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Munawar Hameed

Cell: 0096893376552,
Profile: 15 Years Professional Teaching, Training Research and Administration, Experience at doctorate level according to assessments & standards of top professional business schools (Affiliated with University of Cambridge International Examinations, London School of Economics, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants- UK, Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology- Malaysia, Higher Education Commission- Pakistan, & Ministry of Manpower, Oman). Executive education & training, mentoring, administration, planning, delivering, students affairs, assessment, registration, counseling and advising are my competitive advantage. Professional Summary: Strong Administration skills applicable for any medium to large size academic institution. Provided Teaching and training services to Association of Chartered Certified Accountants customers, Cambridge International Examinations and ministries of Pakistan & Omans stakeholders. Contribution in research & publications related to IASs IFRS and Islamic Banking, at academic and professional levels with American Accounting Association, British Accounting Association, Pakistan Air Force Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology and Colleges of Technologies affiliated to Ministry of Manpower. Times of Oman & Daily Dawn free lance journalist. Management, planning & development and organization of portfolio of syllabuses and question papers to meet the needs of students and meet ACCA, CIE, and ministries of Pakistan & Omans assessment and Standard. Head of Accounting and FIA (ACCA) Coordinator: Heading a team of professional accountants and PhDs with College of Tech., Dir.of Technical Education, MOM. Contribution to development of College of Technology, Omans strategy to use electronic on line services for assessment, and support to stakeholders. Recruitment and development of faculty at Bahria College, Karachi, (Cambridge Section), to support students and faculty. Marking and grading the examinations in accordance with Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan at ICAP and at Karachi Grammar College Section, according to the requirements of University of Cambridge, CIE. Managed the appointment and performance of Principal Examiners, Chief Examiners and Examiners to ensure that assessments are produced at all levels. Participation to intellectual activities of Oxford Brooks University (Stage 2 Completed of ACCA Mentoring), UK, The Research Council, Sultanate of Oman, Arab Open University- Oman branch, ACCA, Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, The British Council, (Karachi). NED university, SZABIST, University of Missouri-Columbia, NCR, Time Landers, College of Physicians & Surgeons Pak. SPELT, Centre of Islamic Economics, Adamson University, Philippines, IBA (Karachi),Brainstorms, Association of Financial Planner (UK) & LUMS, Pakistan. 1

Experience: 30 years. Employment Details: Permanent Appointments: Sep, 2010 Present College of Technology, Directorate of Technological Education, Ministry of Manpower, Oman. Head of Accounting Section & FIA (ACCA) Coordinator. Jul, 2009- Sept, 2010. Bahria College for A Levels, Kar. Pakistan. Professor, Head of Accounting and Business Department Coordinator. Sep, 2004 Mar, 2010. St.Patricks Karachi, Pakistan. Head of Accounts Faculty. Nov, 2003- Aug, 2004 Brainstorms An institute for ACCA and Future Chartered Accountants, Karachi, Pakistan. CEO, Chief Trainer, Teachers Trainer, Faculty member. Operating to Strategic Level Decision Making. Apr, 1995- Oct, 2002. Karachi Grammar (College Section), Kar. Pakistan. Head of Accounts Faculty, A levels. Oct, 1983-Jul, 1995. Dawn Group of News Paper. Kar. Pakistan. Commercial Correspondent Financial Affairs. Sept, 1982- Jan, 1981 Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, Kar. Pakistan. Typist cum Clerk. Employment : . 2003-2010 Visiting Appointments: Universities, Colleges, and Professional Institutions :

Allama Iqbal Open University, Kar, Pakistan. Asian Pacific Inst. of Information Technology. Kar, Pakistan. College of Banking & Finance. (Affiliated with Karachi Uni.). Customs, Sales & Excise, Government of Pakistan. Generations for Adv. Level. Kar, Pakistan. Iqra University Kar, Pakistan. Lecole (LSE- United Kingdom External Program). National University of Modern Languages, Kar, Pakistan. National Bank of Pakistan. Kar, Pakistan. Pakistan Institute of Public Fin. Accountants. Kar, Pakistan. Pakistan Air Force Karachi Institute of Eco & Technology. Progressive for Adv. Level. Kar, Pakistan Trinity Methodist College Diocese of Kar. Church of Pakistan. The College of Eco. & Social Dev. (IBM/CBM).Kar, Pakistan. Status in above noted organizations: Teacher, Trainer, Resource Person, Faculty Member, Research Project Supervisor. Programs: MBA, BBA, BS, CIE-A Levels, CAT, ACCA, CFA, ACA, ACMA, Research. Responsibilities: Administration, Teaching, Training, Research, Staff Development, Counseling.

Academic Education: 2011-2012 International School of Management, Paris. PhD-Scholar. Scholarship Awarded. - Second PhD started - International Accounting Standards, Human Brain, Career Counseling, Accreditation in Education. Hamdard Inst. of Social Sc. Hamdard University, Kar. PhD (ABD) 71% - (First PhD Thesis Submitted) Research, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy. PAF KIET University, Kar. Pakistan. - Financial Modeling and Forecasting. MS Certification Completed B B




SZABIST MS Certification Completed - Quantitative Tools for Research. International Business. University of Karachi Masters in Commerce. - Accounting, Cost Accounting, Finance, Fin. Management. Government Premier College Bachelors in Commerce - English, Business Drafting, Economics, Law.


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Professional Education (Courses Completed) : 2011-201 Information Systems Audit and Control Association. - USA - ISACA Membership Number : 746463 Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants. Intermediate Financial Accounting. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. - Financial Accounting. Institute of Cost & Manag. Accountants of Pakistan: - Law, Business Mathematics, Taxation. Org. Behavior. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants - Auditing. Institute of Bankers of Pakistan. - Business Communications. UK Completed Member

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Additional Credentials : Research Conference Organizer: I have practical experience of arranging Seminar, Symposiums, Conferences & I know the process. 2002-2003 Scholarship Offered: LUMS-McGill one year full funded Scholarship in Finance & Control. Associate Membership: Pakistan Institute of Management. Research Papers: My research paper Cloud Computing- A need for Universities and Colleges of Technologies in Oman. accepted for publication and presentation at 3rd NCT Symposium, at Nizwa College of Technology, Nizwa, Oman, dated 28th May, 2012. My research paper Cloud Computing An Effective Instrument to the Development of Infrastructure of Information Technology in Oman accepted for publication and presentation at SECT Symposium of Information Technology, at Ibri College of Technology, Ibri, Oman dated 15th May, 2012. My research paper Islamic Banking : A way forward - Al-Munawar Theory accepted for publication and presentation at Oman Symposium on Management at Ibra College of Technology, Ibra, Oman dated 4th March, 2012. My research presentation How to Prepare Students for Accounting Examinations has been accepted for presentation at American Accounting Association in 2007. PhD Research Topic: Management of Leases in Pakistan Courses & Certifications: Numerous courses related to Accounting & Management from highly reputed organizations: NED, CPSP, ICAP, ICMA, IBA, CBM, APIIT, CIE, ACCA, COMICS, CIED, SPELT. Training Experience : Provided trainings related to Fin Management- Capacity Building Programs to the high officials of National Bank of Pakistan and Federal Board of Revenue, Govt. of Pakistan Workshop/Conferences: Activity Based Costing by Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. 14th National Research Conference, SZABIST. Accounting for Non-Accounting Professionals from LUMS. Strategic Vision Time Lenders. MoodleA learning Tool for educational organizations. Acrobat Basic Training.NCT Training for Trainer by ACCA Oman.- 2011 Participation in Importance of creating linkage between academic institutions and international markets through innovation value chains, with The Research Council, Oman. The Role of the International Organization in Accounting Profession. 4-5 Dec, 2011, Oman. Islamic Finance and Banking Conference. 23-24 January, 2012. Muscat. Oman CSR & Sustainability Conference- The Way forward. 6th Feb, 2012. Muscat. The 6th GCC Regulators Summit. 20-21 February, 2012, Muscat. Oman Youth to Business Forum at College of Banking and Financial Studies. 29th Feb. 2012. Oman Symposium on Management, Ibra College of Technology, Ibra. March, 2012. XBRL Certification Ins. of Chartered Accountants of India- Muscat Chapter. Mar 16, 2012.

Memberships/Affiliations/ Honors : Member American Accounting Association. Member British Accounting Association. Affiliate Member- Global Association of Risk Professionals, USA (GARP- ID: 205624) Member The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications. ID : 3988 Certified Chartered Financial Consultant Canadian Institute of Financial Consultants. Fellow Member - Institute of Financial Planners, UK. Certified Business Consultant Chartered Institute of Business Associates, Canada. Member Accounting & Economics Discussion Group of Cambridge University, UK. Board Member The International l Research Association, United States of America. Member Departmental Quality Sub Committee, Business Department, NCT. Member- Organizing Committee, Symposium, College of Technology. Member - Society for Promotion of English Language & Teaching. Member Teachers Resource Center, Pakistan. Hon. Secretary Rotary Club, Karachi South. Member Adult Blind Club. Board Member Aims Intermediate College, Pakistan. Non-Academic Interest: Reading, socializing & networking, web surfing, long distance running, music, prayers. Additional Information: International Travelling : USA, UK, France, Singapore, India, Oman. National Travelling: Sind, Punjab, Pakhantaw, Balouchistan. Personal Data : Nationality Pakistani (CNIC # 42301-1007488-3) Resident: Oman ( Omani Civil # 84027632) Religion Islam Languages known: English, Urdu & (Arabic-early stage). Date of Birth 10th August, 1962 Residential Add: Apartment # 313, Building # 18, (Mehdi Building), Way # 3, Ruwi, Oman. References : 1) Prof. Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder. Dean Academics, PAF KIET University, Kar. Pakistan. E-mail: Phone : 00923002364512 2) Captain Sajid Mehmood: Principal, Bahria College, N.O.R.I, M.T.Khan Road, Kar. Pakistan. E-mail : ,Cell #00923222621279 Psychological Analysis of Personality : 01 Positive Can do attitude. 02 Effective People Skills. 03 Organizational & Planning Skills. 04 Team Collaboration. 05 Self Management Skills. 06 Negotiation Skills. 07 Highly Proactive. 08 Initiative Skills. 09 Abilities to Priorities. 10 Tight Dead line achiever. 11 Leadership Skills. 12 Communication & Admin. Skills. 13 IT knowledge 14 Responsible to Duties.