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Research on gold coin selling process and potential customer identification

Submitted by DINOD .S. KUNWAR

Purpose a. For own use b. For redistribution/sale like small banks Their existing suppliers- their terms Market Size: Market concentration Trend for last five years Future prospects Competition: From banks, Pvt suppliers Foreign suppliers Effect on margins Insight into Trade practices: Size of order Margins, Payment terms, The way ahead Projected market share Profitability analysis How to go about it Resources Required, Plan of action Conclusion Sum up the industry scenario, outlook and prospects in the next five years.

Target group

The objective of the study is to :

i) ii) iii) iv) v)

Ascertain the size of the market segment for corporate sale of gold coins, How to identify Corporate Sector clients and quantum of sale feasible? How to market gold coins to corporate? What are the risks involved and Whether corporate sale model is profitable?

Questions to be answered What is the size of Indian market for Corporate Sale of gold coins

What to look for Who are the major corporate sellers now? Current size & future trends of corporate sales? Features/peculiarities of this market? What is the experience of current sellers? In which season are the companies more likely to order gold coins: Is it after declaration of annual results or some other important landmarks?

How Net search. Interact with suppliers, security movers Administer a questionnaire to corporates

Is the demand for gold coins from corporate throughout the year or there is seasonality involved?

Interact with suppliers, security movers Administer a questionnaire to a sample group of corporates

What are the steps involved in corporate sale?

Identification of corporate Net search for profit making likely to buy gold coins. companies Administer a questionnaire to Identification of potential a sample of corporates small banks/Post Office Interact with suppliers and willing to sell our branded couriers coins. Scan financial papers and magazines, Watch business news channels Cover NSE Midcap Study RBI rules regarding sale of third party coins by banks Take a list of small banks and contact them to broach the sale of our gold coins through their branches. Contact Postal Dept at appropriate level to explore possibility of the supply of coins to them. Contact Postal Dept at appropriate level to explore possibility of the supply of coins to them. Administer Questionnaire Interact with suppliers

Identification of product attributes liked by corporate buyers.

What is the business model suitable for corporate sale?

How to arrange for minting of coins? How to arrange for delivery of coins ? What type of Out of various marketing marketing efforts techniques which may be required for more suitable for sale to corporate sale? corporate. What is the What is the transaction profitability of this volume expected over business? next 5 years?

What are the main criteria Interact with suppliers, for corporate in ordering security movers gold coins? Administer a questionnaire to What are the terms corporate. generally offered by current suppliers like MMTC? What are the distinctive benefits that DIL can offer corporate to clinch the deals? Whether DIL can have tie Interact with suppliers and up with any manufacturer find out terms if so on what terms? Delivery of gold coins Discuss with Advertising agencies, on various options and their respective costs Get the current market volume by net search Interact with some traders and suppliers for various costs Whether there is scope to expand the market and garner respectable share Study various factors (product quality, packing, prompt delivery, finer prices, price hedging etc) which lead to clinching the deal. Arrive at the projected turnover, expenses, income, profitability and income.

What are the various costs? What would be the break-even point? What is the margin available & expected in Corporate sales?

What risks are associated with corporate sales?

Various risks and their mitigations Study various risks associated with Pricing delivery and Non acceptance of ordered goods

Discuss experience of current players.


City. Location DateName: Ageyears Male/Female

1. 2. 3 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Do you buy gold coins? How often do you buy? From where do you buy? Purity % Is high purity important? Weight of coin you buy? Shape of coin you buy? Monthly Income Reason for buying gold coins

Yes Dhanteras Jeweller 99.99 Yes 10g Round

No Akshaya Tritiya Bank Branch 99.9 No 8g Square Marriage Online 99.5 Cant say 5g Lakshmi 4g Ganesh . Other 916 Gifting

> Rs.50000 >30K<50 K >20<30 K >15<20 K Auspicious Investment Jewellers Gold Loan Gifting other

10 Where do you sell the gold coin in case of need for cash? 11 Do you use Broadband? 12 Would buy gold coins online

Yes Yes

No No


Name of firm Address Phone Contact person Mobile: LandLine: Email: Desi.:

1 2

Do you sell your own gold coins? Does you sell gold coins on commission basis? Max. quantity size of Inventory Period of peak sale?

Yes Yes

No No

3 4

Akshaya Tritiya RTGS

Dhanteras Any other day

How are sales proceeds sent to the Mfr? What purity of coins sell more? Which gold coins sell more? Are you interested in selling DIL gold coins? Purpose of buying gold coins


6 7 8

9999 10g Yes

999 8g No

995 5g

22 carat 4g

Akshaya Tritiya Advance payment





General Terms for Franchise

Cash on delivery

Cash on sale

% commission


Name of Company Address Phone Contact Person Mobile: Landline: Email: Desi.:

Have you thought of Gold Coins as gift option? Are you planning to pay bonus to employees? What is your budget per employee? What is the total no of employees? In how many centres will the coins be supplied?



2 3 4

Would you like the Company logo on the coins? What purity coins do you want to order? When do you propose to distribute the coins? Do you want to fix the price at the time of order or at the time of delivery? Any special requirement? Any other remarks?

6 7 8

9 10