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HistoryUnit 2 Test Study Guide Below are the main ideas, but it is not a complete list. Use your notes, books and assignments to make sure you thoroughly study!
2.5Judaism Monotheism Israelites Torah Abraham Covenant Moses, David, Solomon Conquests of Israel (Babylon, Persia, Cyrus the Great) Diaspora Basic beliefs 3.1Early Civilizations of India and Pakistan Aryan civilization and migration to India Vedas Aryan lifenomadic to sedentary 3.2Hinduism and Buddhism Development of Hinduism Basic beliefs: moksha, atman, reincarnation, karma, dharma, ahimsa Caste System: what it is, how it relates to Hindu beliefs, different levels including dalits, how it created social structure Development of Buddhism o Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) o Four Noble Truths o Eightfold Path o Nirvana o Different sects: Mahayana and Theraveda Compare Buddhism and Hinduism 3.3Powerful Empires of India Chandragupta Maurya Empire Asokalife and death, problems after death in empire The Gupta Empiredetails of government and social life The Golden Age of the Guptainventions, etc Decline of the Gupta Family and village life and culture 3.4Rise of Civilization in China Unique geographic features that isolate China Ann Blaauw, Central Academy

Government structure Social classes Zhou Dynasty details The Mandate of Heaven and the Dynastic Cycle!! Religion in early China Confucianism o The 5 relationships that define our behaviors Daoismharmony with nature, yin and yang Silk

5.4The Rise of Christianity Early Romes toleration of difference Violence towards early Jews in Palestine Jesus: beliefs, teachings, apostles, death, impact Development of Christianitythose who accepted Jesus as the messiah Oppression of Christians Christianitys appeal (why did so many people like it?) Early Christian church develops 5.5The Long Decline (the Fall of Rome) Problems in the Roman Empire (violence, social issues, economic issues, etc) Invasions The reasons for the fall of Rome The Eastern Roman empire

Ann Blaauw, Central Academy