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Immanuel and St.

Andrew CE Primary School

Year 5 Class Bulletin
Term 3 Jan 2009
Dear Parents / Carers,
Happy New Year and welcome to Year 5’s Term 3 Class Bulletin! I hope that you had an enjoyable
Christmas break and that your resolutions are still intact! Thank you for the gifts.

At the end of Term 2, we made over £70 from the food sale! Year five made the most money out of all of
the classes in the school. Thank you so much for your support.

There are lots of exciting learning opportunities planned for the children throughout this term. In
literacy we will be focusing on instructional texts and exploring the persuasive strategies used within
advertising. We will be debating, creating posters and producing radio and visual advertisements of our
own. In maths we will be focusing on securing number facts, partitioning, calculating and understanding 3-
D shape.
Each Tuesday during my PPA day, Mrs Hoare will be teaching Literacy, Science and Guided reading in year
If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please come in and speak to me at the end of the school
day. Sola Ingram

Topics this term Important Notes:

Science – Revision and Changing State Indoor PE – Gymnastics
Children will investigate the conditions where evaporation Monday afternoons
and condensation best take place. They will examine data Kit required: navy shorts and pale blue
related to temperature and boiling water; and recognise that
some changes of state can be reversed.

Creative curriculum- Conflicts within countries and between

countries. Beginning with WW2, children will explore some
of the causes and consequences of more recent conflicts and
focus specifically on how the conflicts have impacted the Outdoor PE- Invasion games Basketball
lives of children.
Wednesday afternoons
Kit required: tracksuit bottoms and pale
RE- The Muslim way of life
During this unit we will learn about the importance of the blue t-shirt/dark sweatshirt.
family within Islam; find out about the role of the Imam Trainers are needed.
within mosques and learn about the practices and beliefs of
Outdoor- Basketball skills
Important dates for
Indoor- Gymnastics (matching and mirroring sequences) Terms 3 and 4
Literacy homework will continue to be set each Friday and is 11th February – Visit to Brixton Rec
expected to be handed in by the following Wednesday.
Maths homework will be set each Thursday and is expected 19th February- Year 5 Assembly
to be handed in the following Monday.
Spelling will continue to be given out every Monday and February 27th Visit to Borough Market
children will be tested on Fridays. Please remember that
March 9th Visit to the Imperial War
children will need their purple spelling books on these days.
Reading and Book Bags
March 16th Visit to the Science
Every Thursday children will have the opportunity to change Museum
their free choice reading book in the school library. Each
Wednesday children will be given a new book from the Also
school reading scheme to read at home. Please ensure that Visit to Pizza Express – TBC
they continue to bring in their book bag with their reading
books on a daily basis