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Multiply Pairs

6:143 (take) eight (head of cattle) In (four) pairs: of sheep a pair, and of goats a pair; say, hath He forbidden the two males, or the two females, or (the young) which the wombs of the two females enclose? Tell me with knowledge if ye are truthful: 6:144 Of camels a pair, and oxen a pair; say, hath He forbidden the two males, or the two females, or (the young) which the wombs of the two females enclose? - were ye present when Allah ordered you such a thing? but who doth more wrong than one who invents a lie against Allah, to lead astray men without


knowledge? for Allah guideth not people who do wrong. 13:3 And it is He who spread out the earth, and set thereon mountains standing firm and (flowing) rivers: and fruit of every kind He made In pairs, two and two: He draweth the night As a veil o'er the Day. Behold, Verily In these things there are Signs for those who consider! 20:52 He replied: "The knowledge of that is with My Lord, duly recorded: My Lord never errs, nor forgets,20:53 "He who has, made for you the earth like a carpet spread out; has enabled you to go about therein by roads (and channels); and has sent down water from the sky." with it have we produced diverse pairs of plants Each separate from the others. 22:5 O mankind! if ye have a doubt about the Resurrection, (consider) that we created you out of dust, then out of sperm, then out of a leech-like clot, then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed, In order that we may Manifest (Our power) to you; and we cause whom we will to rest In the wombs for an appointed term, then do we bring you out As babes, then (foster you) that ye may reach your age of full strength; and some of you are called to die, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age, so that They know nothing after having known (much), and (further), Thou seest the earth barren and lifeless, but when we pour down rain on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs). 23:27 So we inspired Him (with This message): "Construct the Ark within Our sight and under Our guidance: then when comes Our

command, and the fountains of the earth gush forth, take Thou on board pairs of every species, male and female, and Thy family- except those of them against whom the word has already gone forth: and address me not In favour of the wrong-doers; for They shall be drowned (in the Flood). 31:10 He created the heavens without any pillars that ye can see; He set on the earth mountains standing firm, Lest it should shake with you; and He scattered through it beasts of all kinds. we send down rain from the sky, and produce on the earth every kind of noble creature, In pairs. 34:46 Say: "I do admonish you on one point: that ye do stand up before Allah,- (it may be) In pairs, or (it may be) singly,and reflect (within yourselves): your companion is not possessed: He is no less than a warner to you, In face of a terrible penalty." 35:1 Praise be to Allah, who created (out of nothing) the heavens and the earth, who made the angels, Messengers with wings,two, or three, or four (pairs): He adds to creation As He pleases: for Allah has power over all things. 35:11 And Allah did create you from dust; then from a sperm-drop; then He made you In pairs. and no female conceives, or lays down (her load), but with His knowledge. nor is a man longlived granted length of days, nor is a part cut off from His life, but is In a Decree (ordained). all This is easy to Allah. 36:36 Glory to Allah, who created In pairs all things that the earth produces, As well As their own (human) kind and (other) things of which They have no knowledge. 39:6 He created you (all) from a single person: then created, of like nature, His mate; and He sent down for you eight head of cattle In pairs: He makes you, In the wombs of your mothers, In stages, one after another, In three veils of darkness. such is Allah, your Lord and Cherisher: to Him belongs (all) Dominion. there is no god but He: then How are ye turned away (from your true Centre)? 42:11 (He is) the Creator of the heavens and the earth: He has made for you pairs from among yourselves, and pairs among cattle: by This means does He multiply you: there is nothing whatever like unto him, and He is the one that hears and sees (All things). 42:12

To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth: He enlarges and restricts. the sustenance to whom He will: for He knows full well all things. 43:12 That has created pairs In all things, and has made for you ships and cattle on which ye ride, 49:13 O mankind! we created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and Tribes, that ye may know Each other (Not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the Most honoured of you In the sight of Allah is (He who is) the Most righteous of you. and Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). 50:7 And the earth- we have spread it out, and set thereon mountains standing firm, and produced therein every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs)51:49 And of every thing we have created pairs: that ye may receive instruction. 53:45 That He did create In pairs,- male and female, 53:46 From a seed when lodged (in its place); 78:8 And (have we not) created you In pairs, 78:9 And made your Sleep for rest, 90:8 Have we not made for Him a pair of eyes?90:9 And a tongue, and a pair of lips?-