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Ogoshi (Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Jujutsu)

Major Hip Throw

Holding Ukes Waist Inserting Through Ukes Armpit Outside Hip Throw Head and Shoulder Hip Throw Bent Arm Koshi Guruma Koshi Nage

m the start, so he can hold and

press uke


with his left hand and breaks his balance forward. He steps in front of uke with his right foot (in time with uke's withdrawing right foot) and pulls with both

a posture with the right arm inserted

s left armpit

Renzoku Waza

e, tori holds uke's back with his right eep through uke's left armpit and grips sright sleeve with his Ieft hand. In a Ieft balance forward. He ghtthe back oftime with with the left ps foot (in tori's collar

hands, loads uke onto his wais1 and throws him (photo t6, t7, L8). This technique was regarded as utsuri-goshi by some, but following a study by Kodokan Waza Research Institute it was categorized as an o-goshi technique (verified

Ogoshi > Kouchi Gari on February 3, 1988). ney' As an example of utsuri-goshi, if uke executes uchiOuchi Gari mata,>tori lifts him up, shifts him onto the hip, and Iulo

end ofpulls with bothwith the right and tori's left sleeve es pull with him (photoand they grapand throws both hands
posture (photo 13.I, 73.2).

es an opportunity, s utsuri-goshi by

tori breaks uke's balsome, ith both hands while stepping his right n Waza Research Instiont of uke's right foot and his left foot shi pulls with (verified . Hetechnique both hands so that uke's

throws him. indr > Harai Goshi adapt and continue to execute oIt is possible to goshi from any technique where uke exposes his back ing I to tori. For example, tobi-goshi, harai-goshi, tsurikomiwas
goshi, etc.


ainst his, loads him onto his waist, and i, if ra). hoto uke executes uchiyears

SONO SAN dow Points to consider on o-goshi

Tenjin Shinyo-ryu Jujutsu's o-goshi

Kaeshi Waza

him has been seen a andin recent que onto the hip, lot

It is Attacks withis recorded Yoko Guruma O-goshi Ogoshi < in the instrucs grapple in the four-arms form. Uke a nity to execute o-goshi, as continue to execute o- the right arm tion manual for Teniin Shinyoryu (of whichGoshi Kano was a ted under uke's left back <Ushiro Master e uke exposes his armpit. tori can put his right arm onto uke's back student) as "koshi-nage," and in harai-goshi, tsurikomithe Shihatsu lizai Sekko*u Ryoho ck. Both techniques are executed with <T Otoshi ani Tori d underuke's armpit and therefore relate luju*u Seirisho as "iri-koshi-tori. "



Master Kano and o-goshi bad<

an anecdote from The following is him Master Kano conceming o-goshi. of th Sode T surikomi Goshi Kano was sent to EuMaster

m uke's uchi-mata

Related Throws

1.5.1, 15.2). a realizes his attempt at uchi-mata has n to retum to his original stable posmpts oba& with his right foot. At the moment " wn it, tori pushes the back of uke's waist Koshi-nage


uke executes the uchi-mata throw, tori i to the left foot and raises his right foot t chnique. At the same time, he responds back of uke's waist from behind with

Hane Imperial household, rope by the Goshi Uki Goshi

and sailed Goshi Yokohama on s0i Harai from 1889, September 13,Ukil and after
observing the education situation, Tori T suri Goshi retumed from abroad on |anuary 6, 1891. The following event, Ura Goshi

which occurred during his fourUshiro Goshi


Goshin Jutsu
Against Bear Hug - Chest to Chest Same Side Wrist Grab Cross Side Wrist Grab Double Wrist Grab Chest Grab or Push Hooking Punch (Blending + Inside to Koshi Guruma) One arm + Choke from Behind Both Hands from Behind

Kansetsu Waza
Load with Sankyo Load with Juji Nage Load with Gyaku Kote Gaeshi Load Osoto Goshi with Ude Kujiki Load Osoto Goshi with Kannuki Gatame Load Head & Arm style with Hiji Makikomi