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Range Maths

Range Maths In mathematics, the range of a function refers to either the codomain or the image of the function, depending upon usage. The codomain is a set containing the function's output, whereas the image is only the part of the codomain where the elements are outputs of the function. For example, the codomain of sin(x) for real x is the real numbers, but its image is [-1,1]. The distinction can be ambiguous, as illustrated by a function numbers to real numbers, . that maps real

Some books say that range of this function is its codomain, the set of all real numbers, reflecting that the function is real-valued. These books call the actual output of the function the image. This is the current usage for range in computer science.

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Other books say that the range is the function's image, the set of non-negative real numbers, reflecting that a number can be the output of this function if and only if it is a non-negative real number. In this case, the larger set containing the range is called the codomain. This usage is more common in modern mathematics. Function is a relation between Set of inputs and set of outputs in which every value of input is related to exactly one value of output. In a function, every input value provides exactly one output value. It is generally written as f (a) where a is the value you assign it. Suppose f (a) = a / 4 (f of a is a divided by 4") is a function, because for every value of a you get another value a / 4. So if we put the value of a as 4 then we get the value of function as 1: f (4) = 4 / 4 = 1, Lets discuss how to define range in Math. In function, all y coordinate values are said to be range of a function. In the same way, the possible x coordinate value is known as Domain of a function. Suppose we have some values (6, -8), (-1, 4), (6, -5), (-5, 7), then rang of function is all the y coordinate values. Domain = 6, -1, 6, -5. Range is all y coordinate values, Range = -8, 4, -5, 7. Now we will see how to define range in math. To find The Range of a function we follow some steps:

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Step1: To find the range of a function first of all assume a function which contains x and y coordinates. Step2 : As we know, range of a function is all y coordinates values. Step3 : In a given function the values of x and y coordinate are present then we can easily find the range and domain of a function. This is how we can find the range of a function.

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