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Welcome to Malunggay!
God gave us Plants for food and herb for us to cultivate in order to sustains life. Malunggay as the most nutritious plant ever discovered reminds us that hunger and poverty are not hindrance for people to continue struggle in order to live. Here we will try to contribute on education and promoting the propagation of this wonderful tree. As the world calls for it so let everyone be part of it.

Jewel in Malunggay
What is malunggay? Its scientific name is called "moringa oleifera"the most commonly grown species among moringaceae plants with thirteen different types. "Moringa" on english name, "Sajina" in Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia and is known as "malunggay" here in the Philippines. It has eighty other names used worldwide, but you can find it also as horseradish tree more easily. It grows widely in tropical climate areas like our country. It is use as veggies to make soup or given to lactating mothers for they strongly believe that it is very helpful on inducing milk production. You can also find it standing as fence in the backyard of the house or some farms. But the use of Malunggay do not ends with that. The re-discovery of malunggay makes it exceptional. It is known to the world now as "miracle tree" while other stated that it is a "wonder herb" creating a big diversion in health and quality of life itself. A lot of scientific evidence shows malunggay benefits both on nutritional contents and medicinal properties. Malunggay is well known as very good source of natural energy booster and nutrition. Universities around the world have studied the Malunggay abilities. A powder seed can be substitute for water purification. Malunggay can help on balancing and keeping all important body hormones that contributes for relaxation. The part of Malunggay tree are useful from roots to leaves. Biofuels can be made from extracted seeds. Oils are said to be edible similar to olive oil when it comes to composition.

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Malunggay1 - ACES1

The roots can be used to treat snake bites and many other things can be made from malunggay. Perfumes,personal care and therapeutic products are now using malunggay, as well in cosmetics because it contains anti-oxidant properties. Flowers may be used also to make tea or as additives to other food. The leaf is said to be the most nutritious parts, it may be taken cooked, raw and even powdered which we are going to emphasize in this page. Some farmers are also feeding their livestocks with malunggay leaves to increase milk production and make their animals grows more healthier. The cultivation of malunggay are seen to be the next big thing in Philippine agriculture DA Biotechnology Programme director Alicia Llaga stated. Advantages of Dried Malunggay It is proven that dried malunggay are concentrated and contain higher amounts of nutrients that helps the body to recover and rebuild. It preserves all its natural powerful nutrients that fresh leaves may loose if not prepared right after the harvest. Dried leaves can be stored for longer time. Needless to say it is more cheaper and easy to use! According to Dr. Martin L. Price "It is estimated that only 20-40% of vitamin A will be retained if leaves are dried under direct sunlight,but that 50-70% will be retained if leaves are dried in the shade." "One rounded tablespoon (8 g) of leaf powder will satisfy about 14% of the protein, 40% of the calcium, 23% of the iron and nearly all the vitamin A needs for a child aged 1-3. Six rounded spoonfuls of leaf powder will satisfy nearly all of a woman's daily iron and calcium needs during pregnancy and breast-feeding." Possible side-effects of malunggay Malunggay researchers observed that there are no known side-effects that can be found in using malunggay. Even the most concentrated powder are said to be safe and healthy. Malunggay Food usage : The use of malunggay started wayback 5000 years ago. The fresh leaves are eaten as salads, vegetable soup like tinola or substitute for spinach dishes while it can also powdered to make sauces, baby foods. Food flavors just sprinkled malunggay powder to a dish like omellete,adobo,chopsuey,menudo,sinigang or nilaga and voila! Nutritious dishes. Recently powdered malunggay are use to make instant tea or juices. Malunggay loaf bread was also in demand. The pods are also valueable where it can be eaten raw or be prepared like green peas or green beans, for young pods it tastes like asparagus too. Mature pods are use to make edible oil known as Benzoil that posess the properties similar to olive oil. The seed cake remains from an extracted oil of pods are use to act as water purifier substitute for high mehanis of treating water. Seeds can be eaten as peas or as roasted nuts too. The roots can be use to make sauce same as the horseradish, however.,take too much intake of it is not advisable. The bark which produces gum is use as food seasoning The flowers are cooked together with other foods or vegetables or may be fried in butter. It maybe boiled also to make a tea. It maybe use in honey production because it is a good source of nectar for the bees.

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09/28/2012 08:21 AM

Malunggay1 - ACES1

Nutrients We Can Get From Malunggay

Malunggay consists of very high nutrient values. Recently, most of international NGO's like world health organizations,and UNICEF are promoting the propagation of malunggay around the world. Most especially in the African region to help alleviate malnutrition and poverty. Malunggay leaf powder when added to a daily diet can increase the nutrients that the body is essential for. How much to take? Malunggay leaf powder according to analysis is packed with different nutrition. People who can consume more food is not considered to be well nourish depending on the food he intakes. 30 grams of malunggay leaf powder for daily consumption claimed to bring great difference. Moringa Leaf Powder analysis per 30 grams of daily RDA: Nutrients Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin C Vitamin E Calcium Copper Iron Magnesium Phosphorus Potassium Protein Grams 4.89 mg 0.792 mg 6.15 mg 2.46 mg 5.19 mg 33.9 mg 601 mg 0.171 mg 8.46 mg 110.4 mg 61.2 mg 397.2 mg 8.1 g %RDA 163 % 52.8 % 361 % 13 % 8.6 % 226 % 60 % 19 % 84 % 37 % 9% 11.3 % 12.8 %

Fresh leaves and Dried Leaves comparison: Essential Amino Acids present in malunggay per 100grams Fresh Leaves Arginine Histidine Isoleucine Leucine Lysine Methionine Phenylalinine Threonine 406.6 mg 149.8 mg 299.6 mg 492.2 mg 342.4 mg 117.7 mg 310.3 mg 117.7 mg Dried Leaves 1,325 mg 613 mg 825 mg 1,950 mg 1,325 mg 350 mg 1,388 mg 1,188 mg

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Malunggay1 - ACES1

Tryptophan Valine

107 mg 374.5 mg

425 mg 1,063 mg

Non-essential amino acids present abundantly in malunggay Alanine Asparctic acid Cystine Glutamic acid Glycin Serine Proline Tryrosine

Vitamins and Minerals present in malunggay per 100grams: Fresh Leaves Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin C Calcium Calories Copper Carbohydrates Fat Fibers Iron Magnesium Phosphorus Potassium Protein Zinc 6.78 mg 0.06 mg 0.05 mg 0.8 mg 220 mg 440 mg 92 cal 0.07 mg 12.5 g 1.70 g 0.90 g 0.85 mg 42 mg 70 mg 259 mg 6.70 g 0.16 mg Dried Leaves 18.9 mg 2.64 mg 20.5 mg 8.2 mg 17.3 mg 2,003 mg 329 cal 0.57 mg 41.2 g 5.2 g 19.2 g 28.2 mg 368 mg 204 mg 1,324 mg 29.4 g 3.29 mg

Malunggay Fresh & Dried leaves nutrients Equivalent to other plant foods per gram: Common foods per gram Banana 88mg

Nutrients Potassium

Fresh Leaves 259mg

Dried Leaves 1,324mg

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09/28/2012 08:21 AM

Malunggay1 - ACES1

Carrot 1.8mg Milk 120mg Orange 30mg Spinach 1.14mg Yogurt 3.1g

Vitamin A Calcium Vitamin C Iron Protein

6.8mg 440mg 220mg 0.25mg 6.7g

18.9mg 2003mg 17.3mg 28.2mg 271g

Reference: "Moringa Oleifera" Natural Nutrition for the tropics by Lowell Fuglie. This shows that the nutrients found in different plants food can also be found in malunggay Dried or powdered leaves over ten (10) times more nutritious.

Reported Malunggay Medicinal Benefits

Health problem is one of the major concerns for human. It is actually expensive if you get sick. We need to spend a thousand bucks to pay for health. Why go back to herb? With the re-discoveries of malunggay and its therapeutic effects more people can save pretty penny now to sustain healthy life. Malunggay is said to be helpful for curing about 300 diseases,sickness and different illness because of its immense natural nutrients. It is long before associated as medecinal herb to India in their traditional ayurvedic medicine. Ethiopia and other country. Many research and studies has been made and show significant report. Malunggay is said to be beneficial to health by: 1. Strengthening the immune system. 2. Restoring skin condition. 3. Controlling the blood pressure. 4. Handling headaches and migraines. 5. Reducing inflammations and arthritis. 6. Managing diabetes sugar level. 7. Exterminating parasites in the intestines. 8. Fighting other infections such as gum infection,prostate infection and even hair fall. 9. Further studies stated that it is effective on supporting cancer treatments too. Enlisted below are other therapeutic claims associated to Malunggay: Antimicrobial/Biocidal Anti-Bacterial Malunggay contains calcium, iron, phosphorous, thiamin, beta-carotene, vitamins A, B, C, and E and lipoprotein. Which are consider to be anti-bacterial and anti-cancer due to the phytochemicals present in its leaves. The extracts of the Malunggay plants from which it was isolated were antibacterial against a variety of microbes. Anthelmintic Malunggay leaves and roots are anthelmintic that can get rid of parasitic worms and able to kill intestinal worms from the body. Bronchitis Bronchitis is an inflammation of the air passages between the nose and the lungs. The extraction of the roots of malunggay can relieve one`s breathing. Common cold Malunggay leaves has even more vitamin C than citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. This Vitamin C strengthens our immune system and fights infectious diseases including colds and flu. Dental Caries/Toothache Malunggay is an excellent source of calcium, it helps in keeping up healthy bones and teeth. It has Phosphorus which provides energy and helps build the structure of bones and teeth. The flowers can be eaten or used to make a tea and provide good amounts of both calcium and potassium. Earache Earache is pain in the ear.

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09/28/2012 08:21 AM

Malunggay1 - ACES1

Malunggay is rich in Vitamin A, C and E which can help alleviate and cure earaches. Epstein-Bar Virus (EBV) Epstein-Bar Virus (EBV) is a herpesvirus that is the causative agent of infectious mononucleosis. It is also associated with various types of human cancers. Malunggay contains phytochemicals that can prevent the development of cancer cells. External sores/Ulcers External sores/Ulcers is an open sore or lesion of the skin or mucous membrane accompanied by sloughing of the inflamed necrotic tissue. The extracts from boiled roots of malunggay can be used to wash sores and ulcers. Fever Fever is the condition of abnormality in high body temperature. The fresh root of the young tree (Malunggay) can be used to treat fever. Helminthes Helminths or parasitic worms. Malunggay leaves and roots are anthelmintic that can get rids of helminths or parasitic worms from the body. Pods are also used for intestinal parasitism. Hepatic Hepatic refers to liver. Malunggay seeds, young pods and protein-leaves has amino acid Methionine that used in the treatment of certain liver diseases. Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) is a viral infection of the mouth, characterized by ulcers and inflammation. Malunggay has Vitamin C that is essential for the prevention of skin hemorrhages especially in the mouth and gums. HIV AIDS Malunggay has vitamins and minerals contents that may work as an immune stimulant to help people diagnosed and control the condition of a person with AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) or are HIV-positive. Infection Malunggay has antibiotic in treatment for minor infections. The extract made from seeds are effective against the skin infecting bacteria. Malunggay has an ascorbic acid that hasten tissue healing and help resist body infection. Syphilis Syphilis is an infectious systemic disease that may be either congenital or acquired through sexual contact or contaminated needles. Malunggay has antibiotic activity which control viruses that can cause infectious systematic disease like syphilis. Throat infection A throat infection is a general term describing a disease affecting the area of and surrounding the throat. It is most commonly caused by bacteria or viruses. Extraction of roots of malunggay is use as cleaning for hoarseness and sore throat. Trypanosomes Trypanosomes are parasites which manage to escape man`s immune response. Malunggay has essential amino acids Arginine which improves immune responses to bacteria, viruses and tumor cells. Typhoid Typhoid is a fever caused by bacteria. A compound pterygospermin found in the flowers and fresh root of young malunggay tree has powerful antibiotic and fungicidal effects. It is used for treatment of this kind of fever. Urinary Tract Infection A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial inflammation in the urinary tract. Malunggay has an antibacterial activity which is powerful cure for urinary tract infection. Warts Warts are small, usually painless growths on the skin caused by a virus. Malunggay has copper which help skin to heal and provide protection from infections. It has also amino acid Arginine to improves immune responses to bacteria and viruses. Asthma Malunggay seeds and juice of the root with milk are medicinal use for asthma.

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Malunggay1 - ACES1

Asthmatics are advised to drink the infusion from the roots of Malunggay. Cancer Therapy/Protection Anti-Tumor Malunggay species have long been recognized by folk medicine practitioners as having value in tumor therapy and restricts the growth of tumor. Malunggay seedpod extracts have examined skin tumor prevention. Malunggay leaf heals tumor. Malunggay`s root bark extracts which are effective in the treatment of ovarian cancer is given to a combination of anti-tumor and hormonal properties. Prostate Malunggay fruits can lead to higher semen counts. It can help men to produce fluids which protects and enriches sperm. Radio Protective Malunggay can be a radio protective as an effective for breast cancer patients. Malunggay leaves and pods is a potential source of anti-cancer compunds which contains phytochemicals that may help foil cancer cells. Skin cancer Malunggay has anti-cancer compounds phytochemicals that help stop the growth of cancer cells. Malunggay has Vitamin E to help prevent and has strong antioxidant effective against skin cancers. The seed oil from malunggay is used for skin diseases. Circulatory/Endocrine Disorders Anti-Anemic Malunggay has iron compound that prevents deficiency of red blood cells known as anemia. It builds and maintain blood supply. It has Amino acid Histidine used for treatment of this most common disorder of the blood and also has Niacine to prevent this. Malunggay has also Vitamin A (beta-carotene) that helps prevent anemia. Copper along with iron is necessary to promote recovery from anemia. Anti-Hypertensive Malunggay leaf powder helps the circulatory system and controls the bloodpressure. The leaves of the plant may help reduce hypertension. Cardio tonic Malunggay can improve our cardio tonic. It contains essential nutrients for all heart / cardiovascular functions. It has high-fiber content which is good for the heart and for overall wellness. Diabetes/Hypogclycemia The extract from malunggay leaves are effective in able to lower blood glucose (sugar) level. It supports the normal sugar levels of the body and gives a feeling of general wellness. Diuretic Malunggay can be Diuretic that help reduce the amount of water in the body. Malunggay seeds have been prescribed for diuretic. It is also used to clean dirty or polluted water. Hepatorenal Hepatorenal syndrome is a condition of decreasing in kidney function due to hepatic failure. Malunggay seeds, young pods and protein-leaves are used for treating this syndrome. Hypocholestemia Hypocholestemia or high cholesterol. Fresh malunggay leaves are rich in vitamins A, B and C, calcium, potassium, protein and iron that can give us a feeling of wellness and balances the level of cholesterol in the body. Thyroid Malunggay contains iodine to produce thyroid hormones. It also has amino acid Tryrosine that transmits nerve impulses in the brain to promotes the healthy functioning of thyroid. Detoxification Scorpion bite A venomous bite from scorpion can be treated by malunggay.

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Malunggay1 - ACES1

Malunggay has antioxidants to help the body detoxify toxins or poisons. Snakebite Malunggay works as a detoxifying agent which is effective against snakebites. It has antioxidants to get rid of toxins/poisons from snakebites. Digestive Disorders Colitis Colitis is an inflammation of the colon. Malunggay has fiber cleanses the colon and lubricates the intestine. Malunggay leaves is used for colitis. Diarrhea Malunggay has Vitamin A which acts as a shield against diarrhea. Its bark that flows a reddish gum can be use in diarrhea. Digestive Malunggay has essential amino acid Threonine that helps prevent fat build up in the liver while boosting your digestive. Dysentery Dysentery is an acute disease characterized by severe diarrhea, nausea, and inflammation of the intestines. Malunggay leaves is used for dysentery. Flatulence Flatulence is the emission of a mixture of gases called 'flatus' present in the intestine. Malunggay is a remedy for flatulence. Ulcer/Gastritis The study further said that malunggay also used to cleanse wounds and ulcers. It also cure stomach aches. It has amino acid Histidine used in treatment of ulcer and Glutamic acid that helps the speed in healing of it. Inflammation Arthritis Malunggay leaves can heal the arthritis pain. With its potent antioxidant, it helps to cure and prevent chronic disease such as arthritis. Joint pain Malunggay tea can help heal inflammation of the joints and tendons It has amino acid Proline that extremely important for the proper function of your joints and tendons. Rheumatism Malunggay has amino acid Histidine used in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Extraction of the seeds is use or powdered roasted seeds applied to affected area. Malunggay has also Vitamin B1 that warding off rheumatism. Nervous Disorders Anti-spasmodic Malunggay have anti-spasmodic that can relieves muscle spasms. It has essential amino acid Tryptohyan that helps in decreasing the risk of artery and heart spasms. Epilepsy Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes signal abnormally. The roots of malunggay is used as an effective against nervous disorder such as epilepsy. Headache Malunggay can relieve headaches and migraines. It has amino acid Tryptohyan that supports immune system, alleviates insomnia, reduces anxiety, depression, and the symptoms of migraine headaches. Hysteria Malunggay is effective against nervous disorder such as hysteria. The roots is used as stimulant in this paralytic afflictions. Nutritional Anti-nutritional factors A deficiency of any one of the nutrients can lead to health problems. Some of the problems caused by deficient diets are well known: scurvy, caused by lack of vitamin C; night blindness, caused by lack of vitamin A; kwashiorkor, caused by lack

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Malunggay1 - ACES1

of protein; anemia, caused by lack of iron. Many other health problems are caused by lack of vitamins or minerals which are less known, but still essential to a person's bodily functions. Antioxidant Malunggay is a good rapid cooling of unbalanced free radicals that react with and damage molecules that causes cell death and cause aging. Amino acid Cystine functions as an antioxidant and is a powerful aid to the body in protecting against radiation and pollution. Malunggay has a high antioxidant activity ( 71% relative to Vit E). Due to its high vitamin A, C, and E content (which are very potent antioxidants), it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and beautifies the skin. Carotenoids Malunggay has carotenoids (lutein and -carotene) which is considered important to human health. It promotes reduction of risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Energy The powder from fresh malunggay leaves is an excellent source of natural energy booster that provides long-lasting energy when used regulary. It has Vitamin B1 thiamin, Vitamin B2 riboflavin, Vitamin B3 niacine that helps the body convert glucose into energy in nerves and muscles. Malunggay has amino acids (leucine) that works with isoleucine to build proteins and enzymes which enhance body energies and alertness. It also has Phenylalaine that produces chemical needed to transmit signals between the nerve cells and brain to keep you alert. Goitrogen Malunggay contains iodine that can work as a goitrogen that induces the formation of a goiter. Iron Deficiency Iron deficiency can cause anemia, tiredness, headaches, insomnia and palpitations. In children, deficiency can cause slow growth and impaired mental performance. Luckily, malunggay leaves contains iron. It has also amino acid Tryptohyan that supports immune system, alleviates insomia and reduces the symptoms of migraine headaches. Protein The extaction of leaves in malunggay are an excellent source of protein and a very low source of fat and carbohydrates. Vitamins/Minerals Deficiency A deficiency of any one of vitamins and minerals nutrients can lead to health problems. Some of the problems caused by deficient diets are well known: Vitamin A Deficiency can cause intestinal and respiratory infection, poor hair quality, eyeball pain, poor eyesight, night blindness and xerophthalmia Vitamin B 1 Deficiency can cause easy fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, constipation, impaired memory and ability to concentrate, beri-beri. Vitamin B 2 Deficiency can cause bloodshot or tired eyes, inflammation and ulcers on the tongue and lips, hair loss, vertigo, slow-learning and insomnia. Vitamin C Deficiency can cause bleeding and inflammation of the gums, loosening of the teeth, weakness, lassitude and scurvy. Vitamin E Deficiencies in children can result in irritability, water retention and hemolytic anemia. In adults, deficiencies can cause lethargy, apathy, lack of concentration, muscle weakness, irritability and decreased sexual interest. Carbohydrates Deficiency can cause the body to divert proteins and body fat to produce needed energy. Calcium Deficiencies can cause rickets, bone pain and muscle weakness. Copper Deficiencies in babies can cause depigmentation of skin and hair, slow growth and diarrhea. In adults it can result in anemia, irritability, brittle bones, loss of hair color and loss of sense of taste. Iron Deficiency can cause anemia, tiredness, headaches, insomnia and palpitations. In children, deficiency can cause slow growth and impaired mental performance. Magnesium Deficiencies can result in weakness, tiredness, vertigo, convulsions, nervousness, cramps and heart palpitations.

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Malunggay1 - ACES1

Phosphorus Deficiency can lead to loss of appetite, weakness, bone pain and mental confusion. Potassium Deficiencies can cause vomiting, acute muscle weakness, loss of appetite and coma. Proteins Deficiency can cause growth retardation, muscle wasting, kwashiorkor and edema (abnormal swelling; collection of fluids in the body). The leaves are outstanding as a source of vitamins A and, when raw, vitamin C. They are also a good source of B vitamins and among the best plant sources of minerals. Reproductive Health Abortifacient The anti-implantation action of aequous extracts of malunggay is possible use as an abortifacient which can control the fertility of a woman. Aphrodisiac Malunggay can also be aphrodisiac which is used in the belief that it can increases sexual desire. The flowers boiled with soy milk are thought to have aphrodisiac quality. Birth control Mothers who exclusively do breastfeeding have certain criteria of a 98% effective form of birth control during the first six months of their babys life. The nutritious content of malunggay is good for lactating mother who do breastfeeding. It provides increasing the production of vitamin-rich milk which is very good for nourishing newly-born babies. Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) is effective as the birth control pill. Lactation Enhancer Malunggay is ideal for lactating mothers whose breastmilk provide the best nourishment and the most natural way of caring infants. It is the most natural and effective lactation enhancer. Boiled leaves of malunggay used to help increase lactation. It increases the production of milk which gives the best nourishment for infants. Skin Disorders Antiseptic Malunggay works as an antiseptic which prevent the growth and development of microorganisms. Rubefacient Rubefacient is a substance that irritates the skin and causing redness. The seed oil from malunggay is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and used for skin diseases. Vesicant The root of the young malunggay tree is used as vesicant. Internally, it is a stimulant and externally, it is applied as a plaster to inflammatory swellings. General Disorders/Conditions Catarrh Catarrh is an inflammation of mucous membranes, especially of the nose and throat. Malunggay leaves are used to treat catarrh. Gout Malunggay seeds are medicinal use for gout (a disease hallmarked by elevated levels of uric acid in the bloodstream). The extraction of the leaves and the juice of the root with milk of malunggay may also used for gout. Hepatamegaly It is the condition which means you have an oversized or enlarged liver. The leaves of malunggay are incomparable as a source of the sulfur-containing amino acids Methionine and Cystine that reduces liver fats and Threonine that helps prevent fat build-up in the liver. Lactation Young malunggay leaves increases the flow of milk. It is being promoted as a very good supplement for pregnant women as a natural way to increase breast milk. It helps in the production of vitamin-rich milk for the newly-born baby. The calcium content of malunggay, nutritionists claim, is four times those found in milk. It also prevents mastitis, an inflammation of the breast caused by the blocking of milk ducts while the mother is lactating, because it acts against the bacteria staphylococcus aureus that causes the inflammation. Low back/Kidney pain Malunggay leaves extracts is used for low back or kidney pain.

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Malunggay1 - ACES1

Scurvy and Tonic Scurvy is a disease resulting from deficiency of Vitamin C. Malunggay tender leaves are managed internally for scurvy and reduce phlegm. Splenomegaly Splenomegaly is an enlargement of the spleen. Many disorders, including infections, anemias, and cancers, can cause an enlarged spleen. Malunggay has antibiotic activity used for treating infections, has iron compound to prevent anemia, has phytochemicals to help foil cancer cells. Therapeutic claims of malunggay are based on the study of malunggay enthusiast. Although its importance and benefits has been recognize it is advisable to always ask physicians regarding the consumption for curing health problems. Sources; Journal Immunotoxicology Jan 2007 Vol.4 p.287-294 by Shalaija G. Mahajan, Anita A. Mehta. Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC). Journal of Ethnopharmacology by Dr. Monica Marcu. Moringa-Natures Medicine Cabinet by Sanford Holst. Moringa (Malunggay Philippines) by Luis Villafuerte and Lalaine Villafuerte Abonal. Moringa Tree by Dr. Martin L. Price. Moringa Leaves-Natural Nutrition for the tropics by Lowell Fuglie.

Different Malunggay Recipes

As it was told, malunggay has many uses whether fresh leaves or a dash of dried leaf. Suitable to many kitchen cookings to help you make nutritious foods.

Sauteed Malunggay with Sardines

Ingredients: 1 or 2 crushed garlic 1 sliced onion 1 thinly sliced sayote 1 cup malunggay leaves 2 cans sardines salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1/2 cup of water Preparation: Saute' onion and garlic, add sayote and stir fry until sayote is cooked. Add sardines,1/2 cup of water and malunggay leaves. add salt and pepper depending on your tastes. Boil until vegetables are cooked. Serve to 3-4 persons.

Ginataang Malunggay
Ingredients: 1 cup coconut milk 1/2 cup concentrated coconut milk 5 to 6 cups malunggay leaves salt 1 sliced medium size onion 1 to 2 minced garlic Preparation:

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Malunggay1 - ACES1

In a caserole boil coconut milk,garlic and onion seasoned with salt. Add malunggay leaves and concentrated coconut milk with constant stirring. Wait until malunggay leaves are cooked. Serve to 4-5 persons.

Malunggay Pulvoron
Ingredients: 4 cups all-purpose flour 2 cups powdered milk 2 cups sugar 2cups shortening 1/2 cup butter 1tbsp malunggay powder Preparation: First, over a low heat toast the all purpose flour until it becomes light brown, then set aside. Second, in a separate saucepan melt in shortening and butter. In a bowl combine powdered milk,sugar,toasted flour and malunggay powder. Pour in melted shortening and butter to the dry mixture. Mix well. You may add your desire flavor like pinipig or nuts. Wrap it with cellophane. and your done.

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