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Eastern Samar

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VOLUME 6 No. 24

September 23-29, 2012

By Reynan M. Rivera

Borongan, 2 towns are now eco-towns

rime ESR C Watch

Borongan City--Three more local government units in the province signed, in different occasions this week, the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Climate Change Commission (CCC) to get the distinction of being an eco-town. On September 19, 2012 city mayor here Maria Fe R Abunda entered the MOA with CCC Commissioner Naderev Sano. Their MOA signing was done at the Sangguniang Panglunsod Session Hall. The next day after, September 20, 2012, Mayor Alice Cesista of Can-avid, Eastern Samar signed the same MOA with Commissioner Sano. Moreover, Llorente, Eastern Samars mayor Tito Codoy signed the MOA on the 21st. Sano said that an eco-town is a municipality or group of municipalities located within and around the boundaries of critical key biodiversity area which are at high risk to the effects of the climate change based on the climate scenarios done by the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). The three new eco-towns are located at the Pacific Ocean side of Samar Island and forms part of the Samar Island Natural Park, a protected area rich in biological diversity and natural resources. These three are also characterized by a thriving ecosystem. According to Sano, there is a need to protect the ecosystem of these new eco-towns as they will play a vital role in ensuring the survival of the people in these places against the adverse impacts of climate change. He also added that the main objective of the project is to enable the municipalities to be resilient to climate change, thus, making them economically and ecologically sustainable. Under the agreement, CCC will provide the necessary technical and financial support to help the local governments in enhancing its existing plans on climate change adaptation. Moreover, the Commission will facilitate capacity building to equip LGUs with necessary skills for local adaptation, planning, implementation, and monitoring of climate change incentives in their respective areas.

1,528 board feet illegal lumbers confiscated

Local police of Borongan City confiscated yet another illegally cut lumbers on September 24, 2012 at Brgy. Siha. Borongan City- About 1, 528 board feet of illegally sawn lumbers were confiscated by local police here on the afternoon of September 24, 2012 at Brgy. Siha, this city. The illegal timbers have the following sizes: 7 pcs 2x4x12, 11 pcs 2x6x12, 19 pcs 2x8x12, 35 pcs 2x10x12 and 14 pcs 2x12x12 and have a total volume of One Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Eight board feet (1,528 bd ft). The confiscated flitches have an estimated market value of Forty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Pesos (Php 48,840.00). These lumbers were brought to Borongan CPS for documentation and proper disposition. PR

eCO-TOWN p. 2

111th Balangiga Encounter commemorated

Borongan City The 111th Balangiga Encounter was commemorated on September 2728, 2012 here. This years celebration was anchored on the theme, Sustaining the value of Heroism and Passing it to the Next Generation. The first day was marked by different competitions and cultural presentations. There was the Quiz Bee and oratorical contest. Moreover, the students from the ESNCHS special class for the arts showcased the culture of the province through a dance presentation. Likewise, the second day was a series of ground activities. The day kicked off with a parade around the city and ended up in front of the monument of Major Eugenio Salazar Daza. Shortly, the formal wreath-laying ceremony was done followed by the 21-gun salute spearheaded by Gov. Condrado Nicart, Jr., Annabel Capito and Hon. Jun Quilitano. A floral opening was also conducted by the Daza family. The Balangiga Encounter reminds us of the years of struggle and heroism of our grandfathers in the province against the Americans. With this, the province lost the Balangiga Bell into the hands of the enemies, which until this date remains unreturned. By Claudine Apple Avila

Eastern Samar Governor Conrado Nicart delivering his message during the celebration to commerate the patriotism of the Filipinos as exemplified in the Balangiga Encounter.


Eastern Samar REPORTER

September 23-29, 2012

Treasure Box

Tactical Proficiency
He who has the best knowledge in his chosen field deserves to get the highest pay. He gets the lions share. He is sought-after by kings, the rich and the powerful. The Filipino computer expert (a native of Catarman, Northern Samar) who invented the I Love You Virus that wrought havoc to computers worldwide, causing billions of dollars in damages is now gainfully employed by a big U.S. computer company. Some years back, a Filipino soldier on schooling abroad on tank maneuvers was hired by the British armed forces after he topped his class having shown excellent maneuvering skills. Was it a tactical error on the part of our Government in not giving them employment so that they could be utilized by our country instead? It depends, because it is but natural for every Juan dela Cruz to search for greener pastures. After all, blood is thicker than water. Their loyalty to our country is in their blood and it shall flow down to their next generations. Start observing the good quality traits of successful people right around you. They are thrifty. They are religious. They avoid vices. They have integrity. They are lucky. Their records may not be perfect. But they know the way out. Your purpose in trying to know them is for you to emulate such good traits so that you would become successful yourself. According to an old proverb, Wise men learn by others mistake; fools by their own. You should learn by experience that there is no success without sacrifice. You can produce a masterpiece only if you submit to your work as its subservient slave. There was a parable of three contestants on who gets the maximum profits in a sack full of rice handed to each of them. The first one sold his share and received his profits from the rice dealer. The second one made rice cakes that sold like hot cake and got bigger gains. The third one planted his share on fertile ground. After three months he harvested a hundred-fold. Acquiring tactical proficiency does not come overnight. It is achieved piece by piece; bit by bit. Experience is the best teacher. What you have learned from it becomes part of your personal dogmas and principles. Some of them are even handed down to the next generations. Although what was true in the past may no longer be true at present. Thats why many of them are called superstitions. A scientific and realistic approach is preferred during these modern times. Although theres a lot more of such traditional beliefs that had only become mellowed like good wine at the passage of time. But you should IN remember that it is not the quantity but the quality of time spent By BRUNO COLICO RUBIO that enhances tactical proficiency. Furthermore, it is said that smooth seas do not produce good sailors. Be judicious in you major decisions in life. Dont drive fast on rough roads and curves lest you hurt yourself and/or other people. Beware on the killer curve. But on straight and clear lanes, drive at maximum speed. Also bear in mind that there are other motorists coming from all directions, some of whom are potential threats to your safety. So you are to theirs if you drive recklessly. The only justifiable mishap is that which is accidental and is beyond your control. Thats why here comes the need for observance of tactical proficiency. Such is a lifesaver. On the other hand, an amateur driver of a passenger vehicle may not be aware that he may bump or run over a blocking lone pedestrian in order to save the many lives of his passengers. He does not incur any criminal liability in the absence of criminal negligence. The civil liability, if any, may not even be shouldered by the motor vehicle owner but by the insurance company, because insurance coverage is compulsory for regulatory purposes. What is horrible is the rumor that drivers are instructed by their operators to drive backward and run over again a crippled pedestrian in order to pay the lesser damages to a dead victim. The foregoing circumstances also apply on peoples lives because life is a journey. During the time of the then fugitive Rolito Go, one newspaper columnist commented that he had a good tactician because he would never pass on the same route twice. But later on, it was reported that his careless use of a cellphone was his undo-


CHAPPER LIPS. The lips have very thin layers of skin thats why they are prone to dryness- by up to 10 times more than any other skin surface. Avoid licking your lips, as quick-drying saliva leaves them even dries. Stop using cosmetics that may contain irritants, choose those with SPF for added protection. Apply petroleum jelly- or beeswax- containing lip balms before going out, and reapply often. BODY ODOR- practice proper hygiene. Bathe frequently to wash off excessive sweat and bacteria. Pay special attention to the armpits and groin. Use deodorants, they contain scents that mask odor, and antiperspirant that stop the skin from sweating. SUNBURNS- in order to prevent sunburn, the amount of UV radiation reaching the skin must be reduced to limit exposure to sunlight between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Since UV radiation is strongest at these hours. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF even on a cloudy day is a must, or every after 30 minutes if you are on the beach or in a situation where you will sweat a lot. DRY SKIN- Always use a soap substitute for normal soap since it is very alkaline and can damage the skin. Soaps with perfumes and lanolin may trigger allergies. Bathe or shower less frequently using lukewarm water and mild soap. Pat dry your skin- avoid rubbing. Remember to apply a moisturizer or emollient after bath since it adds moisture and softens the skin. DANDRUFF- Wash your hair regularly with a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo, which includes those containing ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrothione, salicylic acid or coal tar. Rinse well to eliminate any build-up of hair products. Regular washing is beneficial, however, some may find their scalp gets irritated by frequent washing. ALLERGIES- to prevent and threat allergies, try the natural strategies. Keep your surroundings free of dust, pollen, and pet dander by cleaning regularly. A study found that focusing your thoughts on an allergen-free environment- such as the beach- can reduce hay fever symptoms by 1/3. Certain supplements found in plant compound in foods like, onions, apples, and citrus fruits, appear to inhibit the secretion of histamine, a chemical your body produces during an allergic reaction that causes sneezing and other symptoms. Andrew Weil, MD Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine University of Arizona





Helping families & children thru modified CCT

WE should never let go of our true and ultimate foundation in life. While we have different aspects in life, and each one more or less has its proper foundation, we should remember that in the final analysis our real foundation is nothing less than God himself, our Creator, Father and the abiding principle that keeps and directs our earthly existence. An immediate corollary to this is that we therefore are brothers and sisters to one another. We should polish this sense of being Gods children and our fraternity among ourselves, since many are now the factors that seek to undermine this. We need to remind ourselves of this obvious and fundamental truth because nowadays we seem to be slowly and unconsciously detaching ourselves from him, as we get more and more immersed, and also confused, in our earthly and temporal affairsbusiness, politics, pursuit of knowledge in the sciences, technology, arts, etc. As a consequence, we are getting swallowed up by a certain logic and dynamics that is purely worldly, material-found, or at best social, political or economic that, given our human condition, cannot help be fall into different and conflicting positions and views. Besides its a dynamics that also deadens our spiritual aspirations that always, by its very nature, tend to enter into the supernatural reality, the world of faith and religion. Its a dynamics that in its desire to keep us realistic, confine us always to the here and now, to what is practical, popular, convenient. It hardly goes beyond this. In fact, its a dynamics that sooner or later will develop an intense hatred against anything spiritual and supernatural, anything that has to do with faith and religion. It becomes aggressively, even violently, intolerant to these considerations, shutting Christ out of our public discourses and restricting him to purely private quarters, if it still does care a little about religious freedom. Its also a dynamics that will eventually put division among ourselves, since it will certainly erode the principle of our unity and fraternity. Instead of being brothers and sisters, we would become enemies to one another. Christ has warned us about this very likely possibility, one is that is actually happening in many places today. Referring directly to his usual critics, the scribes and the Pharisees, he said: Blind guides, who strain out a gnat, and swallow a camel. (Mt 23,24) LALAINE MARCOS-JIMENEA Publisher This happens when we replace Gods wisdom with our own worldly wisdom, propped up merely by our sciences and technologies, and our political, social or cultural consensus. These are things that, while producing wonderful benefits, cannot bring us to our transcendent ultimate goal. Lets remember what St. Paul said THE about human knowledge, especially the kind that is bereft of By FR. ROY CIMAGALA charity. Knowledge puffs up, but charity edifies. (1 Cor 8,1) The pursuit of knowledge that is not inspired by love of God and others is a dangerous exercise, is toxic to our true human dignity, harmful to human unity. This is something we have to resolve. We have to learn how to relate our earthly affairs to our supernatural goal. Thats why we need to pray a lot, meditate on the words and life of Christ, who is the fullness of divine revelation and the very pattern of our humanity. We need to master the doctrine of our faith, ever pursuing to have a greater grasp of the whole doctrinal body, so we can have a truly integral, complete vision of things, approximating Gods vision for us. This provides us with the proper perspectives through which to see the world and to relate our temporal affairs to God. We should never forget that to closely follow Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life for us, we need to follow what he said: to deny ourselves and to carry the cross. There is no other formula, since our worst enemy is actually our own selves, our pride and tendency to make ourselves our own God. We need radical humility that can only be achieved through the cross. That is why we need to appreciate the wisdom of Christs cross. St. Paul reminds us of this: We preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews indeed a stumblingblock, and unto the Gentiles foolishness. But unto them that are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. (1 Cor 1, 23). In our politics, the social, economic or purely political options only have relative value. But when an option goes against God, his commandments, the teaching of his Church, then we know it is really wrong.


ECO-TOWN ... from p. 1

Maria Fe Abunda expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the Commission and stresses that her administration is also advocating and implementing different programs that will address the challenge of climate change and environmental protection. She stressed that the city is educating her constituents in the environment protection. Furthermore, she highlighted the creation of the Forest Enforcer warriors (FE Warriors) who is tasked to plant trees and safeguard the forest from illegal activities. Meanwhile, through his representative Board Member Atty. Byron Suyot, Eastern Samar Congressman Ben P. Evardone expresses his commitment to this program. In fact, according to Board Member Suyot, the two House Bill Resolutions authored by the congressman to make Eastern Samar a mining free zone and the Samar Island to be a Natural Park is intended for the protection and preservation of our environment. The said MOA signing in Borongan City was attended by heads of offices of different government agencies, SangguniangPanlungsod members, barangay officials, and representatives of Congressman Ben. P. Evardone and Governor Conrado Nicart. To recall, it was Guiuan, Eastern Samar which was first declared an eco-town in the province.

Bruno Colico Rubio Rose Lee Segura Boyboy Evite KC Collado PIA Eastern Samar Jo Fabile Louie Guarin Vic Apura Atty. Reymund Boco Gunda Jose Sanro Jimenea Lirio Baldestomo


Authorized Representatives: Guiuan - CHARISA ECHAUZ




Office Address: Brgy. Balud I, Borongan, Eastern Samar Tel. No. (055) 560-9670

September 23-29, 2012

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Eighth (8th) Judicial Region Borongan, Eastern Samar OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF COURT & EX-OFFICIO SHERIFF EJF No. 370-12 NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial application for sale under Act 3135 filed by EXUPERIO D. BICOY, Jr. of Duljugan, Palompon, Leyte against BELINDA C. SABELLANO, Brgy. Cabong, Borongan City, E. Samar to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of April 20, 2011 amounts of Four Hundred Twenty Thousand (420,000.00) Pesos, plus daily interest and expenses of the total amount of indebtedness as attorneys fees, the undersigned sheriff will sell at public auction on OCTOBER 15, 2012, at 10:00 oclock in the morning, or soon thereafter, at the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, to the highest bidder, for cash or managers check and in Philippine Currency, the following property with all its improvements, to wit: Description of Properties. A PARCEL OF RESIDENTIAL LAND with ARP No. 0504019-00386 PIN 037-04-019-07-006 under the name of Carpio Caspe containing an area of 227.15 sq.m. more or less, bounded on the NE-along line 1-2 by lot 5240, on the SE- along line 2-3- by lot-5242, along line 3-4 SW- by lot 5252; on the NW along line 4-1- National Road (20m. wide.) All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date. It shall be held on October 31, 2012 without further notice. Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines SEPTEMBER 05, 2012 Office of the Clerk of Court & ex-officio Sheriff By: (Sgd.) ROLANDO B. LOMUNTAD Sheriff IV WARNING: It is absolutely prohibited to remove, Deface or destroy This notice of sale on or before the date of sale, under penalty of the law. Rule 39, Sec. 15 Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Eighth (8th) Judicial Region Borongan, Eastern Samar OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF COURT EJF NO. 370-12 Petition for Extrajudicial Foreclosure of real Estate Mortgage Under Act No. 3135, As Amended, EXUPERIO D. BICOY Mortgagee-Petitioner, -versusBELINDA C. SABELLANO Mortgagor-Respondent x----------------------------------x NOTICE TO PARTIES OF SHERRIFS PUBLIC AUCTION SALE TO: EXUPERIO D. BICOY JR. Duljugan, Palompon, Leyte, BELINDA C. SABELLANO, Brgy. Cabong, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, GREETINGS: Enclosed herewith is a copy of our Notice of ExtraJudicial Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgage, issued in the above-entitled case. You or your authorized representative are requested to be present at the auction sale to be held at the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, on OCTOBER 15, 2012, at 10:00 oclock in the morning, or soon thereafter. Failure of the mortgagee or his representative to attend , without previously notifying the undersigned sheriff of his desire to cancel the sale or not to proceed with the auction sale unless he is present therein, shall be construed as a waiver of his right to be present, and the auction sale shall be held as scheduled. Agreements to postpone the sale must be submitted for approval before the hour of the scheduled sale. Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines, SEPTEMBER 05, 2012. Office of the Clerk of Court and Ex-Officio Sheriff. By: (Sgd.) ROLANDO B. LOMUNTAD Sheriff IV ESR Sept. 9-15, 16-22, 23-29, 2012
DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Deed of Sale was executed between Teofilo A. Saco, married to Severa P. Saco, of Brgy. G, Borongan, Eastern Samar as VENDOR and WILLIAM A. SACO, married to Lynetta A. Saco of Brgy. Cabong, Borongan, Eastern Samar as VENDEE over a parcel of coco land with improvements located at So. Libtong, Brgy. Cabong, Borongan City, Eastern Samar covered by Tax Declaration A. R. P. No. 08-01900017 containing a total area of Five Hundred (500) square meters (survey No. 5007 PRT; Lot No.018; Block No.1) per Doc. No. 137; Page No. 29; Book No. V; Series of 2011 of Notary Public Enrique C. Dala. ESR Sept. 16-22, 23-29, 30 to October 6, 2012 EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT AMONG HEIRS WITH CONFIRMATION OF DEEDS OF SALE EXECUTED BY THE HEIRS AND WAIVER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the heirs of ELY A. BULA executed an extra-judicial settlement with confirmation of deeds of sale and waiver over a certain real property covered by Original Certificate of Title No. 7563, Free Patent No. (VIII-5)-8050, particularly described as Lot No. 5007, Case-8, Cad434-D, situated in the Barrio of Cabong, Municipality of Borongan, Province of Eastern Samar, containing an area of Two Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty-Five (2,825) square meters per Doc. No. 24; Page No. 06; Book No. VIII; Series of 2012 of Notary Public Enrique C. Dala. ESR Sept. 16-22, 23-29, 30 to October 6, 2012 DEED OF SALE OF A PORTION OF LAND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that BENJAMIN CELADA, a resident of Ando Island, Borongan, Eastern Samar (Vendor) sold to MARILYN CAPITO-POTTER, likewise a resident of Borongan, Eastern Samar, 580 square meters portion of a real property located in Rawis, Ando Island, Borongan, Eastern Samar which part cocoland and a total area of 6,552 sq. m. per Tax Declaration APR No. 02-04012-00201 designated as Assessors Lot No. 056, Block No. 01 and covered by Original Certificate of Title No. RP-414 (12051) per Doc.No.817; Page No. 7; Book No. XIX; Series of 2004 of Notary Public Atty. Ma Esmenne T. Azul. ESR Sept. 16-22, 23-29, 30 to October 6, 2012

Eastern Samar REPORTER


IN THIS CORNER...from p. 2
ing, because it was tapped and his whereabouts were monitored (Which also happened to former Calauan, Quezon Mayor Sanchez). He was captured by no less than the top spy at that time who was the then MAJOR GENERAL JOSE CALIMLIM, the chief of the ISAFP. Beware of that bait. If something is too good to be true, there must be something fishy. Youd better double check in order not to regret later on. Dont be misled by what appears to be an opportunity but will turn out to be a frame up. Ignorance of a scheme spares no one. According to Abraham Lincoln, You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Confidence kills a man. There are many ways to kill a chicken. During the times of expeditions by the Spanish Conquestadores, many of their leaders were murdered by their mutineering subordinates by poisoning their food. Hitler, the German dictator during the Second World War, rose to power partly by murdering his political enemies and potential rivals to the seat of power. To quote him, The Fuehrer is the party and the party is the Fuehrer. Just as I feel myself only as a part of the Party, the Party feels only as a part of me. He also meted out the death sentence to one of (his) the finest generals in history, Rommel, the Desert Fox, whom he suspected to have been involved in a failed attempt to murder him through a planted bomb and was sentenced to an enforced suicide. In the end, Hitler himself committed suicide. You will become tactically proficient if you have the necessary character traits like patience, courage and self abnegation. But the foremost requirement of tactically proficient leader is brilliance, which must be coupled with the ability to make things happen and bring good results. Next is power of command, which is leadership by example. The third is charisma, which is bestowed by nature. The ability of adaptability is also a mandatory requirement. Furthermore, according to Sun Tzu, in his book, The Art of War, You must know yourself and know your enemy. And in every battle you are assured of victory. There is no substitute for a simple and normal life. Such kind of life is attained and sustained by observance of tactical proficiency. It is the acumen of skill to be a scorer and hard-hitting but still be able to lead such kind of (family) life. There is a need to observe secrecy and discipline. If only our very own Boy Abunda could come home in a disguised and different appearance, he could stroll around Borongan City like an ordinary person. But if his fans could recognize him, he would turn a peaceful crowd into an uncontrollable mob running after him for his much sought-after autographs. (Im afraid I myself cant resist from joining the crowd.) Benjamin Franklin once said that, Some people die at twenty-five and arent buried until they are seventy-five. It means that those people live miserable lives because of self-inflicted miseries, real or imagined. They are called tactical errors, which are like blunders in moves in a game of chess. Some of the most common causes of tactical errors are forgetfulness, lack of foresight, inexperience and simple hardheadedness. By the way, the natural tendency of children is to aspire to surpass their parents in the latters chosen field of endeavor. On the other hand, the natural tendency of parents is to wish for their children not to experience the same hardships they had experienced in life. But because of a series of tactical errors in lifes decisions, most children of the poor remain poor for generations. The most that the Government could do is to give scholarship grants to poor but deserving students. Giving land to the landless through the CARPER (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Extended with Reforms) is another means of alleviating poverty. The program of the Government does not end there. Support services follow like farmto-market roads, infrastructure, and technical and legal services, among others. Try to master tactical proficiency and make it a way of life, and in whatever good task that you are engaged in, success can never elude you. According to Orison S. Mander, You cannot keep a determined man from success. Put stumbling blocks in his way and he takes them for stepping stones. And in end, its not the years in your life that count. Its the life in your years. And always remember that Jesus Christ said, I am the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to father except through me. (Send comments and suggestions to bruncorubjr94@yahoo. com)

EJACC advocates breast cancer prevention
Screening remains the primary defense available to women against contracting breast cancer. Breast cancer screenings are very beneficial for women. These examinations should be periodically done by women even if they are not suspected of having breast cancer. There will be more lives saved if more women will take advantage of these screenings, Ronald delos Reyes, program coordinator of Eduardo J. Aboitiz Cancer Center (EJACC) of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), disclosed. EJACC continues to advocate the prevention of breast cancer through screening, more strongly so during October, which is declared Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when the cancer center will hold the annual Moonwalk: A Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness. This year, Moonwalk will gather hundreds of participants in pink costumes on Oct. 2 and walk together from Plaza Independencia to the Fuente Osmea Rotunda. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among Cebuano women, based on EJACCs Metro Cebu Population-based Cancer Registry. Delos Reyes added that men are not exempt from contracting the disease. EJACC records women aged 50-54 years old are the ones most likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer. In 20032007, there are 657 deaths out of the 1,349 breast cancer cases. Breast cancer screening means checking a womans breasts for cancer before there are signs or symptoms of the disease. This can help detect cancer at an early stage. When abnormal tissue or cancer is found early on, it is easier to treat, Delos Reyes explained. There are three periodic examinations that are employed to screen the breast for cancer. These are monthly breast self-examination (BSE), annual clinical breast examination (CBE), and annual mammography. Beginning in their 20s, women should do breast self-exam. This examination enables women to be familiarized with their breasts for lumps, changes, or abnormalities in shape or size of the breast, in the armpit area and other areas of the breast. Breast self-exam can be easily performed while during bath time. One can discover breast lumps when their skin is moist. Do small circles in up and down pattern in the surrounding area of your breasts by applying light and firm pressure over each area, he said, pointing out that changes in color and texture of the skin and nipple should also be checked. Some other things that should be noted during BSE are swelling, nipple pulling inward, nipple discharge (not breast milk), and unusual pain in the breasts. He said that BSE should be performed five to 10 days after the monthly menstruation period. To those women who no longer have monthly periods, they can do the examination any time of the month. On the other hand, when women reach the age of 40, an annual CBE should be done by a trained and healthcare professional. The annual CBE is a good time for women to learn the proper technique to examine their breasts, ask questions regarding their health, and note any changes or abnormalities, he said. Annual mammography, on the other hand, should be done at the age of 40 and above. A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast used to detect abnormalities, including those too small for you or your doctor to feel or see. All women are at risk of developing breast cancer, he pressed. Simply being a woman is the main risk factor for developing breast cancer. This is because of the female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, which can promote breast cancer cells, he said. He added that those women who have had early menstruation (before the age 12), those who went through late menopausal (after age 55), and women who have not had children or who had their first child after the age of 30 have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The increase in risks may be due to a longer lifetime exposure to the hormones, estrogen, and progesterone. Seventy percent of the newly diagnosed breast cancer cases in Metro Cebu were found in the later stage of the disease. As the cases of breast cancer is becoming higher in number, the best option and the primary prevention is periodic screenings, he said. By Chrisley Ann Hinayas/Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

CEB offers 50% off on all seats for November-January

The Philippines largest national flag carrier, Cebu Pacific (PSE:CEB) slashes 50% off fares to all 32 domestic and 19 international destinations in a seat sale from September 27 to 30, 2012 or until seats last. These are for travel from November 1, 2012 until January 31, 2013. Passengers can book seats at 50% off to any of CEBs international destinations, namely: Bangkok, Beijing, Brunei, Busan, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Incheon, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Osaka, Shanghai, Siem Reap, Singapore, Taipei or Xiamen. In November 2012, CEB will launch the Iloilo International Airports first international flights to Hong Kong and to Singapore. In December 2012, the airline will launch direct flights from Cebu to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Cebu Pacific is putting up 500,000 seats on this 50% off seat sale. This gives travelers more opportunities to book our seats at 50% off, just in time for the peak travel period from November to January, said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog. We encourage guests, especially first timers, to plan visits to their hometowns or to explore popular Philippine and Asian destinations and attractions at CEBs trademark lowest fare, she added. Iyog added that guests can also book hotel deals through its partnership with, the leading Asia-based online hotel reservations company that specializes in the lowest discount hotel prices. Its network includes more than 160,000 hotels worldwide. The airline offers free web check-in service with free seat selection, from 48 hours up to 4 hours before all Airbus flights. Passengers automatically get assigned a seat for free during the web check-in process through the Manage Bookings section in the CEB website. For bookings and inquiries, guests can go to www.cebupacificair. com, or call the reservation hotlines (02) 7020-888 or (032) 230-8888. The latest seat sales can also be found on CEBs official Twitter and Facebook pages. PR


Eastern Samar REPORTER

September 23-29, 2012

ESPPO joins Peace and Development Forum

Borongan City- PSSUPT Manuel Enage Cubillo, PD ESPPO, attended the Peace Forum held at the Multi-Purpose Gymnasium, Capitol Site, Borongan City. The peace forum was the culminating activity for the month-long celebration of the Peace Month with the theme, Ako, Ikaw, Tayo, Magkakaiba, Nagkakaisa sa Kapayapaan Present at the activity were: Hon Corado Basada Nicart Jr, Governor of Eastern Samar, PSSUPT Manuel Enage Cubillo, CSEE, Provincial Director ESPPO together with the Twenty Three (23) Chiefs Of Police of the different Municipal Police Stations, and Coy Commander of ESPPSC. Lt Col Napoleon Z de Veyra, 14TH IB BN Commander, was also present together with some Barangay Chairmen from different Brgy of E. Samar with Barangay Tanod members, and other heads of offices from local and national agencies of the province The activity started at about 9:00 in the morning of September 27, 2012. The highlights of the said activity were the Presentation of Peace and Order Status Program and Accomplishment by the PNP and the AFP. Then it was followed by the briefing on PAMANA by Emy Bonifacio of Office of the Presidential Advisor on Peace Process (OPAPP) and testimony by a rebel returnee, followed by the Provincial Peace Initiatives by Teresita Orisa-PPDC. The attendees recited the Pledge of Commitment for Peace and Development and were followed with a Peace Message by the Governor. During the said activity, PSUPT Orlando Senedrin Gardiola JR, Operation Officer of ESPPO, was given the award for being a Model Cop for Family Category. On the other hand, SPO2 Solita Caitis was awarded for the Solo Parent Category. PR

The arrival honor during the visit of PCSupt. Elmer Ragadio Soria to ESPPO

PSUPT Orlando Senedrin Gardiola Jr., Operation Officer of ESPPO was awarded as the Model Cop Family of the Year in time of te Peace Forum to culminate the Peace Month celebration

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Regional Welfare Office No.8 (OWWA-RWO8) continues to implement their Skills for Employment Scholarship Program in Eastern Visayas. According to OWWA-RWO8 Regional Director Borongan City--The provincial and the city vetNorma Del Rosario, the Skills for Employment Scholarerinary office in cooperation with humane society ship Program (SESP) is a scholarship program offered by international and San Miguel Animal Health Care OWWA-RWO8 with the coordination of Technical Educalaunched a joint activity for dogs on September 27, tion and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for those 2012. land-based or sea-based OWWA member-OFWs or of their With the theme Ayam ko, labs ko! The dependents or beneficiaries. activity kicked off with a parade around the city Del Rosario also said that the said scholarship proparticipated by provincial and city veterinary ofgram is offering six-month vocational and one year techficials, humane society international representative, nical course following the regular school year calendar. San Miguel Animal Health Care staff and the 15 The qualified applicant for one year technical contestants for the best dog of the year 2012. course will receive P14, 000 financial assistance while P7, Prior to the contest, the participants of the 250 will be granted for six-month vocational course. The said activity were briefed on the criteria for judging. financial assistance will be given directly to the training After some exposures the winners were awarded, institute where the dependents/beneficiaries enrolled, for the early bird award the prize goes to contessaid OWWA-RWO8 Regional Director Del Rosario. tant number one and his owner Fe Amoyo the well Under this program, OWWA-RWO8 together with groomed award was snatched by contestant number TESDA offer courses such as agriculture and fishery, pro13 and his owner Jimmy Amasa, the dog contestant cessed food and beverages, tourism (hotel and restaurant), number 12 and her owner Rose Cidro got pet owner metals and engineering, garments, communication, look-a-like, and the most behave award and the best electronics, information technology, health, social services dog of the year award goes to contestant number 10 and other community, decorative crafts and ceramics, gifts, and his owner Roniel Catalo. toys and house wares, jewelry, furniture and fixtures, Moreover, they gave due to the free vetconstruction, maritime land transport, and lastly the social erinary services like free pet consultation, vaccine and personal services. against rabbies, castration and legation among male In order to qualify the said scholarship program, and female dogs. The joint activity was in line with an applicant must be an active OWWA member (landthe celebration of the world rabbies 2012. By Joshua based or sea-based) or beneficiary/dependent of an active OWWA member, must pass the TESDA qualifying examination or Multiple Aptitude Battery Test (MABT) We cannot bear to regard ourselves simply as play- on the program of choice, and must have at least one (1) recorded membership contribution. things of blind chance; we cannot admit to feeling Three (3) additional membership contributions are ourselves abandoned. required for subsequent availment. After completing the Ugo Betti course, must submit for competency assessment and cerItalian dramatist and poet tification administered by TESDA or its accredited testing center. The qualified beneficiaries/dependents are those child not older than 21 years old or spouse of a married OFW and Brother/sister not older than 21 years old CONTACT US FOR DETAILS of an unmarried OFW in which they must @ submit accomplished application forms (2 sets), 1x1 ID pictures (2 copies), Form 560-9670 137/HS Report Card or Transcript of

ES marks World Rabies Day 2012

How to be an OWWA Scholar: Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program

Records/ official copy of grades, Proof of OWWA Membership: official receipt of OWWA contribution/OFW ECard, and if a Members beneficiary: proof of relationship to OWWA member (e.g. copy of marriage contract and/ or birth certificate of both OFW and applicant- dependent duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar). With this, OWWA-RWO8 encourage more OWWA Member OFWs, or of their dependents or beneficiaries to apply to the said Scholarship Program in which they have already received from January to September 2012 thirty three (33) application under the SESP. To avail of the OWWA scholarship, please bring the requirements mentioned above at the nearest OWWA office. For more information please visit the OWWA website at PR

ESSPO plants trees to mark 122th PCS Anniv

Borongan City-The Eastern Samar Provincial Police Office headed by PSSup. Manuel Enage Cubillo, CSEE, participated in the Tree Planting Activity Program of the Civil Service Commission , this province. The tree planting was made along the shore line of Brgy. Lalawigan on the morning of September 25, 2012 The tree planting activity was in relation to the 122th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary Celebration. It was also participated in by other Local and National Agencies of this province. PR


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