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To partner with our clients and to improve their competitive advantage in the most productive way using the latest tools, methods, and accelerators.


Big 10 IT Consulting firms- 2015

IT Solution Specialist -2011

IT Staffing firm - 2006

Enterprise Application Services

The CEO vision Total Share holder return We help realize CXO vision through The COO vision Asset turnover
Un matched Technology expertise Business process excellence Deep industry experience Packaged application expertise


The CFO vision Operating margin

The CIO vision Technology enabling business

Corporate Overview
Description Financials Resources Certifications Global Delivery Platform Key Verticals Key Service Lines Ownership
Headquartered in Fremont CA, USA Strong player in the SAP and surround ERP Services area $ ~25M Revenue Profitable and generating strong cash flows 600 +


SAP AMS Certified Partner and SAP Certified Hosting Partner

North America, India, Australia and Middle East Mining, Pharma, Utilities, Power, Real Estate, Mill Products, Discrete, Services, Mobility, CRM Application Management, Projects, On Demand Consulting Private Limited Liability Managed by veterans in SAP with 285 years of experience Total tacit SAP knowledge of about 3000 years SAP development experience of 1200 plus years Experts in maintaining business critical SAP landscapes : 24x7
~16 M On demand consulting ~ 2 M AMS and Projects started since 2011 ~ 7 M Other consulting business

Robust Technology leadership : One of the first few companies to build mobile App in SUP 2.1 to demonstrate the Solution manager 7.1 capability to adopt the ITSM procedures for AMS delivery to demonstrate SAP E2E test management for regression testing to demonstrate BPCA and CA Wiley Extended diagnostics implementation to demonstrate Google Apps integration to SAP to set up Solution Manager in HA mode to build RDS solution for Pharma ( to be certified) to have built the expertise in niche modules of SAP Enduring relationships More than 40+ clients, 100% customer retention More than 60% of business is repeat business Projects executed in more than 7 countries across the globe Diverse intellectual capital 600+ consultants
368+ functional / process consultants 233+ technical consultants

SAP Certified AMS Partner SAP Certified Hosting Partner SAP ByD Partner SAP AG Contractor SAP EBM Partner SAP AMS Partner

SAP Mobility Partner

SAP COIL Partner SAP EcoHub Partner

Center of Expertise
Industry based solutions, methodologies, templates and re-usable tools Custom Code Analyzer, Business process Change Analyzer, AMR Service catalogues, Scoping questionnaires, RASCI templates, Comprehensive call management system)


Delivery accelerators

Build new client centric solutions

Developing a proof of concept for Mobile Applications Developing Google-SAP Integration tools Developing RDS solutions for Micro verticals

Knowledge Management

Reusable frameworks and components Best practices Tools and accelerators Methodologies and templates

Competency Development

Extensive application training Industry and process appreciation programs Proofs of concept / Internal projects

Centers of expertise
Proactive expertise building

Industry specific (e.g. RDS Solutions for -Pharma, Dairy, Mining, Real estate, Logistics providers etc.) Process specific (e.g. CRM, Financials, BW, HCM, portals, etc.) Technology/ Customer specific (e.g. Mobility, NetWeaver, Google Apps etc.) 6

Center of Expertise
COE charter
Logistics/Real estate
Differentiators Industry & Technology Point Solutions Reusable Frameworks & Components Best practices Tools & Accelerators White Papers & Technical Documents Methodologies & Templates


Center of Expertise

Mfg/ Mining Energy & Utilities

Industry Solutions

Chemical/Pharma Technology & Services Dairy/ Printing & Packaging

Solution help desk Extended team for project teams Research on alternate solutions Research on new product functionality Competency development Extensive Application training Industry & Process Appreciation Programs Proofs of Concept Internal projects


Technology Solutions


Mobility BI/BW

Business Solutions


COE Toolsets Solution Manager Knowledge management SAP Document Management Tool

SAP Practice Highlights

Demonstrated Leadership in Global Support Extensive experience in more than 6 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and US multi-country SAP application support Technology leader in SAP NetWeaver and Mobility Ranked # 2 on SAP Developer Network globally Expertise in SAP implementations and business best practices through RDS and cloud based models Enabling global rollouts using Solution Manager


One of the Technically Competent SAP practice among global outsourcing / offshore providers 16 + projects 600 + consultants Experience in 7 countries ITIL v3 certified delivery managers Proven global delivery model Accelerators, tools and methodologies that help speed up our services, reduce risk and cost

would also like to extend my gratitude to our AMS team for their consistent delivery of quality work for Fortescue. There were several tasks that were directly related to EHP5 project also many that were indirectly related such as fast tracking the RFCs before the change freeze and the test script improvements. The response times have been very good across the board and the standard of service has been excellent.. - Will Conlon Application Lead SAP Solutions

Leveraging SAP relationship



Alliance Management



Alliance Governance
Direction Strategic Review Initiatives

Management team

Management team

Vertical Focus

Technology Focus SAP

Mobility /Product certification

Geo Focus SAP

Sales team

IBU team

Product dev Team

Practice team

Sales team

Vertical Point Solutions COE Methodologies Vertical Specific GTM

COE Development Trainings Tools

Go To Market Strategy Events Strategic Accounts 9

Where we add value


BI & Analytics


Fin. HR Sales

SD SM TM Marketing Service Sales Analytics





SAP NetWeaver SAP PI ABAP BASIS Solution Manager

Mining Energy & Utilities Real-estate Chemical Pharma

Delivery expertise
Business process excellence | Deep industry experience | Engage across lifecycle

Application Lifecycle Management Support

Typical Application Management Scenarios Internally managed
Teams typically handling new projects and maintenance at the same time causing delays Specialized skills not available in team and requires high cost consultants


Balancing Cost and Value ERPandERPs approach

Unique partnership approach with clients

Low cost support outsourcing

Lowest skilled resources to minimize costs Inability to enhance capabilities to meet changing business needs and actively engage with the business Higher cost specialists needed for project work

Commitment from clients in a ERP competency center that aims to keep the business community activity involved
ERPandERPs managed services delivery to maximize efficiencies Fixed capacity team of experts to enhance application capabilities, performance and availability On demand pool of specialists

Attrition leading to several unfilled positions

Leads to higher costs and backlogs

Leads to lower return from the ERP investment

ERPandERPs Center of Expertise alignment

Ramp up and down for projects

Transparent metrics driven governance

ERPandERPs shared capacity development team

ERPandERPs shared/fixed cost application support

Client team in ERP Competency Center


Application Lifecycle Management Support Service Portfolio



Governance & Risk Management

Service Level Management Escalation Management Risk Mitigation Strategy Periodic Governance reviews

Business As Usual Support

Event Management
Incident Management Problem Management Change Management Request Management Remote Access Operations

Continuous Improvements
Proactive Application and Interface monitoring Proactive Application support Optimization of Structures,

Value Added Services

ALM Tools Implementation Upgrades/Rollouts Enhancement Projects Onsite Resource Deployment

ITSM Establishment
Tools & Accelerators Leading Best Practices

Applications and processes

Subject Matter Center of Excellence ITSM Governance Knowledge Warehouse

ITIL Aligned Processes Service Level Agreements Flexible Models

Continuous Improvements


Application Lifecycle Management Support Value Proposition

Improved Application Mgmt. efficiency Global Delivery Process Optimization & Application Portfolio rationalization Innovative delivery models e.g. Global support center Lower total cost of ownership Improved service levels to end users and quality of delivery


Cost Frees up client resources to focus on strategic business initiatives reduction

Increased flexibility by moving fixed costs to a variable cost model

Increased Business Effectiveness Business process standardization & KPI improvement Expand functionality to meet changing business needs Keep it Current: Upgrades and performance optimization

Increase Business Value

Increased process standardization and productivity leveraging ERP systems Ability to fine tune business processes as business needs change

Improved application performance and availability

Reduction of operational complexity

Application Lifecycle Management Support Key Focus areas


Definition of the right operational model

Dedicated regional AMS team to help clients choose the right co-sourcing model ITIL gap analysis and roadmap to mature support processes Experienced ITIL v3 certified transition managers to lead transitions ITSM Methodologies to transition from client team, existing vendor or implementation Dedicated AMS Center of excellence to drive benchmarking and improvements

Improve Business Value

3 4 5

Seamless Transition


Innovative Delivery Models

ERPandERP developed productivity tools and accelerators for ongoing upgrades and maintenance activities using Solution Manager 7.1 Global support center for mature application environments Competency center models to standardize team and processes and factory model for repetitive development work BPMON tool to measure and monitor business performance KPIs BFPs assessment to identify opportunities to replace custom developments and use of new functionality

Continuous Improvement

Application Lifecycle Management Support Metrics

Metrics Category Performance & Quality Application Build
Schedule Adherence Effort Adherence UAT defects, UAT defect leakage % Phase containment


Application Run
First Call Resolution (L1) SLA Performance Ticket Rejection Index Ticket customer satisfaction rating System performance trend System outage and outage duration reduction Tickets resolved per100 hours of effort Ticket backlog management index Support Cost per concurrent user RCA completion index Repeat ticket index

Productivity Cost Proactive Maintenance Overall engagement level metrics

Delivery units per person month Enhancement management index Team Mix Onsite : Offshore

Customer Satisfaction Risk tracker Documentation updates Proactive improvement recommendations


Application Lifecycle Management Support Global Delivery Center


On Site User or Client Service Desk

Service request management

Service Desk

Call tracking Call status reporting Call triage First call resolution

GDC opens trouble ticket GDC solicits recommendation for resolution GDC provides customer with resolution information

Application Support Hosting Services

Resolve issues related to: Network Database Operating system

Application Administration
1. Application admin Apply patch set updates Promote to production Change control initiation 2. Basis/Application DBA services Optimization 3. Security support

1. Functional problem resolution 2. Configuration changes

3. Specialized training
4. Batch process support 5. Break/fix 6. Minor enhancements


Event Management | Incident Management | Continuous Improvement | Request fulfillment


Why Global Delivery Center

Streamlined operational model that is difficult to replicate in a dedicated center
Right expertise and senior management team in place to be leveraged across project teams Expertise to execute using a standardized ITIL based processes and tools Dedicated productivity office to constantly pilot and improve tools and processes Dedicated monitoring and response team across projects to improve service levels Shared knowledge base to leverage lessons learnt from other clients Large pool of experienced resources to mitigate against attrition risk Optimum cost option and value for money


Improved service levels due to larger pool of experienced resources with clear demarcation of responsibilities and specialization
Significant cost advantage as compared to a dedicated support model


What we guarantee with ALMS

Traditional IT Spend
Business Change


New Solutions

Target IT Spend with ERP ALMS

Application Enhancements
Fixed Operational Costs

New Solutions

Business Change Enablement

Application Support
IT & AD Transformation

Application Enhancements

Application Maintenance

Application Support Application Maintenance

Fixed Operational Costs


What we provide as value adds

Solution Documentation ITSM Upgrade Management


Solution Implementation

Technical Operations

Custom Code Management

Template Management

Business Process Operations

HA and DR

Test Management



Change Control Management

Maintenance Management


Practice Highlights
143+ SAP ABAP, Workflow consultants Worked with multiple high profile customers across verticals ( Retail & Logistics, Energy, Utilities, Finance, and Manufacturing) across geographies Leveraging business partnerships with key players SAP CD


Key Execution Highlights

Successful execution of End to End work packages In-house ABAP Development Process Model On-site / Off-shore model for speedy, cost effective Custom solutions Pilots: ADS and HDS Integration: Proxies and WebDynpro ABAP for HCM Self Services

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Expertise Building and Knowledge management Custom code Management Cockpit Efficient Quality Management in all developments

Process Improvement A standardized methodology for the lifecycle of the development projects Well defined Code/Program/Performa nce Standards Standardized Estimation Methodology

Solution Definition
Qualification Effort estimation Solution definition Scope finalization Acceptance criterion

Development & Test

Specification Design Realization Unit Test Functional and Integration Test

Delivery & Acceptance

Component Validation Standards verification Acceptance Testing Documentation

Approach Notes
Best Practices & Learning Customer Industry Overviews Templates projects Reusable assets

S u p p o r t

Quality is the crux of Custom development


SAP BASIS and Solution Manager

Practice Highlights
70+ SAP BASIS, Solution Manager consultants Worked with multiple high profile customers across geographies Leveraging business partnerships with SAP


Key Execution Highlights

Successful execution of EhP x upgrades 24x7 Remote Support of very high profile customers Test Strategy and Execution using Solution Manager 7.1 Implementation of Solution Manager 7.1 Implementation of DRs and HA set up OS/DB Migrations

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Expertise Building and Knowledge management BOM ( Basis operational Manual) Efficient Quality Management in all deliverables

Archiving Implementation Technical upgrade in record time Event management in shared model Entire gamut of OS and DB support

Process Improvement A standardized methodology for the lifecycle of the application Well defined service catalogue for event, incident management and continuous improvement Availability of system with 99.9+ up time Technology adoption

Approach Notes
Best Practices & Learning Templates Complete ownership based learning Reusable assets

Catalogue based remote access support and operations


Practice Highlights
30+ SAP BI/BW consultants Worked with multiple high profile customers across verticals ( Retail & Logistics, Energy, Utilities, Finance, and Manufacturing) across geographies Leveraging business partnerships with key BW players


Key Execution Highlights

Successful execution of End to End BI/BW projects In-house BW Development Process Model On-site / Off-shore model for speedy, cost effective BW solutions Pilots: HANA,SEM BPS Manual, Planning, BWPortals, Integration, BEx Maps & VC/WAD, BW Data Mining Prototype

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Knowledge Management and Helpdesk Approach Notes

Process Improvement Report Needs Analysis BW Data load Dashboard BW Upgrade Framework

Expertise Building Health Check Monitor Manual Planning Prototype Management Cockpit Prototype

BW Skill Matrix

Best Practices &

Learnings Customer Industry Overviews Templates Business Intelligence Issue Resolution

DaRT Execution
Framework BW Performance Improvement

BW-CRM Analytics
Prototype Cross product integration Portals,



SAP NetWeaver and Mobility

Practice Highlights
Over 55+ SAP Consultants SUP 2.5 Expertise PhoneGap, HTML 5, Appcilirator and Afaria Unique partnership with SAP for accelerated learning, ramp-up partnership, knowledge building through business scenarios Thought leadership Ranked Global 21 on SDN for contribution


Key Execution Highlights

Mobile Apps POCs in SAP Store Global State of art NetWeaver CoE, Dedicated Skill Focus ESOA Workshops across the Globe 25+

workshops/year attended Provide End-to-end solutions around PI, EP (TREX), BW, MDM, BPM, BRM and BRF+

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Mobile Apps

NetWeaver XApps (composite application) built using SAP NetWeaver platform Business Process Automation using Business Rules, BPM and BRF+ Creation of Business packages

Process Integration Business Activity Monitoring using PI7.3 and BRM in Portal SAP business objects integration with xECM business workspace Goole Apps and SAP integration

Research Areas

SUP based enterprise level mobile apps

Mobile 365 Mobile Apps using device agnostics Mobile Apps for Productivity Analytics

Extended facing using AJAX framework Security and Authentication CRM 7.x web user Interface Portal knowledge repository integration with Alfresco

Management reporting and


ESS and MSS Apps are available in SAP Stores!solution:MSSLeaveApp!solution:ESS-LeaveApps

SAP Operations
Practice Highlights
190+ SAP consultants worldwide Rich industrial and cross functional experience Skill areas include SAP MM, PP, PM, PS, WM, SD, APO, SRM & SCM Expertise in APO areas like DP, SNP, PPDS, GATP, ICH, EM, CIF, Live Cache


Key Execution Highlights

Projects on Strategic purchasing and sourcing, Operational Procurement, Supplier Collaboration GATP Demo for a forest products company Macro development prototype for a large dental care company Industry Specific Solution Approach Pharma RDS Implementation of VIM using Open Text and support

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Process Improvement Template and roll out framework BFP Upgrade tool kit Smart Sourcing Solution SRM Scoping and Deployment framework Pre-configured client/Building Blocks

Expertise Building Proof of concept on new products like: APO Inventory SRM Strategic Sourcing Solution development with RDS in

Knowledge Management and Helpdesk Best Practices Case Study documents and project learnings SCM Solution Set Industry specific process knowledge repositories Active support on project issues Domain wise distribution list

Logistics Skill Matrix

Dairy Real estate Mining Print solution etc

Cross product integration with BW


SAP Human Capital Management

Practice Highlights
55+ SAP consultants worldwide Rich OM, PA, Time and Payroll and cross functional experience Skill areas include SAP ESS, MSS, eSeparation, eRecruitment, PMS, CATS, Enterprise Compensation Management etc Nakisa HCM Processes and forms Employee File management/ LSO


Key Execution Highlights

Projects on ECM executed Projects in Employee File Management and LSO eSeparation POC OM, PA ve time management and +ve time management Pay roll- India, Middle east and Australia Workforce management eForms-Policy management implemented for global giant

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Knowledge Management and Helpdesk Best Practices Case Study documents and project learning HCM Solution Set Country specific process / statutory knowledge repositories Active support on project issues Domain wise distribution list

Resource Skill Matrix

Process Improvement

Expertise Building Proof of concept on new products like: LSO Employee file management CATS Enterprise Compensation management eSeparation Archivelink

Template and roll out framework

BFP Upgrade tool kit Smart recruitment Solution Pre-configured client/Building Blocks


SAP Financials
Practice Highlights
105+ SAP consultants worldwide Expertise in the areas of Financial & Mgmt Consolidation, Treasury, Compliances, AP, AR, GL, FA, Credit Management, Dispute & Collection, Bills Processing, Planning & Budgeting Applications, FSCM, etc Custom Solution Development: Payables Imaging Sol., Job Costing Solution, Accounts Receivables & Credit Risk Mgmt, Lockbox processing Consolidation Data migration, Country specific reporting


Key Execution Highlights

End to End Implementations Global Template Definition Rollouts: Multi Location Enterprise wide backbone deployment Pilots: SEM BPS Manual Planning, Analytics, BW Data Mining Prototype BW-FICO

Point Solutions: Reporting Needs Analysis, Analytics Off shoring, R3 Health Check monitor

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Knowledge Management and Helpdesk Capture experiences White papers

FI Skill Matrix

Process Improvement Methodologies Tools & Templates BFPs

Expertise Building External, internal training Internal projects Prototypes

Best practice repository

Re usable components Functional, technical support for projects Problem resolution


SAP CRM Charter

SAP product development team Marching towards Global Alliance Partnership Resource training and certification Internal training CRM User Group, War Rooms and Discussion Boards Approach notes, technical papers


Implementation Methodology Tools and Templates

Vendor Relationship Product Accelerators Knowledge Management

SAP CRM CoE Technology Integration Customer ` Orientation Solution Demo Labs

Cross product integration - APO, BW SAP NetWeaver technology platform SAP ECC, legacy system interfaces

Responses to RFPs/ RFQs Solution Architecting and Process Consulting services Client meeting, presentations

Real Life Scenario Simulation Ready Sandbox and Quality environment Prototype walk through

Case studies Application Support

Industry Customers Mining, Public Sector, Utilities and Chemicals World third biggest Iron Mining Company Australias State Government GreenKo Power Heritage Foods Australia /India / English
FICO,SD,MM,PM,QM,HCM,EP, ABAP, BI,BASIS, Workflow and Australian taxation

Country / language Modules Supported

FICO, PSCD, PS,MM, SRM, xECM, PM, VIM, EP, XI, uPerform, Abap, Workflow, and Australian taxation FICO, MM, PP/QM, PM, HCM , Abap, Basis and Indian Taxation FICO, SD,MM,PP,QM,HCM Abap, Basis and Indian Taxation

Key benefits Components Support time lines/baseline

24x7 Support, Partial FTE per module, lower TCO, Quality and ITIL v3 Service Delivery SAP ERP 6.0 and allied components/ RWD products/ HPQC/QTP/TAO/TDMS/Solution Manager Implementation/ Upgrades 1 year to Multi year contracts


Case studies Implementation

Industry Customers Manufacturing, Utilities, Real Estate and Chemicals

Major Cement manufacturer GreenKo Power Ratnagiri Heritage Foods

India / English

Country / language Modules Implemented

FICO,SD, MM, PP, QM, HCM and Indian Taxation FICO, MM, PP/QM, PM, HCM and Indian Taxation FICO, RE-FX,MM,SD,PS and Indian Taxation FICO, SD,MM,PP,QM, BI, HCM and Indian Taxation

Key benefits Components Impl.time/baseline

All projects implemented within Time lines, Budget and with Quality SAP ERP 6.0 / BI-BObj 3 months to 6 Months


Case studies Custom Development

Modules Customers Country / language HCM, SD, MM, FICO, CRM, PP,QM Various customers with different verticals US/Australia /Middle East/India / English
Work flows, Reports, Enhancements, Bolt-ons, Interfaces and Exits
Developments are as per SAP Best practices, Code being tested by CODE INSPECTOR of SAP before delivery, best pricing model SAP ERP 6.0 with ABAP4 and CRM 7.0 1 month/1 FTE/1 Object to Multi year , Multiple FTE and Sub-Module Developments

Nature of Developments
Key benefits Components Support time lines/baseline