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Subject Class Date/Day Time Theme Topic Focused Skill Integrated Skills Learning Outcomes

: English : 5 Dahlia : 11th August 2011/Thursday : 7:20am 8:20am : World of Stories : Where Do You Live Literature: Nanu, Penguin Chick (Short Story) : Reading : Listening and Speaking : 3.3.2 Read and understand simple and compound sentences. 3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs. 2.3.6 Take part in teacher-guided discussions. 1.6.1 Listen to and enjoy childrens songs, rhymes, poems and jazz chants. : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. read and understand the story Nanu, Penguin Chick 2. identify characters involve in the story read. 3. define meaning of words based on reading the whole sentence. 4. predict outcomes of an event in the story. 5. differentiate between storm and blizzards. : Thinking Skills Predicting based on the event occurs earlier. Moral Values what does it mean by the word home. : Reading comprehension read and able to identify characters involved and events happen in the story. Vocabulary blizzards, iceberg, emperors penguin. : LCD Projector, storybook, prepared worksheet, pictures.

Lesson Objectives

Educational Emphasis Language Content

Teaching Aids

Previous Knowledge : N/A Anticipated Problem : Difficult words teach during pre-reading activity. Stage/time Content Teaching-learning activity Rationale Set Watching Video 1. Teacher shows a video of To draw students Induction penguin. attention towards the (7 Minutes) 2. Teacher asks students what topic. they see from the video. 3. Teacher writes students response in front of the classroom. Pre-Reading Introducing 1. Teacher paste few pictures Prepare students (10 Minutes) New in front of the class. before reading the Vocabulary. 2. Teacher asks student text, to make sure that whether they know what students can those pictures are. understand the story. 3. Students give their answer. 4. Teacher writes students response. 5. Teacher chooses the correct answer. WhileShared Reading 1. Teacher shows the book to Shared reading is Reading the students. more suitable when it (25 Minutes) 2. Teacher asks student comes to story as

Remarks/T.Aids A short video clip relates to penguin, for example clips from Happy Feet movie. Pictures of storm, blizzards, penguin, iceberg, antartica, leopard seals and others which can be found in the book and need to be introduced first. TA power point slides which contains pictures

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PostReading (12 Minutes)

Silent Quiz quiz related to the story.

1. 2. 3.

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Watch video related to the topic.

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whether they can guess what the story will be. Students give their responses. Teacher shows slide presentation which contains both pictures from the book as well as the text. Teacher reads the story interactively with the students. Teacher asks student to raise their hands whenever they heard the word nanu. Teacher asks student to predict what will happen next. Teacher asks student to do action and sound on certain parts of the story. Students are divided into groups. Each group is given an A3 paper and a marker pen. Teacher shows questions related to the story in front one by one. Students have to write the answer in the A3 paper. Students must not make noise or let the other group knows their answer. Groups with the most correct answer is the winner. Teacher shows a video of penguin singing. Students listen and try to follow the song in the video.

teacher can ask students to do sound and action while reading. This helps student to understand the plot as well as remember the importance event in the story. Raising hand whenever they come across the word nanu give them a reason to give attention to the teacher.

and texts from the book.

Silent quiz is a platform for teacher to check students understanding of the story, while giving them a chance to discuss about the story in group through the questions given. Quiz is also an interesting activity as it promotes healthy competition and teamwork among the students. As a cool-down activity which can help students to remember the topic learned in the lesson.

TA slides which contains the questions.

Language content for future lesson can be emphasized here (optional).