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January 18th, 2009 THIS AND THAT

Wed. - 2p.m. Senior’s Sing Song

Worship Service at Birchwood Place.
Friday - 7:30p.m. Bible Study at church.
WELCOME AND PRAYER The discussion will be on reviewing our
church statement of faith and constitution.
CONGREGATIONAL SINGING Feb.4 - 7:30p.m. Kenny & Millie Jackson
will be here at the church.
ANNOUNCEMENTS Contact numbers for pastor are:
& OFFERING Home: 238-4443
Cell: 281-2530
Florence Munro
(next-Michelle Hamilton) FOR YOUR INFORMATION
“Cheer” Parcels will be sent to
SPECIAL NUMBER Danae Reimer, Bethany Abrahamson,
Chelsea Kroeker and Cindy Lou Nepinak.
SCRIPTURE READING Please have your items at the church by
Isaiah 41:1-14 January 25th and they will be
Bernie Thiessen sent collectively to each of the girls.
(next-Michael Plett) For more information
talk to Laura or Michelle.
MESSAGE Please include a loonie with your
Ferlin Abrahamson purchases to help pay for postage.
“Two P’s in a Boat”
Mark 4
Mary Kroeker (Jan.18) and
Hannah Thiessen (Jan.24)
Sunday School

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Lance & Cathy Keehn lost their home, pets and all
their possessions in a house fire this week.
(Curtis’ future in-laws)
Please remember them in your prayers.
A trust fund has been set up at the SV Credit Union
Christian Fellowship
and if you have any used furniture etc. please call Church
Pastor Ray Hart - 734-2407 or talk to Darryl & Michelle.

Carlos and Ruth Vera (Calgary, AB) - Pray for Love in Action church
as they reach out to the large Hispanic population of Calgary.
Pray for up and coming leaders, as well as the vision for another
Spanish church in Calgary or Red Deer. This is what I would like to be: braver and bolder -
Peter and Anne Wiebe (Vauxhall, AB) - Pray for direction as Peter and Anne work with Just a bit wiser because I am older -
the EMM Church in Vauxhall, AB. They have recently moved from Redcliff to Vauxhall, Just a bit kindlier to those I may meet -
and really love and appreciate the people of this little church. The church has gone through Just a wee bit stronger, taking defeat.
some struggles. Pray for healing and that together they might see the possibilities and
opportunities instead of dwelling on the past. We praise the Lord that the EMC and
EMMC can work together like this in building the kingdom. This I would like to be: just a bit finer,
More of a smiler and less of a whiner -
Just a bit quicker to stretch out my hand,
Helping another who’s struggling to stand.
___________________________________________________ This I would like to be: just a bit truer,
___________________________________________________ Less of a wisher and more of a doer,
___________________________________________________ Broader and bigger, more willing to give,
___________________________________________________ Living and helping my neighbor to live.

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