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Professors Edgar Kausel PhD. Pedro Leiva PhD.

Human Resource Management Functions

Identifying people with the potential to become members of an

organization and encouraging them to apply for a position in the organization

Identifying from a pool of applicants those who are a good fit with

the position and the organization so that they can start working soon at the highest performance level.

Organizing the incorporation process in which new employees

learn about their job, the organization and the expectations of their performance. It can include anything ranging from ideological to administrative issues.

Human Resource Management Functions

Training programs focused on issues concerning short term


Training programs focused on broadening an individuals skills for

future responsibilities.

Organizational Climate and Culture:

Aligning employees with the strategic goal of the company and

keeping them satisfied.

Human Resource Management Functions

What the organization gives its employees in return for their service

and contribution to the productivity of the institution. Includes both direct and indirect financial compensation as noneconomic compensation (i.e. flexible hours, parking spot, etc)

Work Regulations:
Hiring and firing. Hiring health and safety insurances. Paying for private healthcare bills and retirement plans Managing sick leaves.

Health and Safety:

Ensuring that there is a safe working environment to reduce risks of

accidents and maintaining employees health.

Cycle of HRM
Planning People Requirements Job Design Maintaining People
Compensation Health and Safety Quality of Life Work Regulations Job Analysis Position Design

Organizational Development
Organizational Design Culture and Climate

Providing People
Recruitment Selection Induction

Information Systems
Data Bases Information Management

Managing Peoples Performance

Performance Appraisal Performance Goal Setting and Standards

Developing People
Training Development

Mrs Berliner Companys Organigram

CEO Law Affairs

Operations Vice-presidency

Finance Vice-presidency

Human Resource Management Department

Distribution Department

Belines and Sweets




Human Development

Organizational Development

Personnel Administration





Recruitment & Selection

Performance Management






Quality of Life

Hiring & Firing



Career Development

Organizational Change and Communications

Work Law Administration

Labor Relations

Occupational Safety and Health

Human Resource Management Department

Human Development

Recruitment & Selection Designing and performing the recruitment and selection of applicants to offer them a position at the company. Training Assessing training needs, Designing training programs performed by actual workers, Hiring training programs from training providers, Evaluating quality of training and its impact in the company Career Development Designing learning strategies for people to broad their skills and abilities to be promoted within the company Performance Management Quality of Life

Organizational Development

Human Resource Management Department

Organizational Development

Performance Management Monitoring peoples performance within the company Designing plans to improve peoples performance Quality of Life Monitoring the impact of working conditions in peoples work and life satisfaction. Designing plans to improve peoples satisfaction within the company Organizational Change and Communications Monitoring peoples attitude towards change for business development Implementing plans to prepare people for change Labor Relations Keeping a good relationship with Unions. Coordinating the collective bargain process.

Human Resource Management Department

Personnel Administration:

Benefits Identifying the benefits the company could offer to its workers to improve their quality of life Arranging agreements with companies to offer reduced price services to the company workers Hiring & Firing Performing the bureaucratic requirements to hire and fire people Work Law Regulations Paying workers health insurance and retirement plans Occupational Safety and Health Monitoring work conditions to improve safety at the company Implement plans to improve safety Coordinating safety improvement initiatives with the Work Health Insurance Provider

Below you will find a list of human resource

management functions and tasks that must be performed in a large company to ensure that the organizational fulfils its goals.

Analyze Mrs Berliners company organigram and

identify which of these taslks are actually performed at her company and which business unit and/or person is responsible for each of them.

Also identify which functions and/or tasks are not

performed. Why? Should they be performed?

Functions and Tasks Related to HRM

Participating in the committee that designs new company


Recruiting people interested in applying for a job in the company Assessing the applicants to check whether they will be able to

meet the requirements of the position Assessing the applicants to check whether they will fit in the company Interviewing applicants to check whether they fulfill the requirements to work in certain positions Designing tests or questionnaires to assess applicants knowledge, skills or abilities

Functions and Tasks Related to HRM

Identifying the required knowledge, skills or abilities for a

certain position in order to reach the organizational goals Analyzing the knowledge, skills or abilities a person needs to perform appropriately at a certain position Assessing the gap between peoples knowledge, skills or abilities and what is required of their position Assessing the quality of training that an external company offers to the company Implementing a training program

Determining the requirements a worker should fulfill for

promotion to a position of higher responsibility Identifying the available positions to reassign employees when a business unit shuts down

Functions and Tasks Related to HRM

Incentivizing the organizations members to work the way they

are supposed to Designing a questionnaire for performance appraisal Designing a plan to improve workers performance Redesigning the job scope of certain positions in order to improve workers performance

Assessing the knowledge, skills or abilities supervisors require to

manage their subordinates Suggesting activities to improve supervisors management style

Functions and Tasks Related to HRM

Identifying some of the benefits the company could offer to their

workers Assessing whether the companys salaries are competitive within the industry Assessing whether the workers perceive their salaries to be equivalent to the salaries of their peers Suggesting the type of financial incentive (variable salary) the worker should get in order to improve his performance Participating in the committee that decides the annual adjustment to workers salaries Determining the amount of financial incentive (variable salary) each worker gets at the end of the year

Functions and Tasks Related to HRM

Identifying the reasons why people voluntarily leave the

company Identifying the reason why sick days among workers have increased Identifying the reason why workers absenteeism have increased
Identifying the job conditions that might put workers health at

risk Designing plans and activities to reduce work accidents in the company

Functions and Tasks Related to HRM

Doing the paper work to hire new employees Doing the paper work to ensure that sick days are being paid for

by the institution Planning workers break schedule Making sure workers are actually fired in accordance to the employment laws

Maintaining good communication with leaders of the workers

unions to avoid conflicts and to improve the collective bargain Recognizing workers expectations of their working conditions

Functions and Tasks Related to HRM

Defining the knowledge, skills or abilities people should

display to be hired for a specific position

Designing a plan to fire a group of employees whose

business unit will be shut down, making sure they will be satisfied with the compensation that the company offers.