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A Theatre of Love


SHELDON MOORE the Duke of Moor minster in Moor Park, cousin of Jocelyn Moore, beautiful and smart LAVELA ASHLEY - a childlike face w/c was dominated by two large blue eyes, sweet, clear, very young voice and had the appearance of a angel and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ashley. FIONA FAVERSHAM most beautiful women in England, daughter of Duke of Cumbia, the of Eric Faversham. ERIC FAVERSHAM husband of Fiona Faversham , and killed by a several riders. JOSCELYN MOORE tall and had a pretty face, cousin of Sheldon Moore, wanted to be the 3rd Duke of Moor minster. MR. WATSON secretary of a Sheldon Moore MRS. ASHLEY mother of Lavela Ashley, beautiful and lovely mother MR. ASHLEY father of Lavela Ashley, the Vicar of the Little Belington
One day, the Duke of Moor minster arrived back in England in a bad temper. A very tiring trip to Holland where he had been at the request of the Queen and the Prime Minister. He found boring it was the speeches made by Statesmen who looked like Burgomasters. When he arrived in his house his assistant Mr. Watson waiting for him. He went to his office to saw the envelopes in his drawers; he found out a blue envelope and recognized the handwriting from Fiona Faversham. He even read it that it was a letter to welcome him home and he knew that Lady Habersham was a part of his life and Fiona wished to marry him. The whole family of the Duke was concerned that they wanted to be married each other; they loved Fiona because shes the most beautiful women in England. But they didnt know that Fiona had been married when she was quite eighteen to Eric fabersham. He not only come from the oldest families in England, but was at the extremely wealthy. After a honeymoon visiting all the romantic places in Europe, he had returned to England w/ his bride. She had caught him out spending the night w/ a woman whos embellished the pages of the magazines and newspaper. Fiona was asserting that she could stand no more of it when Eric Faversham was killed. He was taking part in a Steeple-Chase in w/c all the riders had wined and dined too well. Several riders in the race had suffered injuries and two horses had to be destroyed. Eric Faversham had broken his neck and died instantly. Fiona returns to London, at twenty-five she was a longer innocent

unsophisticated girl she had been when he first married. There was a man she meet in London w/c is the Duke of Moor minster. The Duke of Moorminster named Sheldon Moore; he is a rich man, smart, handsome, kind and intelligent w/ all women. Fiona wanted to be his wife. Suddenly a week of Christmas comes and he remembered he had something to do at Moor Park besides hunting. He wanted to rebuild the Private Theatre, since, it built 18th century in the reign of William IV. There was a bachelor party that the whole family of the Duke, Prince of Wales, Princess Alexandra and also the beautiful Fiona Faversham are there to celebrate Christmas. Theyre glad to saw entertainments, when Fiona and Sheldon talked about the theatre him rebuilt. The Duke wanted to gave the bracelet and engagement-ring from Fiona, when his mother appeared at the Opening of Parliament. He kept the bracelet into his pocket he left the ring in the drawer. When the party finished everybody went to their houses and the Duke wanted to see Fiona was in her bed now, her house was in Carlos Palace beside the Duke house.

A Theatre of Love

Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland, DBE, CStJ (9 July 1901 21 May 2000), was an English author, one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century. As Barbara Cartland she is known for her numerous fictional romantic novels, but she also wrote under her married name Barbara McCorquodale.She also became one of London's most prominent society figures and one of Britain's most popular media personalities, appearing often at public events and on television, dressed in her trademark pink , and discoursing on issues such as love, health, and social and political issues.Born Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland at 31 Augustus Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, England. She was the only daughter and eldest child of a British army officer, Major Bertram Cartland[1] (born James Bertram Falkner Cartland 1876; died 27 May 1918), and his wife, Mary Hamilton Scobell, known as "Polly" (18771976). Though she was born into an enviable degree of middle-class comfort, the family's security was severely shaken after the suicide of her paternal grandfather, James Cartland, a financier, who shot himself in the wake of bankruptcy.This was followed soon after by her father's death on a Flanders battlefield in World War I. However, her enterprising mother opened a London dress shop to make ends meet "Poor I may be," Polly Cartland once remarked, "but common I am not" and to raise Cartland and her two brothers, Anthony and Ronald, both of whom were eventually killed in battle, one day apart, in 1940.After attending The Alice Ottley School, Malvern Girls' College, and Abbey House, an educational institution in Hampshire, Cartland soon became successful as a society reporter and writer of romantic fiction. Cartland admitted she was inspired in her early work by the novels of Edwardian author Elinor Glyn, whom she idolized and eventually befriended. After a year as a gossip columnist for the Daily Express, Cartland published her first novel, Jigsaw (1922), a risqu society thriller that became a bestseller. She also began writing and producing somewhat racy plays, one of which, Blood Money (1926), was banned by the Lord Chamberlain's Office. In the 1920s and 1930s Cartland was a prominent young hostess in London society, noted for her beauty, energetic charm and daring parties. Her fashion sense also had a part and she was one of the first clients of designer Norman Hartnell, remaining a client until he died in 1979. He made her presentation and wedding dresses; the latter was made to her own design against Hartnell's wishes and she admitted it was a failure.
There are 155 pages of this book and first published in Great Britain 1991 by Mandarin Paperbacks. The reason I decided to read this book when I read the words or sentences of this book I imagined acted like in a movie where there is a protagonist and antagonist and because I chose this particular book its all about the love of two person where they shared the romance when they got married and lived together with all Eternity.