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Grady Reed Baby Board Cascade Mountains Theme

This baby board was constructed by me, Reina Estimo, and my mother, Mina Shike. The board was cut out and hand sewn by Reina Estimo. I also designed the pattern for the loom on the bow. Almost the entire bow was loomed by Mina Shike. My mother and I have collaborated on many projects in the past and beading, especially looming, is something that our immediate family specializes in. We sell a limited number of different beaded items, mostly locally, and call our family business, Imaginative Creations. Baby boards are something that I just got into in the last 4-5 years, when my most of my friends started having babies. I learned how to put the baby boards together from two ladies, my grandmother, Charlotte Shike and also tribal elder Arlitta Rhoan. I have not charged any fees for the baby boards I have made for my friends, I have only asked that they provide the materials to put the board together. I take great joy in putting a baby board together as I know that a persons baby board is something that is a key part of their childhood and something that is kept in his/her family for a long time and I like to think that by creating this baby board for them, I have had a small, but lasting, impact on that child. This particular baby board was made for my friend Emily Espenel-Reed. Emily was my classmate at Madras High School, and both her and her mother taught at Warm Springs Elementary School in the past, and have strong ties to our community. The buckskin on the board was given to Emily, who was told that her great, great grandfather had actually prepared the buckskin personally, so it was very meaningful to her and her family that it was used on her son Gradys baby board. She chose the curvy lined fabric for the board and mattress because it reminded her of water, and she and her family love the outdoors. The design on the bow was done by Reina Estimo using a computer, and it is created from real pictures of Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood. It took approximately 8 full hours to just map out the loom design and is by far the most elaborate bow design I have created so far. My mother, Mina Shike, took approximately 30 hours to loom the design out. This is about twice as long as it usually takes to loom a bow of this size because every row in the loom design is completely different.

3 Sisters loom design

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