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The year is 331. The very middle of a time being called by many the rise of Nuvis.

A time of war, as others call it. Nuvis was once a nation, although now theyre better described as an empire. Priding themselves on nothing but their military strength, the Nuvican government is under constant martial law. All able bodied Nuvicans are required to serve in the army, and are sorted into one of Nuvis three military units: the blades, the brains, and the brawns. They are trained well and then deployed to fight as part of elite combat units. There is no such thing as an untrained Nuvican soldier. You, on the other hand, are a simple _________ who lived until very recently in the town of Ufrut in the kingdom of Muless. For hundreds of years, Muless has been a good place to live, the land is bountiful and has been ruled over by a line of kind monarchs, the Humen family. Muless is currently ruled by king James Humen the fifth. He was a good and fair ruler, until 329, when the expansion of the Nuvican emprire reached the borders of Muless. War broke out, and against the powerful Nuvican force it seemed certain that Muless would fall in a matter of years. In what some are calling a desperate attempt to save the freedom of his people, and others are calling a desperate act of cowardice, King Humen V declared that all men and women above the age of 14 were to fight in the defence of Muless. However, because Muless lacked enough of an organized military to train the thousands and thousands of soldiers that were now being called to fight, it was decreed that anyone who felt they were already capable of fighting, could train the new soldiers. As a result the people of Muless were poorly trained, and trained in hundreds of different disciplines, making it difficult for their units to act well as a group. You and the two men sitting beside you were all in a unit together. It was early spring in 331 when you had the misfortune of coming into conflict with a unit of Nuvican Blades. It wasnt a battle, it was a massacre. Easily half your unit was killed, the others, subdued and captured, as were you. You dont know where you are. You dont know what time it is. You dont know if Muless still exists, if King Humen V is still alive, or what has become of the people of Ufrut (and your family, if you had one). It is very dark, and youre in a small room. Your hands and feet are tied, but your mouth is not covered. Two men sit beside you, on the other side of the room, you can see what looks like the shadows of 4 others, likewise bound.