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Information of Aizawl Regional Centre Part-1 Basic information

1. Name of the Regional centre: IGNOU Aizawl Regional Centre 2. Year of Establishment: 2002 3. Number of Districts covered: 8 ( Eight) Districts 4. Number of Academic staff: 2 (two) 5. Number of non-academic staff: 6 ( Six) 6. Number of Consultants: 1(one)-Store i/c 7. Number of Contractual staff: 1 ( one) 8. Number of daily wage JATs: 3 ( Three) ie. (1for RC, 2 for Warehouse) 9. Number of Daily Wage Attendants:1 (one)-Warehouse 10. Whether RC is having its own building: No 11. Whether RC I having its own land : Yes

-Area of Land: 14280 Sq m

12. Number of programmes activated:

Certificate 20

Diploma 10

BDP 10

PG 10

Master degree 15

Total 65

13. Number of LSC: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi)

Regular Study Centres: 13 (Thirteen) Programme Study Centres: 17 ( seventeen) Special Study Centres: 11 (Eleven) Work Centres: Nil Partner Institutions: 6(six) Recognised Centres: Nil

14. Number of LSCs Active: 40 ( Forty) 15. Number of LSCs inactive: 1 (one) ( PSC 1929 DIET, Saiha is inactive and kept in

abeyance since no students are enrolled in this PSC from January 2011)
16. Number of LSCs kept in abeyance : 1(one) 17. Number of counselors: 271 - all are active but un-oriented.

Part-II Status
1. Status of Income , Expenditure for the last five years 2007-08 to 2011-12):

Income : Grant from Hqrs. Fees SOF Misc.

: Rs. 56,737,000.00 : Rs. 77,017,743.00 : Rs. 2,346,730.00 : Rs. 3,530,000.00

G. Total: Rs. 139,685,473 Expenditure i. Salary : Rs. 32888234/ii. iii. iv.

Rent : Rs. 1436400/Academics: activity: Rs. 46273189/Administrative: Rs. 6587949/Total: Rs. 87185772/-

2. Status of enrolment for the last five years ( certificate, diploma, degree and PG) Year Enrolment Certificate 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 139 521 60 327 71 Diploma 24 85 833 180 314 BDP 3404 3803 3393 3356 3913 PGD 778 845 1095 1034 1453 Total : Total 4345 5354 3381 4897 5751 25628

3. Initiative taken by RC for promotion of enrolment for the last five years:

The Regional Centre has a number of extension activities like conduct of vocational training, seminars and workshops, awareness campaign etc. in various parts of the state. Apart from its academic programmes, the Regional Centre used to conduct vocational training at regular intervals at various places across the state. Such trainings are specially designed for women and unemployed youths. The RC in collaboration with the government and existing local nongovernment organisations, organized trainings programmes which includes food processing and its preservation, animal husbandry and fish farming. The objectives of these activities are not only creating employment opportunities for the unemployed youths and women but also spreading information about the academic activities of the University which was found to be very effective in enhancing learners enrolment. 4. Initiative taken by RC in increasing enrolment in semi-urban and rural areas: a) A number of live talk-show organized in different local cable channel available including Doordarshan program. These programs were conducted in local language which is better understood by a larger number of people. b) Awareness campaign is organized annually at the Bharat Nirman Public Information Campaign which is held at different districts of the State. c) Live Phone-in radio programmes of 55 minutes are organized occasionally at AIR, Aizawl. d) IGNOU, Aizawl Regional Centre also placed information hoardings at some parts of the Regional Centre city.
e) Copies of information brochure written in local language are distributed at various offices, market place etc. Awareness-cum spot admission campaign are conducted covering various parts of rural areas in the state.

5. Suggestion for enrolment: Conducting more awareness campaign with the help of NGOs, educational institutions; and also disseminating information about academic activities of the University through Cable Television, , media and also using information brochure.
6. Suggestion for increasing income/overcoming: NA 7. Land procurement of Land from Govt. :NA 8. Details of expenses incurred during the last three financial years for dispatch of study

materials (2008-09 to 2010-11) a) Rent of the Building: Rs.5,46,000/b) Hiring of manpower: Rs. 23,86,102/c) Postal expenses including transportation : Rs. 1,23,918/d) Handling charges: Rs. 17,317/e) Purchases ( equipment and other materials): Rs. 35,318/9. Additional rent incurred for hiring warehouse for dispatch of material for the last three

financial years: NIL


Do you think the huge amount incurred for distribution of study materials for Regional Centre and Study Centre can be saved by sending the study material for the Hqrs. to the students? : =No. If study materials are directly dispatch to students from Hqrs. like earlier times, more than 90 percent of students will not get the materials on time, and more than 60 percent will not receive study materials. Whatever amount is spent, we should always take into account that all the students enrolled in the University receive their study materials on time. With decentralisation of study materials, what is the percentage of students who are not getting study materials ?: =1 (one) percent due to negligence of the students Are the Study Centres comfortable in distributing the study material to the students? : =Yes What is your opinion about outsourcing of some of the services which are currently handled at the Hqrs. and Regional Centre so that students support Services could be strengthened. The service is not specified here so that you can give your free opinion on issues related to student support. =Let the present process continue as it is found satisfactory. Status of Library : a) Number of books in the library: 936 b) Percentage of students using the library: 2009:10% 2010:15% 2011:11% c) Library services are not utilized properly at the Regional and Study Centre and following suggestion are made for improvement i. Computers may be made available for the students to access internet facilities and help them in utilizing the CDs available for the course. ii. More staff may be allocated so that effective measures can be taken for automation of the RCs collection iii. Development of collection ( books, journal etc.) should be given iv. importance. Aizawl RC library was chosen as one of the nodal library under NODLIBNET in the North Eastern Region.





15. What is your strengths?

a) working with state government and NGOs b) Popularising IGNOU and ODL system in the region c) coordination of the working of study centres

16)What is your weaknesses? a) weak in getting prompt response from Headquarters on sensitive issues like enhancement of rent, appointment of Part time/contractual/daily wage staff

17.What is your achievement? a) increased students enrolment b) established of 33 Study Centres within 10 years c) initiated and launched Certificate programmes in Poultry Farming and translating some courses from English to local (Mizo) language.

18) What road map you have for the next three years? a) establishing skill development training centre in the region for women b) establishing more nos. of study centre for the people living in remote areas c) organizing Seminars and workshops on Open and Distance Education in all the Divisional Headquarters in the state of Mizoram

18) Anything you would like to add a) for strengthening student support services appointment of Academic Counsellors for all programmes may be decentralized to Regional Diorector b) At least one permanent staff (ie. Assistant/JAT) should be posted at Regular Study Centre where student enrolment is more than 500. c) Posting of more Academics and supporting staff at Regional Centre.

(S.R.Zonunthara) Regional Director