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KHATIMATOU MOUNAJATI:- Coronation of the Fervent Prayer

KHATIMATOU MOUNAJATI:- Coronation of the Fervent Prayer

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

May Peace and Salutaion be upon the Prophet Muhammad He taught you what you did not know The Truth was forwarded to me by God All that was revealed or not through God it was communicated to me He taught me what existed before the Creatures That which will follow me with generosity and without discomfort My person will not follow the provocateur of the fires Nor the one that attracts the shame and loss The Fire of the World will not burn me God has exceptionally reserved me for good He gave me the Irreplaceable His Sustainability guided me with GRACE My Happiness is the Book of the one who raised me high I have been benefited through him, by Paradise He erased the Dead at which the souls could not escape And to the others, he has reserved with relief Towards the others the death has been directed The souls lead differently towards God The First Fruits of death is away from me I raised my voice to survive it And the death of those who made me endure Has prevented the death The sustainability of God distances from death God has retained me for HIMSELF God has saved me from eternal death 2
For my survival, satisfies AHMAD He benefited me without prejudice and without Hurting me because my heart belongs to him He removes the diseases and death The sustainability of my protector against the mockery He taught me by guiding me towards The home hoisted me high with ease There is no doubt that I am a believer in God In His Book and in His Prophet The trustworthy gave me the Sovereignty and the honest (angel Gabriel) Came to me the Eternal Book, the insurance The coronation of my fervent prayers through this writing By this writing, God the Most High and Exalted Chose me as his servant and companion And friend in Manifestation and in Secret And his neighbor and Servant of the Prophet of God May the prayer and peace be upon him God is witness of what we say God the Most High is my witness In the allegiance of thirty-three And the consciences, I take to witness The Supreme angel. But God bears witness From what has descended on you, the salutation Blessed and enjoyable from God God has testified that there is no god but Him And with Him, the angels and the insiders He alone ensures the maintenance of justice, there is indeed No god but He, the Mighty, the Wise, the true religion For God is Islam. God the Most High 3
And Exalted bears witness that the author From these words shall never die And the death which had been Headed towards him following the speech From the Almighty affirming that every soul will undergo death He will prevent it through his power Without being guided at all through him God is witness of our speech God the Most High and Exalted wrote May the sacred house of God Will be carried by the angels to Touba With the angels inside As well as the trustworthy (the Angel Gabriel) Who will be accompanied by The author of these words With all the books and luggages To the place where he will be with them, ie With all sincere Mourides God the Most High and Exalted wrote That the author of these words is assured For God the Most High and Exalted to be protected Against evil and cleaves To safeguard the recommendations of God The Most High and Exalted before this night In what he possesses now God the Most High and Exalted wrote that the author From these words will stay at the side of God here on earth In repelling him evil and offering him good Four hundred years after this writing authenticated 4
By the evident truth God bears witness what we say. Glory to Thee Lord of all Power, well above what they can invent. Peace to the messengers of the Lord. Praise be to God, Sovereign Lord of the worlds.

*Ammeeen Ya Raabball Alammeen*