation 3.5 Kegel exercises 3.6 Silicone pastes 3.7 Vacuum pumps 3.8 Surgery 3.9 Pills 4. How big is big enough? 5. Conclusion

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Introduction This book is intended to provide the reader with all the known penis enlargement methods. Some of them work, other don't - you will find out the truth about how effective each one of these methods can be. The next chapter is focused on presenting statistics about the median penis length and girth of each race, so that you can understand if you really need to enlarge your penis or it looks smaller just to you. In chapter 3 you will learn the penis enlargement history and how the different techniques developed through time. The effectiveness of each of these penis enlargement methods is reported depending on the results from different clinical studies. In chapter 4 are presented statistics about what's the perfect penis size according to women and what's the name of the man with the biggest penis in the world. The last chapter contains the final conclusions about this entertaining topic.

Who needs penis enlargement? Penis enlargement procedures are typically assigned by doctors for patients who suffer from micropenis - condition characterized by genetic and hormonal abnormalities and penis length smaller than 7 cm in erect state. If you don't have a micropenis you need to check how your member relates to the average length according to your race and ethnicity (all values are in cm units).

Caucasian: Europe America, Australia Negroid: Africa , South America North America Mongoloid: North Asia South Asia

14.8 - 16.1 11.7 - 14.8

16.1 - 17.9 13.5 - 16.1

10.5 - 12.9 9.7 - 11.7

As you can see the smallest average values are in South Asia, while the biggest members are statistically most common in Africa and South America. Here comes more questions... What if your partner wants your penis to be bigger even if its in the normal range for your race? Is there a possibility to enlarge your willy even if its normal? And what about the penis girth? Can you make your penis thicker? Basically the answer to all these questions is "YES". You will be able to achieve natural penis enlargement, but not to extreme values. There is a cap for every penis enlargement method. You can't make your dick 50 cm long, that's impossible. The next chapter presents all the different techniques for penis augmentation.

Penis enlargement methods Men are similar in every single of their desires. The enlargement of the penis is not a different topic. Since ancient times men tried all kind of things to make their member larger and satisfy their partners better. Here you can read some of the most ancient penis enlargement techniques and their "real effects" on the male members. You can laugh at some and try other - our goal is to show them all to you.

1. Shuka hairs First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Indians 0 cm Harder erections

The so called shuka hairs are collected from insects and mixed with oils then rubbed into the penis. This was popular among people from India who wanted to enlarge their penises and achieve stronger erections. However during a study in Nebraska no real positive penis enlargement effects were reported. The patients participating in the study reported that their erections were stronger and they enjoyed sex more.

2. Koteka First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Aborigines 0 cm Natural massage

The koteka is a special gourd made from Acacia trees by the Aborigines in Australia. It is used to protect the penis and stretch it. However the "stretching effect" is only a myth, but the people who tried this reported a natural massage from the koteka, which stimulated their members and created pleasant experiences. Also the Acacia wood is famous with its aphrodisiac properties.

3. Jelqing First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Persians 1 - 2 cm Ejaculation control

The jelqing is a penis enlargement exercise, which is performed in semi-erect condition. It consists of manually applying force to the penile shaft, by starting at the base and slowly moving the fingers to the glans (penis head). The pressure enhances the penile blood flow and stimulates the formation of new connective tissue in the corpora cavernosa. In a study from Canada 40 from the 45 participants with a median age of 20 reported more ejaculation control. Those who suffered from premature ejaculation were cured.

4. Meditation First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Chinese 0 cm Stronger orgasms

Nowadays the meditation is a very popular technique for lowering the stress. In the ancient times however the Shaolin monks performed special meditation for enlargement of the penis and strengthening the orgasms. While the first can never be true, a lot of people who used meditation aimed at improving the sexual performance for more than a few months reported that they have sometimes managed to achieve multiple orgasms.

5. Kegel exercises First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Dr. Arnold Kegel 0 - 0.5 cm No premature ejaculation

In 1948 special exercises for improving the ejaculation function were developed and named by Dr. Arnold Kegel. The exercises consists of tightening and releasing the P.C. muscle for 5 to 10 seconds in the period of 10 minutes. There can be 4

performed "slow" and "quick" Kegels. The first can enlarge your penis with very little, while the second are aimed at strengthening the ejaculation control. Women can also make Kegel exercises (they too have a Pubococcygeus muscle) in order to improve their orgasms. In a multiple clinical studies these exercises were reported as highly effective for stimulating one's sexual performance.

6. Silicone pastes First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Russians 1 - 2 cm More girth in flaccid condition

With the invention of silicone pastes a lot of people from the Eastern European countries began to inject them under their penile skin in order to achieve more length and girth. While the penis enlargement effects are real, these pastes could be very harmful to your skin and at a later stage a surgical intervention for their removal may be required. If you at some point of your life decide to inject some substances under your penile skin, be sure to consult all the side effects that can appear with your doctor first.

7. Vacuum pumps First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Americans 0 - 0.5 cm No erectile dysfunction

With the invention of vacuum pumps a lot of people in the United States began to use them with the idea to enlarge their members. In some cases a minor length improvement can be seen. A study in Nevada declared the penis pumps and devices useful for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease (unnatural penis bending and curvature). These kind of pumps are used even nowadays. A few researchers has even developed penis extenders (devices created with the purpose to apply weight at the penis shaft) aimed only at the successful penis enlargement, but the real results are still very unsatisfying.

8. Surgery First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Chinese 0.5 - 2 cm Cosmetic

The first penis augmentation surgery was developed by Dr. Long in 1990. It consisted of division of the suspensory ligament. Until now a lot penis lengthening procedures were made, but the results are still controversial. By some patients the improvement is only cosmetic. By other a minor increase in the penis length can be seen. By few the maximum length enlargement of 2 cm can be achieved. These differences depend on the anatomical structure of the patients and their age. The augmentation surgery has also a few negative effects - by some men a postoperation erectile dysfunction has been reported and by other a massive decrease in the sexual desire.

9. Pills First used by: Real penis enlargement: Positive effects: Americans 0.5 - 4 cm More testosterone

The penis enlargement pills are the best known method for natural lengthening of the penile muscles. However there are many brands which are scams. If you want to be sure that you are buying effective penis enlargement pills be sure to visit The herbal pills presented there are the best known products, which guarantee more testosterone, blood flow, nitric oxide and natural cell growth. These penis pills have been tested in medical studies made in Wisconsin. They have been declared very effective for more than 85% of the men which used them for 6 months.

How big is big enough? What is the view of women for the male members? How big should be the perfect size? Does size matter at all? In a study from the Netherlands 200 women were asked about how important is the penis size for them. 20% of them rated length as important versus 80% as unimportant. The women found the penis length and girth as equally important. The average value of the perfect penis size was 18 cm according to the women who rated length as important. When the word "big" is mentioned a lot of people asks themselves - who is the man with the biggest penis on earth? The answer is - Jonah Falcon. His penis is 34 cm long when erect. Now, that is something which a man with an average sized penis can't achieve even if he combines all the existing penis enlargement methods at once!

Conclusion Every man should decide for himself if he need to enlarge his member or not. However, there are many dangerous enlargement techniques, which are recommended only for people who really NEED penis enlargement and not for those who WANT it just to look better. The safest and most effective method for penis lengthening are the herbal pills. Jelqing is good too, but it requires much more time and dedication. There are some techniques, which are clearly myths, but can be good for improving other male sexual abilities. The penis enlargement topic will continue to develop through the years. Who knows, after some centuries people might be able to adjust their penis size for seconds, just as their partners want it to be.