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SE1M81/Draft Autumn 2009/5pp

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Postgraduate Programmes in Civil Engineering Level M Examination

Module SE1M81; 15 Credits Steel Building Design

Time allowed: 2 hours

Autumn 2009

Answer all questions

The mark associated with each question or part question is shown in brackets [ ]. Documents supplied to candidates: Reference documents candidates may use: Please avoid the use of red and green inks Calculator restrictions: None.

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SE1M81/Autumn 2009/5pp

(a) Describe, with the aid of sketches, the factors which have to be taken into account when determining the overall stability of a steel structure. [10] (b) Figure Q1 shows a steel framed building containing a library and an exhibition hall together with related facilities on intermediate floor levels. The exhibition hall is to be completely free of internal columns between grid lines B and C and the roof is to be pitched and tiled. The unfactored imposed loadings are as follows: Ground floor (grids A to D) Library floor (grids A to D) Plant room floor (grids B to C) Office floors (including partitions) Roof Plant hung from roof 25.0 kN/m2 10.0 kN/m2 7.5 kN/m2 5.0 kN/m2 0.75 kN/m2 0.5 kN/m2

The building is to be situated on the University campus where the unfactored wind pressure is equivalent to 0.5 kN/m2. (i) Sketch a suitable layout for the structure explaining clearly the functional framing, load transfer and stability aspects of your scheme. [10] (ii) Undertake a preliminary design of an edge column from ground to first floor, stating clearly all the assumptions you have made. [30]

SE1M81/Autumn 2009/5pp

SE1M81/Autumn 2009/5pp

2. Figure 2a shows an elevation taken through a steel portal frame building. The structure spans 40 metres from column centre line to column centre line and the individual frames are at 5 metres centres along the length of the building. The structure has to be designed for an unfactored uniformly distributed dead and live load of 0.40 kN/m2 and 0.70 kN/m2. (a) Select suitable steel universal beam sections for both the columns and rafters, stating clearly any assumptions you have made. [17] The cold formed C shaped purlins are at 1.2 metre centres along the frame and are continuous over two spans. Check that the section shown in Figure 2b is suitable to carry the design loading. [17] Explain clearly, with the aid of sketches, how stability of both the overall structure and the individual columns and rafters is ensured. [16]



Purlins @1.2 metre centres


3.0 5.5 A total of 10 frames at 5 metre centres.




All dimensions are in metres

Figure 2a
60 mm

12 mm 1.6 mm 180 mm

12 mm

60 mm S 350 steel

Figure 2b