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Drink Cultura Writing Exercises

Con Safos Out of the all work youve accomplished in your life, what would you sign Con Safos after? Why would you do this? Describe a piece of work you hope to accomplish someday that you would sign Con Safos after. Why would you hope this piece of work deserves to have this signature at the end? Pretend you are the author, Jose Burciaga, and extend the conclusion of the piece. Think about what else he would say after the last paragraph and why he would say it based upon what you read.

Pendejismo Introduce your audience to an important cultural or familial saying or proverb. Explain the saying and how people use it in your culture. What do they mean when they say it? In what situations do they use it? Then apply the saying to your own life by relating a story in which the saying was related to you. Jalapeos Research and explain the background and history of a particular food that is culturally important to you. Research and explain the nutritional and spiritual values of a food that is culturally important to you.

The Great Taco War Write a persuasive piece where you defend a cultural dish that maybe considered junk food or disgusting but you actually love. Write a persuasive piece where you argue why your cultures cuisine is better. Be sure to use descriptive language and sensory details.

Drink Cultura Writing Exercises

A Mixed Tex-Cal Marriage Write a piece of writing where you compare and contrast two people or two places that are culturally specific. Describe what makes them seemingly similar and different. Tell the story of your parents, grandparents, or another relationship you know well. Describe and explain the nature of their relationship, their similarities and differences and how their culture influences their relationship. Come to a conclusion about what makes the relationship work or doesnt.

All the Things I Learned in School Werent Necessarily True Write about a time where you confronted an authority figure or found an authority figure to be wrong. Describe what happened and what you learned from the situation. Would you change anything? Did anything change because of what you said? Out of all the communication skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) you develop and are taught at school, make an argument for which of the four is the most important in your culture and why. How will you use this skill masterfully in your future and for what reasons? Describe one practice in your culture that you disagree with. Why do you disagree with it? What would you do to deal with this practice in the future? Would you abolish it or change it?

La Cuetalaxochitl Research to tell a story that illustrates the historical background of a particular cultural image. How did a specific meaning become attached to a particular image? What does that image stand for within your culture and why is it important? Return to the Motherland Research and write about how people are categorized in your culture or community. What implications does the categorization or stereotype carry for your culture or community? Does this practice have any positives? What is your opinion about this practice after you research? Will you change it? How? Write about how you/ your family preserve your culture or preserve your culture in a new land. Explain what changes and what stays the same. Describe the emotions that are attached with what you and your family do. Why do you hold on to these aspects of your culture over other aspects?

Passive Resistance Research and write about an activist in your culture whom you didnt know about but see now as a powerful figure. Decide on what your definition of passive resistance. How do you practice it in your own culture? Come to a decision about if it has a positive or negative impact on your community. Tell a story about a time where you had an extreme cultural experience. What was it like? What happened? Tell the story in chronological order.

Drink Cultura Writing Exercises

He Who Has Two Masters Disappoints Oneor Both Describe a situation or moment in your life when you lived between two different cultures. Did you hold one culture in more regard or feel more in tune with one culture over the other? Did you, as Burciaga says, bring your cultures together in order to transculturate? How? Write a piece in which you argue why you are an American and what it means to be an American who is bred from diversity.

Memories of Juarez Nightlife Write about a vivid memory you have about a cultural event. What made this event so special? What did you do? How did it make you feel closer or more distant from your culture? Write about the history of a popular tourist destination that is important to your culture. You may want to research the place where your culture originates in order to choose a particular place that is important and touristy. Write about the positives and negatives of this place being a tourist attraction and the memories that you may have attached to this place if you have been to this destination. Write about the influence of America on your culture.

Piatas Research or recall a popular game or activity in your culture. How do you play? What are the rules? What are the risks? What are the rewards? What does it ultimately teach you and why? Research and describe the history behind a popular toy or object in your culture that you used to own or still own. What is it used for or to do? What does it symbolize for you and within your culture? Why do you think this object/ toy is important to your culture? What does it represent about them?

Reasons to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Research and write about a holiday that is of importance to you and your culture. Describe the holiday, the traditions and rituals that accompany it, and how you, your family, and/or your community celebrate it. Conclude with what the holiday symbolizes to you and your culture/community. Research and write about a political leader that impacted and influenced your culture or community. How has what they have done with their careers and the decisions they have made affected your life? Research and write about an important battle/ struggle/ event in history that impacted your culture or community. Why is this event important to your culture or community? How has affected your life?

Drink Cultura Writing Exercises

The Last Supper of Chicano Heroes Create a list of 4-6 heroes in your culture. Establish criteria for what makes a hero first, and then explain why each qualifies as one of your heroes based on this criteria. The Desert Research and write about the climate of a place that is important or a part of your culture. Be descriptive and talk about an experience youve had with this climate if you have traveled to this place. Describe why nature is important to your culture. Are there ways in which your culture shows its admiration and respect for nature? What are they and how do you connect with nature because of this? Describe a travel experience youve had where your culture makes the difference (in either comfort or being uncomfortable). Did you experience culture shock?