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Filmmaking of Joe Papp in five acts By: Tracie Holder

It was my first time that I saw a producer face-to-face in my entire life. Tracie Holder who is a filmmaker of social issue documentary, a former board member of New York women in film & TV and MNN; has recently produced the film Joe Papp in five acts which is based on documentary. In her seminar, she said documentary is a specific story and that is one of the reason she spent one and a half on focusing the history and lifestyle of Joe Papp.

Joe Papp is best known for giving a voice to future Broadway success. He was an active communist. His life in theatre and in the world was the same. He was the one who declared that theatre should be a free enterprise, like the library. He was a producer and opened the door of theatre for everyone. In early 1950s he founded the theatre in America and changed many people lives here. Joes personality was friendly but on the other hand he was a gang member; a fighter. But Joes would see the people in Shakespeare on one can see. When theatre was quiet in America, he changed the quiet American theatre into full artistic theatre where characters can play. To make a film it took them a period of two and a half years long to research the material. Tracie Holder went to libraries and found essential materials, she read books, journals etc.; after collecting it her and her partners, colleagues produced the film.

Obviously, filmmaking is a difficult thing. First you need he funders and Tracie Holder and her group members also convinced people for fundraising. They submitted their application Women making movies organizations and it got approved. They coached the funders narratively, campaigning on individuals, by this she got $1085 by every individual contribute of $20. In an answer to a question she said funders get no money back but the film received billions and billions of dollar when get released. For filmmaking, skills are important. Skills of filmmaking are one aspect which leads to success. Skills to illuminate different aspects of Joe Papps life in theatre, she uses the subjects of Joe Papps as a prism to reflect on people. It is a fascinating learning experience for Tracie Holder to working in a group. She said, each one of them every time was nervous and especially the actors and they worked as united group.

The significant of the movie is: she wanted to play the reality and that is one of the reasons she included the rich saturated colors of 50s and 60sto give the movie a full bright reality. The ending of a movie is powerful. By spending one hour with Tracie Holder was a great experience with her. It was a good opportunity for students to learn different and new things.