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Shawn Choi #4 Social Studies

May 24, 2012 M2

Industrial Revolution was one of the biggest event happened at Europe and America. The Industrial Revolution had positive affects and negative effects. The Industrial Revolution impacted many people lives, especially the childrens. The children had poor, they even had three times more accidents happened then adults at manufacture or factories. There were jobs such as mills, factories, coal mines and more. Dennis McKee, 15 years old boy working on a coal mine was smothered to death. Also Arthur Allbecker, same age as Dennis McKee burned and injured both of his legs. The reason was that there werent any safety hazards such as safety ropes at the mine. They were too close to the chutes fell in and a fellow workman had to pull them out of the chutes. In the mine, they were a job called breaker boys. It was a job to make sure the doors of each station were shut closed and if

accident or emergency happens they will alert fellow employs to get out. In the Industrial Revolution, they had many bad and extremely dangerous working conditions. Like the coal mine, where there chutes without having strong metal bars or at least ropes to hold the body if an accident happens. On the textile factories, many young children from age of 7 works. The machine works fast and there wasnt any safety tools. The machine has many dangerous parts, especially the belt. The belt powers the machine, and it spins really fast. The children is exposed to the belt that spins fast enough that their clothing, hair especially girls, and arms even feet could be sucked in and get hurt. Even worst for the children that work is the owners dont stop the machine. The owners try to get money, and he/she will never stop the machine, because of that minute accident. Many workers have been to extremely bad requires they must to. Like the working hours and payment they got. As Bertie May Berry, she

was thirteen years old at Georgia. Get up at 6 oclock at morning and stopped at 6 oclock. In winter, she went to 6:30, and at summer, she needed to wake up at 5 oclock. She had half hour for lunch. She gets $4.25, but if she eats lunch at the mill, she would get less such as $3.00. On a typical textile mill family, they would work 14 hours a day, six days a week, there was only Christmas, Easter and half day for Independence Day. Average adult male would make $6 dollars a week, where children under 10 would get 50 cents. Every works or action they take, there always a negative reaction. The Industrial Revolution had great impaction to make more money, and growing the economy. Children for example, their weekly wages and the working condition were extremely horrible. Children got three times more industrial accidents then adults. Children got fewer opportunities to get fresh air if they worked on a mill or a factory. One of the children required was education, but they didnt. The parents will send

them as young as 7 years old to factory. These were what happened to children lives at Industrial Revolution.