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Internship is an amazing opportunity to develop technical and financial skills and to develop teamwork and communications skills. It also helps us to understand ourselves and learn more about our strengths and weaknesses. The feedback/review process helps us to improve our skills, and we will also see how people value the work we have done. Finally, an internship in banking sector is the best opportunity to discover the place/job I am best suited for. I did my internship in Indian Overseas Bank, which is one of the largest banking and financial services company in India by revenue, assets and market capitalisation. I had a wonderful experience during the internship period. I learnt the activities like how lending loans, accepting deposits, NEFT/RTGS, internet banking are made. I also had a great opportunity to interact with the chief manager about the ways and means to overcome the fraudulence that occurs in providing locker facilities. I learnt how the bank employees serve their customers and maintain a good relationship with them. This internship experience was exciting and challenging way to focus on setting my goal.

INTRODUCTION I, Lakshmi Sharatha SR student in St.Josephs College, Trichy pursuing my MBA have undergone an internship in Retail Branch banking from 25th April 2012 to 16th June 2012 in Indian Overseas Bank, Thillainagar, Trichy. Address: #11, PLA complex, 11th cross Thillainagar, Trichy-620 018. Ph no: 0431-2740141 / 2740092. I was placed at various desks throughout my internship to learn the various processes taking place in each desk. This gave me an idea about how the business transactions take place in the nationalised banks. OBJECTIVES OF INTERNSHIP:
To learn about the banking sector and how it serves its customers through receiving deposits and lending loans. To develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations. To develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships. To fill areas of gaps with knowledge and skills, and change all negative attitudes to positive attitude. To test the interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made.


Indian Overseas Bank is a regional banking behemoth and is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. It is the largest banking and financial services company in India by revenue, assets and market capitalisation. IOB is a major bank based in Chennai and the present chairman and managing director of IOB is Mr. Narendra. It has an ISO certified in-house Information Technology department, which has developed the software (known as CROWN) that 2650 branches use to provide online banking to customers. The bank's business more than doubled in the last four years. The net profit for the year ended March 31, 2012 stood at Rs 1,050.13 crores. Total income stood at Rs 19,578.13 crores as against Rs 13,326.56 crores registered during the same period last financial year. For the full year, the total business grew by 24 per cent to Rs 3, 21,707 crores from Rs 2, 59,020 crores. IOB has planned to achieve total business of Rs 3,85,000 crores to Rs 4, 00,000 lakh crores this fiscal.

KNOWLEDGE: I gained more information about the banking activities undertaken at clerical levels. SKILLS: Through the internship training I was able to clearly analyse and experience the qualities of a best manager and the skills he possesses to maintain good relationship both with the employees and the customers. ATTITUDE: The on-the-job training changed my attitude and I found how the theoretical information which we learn in the books differs from the practical world.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: As banking cannot be learnt within a period of two months, I focused on the creamy layer of the banking activities. The following are activities that I have learnt during the period of my internship. Information desk: Posting cheques for withdrawals Contact with customers Providing product information Directing to counters Posting cheques for withdrawals Providing information to walk-in customers Issue of savings account forms Issuing term deposit forms Providing information of clearance cheques Customer relationship

Clerical desk: Pass book printing Providing balance detail for current account holders Inward clearing of cheques Transfer of amount from one account to another Statements for current account holders Issue of ATM cards and credit cards Demand draft issue Issue of new pass books Issue of new cheque books SB account creation Signature scanning Know your customer -KYC details updating

Deposit desk: Providing information of interests on deposits Promoting savings in form of recurring deposits Checking deposit forms Creation of deposits Renewals of deposits Closures of deposits

Official desk: RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement Lodgement of clearance cheques Providing TDS reports to customers for auditing Gold sale Return of cheques due to various reasons NEFT national electronic fund transfer ODBC reversal Letter of guarantee

Loan desk: Issue of housing loan Issue of jewel loan Jewel loan creation Processing charge on loans Overdue report for housing loan Supplemental details of securities for loan and additional loan Execution of deposition of title deeds for housing loan NPA nonperforming assets details

My routine activities included cheques clearing (outward) as and when the customer drops the cheques in the drop box and posting the inward (debit) cheques which were collected from the Clearing office. During afternoons I was asked to create master maintenance for the jewel loans and agricultural jewel loans lent on that particular day.

At the end though it just feels like a beginning. I thank the entire team of IOB Thillainagar for their support. I learnt a lot about practical work experience during my internship. I learnt beyond text books. I also learnt how to deal with different kinds of people and situations. I also learnt that decision making cannot be undertaken by a long process but sometimes decisions are supposed to be made split second bases on the requirement and need of customers. Similarly bank products are not only bases on specification but are based on customers requirements. So the entire banking sector is a synergy between the customer expectations and requirements and how banks are offering modified modern and fast services to meet the expectations of the customers.