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Course 3: Geometry Final

1. Linear Pair2. Vertical Angles3. Supplementary Angles4. Complementary Angles5. Opposite6. Adjacent7. Perpendicular8. Parallel9. Angle bisector-

10. What is the difference between inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning?

11. What are the necessary conditions for a proof to be considered valid?

12. What does it mean for an inductive argument to have strength?

13. What are the two ways to evaluate a deductive argument?

14. Refer to the following statement: All people who like Cam Newton are Panthers fans. a) Rewrite the statement as a conditional.

b) Identify the hypothesis (p) and the conclusion of the conditional (q).

c) Write the inverse, converse, and contrapositive of the conditional (LABEL EACH STATEMENT).

15. Create your own statement, then rewrite it as a:

a. Conditionalb. Inversec. Conversed. Contrapositive16. What is the definition of a prism? a. How are prisms named?

b. Whats the difference between a base and a face?

17. Which statements converse is true? a) If it is July, then it is summer. b) If it is a pair of jeans, then it is made from denim. c) If you are a student at Wayne School of Engineering, then you are in high school. d) If it is a pizza, then it has cheese. e) None of the above.

18. List all pairs of the following types of angles: a. Interior Angles (same side): b. Exterior Angles (same side): c. Alternate Interior Angles: d. Alternate Exterior Angles: e. Corresponding Angles: 19. If , find the remaining angle measures (fill in the diagram above).

20. Name an angle complementary to

21. What geometric figure possesses all of the following characteristics? a) Quadrilateral b) One pair of opposite sides are parallel and congruent c) Diagonals are perpendicular

22. Use the Triangle Sum Theorem to find the measure of


23. Which theorem could be used to prove that the following triangles are congruent?

24. Find the surface area and volume of a cylinder with a radius of 8 and height of 12.

25. A cereal box has a length of 19cm, a width of 6.5cm, and a height of 29cm. Find the surface area and volume.

26. A hexagonal pyramid with base area equal to 12.7 cm and perimeter equal to 15 cm has a slant height of 6 cm. Find the total surface area and volume of the pyramid.

27. What are the necessary conditions to prove that two or more figures are similar? Congruent?

28. Identify the following parts of the circle: a) Center b) Radius c) Diameter d) Chord

29. Use the law of sines to solve the triangle below.

30. A triangle has the following side lengths: a = 3, b = 5, and c = 7. Find all missing angles.

31. State all possible names for the following figure:

32. Find the measurement indicated in each parallelogram:

33. Find the length of the median for the following trapezoid:

34. State whether the following angle is an inscribed angle or central angle. Find the measure of the minor arc formed by the angle.

35. Identify the center and radius of the circle. Then sketch the graph.

36. You have a house and you are about to begin a redecoration project. Give an example of an item you would purchase that would require the following measurements: a. Perimeter b. Area c. Surface area d. Volume 37. Draw and label an example of 8 different types of 3-D solid figures.

38. What are some formulas that you use when solving right triangles? Non-right triangles?

39. List at least 5 different career fields that use geometry/trigonometry?