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1. HSE Related Issues: NTR 2. Major Accomplishment: NTR 3. Past/Next 2 week status: SMALL PROJECT Suban Condensate Mercury Removal: Completed draft PFD, P&ID, and hydraulic analysis report (ready for formal IFC on 27 August 2012); Completed draft of piping plan/PDMS model (ready for formal IFC on 27 August 2012); Completed identification of tie-in points and draft of tie-in isometrics (ready for formal IFC on 27 August 2012); Issued LOI to PT. Dialog Asia (Johnson Matthey Reps) on 15 August 2012 for starting further engineering study for conversion of Glycol Mercury Guard Beds to condensate service; Completed mercury speciation analysis (waiting formal report to be issued by INTERTEK) N2W: Send mercury speciation analysis report from INTERTEK to Johnson Matthey by 21 August 2012; Start safety study for evaluating potential HSE issues if Glycol Mercury Guard Beds converted to condensate service; Finalize review of PFD, P&ID, hydraulic analysis, piping plan/PDMS model, tie-in isometrics by 31 August 2012; Issued PO for tie-in valve by 31 August 2012 and PO for piping bulk materials by 1st week of September 2012; Received technical proposal and process warranty statement from Johnson Matthey based on mercury speciation analysis result from COPI by 31 August 2012; Take another condensate samples and then package/send them to Johnson Matthey Laboratory in UK by 31 August 2012 Suban-12 Flowline: Continue progress field joint activities 315 of 332 joint complete; Civil work for footing and pedestal has reached 202 m3 from 310 m3; In progress trenching and lowering activities; in progress backfilling from zone 9- zone 12; Pipeline installation (above ground zone 11)Complete painting inspection manual valves; Received pig launcher and receiver (COPI supply) Welding & Coating Summary:

N2W: Continue concrete work at well area for E&I pedestal and footing; Expedite back filling from zone 6zone 12; Complete delivery COPIs pipe & bulk fitting material & valves; Expedite delivery 14-2500# manual gate valves from Crane-Yancheng; Continue pipe support fabrication; Continue pipe spool fabrication; deliver manual valves to site; Expedite pig launcher and receiver datasheet; Expedite MIGAS certification for riggers and scaffolder; Concerns: 1. Desa Bintialo road is blocked until further notice and the alternative road is Suban-MangunjayaBetung 2. No permit to pass the Sereka bridge for any vehicle for both COPI and Contractors. Progress overall: 84.46%

Forecast on stream date: P-50 Mechanical Completion 4th week Sept. 2012 Onshore Pigging Facility Upgrade Batch 1: IFU&IFA routing of PID&Isometric (1st priority lines); Civil detail eng. work (1st priority lines); SRM process of Pipe/flange/fittings; PO of Pipe&Flange; Expediting Gate/Ball/Globe/Gate Valves,Pig Trap,Barred Tee&Pipe/Fitting; Inspection of stock material in SSB workshop (Jakarta); Await quoation from civil & piping Contractor candidate (for 1st priority lines). N2W: Approval of PID&Isometric (1st priority lines); IFA of civil calculation&drawing (1st priority lines); SoW&EWR package prep. for eng.package (2nd priority lines); PO of fitting/gasket bulks (SRM); Continue Expediting all PO'ed material; Inspection for BallValve Assembly/FAT (China) & GateValves Assembly (UK); Inspection for Pigtrap material & start fabrication at SSB WS (Jakarta); Prepare WO&DA to Contractor for 1st priority lines (civil & piping). Concerns: Delivery material beyond pre-defined shutdown period in November 2012; Contractor readiness for 1st priority lines. Baseline on stream date: Partial on November 2012 Suban Condensate Tank: COPI Supplied Item: Continue engineering activity with PT. Duraquipt for Fire Water Pump and with PT. Bumi Cahaya Unggul (Sulzer) for Condensate Shipping Pump FAT plan and tentative schedule: Condensate Shipping Pump - 1st FAT: Germany, 18 20 October 2012 (hydrostatic test) - 2nd FAT: Germany, 3 5 December 2012 (performance test) Fire Water Pump - FAT: USA, 4th week September 2012 Condensate Tank EPC: General Contract document has been submitted to WIKA on 14 August 2012 for further review and signing Engineering Finalized new MCC temporary tie-in option considering MCC-C can not be shutdown in Suban November Shutdown (New MCC for 2 Condensate Shipping Pump and 1 Electric Fire Pump will be tied-in to 247PSW2-02 spare); Review of engineering deliverables (e.g. PVSV/Breather Valve sizing, process datasheet of major equipments other than tank, plot plan, key plan, tank GA drawing and cutting plan, cause & effect diagram, instrument I/O list, instrument calculation and datasheet, foundation key plan, civil calculation and drawing) is in progress Procurement All 2nd batch plant plate materials (bottom, annular, shell 5) have arrived at WIKA Workshop; Issued PO for piping tie-in bulk materials on 14 August 2012 QA/QC Lamination test for 1st batch and 2nd batch tank plate materials is in progress (37% completed) Construction Completed inspection on heavy equipments for civil work (excavator, dump truck); Tank plate fabrication (cutting for tank bottom plates) is in progress; Sondir and boring activities is in progress (50% completed); Preparation of contractor camp and temporary facility in Suban Hill is in progress (50% completed) N2W: Finalize key project management documents (project execution plan) by 24 August 2012; Complete sondir and boring activities by 24 August 2012; Start mobilization of heavy equipments and personnel for civil construction work by 27 August 2012; Complete lamination test for 1st batch and 2nd batch tank plate materials by 31 August 2012; Final contract signing by 31 August 2012; Finalize PVSV/Breather Valve sizing, tank GA drawing and cutting plan, process datasheet of major equipments other than tank, plot plan, foundation key plan, civil calculation and drawing by 31 August 2012; Site visit to Suban with TAMCO on 4 8 September 2012 for developing execution strategy for new MCC temporary tie-in to 247PSW2-02 Baseline PIS Date: 30 March 2013 Forecast MC Date: 26 August 2013 considering Sereka bridge construction completed by 3 rd week of September 2012 and changing of condensate tank construction method Concern: Need additional Inspector for performing lamination test (very slow inspection progress causing the delay of material receiving)

Rawa Power Generator: Expedite DEG &GEG progress; Amend LOI DEG (Amend DAJ DDU to DDP approval send to procurement); DAJ MCC & Switchgear; PO Cable 150m Released; Prepare PR Inst. Cable; Expedite WPI progress and schedule deliverables; Receive IOC N2W:Update Project Schedule; Continue to expedite GEG and DEG vendor for engineering deliverables;Release PO amendment for DEG; Continue DAJ for MCC & Switchgear; PR Inst. Cable (Waiting SOQ review); Expedited Additional Electrical Cable 150m. Bentayan Letang Pipeline Control Boxes and Pigging Facility: Procurement of piping material; Concrete pouring work for 8"/12 pig trap & support (Bentayan Junction); Steel structure fabrication for shelter (Bentayan Junction & Dawas DS SDV); Piping fabrication; WPS & Welder Certificate approval; All free-issued at Grisik WH delivered to NMK WH; Review of cost proposal for pile works. N2W: Complete procurement/delivery piping material; Complete concrete pouring work for 8"/12 pig trap,support&shelter (Bentayan Junction); Pipeseal installation for 2 finished controlbox; Continue steel structure fabrication for shelter (Bentayan Junction & Dawas DS SDV); Formwork and rebar works KM42,43,Dawas-DS SDV; Continue piping fabrication; Repair of Pig Traps; Free-issued valves rectification; Commence bore pile works (1st location); Equipment inspection of bore pile contractor (2nd equipment); Approval cost proposal for pile works; Extending of contractor DA periode (for Onshore pigging works and delay anticipation). Concerns: Extention of contractor DA contract period. Suban 13 & 14: Bid Opening Stage 2 of Line Pipe Tender on 14 Aug, all bidders quotation are below EE (ranged 90-95% of EE); PR routing of DBB Valve; Issue RFI of Piping Valve to potential vendors; Complete review of Abaqus Report; Revise schedule baseline and progress measurement. N2W: TBE of Stage 2 Line Pipe Tender; Start tender process of DBB Valve; Review RFI from Piping Valve vendors; Complete PID revision and routing for IFU; IFU MTO Piping Valve Sumpal Dayung WDW: Completed civil foundation calculation for Charge Pump (foundation drawing is waiting for anchor block position as per actual pump); Procurement process of manual valves is on going N2W: Complete review of piping layout and isometric drawings by end of August 2012; Other project activities will be put on hold Onshore Pigging Facility Upgrade Batch 2: NTR. N2W: Finishing piping drawing and get Work Package of first priority Pig Trap Package (Tungkal River Condensate Line); SoW & EWR package for engineering package. Baseline on stream date: November 2014 Suban #3 & #6 Replacement: Pre kick off meeting with Woodgroup/JP Kenny on 15 Aug, send the general scope of work and deliverable list to JP Kenny Sr Project Manager (Harry Watson). N2WReview feedback from JP Kenny regarding scope of work and deliverable list. Prepare the EWR. Kick off meeting CESC on 1st week of September. . Belida WHP-B Main Power Generator: Completed relocation of rental diesel generato; Close out of 1st FAT findings (e.g. found unrated cable glands, certification of electrical enclosure IP) is in progress; Fabrication of H-beam for deck extension is in progress (80% completed); N2W: Conduct 2nd FAT (control panel and electrical protection system) after Idul Fitri holiday; Start deck extension field construction work after Idul Fitri holiday Forecast on stream date: 31 December 2012 (Assuming deck extension completion in October 2012 as informed by Offshore Construction Group) Belanak Depropanizer Reflux Pump: NTR N2W Meeting with Sulzer and KSB to verify the RFI result; Perform cost estimate for piping, instrument and electrical works based on FEL-1 result; Prepare a presentation (together with Belanak Operability Group) for comparing replacement with conventional centrifugal pump with double mech seal vs replacement with new HMD pump; Prepare a presentation for Pre-WP&B 2013 meeting on 3 5 September 2012 Existing COSC Contract: NTR N2W: Start the AX BY process

Matak HSD Pump Installation: NTR Issue/Concern: Pump nozzle does not match with suction and discharge piping; Pump nozzle does not have rise face for gasket installation Suban Bypass Plant: NTR N2W: Installation of pull button for USD/UDP of Suban Bypass Plant in Suban Control Room and is delayed until further notice from Suban Operations; Continue troubleshooting for H2S Analyzer (gas calibration has been ready in Jakarta waiting for permit from Suban Operations to perform the troubleshooting activity) Baseline PIS Date: 17 December 2011 Forecast PIS Date: Completed Suban -12 Flowline Extension to Big Bore wells: Complete preliminary baseline schedule (Gantt Chart). N2W: Internal meeting OEE Engineering Register: Preparation draft format for several engineering registers is in progress N2W: Complete draft format for several engineering registers and arrange the next meeting with instrument and electrical engineering forums Smart Plant Foundation Implementation: NTR N2W: Discuss with Pipeline Operations Group and develop business case to use Singapore ORF Expansion Project as pilot project for smart plan foundation implementation DMG: Clarified requirements for LiveLink upgrades with IT and Projects: PD&P Team and COPI Projects had continuous discussion about LiveLink+ Implementation N2W: Projects agreed to have LiveLink+ go live in production server next week. Operations DRM: Had meeting with Onshore Ops about DRM Compliance: SSP Review and process upload in LiveLink. N2W: to have continues meeting and discussion with Onshore Ops to assist them in the process. CONTRACT/PO/WO 1) DA Engineering Services Contract (CS-1616699) Worley Parsons Indonesia: contract will be ended on 25 September 2012. Plan to extend the period only until March 2013, to cover the work that in progress. 2) Suban Field Development Study (CS-15883138)Wood Group: Amendment Justification 2nd revision as per legal comment submitted on 13 August 12. 3) Light Vehicle Services CS-15506509 TRAC: additional value and amendment routing for approval on going 4) Suban New WD - TieIn EPCI-Multistructure: As advised by Procurement the change order (CAR #1 & #2) will be processed by IOC AX-BX - Meeting with Contractor on 14 August 2012. Legal, Procurement and user need further discussion regarding deduction to MS contract to cover cable supplied and electrical/instrument works done by other contractor. 5) Suban By-Pass (CS-15569633) IKPT: BPMIGAS principally approved the Change Order of $ 993,773 (10.5% of original contract value), Amendment on routing process for COPI Presidents approval. on going 6) Sumpal-Dayung Modification (CS-15671350) Multi Lintasan Mandiri Contract will be settled and closed after being hold since August 2011 due to the changes in Scope of Work. Total Contract Value is USD 665,000, paid to Contractor USD 432,250 (65%). Remaining contract value USD 232,750 (35%). Settlement proposal under review, Contractor re-submitted the Proposal with additional back up documentation on 26 July 2012. Plan to have meeting with Contractor on 15 August 2012. - re-schedule after holiday season 7) Engineering Services Contract - Onshore (CS-15593653 B) Singgar Mulia Kick off meeting conducted on 25 July 2012, LOI issued to Contractor. Further discussion regarding Contractor readiness (personnel and infrastructure) for the upcoming work order from COPI is

required. 2nd meeting to set up Contractor access portal conducted on 27 July 2012, contractor will incorporate COPI requirement. on going 8) Engineering Services Contract - Onshore (CS-15593653 A) Tripatra Establishment Work Discussion with Tripatra conducted on 02 August 2012, LOI issued to Contractor. Kick off meeting scheduled on September 2011. Access portal will be discussed in separate meeting with IT and Document Control from both parties no progress 9) Engineering Services Contract - Pipeline (CS-15593653 C) Wood Group Establishment Work Discussion with Wood Group conducted on 15 August 2012, LOI issued to Contractor. Kick off meeting scheduled on September 2011. Access portal will be discussed in separate meeting with IT and Document Control from both parties. 10)LTSA Pipeline Repair, Optimization & Construction Services: Distribute revised bid documents. Bid submission on 10 September 2012 11)Civil & Structural Assessment & Technical Services: Bid opening held on 15 August 2012. Commercial Evaluation for the lowest and 2nd lowest compare to EE, existing Contract and market Assessment Data. Clarification due to the lowest and 2nd lowest proposal less almost 50% from EE meantime some of Unit Price are lowest than the lowest Unit Price taken from market Assessment Data. 12)Facility Mechanical Integrity Assessment Services Call Off Contract: Clarification, wait respond from Registrant. 13)Rawa Power Generation Project (EPCI): Distribute revised bid documents. Bid submission on 4 September 2012. 14)Flow Assurance Study: Received comment from Procurement, revise draft SOW as per comment prior to submit to Legal. 15)Belida WHPB Generator Control Panel Provision and Pre-commissioning / Commissioning Support; On Procurement process, commercial stage - no update from Procurement MM. 16) Supply & Installation for Non Intrusive Online Corrosion Monitoring Services: Only 1 bidder of 2 submitted bid documents but proposal for envelope one contain commercial document so the tender is failed. Currently SPC routing for IOC failed tender and DA justification for next process is ongoing because we have to get the approval from President & GM.

17)Caterpillar Engine Maintenance: Plan to have internal discussion with Legal team on 7 August
2012 to discuss SOW, in the process of revising some comment incurred during discussion with Legal and Procurement team while waiting decision from 3 Departments covers by this Contract in term of Contractual Business Process intended to be applied by this Contract. So Contractor will only face 1 Contractual Business Process instead 3 different business process applied by each Department. no respond from related Contract owner. 18)Sampling and Analysis for Low Level Mercury Monitoring (incl. EH Sea Water Sampling & Analysis): Conduct site visit to the laboratory together with procurement. 19)Assessment of External Corrosion Protection System for Suban Flowlines Draft swakelola/Self Management sent to PPPT MGB Lemigas for review by Legal team prior to sign. Prepare LOI and complete draft Contract (Cover Letter, Exhibit A, B & C). Amendment


CIPS & DCVG as informed by user, the Contract will be amend for another 6 months, while preparing tender documents ongoing 2) Gutor UPS Maintenance Contract : User still waiting quotation from Contractor to extend the Period - ongoing 3) Chemical, Depressant, Pour Point user notified to amend the contract period and also add another 1 chemical but they still waiting performance verification prior to draft amendment justification ongoing 4) Portable Fire Extinguiser Insp Test Repl : Revise draft Amendment Justification according to revision given by Procurement team. 5) Life Raft, Life Boat Inspection waiting justification from user for IOC A-X at amount of USD 136,050. no progress. 6) Offshore Ops Nucleonic Maintenance: User will issue DA Justification once new Agent can show the sole agency and Deperdag letters. 7) Rental Portable Diesel Power: Notify user to extend the Contract until late January 2013 to accommodate installation of Belida Main Power Generator Control Panel. Which is plan to be completed on mid of November 2012 - no respond from user


Tech Services for Offshore Certification or re-certification: Amendment contract sent to Legal for review and waiting for price proposal from vendor. 9) Offshore NDT Contract: Amendment 10% to extend until new contract in place, EE and SOW has been prepared and will be issued for approval. 10) EH Sea Water Sampling & Analysis: Revised Amendment Justification to extend the Contract until November 2012 and sent to Procurement for further process prior to route for approval. The documents is still routing for approval. Detail status in the attached spreadsheet: 2012-08-16 SPP Offshore 16 Aug.xls SOW Development / Tender Plan 1. Onshore Coating Services: review the revised SOW and Compensation terms. 2. Passive Fire Protection Material Supply for Belanak PFP Repair: Discuss with the user regarding justification stated in DA Justification including necessary supporting documents and also revised SOW. 3. Asbestos Assessment Survey in Belanak FSO Gas Concord: Prepair self management (swakelola) checklist and IOC FI-MMzed - waiting for SOW & EE from User INVOICE Invoic e Ag ing Ag ing Pa ed rk T l ota non < 30 >30 /= P 2P Mita Yudith Us T ining Invoic er ra e P2P da y da y 32 37 69 0 53 7 9 0 69 PEOPLE: Business trip: Hendro Susiyanto to Suban for field planning and supervising Condensate Tank early civil construction work on 25 August 2012 Vacation: o Bob Djanegara will take vacation from Aug 11 26 o Mila Muthia and Evy Gantini will take vacation on Aug 21-22 o Muharwin will take vacation on Aug 21-26 o Nira will take vacation on 21-31 Aug, 2012. o Mitha will take vacation on August 21-24, 2012. o Veronica will take vacation on August 21, 2012. o Atri Karyanti will take vacation on Aug 21-23 o Nuri Suryana will take vacation on Aug 21-23 o Ambar Rahmagari will take vacation on Aug 21-24 o Fanny Triana will take vacation on Aug 21 o Doddy Widigdo will take annual leave on 21 August 2012 o Hendro Susiyanto will take annual leave on 21-22 August 2012 o M. Endarsyahreza will take annual leave on 22 August 2012 o Rudy Winarto will take annual leave on 21-24 August 2012 o Edwin Hakim will take annual leave on 21-24 August 2012