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While Disappointed In Ruling, YDSC is Relieved For Delayed Implementation The Young Democrats of South Carolina shares the disappointment of the South Carolina Democratic Party in a Federal District Courts clearance of South Carolinas Voter ID legislation. YDSC strongly opposes this act as it would unnecessarily complicate how young adults of both partiesincluding and especially students in South Carolinas colleges and universities participate in the communities that they have invested in. We also hold that this law is completely unnecessary on its face. The South Carolina Elections Commission has testified in court that it has not found any evidence of a South Carolina voter attempting to vote as someone else in the last ten years. At best, the Republicans are committed to wasting taxpayer money in order to solve a problem that does not exist; at worst it is a craven power play aimed to depress Democratic turnout in future elections. While young Republicans continue to sit on their hands on this issueor worse, toe the Republican party line, young Democrats will be getting out the vote for President Obama and for legislative candidates such as Henri Thompson and Deb Morrow in the Upstate, Robert Rikard, Joe McCulloch, Thomas McElveen, and Beth Bernstein in the Midlands; Paul Tinkler and Patsy Knight in the Charleston area; and Gloria Tinubu in the 7th Congressional Districtcandidates who will stand for the rights of all South Carolinians and will not stand for wasting legislative time or taxpayers money either in Columbia or Washington. With this in mind, we are also relieved that this legislation will NOT take effect for the general election in November 2012. Voters will not need to show state-issued ID for the general election on November 6; current voter IDs or other proofs of residence allowed by the Elections Commission will suffice.
The Young Democrats of South Carolina (YDSC) is the official youth voter outreach wing of the South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP). We work aggressively to encourage voters under the age of 36 to actively participate in the democratic process while educating young people on the core values and principles of the Democratic Party. Our mission is to unite and educate the lives, minds, and practices of youth voters and serve collectively as the youth voice of the South Carolina Democratic Party.