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1) To start a business which are the norms of Malaysia?

Ans:To start a sole proprietorship, partnership or company in Malaysia, you need to know the rules and regulations for each business type. Before you begin registration for a business in Malaysia, you must be a citizen and permanent resident of Malaysia and above 18 years of age. The nature of business must also be legal under Malaysian law. Before proceed to register a company in Malaysia and start your new business in Malaysia, there are some basic rules, regulations & statutory requirements you need to know about. Start a business without proper plannings & budgets for your company going ahead will give a lot of surprises to you & your company, or even a disaster to your business Before registering your new company with SSM Malaysia.

1 .Think about your company's new name 2. You need 2 directors with Malaysian addresses 3. You need 2 shareholders in the Company 4. If you want to apply MOF license, make sure your company has paidup capital of at least RM2,500 5. Make sure you have no problem to become the cheque signatory of your company's bank account 6. Get ready at least RM4,400 for yearly maintenance costs for your company.

The process of registering a sole proprietorship or partnership is different from the process of registering for a company (local, limited or foreign).

Sole Proprietorship or Partnerships 1. Download forms for obtaining a business name (Form 13A) from the Malaysian Government's official portal. Submit the completed application form to any of the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) branches or the Companies Commission of Malaysia. Pay the required processing fees for the respective business type. Your application will be approved and name reserved for three months subject to availability of the name. Once you obtain a business name, you may start the business registration. 2. Fill out Form A (Registration of business) with the details of the applicant, date of commencement of business, branches of the business (if any) and the nature of the business. Attach copies of your identity card, partnership agreement (in case of partnership firms and if available) permit, your license and letter of authority if your business requires special approval. 3.Get the completed Form A verified by a lawyer. Submit at the SSM office in person or via post within 30 days from the date of commencement of the business. Local Company, Limited Company or a Foreign Company 1.Submit to SSM, within three months of approval of business name the copies of Memorandum of Association (MoU), Articles of Association, Form 48A or the Statutory Declaration by a director or promoter prior to appointment, and Form 6 or the Declaration of Compliance along with the relevant fees. These forms are available on Malaysian Government's official portal.

2. Attach copies of the identity cards of each director and company secretary, letter approving the business name, original 13A form available on Malysian Government official portal, and the appropriate registration fee for share capital. 3. Submit, in addition to the above list, Form 18 (statutory declaration of compliance for company issuing statement in lieu of prospectus) if you are a private limited company. 4. Contact the authorities at the local municipality (PBTs) for getting business license and permit. Process and requirements for obtaining license vary depending on location and business type. Once you complete the registration process, the Registrar of Companies will approve the formation of the company and issue a certificate of incorporation. Tips & Warnings 1. Always use personal names/trade names. Avoid names like "national" or "di-Raja" or "chartered" for your business; these names are normally used by the government or royal families and hence will be rejected. 2. Contact the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the country's official agency for promotion of investment in manufacturing and services sectors. 3. Contact your local embassy office for further guidance on foreign companies doing business in Malaysia. A foreign company must register a branch or incorporate a local company in the country. For this purpose, you'll also need to submit the certified original copy of the company's incorporation and charter. Attach Form 79, which is the list of directors and secretaries. Submit the copy of the power of attorney, which authorizes a person/branch/local company in Malaysia to carry out business on behalf of the

foreign company. Include Form 80 with the statutory declaration by agents of the foreign company. 4. Not knowing Malay can delay or misconstrue important instructions in the business registration process, especially since certain forms are only provided in Malay.