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Chapter Five Homework

Project 5-1 Examining the Motherboard in Detail

Answer 1. USB, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, some monitors, Ethernet 2. There were no expansion cards in my computer. When I reassembled, however, I included a video card. My guess on what ports were from the motherboard was correct.

3. I have removed all the expansion cards.

4 5. Four jumpers are labeled in the diagram above.

6. This motherboard is an: ASUS M4A78T-E Motherboard - AMD 790GX, AM3 500MB DDR2


8. Lastly, I reassembled the PC as I learned to do last chapter.

PROJECT 5-2: Examining BIOS Settings

Access the BIOS setup program on your computer and answer the following questions: 1. Intel (R) Core (TM) i3 CPU M350

2. 2.27 GHZ

3. 1- HDD


3- FDD

4- LAN 5- USB

4. No 5. Yes installed CD/DVD Drive. It has 2nd boot priorities 6. Hard Drive has 1st boot priorities.

7. Yes BIOS offer supervisor or power-on password. We can setup these passwords in Security screen.

9. Yes I can disable USB port via advanced screen.

PROJECT 5-4: Understanding Hardware Documentation

Obtain the manual for the motherboard for your PC. (If you cannot find the manual, try Downloading it from the motherboard manufacturers Web site.) Answer these questions:

1. What processors does the board support? Minimum: Intel Pentium III 1.0GHz or above Recommended: Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz or above

2. What type of RAM does the board support? Minimum of 256MB of RAM

3. What is the maximum RAM the board can hold? 512MB of RAM or above

PROJECT 5-6: Exchanging the CMOS Battery

To practice the steps for exchanging a CMOS battery, do the following: 1. Locate the CMOS battery on your computers motherboard. What is written on top of the battery? Maxell CR2032 3 V Hitachi Maxell Ltd Japan

2. Using the Internet, find a replacement for this battery. Print the Web page showing the battery. How much does the new battery cost? $4.99

3. Enter BIOS setup on your computer. Write down any BIOS settings that are not default settings. Youll need these settings later when you reinstall the battery.

4. Turn off and unplug the PC, press the power button to drain the system of power, remove the battery, and boot the PC. What error messages appear? What is the system date and time?

5. Power down the PC, unplug it, press the power button to drain the power, replace the

battery, and boot the PC. Return BIOS settings to the way you found them.