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How To Do Pre Algebra

How To Do Pre Algebra Till now, in Mathematics, we have been using numbers & the mathematical operations to solve our problems. Here, we will learn the use of numbers along with English alphabets, viz., a , b , c , x , y , z , etc. in different situations to solve our problems. This blend of numbers & letters is dealt in Algebra. Algebra is also a branch of Mathematics. Let us take a Pre Algebra Help to understand the concept of Algebra. In our day to day activities we come across many situations in which we relate the value of one thing over the value of some other,e.g. If we know that the cost of 1 kg of apples in the market is $25 & I want to know how much will the people spend on apples, I cant say unless I know how much apples is each going to buy. Thus I will make my work easier by assuming that each person buys x kg of apples.

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This x does not have a fixed value & is an unknown number. When we do not have any fixed value assigned for something, we express it as a letter which can be assigned any number as per the situation. These letters in Algebra are called variales. Turning back to the discussion on cost of apples; the cost incurred by each individual would be given by $ 25x. Thus, to calculate the money spent by different people, I just need to know the consumption of an individual & put the quantity as the value of x in $25x. Thus for a person buying 2 kg apples, the value assigned to x will be 2; for another buying 10 kg, we will assign the value 10 to x & still another person buying 8 kg, the value of x will be 8. Thus, we find that any value can be assigned to such variables. Such a relation is dealt in algebra, where some of the values are fixed while others are variable. Let us now turn back to older times, when people didnt know much about years. When somebody used to ask them their ages, they would relate it to some past incidents, e.g., saying I was 3 years old when World War II happened. Now you find his age by adding the number of years that have passed when the war broke out. If it was 45 years back, my age is 45+3=48yrs, if 90 years have passed for the same, my age is 93. Thus,3 is fixeed here & the other value is variable. So my age can be expressed as x + 3 yrs, where x is the number of years that have passed since World War II happened.

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This relationship between expression.

fixed & variables values is termed as an algebraic

So,an algebraic expression can be defined as the relationship between fixed & variable values that is expressed through different mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. When the fixed & variable values are related with the help of multiplication or division, we get, what we call, terms in algebra & these terms when combine with each other by addition or subtraction, are called algebraic expressions. For example : 2x/3 + 3y 5xy - 7 is an algebraic expression with 2x/3 , 3y, 5xy,7 as the terms

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