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Trimble R3 L1 GPS System


Trimble R3 L1 GPS System S t

Unique form factor that works as hard as you do Easy-to-use software in the field and office Total surveying solution for L1 GPS

Trimble R3
Delivers maximum productivity Rugged integrated L1 GPS solution Reliable d R li bl and precise i measurements User friendly field and office software making L1 ffi ft ki GPS surveying easy

Ideal L1 GPS Solution

Complement your optical solution with L1 GPS to quickly bring control to your project Short to medium high precision baselines Setting new survey control Generating local survey g y networks Re-establishing survey monuments Postprocessed kinematic surveys

Trimble R3 GPS Technology

Trimble R3 GPS technology provides baseline solutions at anytime Integrated L1 GPS Hardware
GPS receiver and rugged PDA gg combined in a single unit Compact and lightweight Eliminates need to carry many heavy p pieces Proven, robust tracking Baseline range of up to 10 km (6 miles)

Trimble Maxwell technology

High precision L1 GPS

Trimble A3 L1 GPS Antenna

Trimble A3 L1 GPS Antenna provides survey quality in precision and performance Provides high precision results for static and kinematic surveys Quality GPS antenna technology
Lightweight L1 GPS antenna Robust signal reception M i i Maximizes satellite data t llit d t

Everest Multipath Rejection E t M lti th R j ti

Trimble Everest Multipath rejection allows the user to collect clean data for reliable ll l d f li bl results Multipath awareness
Delayed or erroneous GPS signal data is called Multipath Caused by signals reflecting off objects before they enter the GPS antenna

Both the GPS receiver and GPS antenna minimize multipath

Using advanced GPS detection and rejection technology Strong acquisition and tracking capabilities Shielding of signals is provided in the physical construction of the antenna

Flexible M lti Use Fle ible Multi-Use Controller

Compact one-solution data collection Trimble Recon Controller
Extremely rugged for all outdoor conditions Primarily a controller for your L1 GPS needs and more Operates Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC operating system Provides other onboard programs such as Pocket Word and Excel

Controller Hardware
Controller hardware offers tough flexible field solutions for all your data collection needs Flexible form factor
Compact Flash card media ports allow data to be backed up or p transfer to memory card Large color touchscreen for fast navigation of the field software Battery boot rechargeable on or off y g the device USB port for fast data downloads

Easy Eas to Use Field Soft are Software

Trimble Digital FieldBook
Easy to use E t Control static and Kinematic surveys Provides updated GPS information at all times during the data collection Streamlines efficiency by displaying epoch by epoch updates


Office Software Solution

Trimble Business Center
Simple and easy to use data workflow p y to assist you in projects of any size Includes its own teaching tutorial and extensive help topics to assist learning about GPS processing and Adjustments Exceptionally fast and complete data processing solution Easily transfer data between the f f field and office software solutions


Office Data Workflow

Check in Raw Data and monitor for errors Fast and efficient baseline processing Clear graphical and textual reporting and analysis tools Allows for baseline loop closure All f b li l l selection and reporting Network adjustment processing and p g final result reporting features


Trimble R3 Summary
Delivers maximum productivity Rugged integrated L1 GPS solution Reliable and precise measurements User-friendly field and office software making L1 GPS surveying easy