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Terms of References

1. Background

The recent floods in Pakistan during 2010 and 2011 badly affected more than 20 million people (more than 10 per cent of the total population) in Pakistan. Devastating communities throughout the country, in an area of at least 160,000 square km, the floods killed more than 1,700 people, and damaged or destroyed nearly 1.9 million homes. AwazCDS has worked with range of international donor agencies and implemented humanitarian assistance projects and reached up to 100,000beneficiaries directly. Based on learning gained from implementation of various disaster response activities AwazCDS management team figured out a number of areas in humanitarian response efforts where there is need to build the capacity of staff. To do this AwazCDS requires the services of consultant/trainer to equip the staff with better skills and tools to work with disaster prone communities in an effective way. 2. Scope of Work

The project aims to hire the services of a consultant/Resource Person who will design and contextualize manuals on Sphere Standards and HAP, accountability, conduct TOT on Sphere standards, HAP, accountability and TOT on implementing best practices in assessment, planning and managing disaster response and development of tools like PRA tools in context with emergency response, social mobilization strategy in context to humanitarian response, right targeting approach, standardized approach for rapid assessment and AwazCDS humanitarian response contingency plan with reports of above mentioned trainings. 3. 4. Expected Outcomes Manuals on Sphere Standards and HAP, Accountability Manual on Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction PRA Tools in context with emergency response Social Mobilization Strategy in context of Humanitarian Response Right Targeting approach during Humanitarian response Awaz Humanitarian response contingency plan Standardized approach for RAPID Assessment Time Limit

Two TOT trainings will be conducted each training will be comprised of 05 days. One month period will be given to complete the trainings along with expected outcomes. 5. 6. Training Methodologies: Case Studies Group Work/Exercises Experiences from the field Gender/ SRHR Focused Facts and figures devised in advocacy strategy should be gender/ SRHR focused. Facts and figures should clearly define the number of males/females/transgender/others in the beneficiaries when and where needed.


Assumptions & Risks

It is assumed that the service provider who undertakes this assignment understands the importance of it and will be committed to the work, and is competent to deliver as required. It is further assumed that AwazCDS-Pakistan will fully support the service provider. Risks noted herein include the inability of the service provider to meet the deadlines, unforeseen internal and external structural as well as natural aspects that are beyond the control of both parties. 8. Copyright & Ownership

The developed training material and tools will remain the property of AwazCDS-Pakistan and it will not be shared with anyone else before submission. 9. Official Language of the Document

Official language of the training material will be Urdu & English as per need. 10. Apply by Last date to apply for this consultancy is August 26th, 2012