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November-December 2012 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit



MON 29 TUES 30 WEDS 31 THU 1
Action Pack: OLD SCHOOL Quote-Along @ Ritz Amnesty International: THE TRUTH THAT WASNT THERE @ Lamar Big Screen Classics: AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON @ Village Action Pack: R KELLYS TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET Sing-Along @ Ritz

SUN 28

Action Pack: DUMB AND DUMBER Quote-Along @ Ritz The Late Show: EXISTENZ @ RItz

DETROPIA @ Lamar Action Pack: DUMB AND DUMBER Quote-Along @ Ritz FUN FUN FUN FEST AFTER PARTY @ RItz Action Pack: OLD SCHOOL Quote-Along @ Village 70mm: CLEOPATRA @ Ritz

FOOD PARTY w/ Thu Tran LIVE @ Ritz CHOOSE YOUR OWN PANCAKE @ Lamar Dirt Candy Presents: THE GOD OF COOKERY Feast @ Lamar Bangarang!: POINT BREAK @ Ritz TV at the Alamo THE WALKING DEAD @ Lake Creek, Village, Lamar, Slaughter Lane

Music Monday: THE ROLLING STONES: SOME GIRLS, LIVE IN TEXAS 78 @ Slaughter Lane Music Monday: BIG EASY EXPRESS @ Village Music Monday: ALL TOMORROWS PARTIES with Jonathan Caouette @ Ritz AGFA Deep Tracks: LAGRESSION @ Lamar

AFS Essential Cinema: CLUNY BROWN @ Lamar Big Screen Classics: NETWORK @ Slaughter Lane Terror Tuesday: THE DUNGEONMASTER @ Ritz

Girlie Night: BRIDGET JONESS DIARY @ Lake Creek Sommelier Cinema: THE GODFATHER @ Lake Creek Weird Wednesday: CHAINED HEAT @ Ritz Cinema Cocktails: A FISH CALLED WANDA @ Slaughter Lane

Action Pack: OLD SCHOOL Quote-Along @ Ritz Deschutes Beer Dinner: STAND BY ME @ Lake Creek AMADEUS @ Lamar Tough Guy Cinema: TRUE LIES @ Lake Creek

Master Pancake: ROAD HOUSE @ Ritz Fantastic Fest Presents: THE AMERICAN SCREAM @ Lamar SKYFALL opens

ROCKY HORROR @ Village Master Pancake: ROAD HOUSE @ Ritz Afternoon Tea: DANGEROUS LIAISONS @ Lamar Fantastic Fest Presents: THE AMERICAN SCREAM @ Lamar

Zzang!!!: SUPERMAN III @ Lamar Big Screen Classics: NETWORK @ Village TV at the Alamo THE WALKING DEAD @ Lake Creek, Village, Lamar, Slaughter Lane

Fantastic Fest Presents: THE AMERICAN SCREAM @ Lamar Music Monday: BIG EASY EXPRESS @ Slaughter Lane Music Monday: THE DOORS: LIVE AT THE BOWL 68 @ Ritz Action Pack: THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along @ Lamar


Girlie Night: BRIDGET JONESS DIARY @ Ritz Terror Tuesday: THE DEVILS RAIN @ Ritz AFS Essential Cinema: PATAGONIA @ Lamar


Sommelier Cinema: THE GODFATHER @ Ritz Fantastic Fest Presents: THE AMERICAN SCREAM @ Lamar Action Pack: THE PRINCESS BRIDE Feast w/Chris Sarandon @ Lamar Weird Wednesday: THE VIOLENT PROFESSIONALS @ Ritz


THE TWILIGHT SAGA MARATHON @ Lake Creek, Lamar, Village, Slaughter Lane Action Pack: OLD SCHOOL Quote-Along @ Ritz Action Pack: R. KELLYS TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET Sing-Along @ Ritz


Master Pancake: ROAD HOUSE @ Ritz The Late Show: ZARDOZ @ Ritz

ROCKY HORROR @ Village Master Pancake: ROAD HOUSE @ Ritz The Late Show: ZARDOZ @ Ritz Big Screen Classics: THE GODFATHER @ Ritz AFS & Alamo Present: CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING @ Lamar

Big Screen Classics: THE GODFATHER @ Ritz Cinema Club: FORTY GUNS with Louis Black @ Ritz Big Screen Classics: PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES @ Slaughter Lane TV at the Alamo THE WALKING DEAD @ Lake Creek, Village, Lamar, Slaughter Lane

Preston Sturges: SULLIVANS TRAVELS @ Ritz Music Monday: HARD CORE LOGO @ Ritz Action Pack: THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along @ Lamar

Terror Tuesday: STREET TRASH @ Ritz AFS Essential Cinema: SLEEP FURIOUSLY @ Lamar

Preston Sturges: SULLIVANS TRAVELS @ Ritz Weird Wednesday: SWINGING COEDS @ Ritz

Big Screen Classics: PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES @ Lake Creek, Village, Slaughter Lane Bangarang!: DUTCH @ Lamar Action Pack: R. KELLYS TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET Sing-Along @ Ritz

Free Family Fun: CHICKEN RUN @ Lamar Big Screen Classics: PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES @ Lake Creek, Village, Slaughter Lane The Late Show: TWELVE MONKEYS @ Ritz

ROCKY HORROR @ Village Kids Club: MESSAGE FROM SPACE @ Lamar Big Screen Classics: PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES @ Lake Creek, Village, Slaughter Lane TV at the Alamo: Doctor Who: THE CLAWS OF AXOS @ Slaughter Lane 70 mm: PLAYTIME @ Ritz

Free Family Fun: CHICKEN RUN @ Lake Creek Video Hate Squad: DANCE OR DIE @ Ritz Big Screen Classics: NETWORK @ Ritz 70 mm: PLAYTIME @ Ritz TV at the Alamo THE WALKING DEAD @ Lake Creek, Village, Lamar, Slaughter Lane



Big Screen Classics: NETWORK @ Ritz


Preston Sturges: MIRACLE OF MORGANS CREEK @ Ritz Weird Wednesday: DRUM @ Ritz


Man Crush: GHOST @ Lamar FOUND MAGAZINE LIVE @ Ritz Tough Guy Cinema: TRUE LIES @ Slaughter Lane

Dinner Party: SCROOGED @ Ritz QT Retrospective: JACKIE BROWN @ Lake Creek The Late Show: MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME @ Ritz


70 mm: PLAYTIME @ Ritz Preston Sturges: THE PALM BEACH STORY @ Ritz Big Screen Classics: GREMLINS @ Lake Creek AMPAS & Alamo Drafthouse Present: SAUL BASS ON FILM @ Lamar

Man Crush: GHOST @ Lamar Terror Tuesday: DEVIL TIMES FIVE @ Ritz Food & Film: MIDNIGHT IN PARIS WHISKEY DINNER @ Slaughter Lane



Terror Tuesday: NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Pt. 2 @ Ritz Girlie Night: LOVE ACTUALLY @ Village Big Screen Classics: GREMLINS @ Lake Creek Big Screen Classics: ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE @ Slaughter Lane

Big Screen Classics: ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE @ Slaughter Lane High For the Holidays: HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE W/ALL YOU CAN EAT SLIDERS @ Ritz TV at the Alamo THE WALKING DEAD @ Lake Creek, Village, Lamar, Slaughter Lane


Preston Sturges: THE PALM BEACH STORY @ Ritz Music Monday: FELA KUTI - BERLINER JAZZTAGE 78 @ Ritz Eat Drink Local Week Feast: SIDEWAYS @Lamar


Girlie Night: LOVE ACTUALLY @ Lake Creek Big Screen Classics: ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE @ Slaughter Lane Weird Weds: THE BODYGUARD @ Ritz

Action Pack: ELF Quote-along @ Ritz POLA X @ Lamar Action Pack: X-MAS POPS Sing-Along @ Ritz


QT Retrospective: KILL BILL VOL 1 AND VOL 2 @ Lake Creek High For the Holidays: HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE W/ALL YOU CAN EAT SLIDERS @ Village




70 mm: LIFEFORCE @ Ritz Action Pack: ELF Quote-along @ Lake Creek Big Screen Classics: GREMLINS @ Slaughter Lane Afternoon Tea: LITTLE WOMEN @ Slaughter Lane

Dollywood Boulevard: SMOKEY MOUNTAIN XMAS & BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE @ Ritz Big Screen Classics: GREMLINS @ Slaughter Lane 70mm: LIFEFORCE @ RITZ Dinner Party: SCROOGED @ Village AGFA Presents: TRAILER WAR @ Lamar

70mm: APOCALYPSE NOW @ Ritz Master Pancake: MYSTERY PREVIEW @ Village Music Monday: HEAD @ Ritz Action Pack: THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along @Lamar

Girlie Night: LOVE ACTUALLY @ Ritz Action Pack: R. KELLYS TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET Sing-Along @ Lake Creek Terror Tuesday: DEATHDREAM @ Ritz Big Screen Classics: ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE @ Village

70mm: APOCALYPSE NOW @ Ritz Cinema Cocktails: THE THIN MAN @ Ritz Dinner Party: SCROOGED @ Village Weird Wednesday: THE DIRTY OUTLAWS @ Ritz QT Retrospective: KILL BILL VOL 1 @ Lake Creek

Dinner Party: HOME ALONE @ Lake Creek Man Crush: THE FUGITIVE @ Lamar Big Screen Classics: GREMLINS @ Slaughter Lane Big Screen Classics: ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE @ Village

THE HOBBIT opens Master Pancake: X-MAS SHOW @ Ritz

ROCKY HORROR @ Village Kids Club: EMMET OTTERS JUGBAND CHRISTMAS @ Lamar Afternoon Tea: LITTLE WOMEN @ Lamar Master Pancake: X-MAS SHOW @ Ritz

Zzang!!!: D.C. CAB @ Ritz Foleyvision: SANTA VS. SATAN @ Lamar TV at the Alamo THE WALKING DEAD @ Lake Creek, Village, Lamar, Slaughter Lane

Music Monday: HEAD @ Ritz Action Pack: THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along @ Lamar Dinner Party: HOME ALONE @ Ritz


Girlie Night: LOVE ACTUALLY @ Ritz THE HOBBIT FEAST @ Lamar Terror Tuesday: PRINCE OF DARKNESS @ Ritz


THE HOBBIT FEAST @ Lake Creek Weird Wednesday: THE DAY TIME ENDED @ Ritz Dinner Party: HOME ALONE @ Ritz


THE HOBBIT FEAST @ Slaughter Lane Action Pack: ELF Quote-along @ Ritz Action Pack: X-MAS POPS Sing-Along @ Ritz


Kid Party: POLAR EXPRESS @ Slaughter Lane Tough Guy Cinema: DIE HARD @ Ritz A CHRISTMAS STORY @ Ritz Alamo Kids Camp: THE SANTA CLAUSE @ Village

ROCKY HORROR @ Village Kid Party: POLAR EXPRESS @ Slaughter Lane Tough Guy Cinema: DIE HARD @ Ritz A CHRISTMAS STORY @ Ritz Broadway Brunch WHITE CHRISTMAS @ Ritz

AFS Essential Cinema: ONLY TWO CAN PLAY @ Lamar

Alamo Kids Camp: ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS @ Lamar QT Retrospective: KILL BILL VOL 1 @ Ritz NOTHING LASTS FOREVER with writer/director Tom Schiller @ Ritz

Kid Party: POLAR EXPRESS @ Slaughter Lane Tough Guy Cinema: DIE HARD @ Ritz QT Retrospective: KILL BILL VOL 1 @ Ritz Action Pack: THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along @Lamar

DJANGO opens @ Ritz Terror Tuesday: SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT PART 2 @ Ritz QT Retrospective: KILL BILL VOL 2 @ Ritz

Kid Party: POLAR EXPRESS @ Slaughter Lane Weird Wednesday: SECRET SCREENING @ Ritz Free Family Fun: A CHRISTMAS STORY @ Lake Creek

Kid Party: POLAR EXPRESS @ Slaughter Lane Action Pack: ELF Quote-Along @ Ritz

Alamo Kids Club: MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO @ Lake Creek High For The Holidays: BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW @ Ritz

ROCKY HORROR @ Village Alamo Kids Club: MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO @ Lake Creek High For The Holidays: BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW @ Ritz QT Retrospective: KILL BILL VOL 1 & 2 @ Ritz

Alamo Kids Club: MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO @ Lake Creek Bangarang!: HOOK LOST BOY IMAGINARY DINNER @ Ritz Video Hate Squad: SCARED STRAIGHT @ Ritz

Alamo Kids Club: MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO @ Lake Creek New Years Eve Feast: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY @ Lake Creek, Slaughter Lane New Years Eve Feast: THE APARTMENT @ Ritz Action Pack: NEW YEARS EVE Sing-Along @ Ritz




FLIGHT Opens 11/2
When Whip (Denzel Washington), a commercial airline pilot, saves the lives of 98 people by landing a damaged plane he finds himself labeled an American hero. The new fame is hard for him to come to grips with and soon an investigation begins surrounding the planes malfunctions that makes his situation more difficult to deal with. Whip has to answer questions about his actions the night before he bravely flew the damaged plane which uncover troubling revelations. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Washington, John Goodman, Don Cheadle and Melissa Leo, FLIGHT is sure to be one of the best and most well-crafted films of the holiday season.


Tired of always having to be the bad guy video game character Wreck-It Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, decides to try his luck at being the hero. He cant do it in the world of his game, so he ventures off to become the hero of another. But when his plan has disastrous consequences he must fight a deadly enemy to all arcade games and truly be the hero he set out to become. Also starring Sarah Silverman, John McBrayer and Jane Lynch WRECK-IT RALPH is an inventive animated tale with cleverness to boot.


Indie acting vet John Hawkes (WINTERS BONE, ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW) gives the best performance of his career in THE SESSIONS. The film tells the story of Mark, a 38-year old man who has lived most of his life in an iron lung and wants to lose his virginity before he dies. He hires a professional sex surrogate (Helen Hunt) to fulfill his wish. Unexpectedly, their experiences together have a profound impact on both of their lives. Also starring the dependable William H. Macy, THE SESSIONS is a deeply felt film that sidesteps sentimentality for genuine, honest emotion. The result is something very special.

SKYFALL Opens 11/9

James Bond returns under the guidance of Sam Mendes (AMERICAN BEAUTY, ROAD TO PERDITION) in the latest M16 adventure. M (Judi Dench) has a past and its intruding on her present as Bonds (Daniel Craig) allegiance to his long-time superior is strained. We also meet a new Q in this installment, played by upstart Ben Whishaw (CLOUD ATLAS). Our new villain? Javier Bardem. Our new Bond girls? Berenice Marlohe and Noamie Harris. Yeah, SKYFALLs not messing around. Lets do this. (Meredith Borders)

November-December 2012 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

After four long years of awaiting the conclusion of The TWILIGHT Saga, the day is finally upon us. When we last saw Bella she had just finished going through the ultimate transformation. After the birth of her and Edwards daughter, Renesmee, she begins her new life as a vampire and enjoys the new abilities that come with it. Her enjoyment soon fades as Irina incorrectly labels Renesmee as an immortal child - a child that has been turned into a vampire. Their existence has been outlawed by the Volturi, so they decide to destroy Renesmee and the Cullens. To fight off this attack the Cullens summon together vampire clans from all over the world to be witnesses in order to prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child. Get ready. BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 is here. And theres no better place to conclude this worldwide phenomenon than at the Alamo Drafthouse!

LIFE OF PI Opens 11/21

Ang Lees return to the screen delivers a breathtaking adaptation of the bestselling novel LIFE OF PI by Yann Martel. Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) is the bright-eyed son of a zookeeper. When the family decides to move themselves and the zoo from India to Canada, a shipwreck leaves Pi afloat in the Pacific Ocean, sharing a small life boat with a tiger, a hyena, a zebra and an orangutan. The novel created a cultural tidal wave and with Ang Lees masterful hand at direction, LIFE OF PI might be the most beautiful film of the year. (Meredith Borders)


Maybe the biggest festival hit of 2012, writer/director David O. Russells (THE FIGHTER) feel-good romance centers on a mentally unstable former teacher (Bradley Cooper) who, because of his psychological state must move back in with his parents. When Pat meets the cute and mysterious Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who has issues of her own, his situation becomes even more complicated. The film won the Audience Award at this years Toronto International Film Festival and has the talent in front of and behind the camera (it also stars the strange and interesting combination of Robert De Niro, Shea Whigham and Chris Tucker) to make you believe the hype.


Its been nine years since LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING shattered box office records and won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, and now Peter Jackson takes us back to Middle-earth with the first in a three-part adaptation of Tolkiens LOTR prequel THE HOBBIT. Gandalf (Ian McKellen), Galadriel (Cate Blanchett), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), Gollum (Andy Serkis) and Elrond (Hugo Weaving) all return, joining some new faces with Martin Freeman taking on the role of the ultimate reluctant hero, little Bilbo Baggins. This time the fellowship consists of one hobbit and a whole bunch of dwarves, braving dark magic, debilitating weather and one hell of a dragon in order to score a priceless fortune. (Meredith Borders)


Get ready for Quentin Tarantinos highly anticipated southern epic DJANGO UNCHAINED. Jamie Foxx plays a freed slave-turned-bounty hunter out on a ruthless mission to save the woman he loves (Kerry Washington, reuniting with Foxx after RAY). The film also stars Christoph Waltz (as a good guy!), Jonah Hill, Samuel L. Jackson, and Leonardo DiCaprio as the villainous plantation owner Calvin Candie. DJANGO UNCHAINED looks to be a stunning masterpiece from the once lenfant terrible of cinema, now that hes all grown up. This is Tarantinos first film as a writer/director since the tremendous INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, and holy balls, are we ready. (Meredith Borders)


Tom Hooper (THE KINGS SPEECH, JOHN ADAMS) directs the latest adaptation of Victor Hugos heart-breaking classic novel and the internationally renowned musical LES MISERABLES. Boasting one of the most beautiful soundtracks in recent memory and a remarkable cast of stars, it definitely looks like this is one adaptation that gets it right. Starring Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as Javert, Anne Hathaway as Fantine and Amanda Seyfried as Cosette along with co-starring turns by Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen - LES MISERABLES will be a triumph. (Meredith Borders)

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Sommelier Cinema: THE GODFATHER

Dirt Candy presents: THE GOD OF COOKERY feast Dirs. Stephen Chow, Lik-Chi Lee, 1996, R, 95 min SL 11/4
Dirt Candy, the award-winning vegetable restaurant from NYC is taking over the Alamo Drafthouse for one night only. Creator of North Americas only graphic novel cookbook and the first vegetarian chef to take on Iron Chef America, Amanda Cohen has seized control of the Drafthouse Mothership and will use her power for ridiculosity, serving a four-course vegetarian dinner that includes Jalapeno Hush Puppies with Maple Butter (which have been compared to dairy crack), Smoked Cauliflower & Waffles, Portobello Mousse (among other dishes). But thats not enough! Shell also be screening a super-rare 35mm print of Stephen Chows Hong Kong cooking masterpiece, GOD OF COOKERY! Why is she screening a freakedout comedy in which Chow saves himself from culinary humiliation through the power of Explosive Pissing Beef Balls? That is a secret youll have to learn at the screening itself, but the answer will SHOCK YOU! Shell be serving insanity food! Shell be showing a Hong Kong comedy that will cook your face off! Shell be selling the graphic novel cookbook and signing copies! If you are not here on Sunday, then you need to take a good hard look in the mirror.

Cinema Cocktails: A FISH CALLED WANDA Dir. Charles Crichton, 1988, R, 108 min SR 11/4 & 11/7
Theres something to be said about a classy British setting peppered with vulgarity, thieves, and double crosses. A FISH CALLED WANDA is, without a doubt, one of the best comedies of our time. Sure you might get more laughs per second during the latest kick-in-the-crotch comedy at your local multiplex, but when it comes to true comedic geniuses, the list is incredibly short. If you look towards the top, you will forever see one name: John Cleese. A post-Monty Python Cleese is in top form as Archie, the bumbling lawyer, of diamond thief George. Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Otto (Kevin Kline, who won his Oscar for this role) turned on their partner George and are now convinced Archie holds the secrets as to where he hid the diamonds. What follows is one of the most carefully crafted comedies involving sex, murder, and...seafood. I love cocktails, and when it comes to programming a perfect night of movies and booze, you cant beat a good comedy. Luckily Bill Norris will be on hand to masterfully create custom cocktails just for this film. (Greg MacLennan)

November-December 2012 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


Sommelier Cinema: THE GODFATHER Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 1972, R, 175 min. LC 11/7 : RZ 11/14
Wed like to make you an offer you cant refuse: to see Francis Ford Coppolas THE GODFATHER as part of our November installment of Sommelier Cinema. Join the family for a feast both for the eyes and the tastebuds, as we present this undisputed American classic with exquisite wine and cheese pairings. The evening is guaranteed to run red with libations! (Though, the onscreen action may run red in a decidedly different manner, if you know what we mean.) Expect something Italian and perhaps an appearance from Coppolas own winery. As always, our wine experts will present a short lecture and history lesson about each signature wine, including a primer on how to properly sample them and what flavors to look for. Sponsored by Antonellis Cheese Shop, paired cheeses will also be selected for patrons to achieve the ultimate sensory experience. (Sam Prime)

Deschutes Beer Dinner: STAND BY ME Dir. Rob Reiner, 1986, R, 89 min LC 11/8
Richard Dreyfuss voice overs, a dead body and craft beer together at last! Rob Reiners film about the sadness that comes with the end of childhood still maintains an emotional resonance over 25 years after it was released. Starring the very talented young quartet of River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Jerry OConnell and Corey Feldman, STAND BY ME encompasses all the joy and pain of adolescence with an honest and deft touch, something that is rarely seen in the genre these days. To celebrate this modern classic we will be presenting it with delicious gourmet food paired with amazing craft brewed ales straight from Deschutes, Oregons most notorious brewery. So, come enjoy this amazing combination of great film, food and beer at our Deschutes STAND BY ME Beer Dinner. Any yes, of course well be serving blueberry pie for dessert.

TO HAVE AND HAVE ANOTHER A Hemingway Cocktail Companion RZ 11/26

Based on the newly-released book of the same name, this show is a 90-minute seminar on the drinks featured in the life and works of Ernest Hemingway, hosted by the books author, Philip Greene. If youre a Hemingway fan or just someone who loves a good cocktail, this show is for you. Mr. Greenes book is a cocktail lovers guide to the life and works of Hemingway, and embraces how compellingly he wrote about drink. It contains 55 easy-to-follow recipes, excerpts from Hemingways prose as well as letters and biographies. Phillip Greene and Alamo Beverage Director Bill Norris have been hard at work putting together a sampling of the best Hemingway-inspired cocktails from the book just for this very special one night event.

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS Whiskey Dinner Dir. Woody Allen, 2011, R, 100 min SR 11/27
MIDNIGHT IN PARIS brings to life the most romantic city in the world in a way that only a master like Woody Allen can. He is aided by an amazing cast led by Owen Wilson and the contrasting beauties Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard. In la Ville-lumire, Gil (Wilson) is on a charming European vacation with his wife when he suddenly falls under a spell. At night, when the streets begin to empty, he encounters an intellectuals fever dream; an entire ghost world of history and art and life emerges from the ether for his curiosity to investigate. On the cobblestone streets of Paris he is transported into the 1920s, and while there he meets the idols of his imagination; Ernest Hemingway, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Salvador Dal, Picasso, Matisse, Buuel are living the bohemian lifestyle that Gil has always adored. He becomes torn between his days with his family and late nights with the luminaries of world culture. Now you can enjoy Allens modern classic with some fine food for your belly and wonderful whiskey-centered libations for your soul!

November-December 2012 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


SCROOGED Dinner Party Dir. Richard Donner, 1988, PG-13, 111 min, 35mm RZ 11/30 & 12/8 : VL 12/9 & 12/12
There have been dozens of versions of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol but none as darkly twisted and funny as director Richard Donners 1988 spin on the holiday tale. Bill Murray stars as Frank Cross, a heartless TV exec who only wants the simple things in life: to make tons of money and for people to leave him the hell alone. Hes is a greedy, despicable man who is actually pretty OK with everyone hating him. But one Christmas Eve, after hes made his crew work all night on a crap TV special, the ruthless miser gets a visit from three ghosts who try to show him the error of his ways -- with insults, hellacious cab rides to his unhappy past, punches to the face, and glimpses of a ruinous future. Featuring Murray at his swaggering, wacky 80s comic best and scene-stealing supporting characters galore, SCROOGED is simply way more fun than any Masterpiece Theatre adaptation could ever hope to be. And, at these special holiday Dinner Party screenings YOU too will be visited by three spirits! Whoo...whooo...whoo... Well, three delicious courses anyway -- dinner past, dinner present, and dinner future! Be there, Ebenezer!

BANGARANG! HOOK - Lost Boys Imaginary Dinner Dir. Steven Spielberg, 1991, PG, 144 min, 35mm LC 12/2, 12/6 : RZ 12/30 : SR 12/30, 1/3
Lookie, lookie I got HOOKIE! THE PAN IS BACK! Peter is all grown up and Hook has kidnapped his kids and its up to Tink and the Lost Boys to remind him how to believe again. Some people might try and convince you that this movie is the bad apple of the Steve Spielberg bushel, but I am here to tell you that THOSE PEOPLE ARE FOOLS. This December, its time to remind yourself to never grow up and take the first star to your right and straight on til morning as we travel back to 1991 to celebrate the completely unnecessary but spectacularly enjoyable HOOK with the most imaginative (see what I did there) Lost Boy Supper you could ever dream of! Bangarang Peter...BANGARANG!!!!!!!!! (Greg MacLennan)

Eat Drink Local Feast: SIDEWAYS Dir. Alexander Payne, 2004, R, 127 min SR 12/3
Help the Alamo Drafthouse kick off the annual Eat Drink Local Feast by watching the greatest film to ever merge a bachelor party and the California wine country. The film stars Paul Giamatti as Miles, an underachieving divorced English teacher, and Thomas Haden Church as his wiseass friend, Jack whos soon to be married. Instead of taking his best pal to Vegas before he ties the knot Miles decides to help his friend tour the great vineyards of their home state. Its not too long before Jacks shenanigans change the nice and quiet weekend Miles had planned. Giamatti and Haden Church are excellent as the comedic odd couple and writer/ director Alexander Payne uses the natural beauty of the wine country to juxtapose the sophomoric actions of these two men. Filled with great humanity and biting comedy, SIDEWAYS has become one of the modern classics of American cinema. Along with the film well have an array of great, local, healthy food along with some great wine to accompany it. And dont worry, per Miles request, we wont be serving any freakin Merlot!

HOME ALONE Dinner Party Dir. Chris Columbus, 1990, PG, 103 min, 35mm LC 12/9 & 12/13 : RZ 12/17 & 12/19
Remember when this movie came out? It doesnt matter whether you were a kid, teen, adult, whatever...1990 was the year of HOME ALONE. It rose all the way to #3 on the all-time box office hits and became the seminal holiday movie for a generation. After watching this movie all I ever dreamed of doing is eating unhealthy amounts of ice cream and pizza and booby-trapping idiot burglars when they try to infiltrate my house. I watched my VHS copy of this film so much that I memorized every scene by heart (a lot like Kevin learns the lines to ANGELS WITH FILTHY SOULS). Its comedy line-up of Catherine OHara, John Candy, Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci is hard to beat, especially when Candys playing polka music or Sterns whacking Pesci with a crowbar. So join us as we dine on some cuisine inspired by Kevins antics and revisit this modern classic. (R.J. LaForce)


November-December 2012 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit


Cinema Cocktails: THE THIN MAN Dir. W.S. Van Dyke, 1934, NR, 91 min, 35mm RZ 12/10 & 12/12
THE THIN MAN was the very first film programmed for the Cinema Cocktails series and this December were bringing back the definitive 1930s screwball comedy complete with high-class hooch. The brilliant William Powell and Myrna Loy are Nick and Nora Charles, a married couple whose ability to maintain witty banter is almost as good as their crime-solving skills. Nick, now a retired detective with a penchant for the bottle, is pulled back into the game when he finds out his friend has disappeared and is suspected of being involved in the murder of his girlfriend. And Nora is more than happy to help him solve the crime. Filled with a heavy dose of wry humor and charm we are happy to once again show the initial adventure of Nick and Nora and accompany them with the finest alcoholic concoctions imaginable.

THE HOBBIT Feast Dir. Peter Jackson, 2012 SL 12/18 : LC 12/19 : SR 12/20
Its no secret we here at the Alamo love feasting Hobbit-style pretty much any chance we can get. The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Trilogy Feast is one of our most beloved annual traditions. Sometimes we even do it TWICE a year cause we love it so much! Now, just in time for this years holiday season, that grand ol Shireling himself, Peter Jackson, is unleashing a brand new sure-to-be-awe-inspiring, completely Hobbit-filled Middle Earth adventure on the big screen. Naturally, were anxiously awaiting its release, forks at the ready. This cinematic return to Middle Earth also gives John Bullington, Alamo Executive Chef and resident Tolkien nut, and genius behind our classic LotR Trilogy Feast, a reason to geek out anew -- and we all will surely benefit from that gastronomic geekery. Be you man, woman, elf, elf-ette, dwarf, wizard, or just a guy with a cool beard -- COME! -- join us, in inaugurating a new feast tradition! Thats what were Tolkien about!

THE APARTMENT New Years Eve Feast Dir. Billy Wilder, 1960, NR, 125 min, 35mm RZ 12/31
Join us as we ring in 2013 with the flat-out greatest New Years film in the world: Billy Wilders 1960 masterpiece THE APARTMENT, a brilliantly written, fast-paced, heartbreakingly hilarious adventure of a poor schlub (a young, bumbling Jack Lemmon) who just cant steer things right to fall into the good graces of the most wonderful woman in town (a young, unbelievably charming Shirley MacLaine). In his way are an innumerable number of comic obstacles, including the great Fred MacMurray and Ray Walston as self-serving high-rollers content to kick dirt in the face of anyone who crosses them. Its a gorgeously shot, perfectly constructed, fun-as-hell monument to filmmaking at its very best, and were pleased to bring it back along with a very special menu with drink pairings for that special night.

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY NYE Feast Dir. Rob Reiner, 1989, R, 96 min, 35mm LC 12/31 : SR 12/31
Not only is WHEN HARRY MET SALLY one of the best, smartest romantic comedies of the 1980s, it also features perhaps the greatest New Years Eve scene in cinema history... well, in the history of romantic comedies at least. And hopefully it doesnt spoil it for anyone to say the way this movie ends is pretty much how, deep down, all of us want our New Years Eves to end. In real life. Every year. Well, while we cant quite promise your night will end with big smoochies and proclamations of love as the clock strikes midnight, we can promise a supremely entertaining and classy night of watching, laughing, and feasting to close out 2013 in style. There will be a special menu themed to the film, and of course well have our very own New Years champagne toast. And if you do find yourself kissing your longtime friend and professing your love after the show, well, you can thank us later.

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THE PRINCESS BRIDE Quote-along with Chris Sarandon Live In Person Dir. Rob Reiner, 1987, PG, 98 min
You all know Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Is there a more quotable line from ANY movie than that one? Well, that quote or maybe the whole Mawwage thing...or I guess the As you wish is pretty iconic, too. Oh gosh darn it! Every line in THE PRINCESS BRIDE has transformed from mere lines in a script to gospel that melts even the coldest of hearts. Inconceivable you say? Well the Action Pack challenges you to a duel of words with our PRINCESS BRIDE Quote-Along! Join Westley as he duels Vizzini and his crew, braves the dangers of the fire swamp, and overcomes death for true love. Well have all your favorite lines subtitled up on screen karaoke-style for your quoting pleasure, swords for everyone to fight and dramatically switch hands with, as well as a Rescue Princess Buttercup game before the show. And for one magical show only, the man you love to hate, Prince Humperinck, as so capably embodied by the (actually very friendly) Chris Sarandon will be in the house. As a great villain once said, Please consider this an alternative to suicide. So lace up your boots, draw your swords, and prepare for a miracle because this is true love. You think this happens every day? (Greg MacLennan)

THE PRINCESS BRIDE Feast with Chris Sarandon Live In Person Dir. Rob Reiner, 1987, PG, 98 min
Its no secret that we at the Alamo Drafthouse love, love, love THE PRINCESS BRIDE. It is one of the movies that best sums up everything we adore about movies. We can never see it enough times, and once we heard from Chris Sarandon, who so memorably enacted the part of the black-hearted Prince Humperdinck, we knew that a very special night was in the offing. In addition to the Princes company we will have a multi-course menu, crafted by our executive chef John Bullington. If you know Chef Bullingtons exquisite handiwork from the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Feast and his other appetizing undertakings, you know that this will be an evening to remember for the rest of your life. Avoid the Pit Of Despair and consider this magical screening an alternative to suicide.

Limited Edition Bottle Of Wits: The FEZZIK

Like its giant namesake, the FEZZIK bottle is huge. Standing nearly 20 inches tall, it holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine and will assume a commanding position among the other bottles in your wine cellar, on your mantlepiece, or on your table. Buy one for yourself or give THE GREATEST GIFT EVER to your friends. Buy it fast though, as there are fewer than 100 of these wine bottles of unusual size in existence, and once theyre gone, they are gone for good. Exclusive price of $175 per bottle (normally $225!) for Princess Bride event attendees, while supplies last!

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SOME GIRLS ROLLING STONES LIVE IN TEXAS Dir. Lynn Lenau Calmes, 2011, NR, 100 min SR 11/5 & LC 11/26
THE ROLLING STONES: SOME GIRLS - LIVE IN TEXAS 78 is a never-before-seen concert film that captures the Stones at the height of their musical career - the flashy, trashy Studio 54 SOME GIRLS era. Shot on 16mm in Fort Worth, Texas in 1978, the film has been upgraded to high definition with a 5.1 sound track. With a new introduction by (Sir!) Mick Jagger, where he offers an insight into its significance in the bands history. Fans of the Glimmer Twins most decadent era wont want to miss this.

ALL TOMORROWS PARTIES w/ Director Jonathan Caouette in person! Dir. Jonathan Caouette, 2009, NR, 82 min RZ 11/5
In an out-of-season holiday camp on the coast of England, cult music festival All Tomorrows Parties serves up a heady combination of alternative music, crazy golf and chalet-living; all curated by a single band or artist. This post-punk DIY bricolage uses material generated by the fans and musicians themselves, on a multitude of formats including Super8, camcorder and mobile phone material, over the history of the festival, to capture the uncompromising spirit of a parallel music universe. Artists documented include Lightning Bolt, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Belle And Sebastian, Sonic Youth, Portishead, Daniel Johnston, David Cross, Animal Collective, The Boredoms, Les Savy Fav, Mogwai, Octopus Project, Slint, The Dirty Three, The Gossip, GZA, Iggy and the Stooges, Mars Volta, Shellac, Patti Smith and many more. Essential viewing for anyone whos ever liked music. Period.

THE DOORS: LIVE AT THE BOWL 68 Dir. Ray Manzarek, 1987, NR, 91 min RZ 11/12
Widely held as the bands best performance ever captured on film. Now, for the first time, fans can watch the complete version of LIVE AT THE BOWL 68 digitally re-mastered to its full glory. The entire concert has been restored from the original camera negatives to include the lost performances of Hello, I Love You, Texas Radio, and Spanish Caravan. Also featuring a special lead-in segment with members of the band talking about what it meant to perform at the Hollywood Bowl and the enduring significance of this concert. Not to be missed!


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HARD CORE LOGO Dir. Bruce McDonald, 1996, R, 92 min RZ 11/19

Hailed as a punk rock version of THIS IS SPINAL TAP, Bruce McDonalds HARD CORE LOGO is largely considered to be one of the greatest Canadian films of all time. A mock documentary about a punk rock band reuniting for one final tour through Western Canada, what unveils itself onscreen is a fiction too real to be fake and a reality too strange to be true. The complete devolution of punk rock music plays out onscreen in screamed lyrics and fists thrown at both audience members and fellow bandmates. The film itself is a ghostly, tongue-in-cheek echo of John Lydons closing remarks January 1978 concert, the last Sid Vicious would ever play with The Sex Pistols: Ever get the feeling youve been cheated? For all the sincerity and good will put forth towards HARD CORE LOGOs reunion tour, that accounts for the films structure; no one ever said a house built on rock n roll was structurally sound. Originally released by Quentin Tarantinos short-lived Rolling Thunder Pictures, HARD CORE LOGO is a too-oft forgotten modern classic. Event will be preceded by an exclusive video intro by director Bruce McDonald! (Sam Prime)

LISZTOMANIA Dir. Ken Russell, 1975, R, 103 min, 35mm RZ 11/26

CO-PRESENTED BY WARNER ARCHIVE! The most fantastical, bawdy, synth-adelic, opulent and outr film ever from the 70s most audacious cinematic enfant terrible! Following the huge success of TOMMY, Ken Russell next tackled one of his trademark composer biographies -and the result was the life of Franz Liszt as channeled through Superman comics, 10-foot phalluses, glittery hoedowns, Frankenstein, METROPOLIS, Ringo Starr as The Pope(!), and a stupendous list of other impossible stuff. Portrayed by Roger Daltrey, Liszt is at first shown as a 19th-century equivalent to Daltreys real-life brand of rock n roll animal -- but, of course, Russell gleefully ramps every piece of sensory input to 11, pitting Liszt as a superhero priest sent to annihilate the scourge of vampiric Nazi mad scientist Richard Wagner. Woefully misunderstood and critically savaged upon its original release, LISZTOMANIA is one hell of a good time, and exemplifies a kind of radical chance-taking Hollywood cant even conceive of today -- the kind that Russell couldnt conceive of not bringing to the screen. (Cinefamily)

FELA KUTI - BERLINER JAZZTAGE 78 Dir. George Grunitz, 1978, NR, 87 min RZ 12/3
As a pioneer of Afrobeat and a seminal figure in the history of world music, Fela Kuti has created an outstanding artistic body of work that continues to influence new generations of musicians and fans. His political activism ignited revolutions in Africa and his music inspired generations around the world. Originally broadcast on German and Nigerian television, Berliner Jazztage 78 is some of the best live footage of Fela Kuti ever captured on film. As a headliner of the prestigious German music festival, Fela takes the stage with Afrika 70 and captures the hearts of the audience with a raucous, high-energy, exciting musical performance -- a bonafide genius captured at the peak of his power and popularity.

HEAD Special High For The Holidays Presentation Dir. Bob Rafelson, 1968, G, 86 min, 35mm RZ 12/10 & 12/17
Jack Nicholson (yes, THAT Jack Nicholson) co-wrote and produced The Monkees surrealistic madcap adventure through uncharted psychedelic territory. The prefab fours feature film debut is so chock-full of goofball segments and pie-inthe-face high art that youll go cross-eyed with the best possible combination of confusion and laughter. This must-see journey through the craziest circles of late60s subconscious also contains cameos by everyone from Frank Zappa to boxing superstar Sonny Liston and even ex-Mouseketeer/beach bunny Annette Funicello! A truly hilarious adventure in chemically-altered comedy!

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THE DEVILS RAIN Dir. Robert Fuest, 1975, PG, 86 min, 35mm RZ 11/13
ERNEST BORGNINE MEMORIAL SCREENING! Mr. Borgnine won a Best Actor Oscar in 1955, but it took two full decades before he felt comfortable enough in his Hollywood career to reveal that hes actually Satan. And were not talking your average run-of-the-mill, pointy-eared, red-suited Prince of Lies...Ernie exclusively roams the no-rules, flame-breathing, manimal-faced, ram-horned highway to Hell. Setting up shop in a desert church, he and his demoniac followers (including John Travolta in his eyeball-free debut role) run rampant over innocent souls, arbitarily condemning whoever they please to an eternity in the abyss. Enter would-be saviors of civilization Tom Skerritt (ALIEN), Eddie Albert (GREEN ACRES), film noir legend Ida Lupino and ...(drumroll)...WILLIAM SHATNER with his reliably berserk flair. All this plus a disgustingly goopy climax! NOTE: Dont be put off by the PG stands for Primeval Godlessness. (Zack)

THE DUNGEONMASTER a.k.a. RAGEWAR Dir. Various, 1984, PG-13, 73 min, 35mm RZ 11/6
NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD! What do you get when you combine the seven directors behind TROLL, TERRORVISION, GHOULIES, ELIMINATORS, EQUINOX and...teen prostitution drama SCARRED? A goddamn mess! And one of the most continuitycrippled, mindlessly maniacal anthology films of the golden 80s, as a nerd-assed computer programmer is sucked into a kaleidoscopic dimensional portal by the nefarious Dungeonmaster, played by the thunderous Richard Moll (better known as Bull from NIGHT COURT). To vanquish evil and save his inexplicably attractive girlfriend, our hero faces seven herculean challenges, taking on stone giants, lazer warfare, cave creatures, ice monsters, and...(gasp!)...a heavy metal concert! Murder your brain with this 35mm kamikaze attack on intellectualism, a one-ofa-kind journey up the ass end of independent theatrical wildness. I dub thee... EXCALIBRATE! What??!! (Zack)

STREET TRASH Dir. Jim Muro, 1987, NR, 91 min, 35mm RZ 11/20
The seedier cinema of the 70s provided us with unflinching displays of former unmentionables like rape, castration, drug abuse, necrophilia and general human filth. Here, ten years later, we were invited to laugh at them. New Yorks most impressive contribution to the eras sleaze canon, STREET TRASH still manages to turn the stomach and wrench a giggle from the most cast-iron gore enthusiast. A mysterious container of cheap booze causes severely colorful fatalities within the NYC hobo community. As the casualty count increases, so does the fury of psychotic vagrant kingpin Bronson, whose grip on the New York underbelly is threatened by his loss of manpower as well as the investigating police force. Complications continue to arise until were treated to a multi-layered ensemble study that includes Mafioso, background new wavers, explosive combat flashback nightmares and gallons upon gallons of vagabond stew. A gurgling holocaust of rainbow fluids and rampant violence, this is Fuck You in the shape of a movie. (Zack)


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DEVIL TIMES FIVE Dir. Sean MacGregor, 1974, R, 88 min, 35mm RZ 11/27
Children. Its high time that we exterminate these vermin. Everything about them is disgusting: the way theyre conceived, their parasitic sustenance-draining embryo state, and of course that unspeakably hellish moment when the shriveled creature bursts out of its mothers vagina in an agonizing fountain of reeking, plasmic organs. And - as evidenced in DEVIL TIMES FIVE - it only gets worse from there. In this cautionary tale from writer Sandra Lee Blowitz (THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF ZORRO), five pre-adolescent psychopaths (including tiny Leif Garrett!) escape their padded confines and take refuge in an unwitting winter vacation community. Its not long before each of the wee nutballs find a way to showcase his or her particular talent for homicide, ranging from decapitations to arson to pretty much everything else. Exceedingly brutal, lascivious and crude, this is the movie that will at last convince you to take a steak knife to your infant and/or genitals for the greater good of mankind. (Zack)

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PT. 2 Dir. Jack Sholder, 1985, R, 87 min, 35mm RZ 12/4
Upon its release, audiences mistook NOES2 for another quickie cash-grab sequel. Little did they realize that its actually the single most powerful cinematic depiction of a young man coming to terms with his latent homosexuality. Rather than erections and/or rubdowns, said yearnings are incarnated as none other than Freddy Kreuger, the horribly scarred, child-murdering hero of the 80s, who insists on coming out of our lead character at only the most inopportune times. Any time our hard-luck teen protagonist Jesse finds himself alone (and shirtless) with another man, the sweat starts pouring, the teeth start gritting, and a certain veiny buddy is unleashed. A major departure from the initial installment, this one ramps up the awkwardness with a heapin helpin of very severe penetration angst. So strap on your leathers and come party with the original monster in the closet: Freddy! (Zack)

PRINCE OF DARKNESS Dir. John Carpenter, 1987, R, 102 min, 35mm RZ 12/18
Satan has roamed our world in several forms: Adolf Hitler, Russell Brand, and -in this case -- as a cannister of swirling green goop determined to plunge the universe into eternal darkness. Antichrist proponent-turned-filmmaker John Carpenter followed his flawless BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA with the movie that would prove to be the most wrongly underappreciated cinematic hell-slammer of the 80s. The mighty Donald Pleasence (Doc Loomis in the HALLOWEEN series) is the short, shaky, bald priest facing off against evil incarnate. Good luck. Not content to merely wipe our species off the map, Carpenters liquid Lucifer delights in grisly possession suicides, telekinetic skin-flaying, weather/mind control and transmitting deeply haunting television signals from mankinds inescapable nonfuture. Relentlessly vicious and bleak, this is also probably one of the top three movies to feature a scientist saying a swear word before being impaled by a hobo played by Alice Cooper. (Zack)

DEATHDREAM a.k.a. DEAD OF NIGHT Dir. Bob Clark, 1974, PG, 88 min, 35mm RZ 12/11
Departed/dearly missed Canadian auteur Bob Clark was the force behind PORKYS, BABY GENIUSES 2 and some of the most enduring horror films in cinematic history. No one will argue the innovation and scarepower of the original BLACK CHRISTMAS or the flawless Ed Gein opera DERANGED. But the often overlooked DEATHDREAM is his most compelling dramatic achievement. The parents of a Vietnam war casualty find their grieving rudely interrupted by their son knocking on the front door. The joyful reunion is short-lived as his increasingly bloodthirsty behavior begins to hint that he may not have made it home alive after all. Horror effects legend Tom Savini lends some of his earliest work to this perfectly constructed destroyer with teeth-grittingly strong performances from all on screen. This is especially true of John Marley, an incredibly talented actor who horror fans will recognize from THE CAR and wine-sipping college students will recall from Cassavetes FACES. The other 99.7% of society wouldnt give a rats ass about either film -- or anything else made prior to MATRIX II -- and should be shot in the back of the head. (Zack)

SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT PT. 2 Dir. Lee Harry, 1987, R, 88 min, 35mm RZ 12/25
Some may think of December 25th as Moses birthday or whatever, but this year, its GARBAGE DAY!! This explosively inane follow-up to the original banned classic is comprised of 30% flashbacks and 80% shameless retardation, resulting in 110% undiluted slasher entertainment. After seeing his homicidally Santanic brother killed at the end of the first film, Ricky has spent years festering in a mental institution, plotting his jolly revenge. Once freed, he begins his meteoric assault into red-suited murderous mayhem, pausing only to unleash torrents of skull-destroying senselessness. Widely regarded as one of the most infantile horror offerings of the 20th century -- which it is -- SNDN2 is also a barrage of pure, unpretentious goof-assedness, a throwback to the conscience-free partygore hell of drive-in greats like Herschell Gordon Lewis. This Christmas, set a couple churches on fire on your way to the Ritz, where well be soaking up endless bad performances and good cheer. Its a wonderful death. (Zack)

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CHAINED HEAT Dir. Paul Nicholas, 1983, R, 99 min, 35mm RZ 11/7

Pure women-in-prison exploitation with all the catfights, steamy shower scenes and deviant sexuality you can handle. Maybe more! Linda Blair plays the new fish on the cellblock. With Queen of the Amazons Sybil Danning and CLEOPATRA JONES star Tamara Dobson as warring inmates. Kinky Stella Stevens cracks the whip as the captain of the guards and scuzzy John Vernon plays the warden (who has a hot tub in his office). Sharp-eyed viewers will also recognize the great Henry Silva. Others may disagree but I think this is a great first-date movie (but be sure to bring enough for her cab fare home just in case). Either shell love it or shell flee. What better way to separate the wheat from the chaff? After all, who wants to get stuck with a good girl? (Lars)

THE VIOLENT PROFESSIONALS Dir. Sergio Martino, 1973, R, 104 min, 35mm RZ 11/14
When a tough detective (played by human comic-book drawing Luc Merenda) reaches the end of his fuse, the explosion takes out half of the Italian underworld, and quite a few innocent bystanders. Director Sergio Martino and screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi appear to have taken it upon themselves to trump the Dirty Harry movies with even more extra-legal police mayhem and rights-trampling. Merendas idea of investigational procedure is, brutality aside, surreal in the extreme. He essentially turns into a pool-hustling, pimping bad guy to stalk his quarry and in that guise commits much more crime than he could ever hope to prevent. He genuinely becomes Milans public health menace number one. As a bonus, the De Angelis brothers provide one of their best harsh 70s reality scores. (Lars)

SWINGING COEDS Dir. Walter Boos, 1972, R, 87 min, 35mm RZ 11/21

If youre like most people, when you think of Germany the subject of sex doesnt immediately come to mind. Its there but it has to wait in line behind Hitler, bratwurst and David Hasselhoffs recording career. So it may come as a surprise that Germany was a hugely prolific source of sexploitation films for the international market. Particularly popular were the report films, exposes of deviant sexual behavior among different groups of attractive young women. The proclivities of housewives, stewardesses, secretaries and milkmaids were thus explored but the movies that really brought out the raincoat crowd en masse were the ones that focused on the student body. THE SWINGING COEDS is one of the funniest and sexiest of these. It also has two long, shapely legs up on the others in the form of Swedish sex goddess Christina Lindberg, who has a much more substantial role in this than her usual two-minute walk-ons. Dubbed in Atlanta, with a southern rock soundtrack! (Lars)

DRUM Dir. Steve Carver, 1976, R, 110 min, 35mm RZ 11/28

Get geared up for DJANGO UNCHAINED with this jaw-dropping slavesploitation masterpiece. You wont believe how utterly wrong and politically incorrect this movie is. Heavyweight boxer Ken Norton (MANDINGO) plays an ubermale stud slave named Drum, whos the apple of everyones eye, both black and white, male and female. Producer Dino Di Laurentiis probably threw out his elbow patting himself on the back for this accurate and balanced historical treatment of slavery but the reaction in the theaters most likely veered between hysterical laughter and shocked indignation. With whippings, rapes, castrations and the most repulsive white people in the history of the cinema. And what a cast. Warren Oates, Pam Grier, Yaphet Kotto. Come marvel at this hyper-entertaining spectacle of bad taste at its finest. (Lars)


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THE BODYGUARD Dir. Ryuichi Takamori, 1976, R, 87 min, 35mm RZ 12/5

In another Tarantino favorite, the great Sonny Chiba plays himself, martial arts superstar and international anti-drug crusader. After dispatching a gang of airplane hijackers with his bare hands, he calls a press conference where he offers his peerless services as a bodyguard to anyone who will testify in court against the international drug syndicate. When the Godfathers mistress accepts his offer, a lot of would-be assassins kick the breathing habit for good thanks to Chibas martial arts prowess and total lack of mercy. If you enjoy watching Sonny Chiba kill a lot of people (and if you dont, why in the hell are you reading this?) you cannot miss THE BODYGUARD. Viva Chiba! (Lars)

THE DIRTY OUTLAWS Dir. Franco Rossetti, 1967, R, 103 min, 35mm RZ 12/12
In the 60s and 70s Italy churned out hundreds of Spaghetti Westerns. Youve probably seen the big ones, THE GOOD THE BAD & THE UGLY, etc. Those are obviously essential. But there is a whole universe of these Italian westerns. THE DIRTY OUTLAWS (aka DESPERADO) is one of the more obscure ones (though Quentin Tarantino is a big fan). While it may not have the big budget and professional polish of some of the larger productions, it makes up for the difference in violent exuberance and quasi-mythical oddness. Whereas American Westerns tended to reuse the same plots, many of the Spaghetti Westerns feel like faithful transcriptions of dreams. This is one of those. (Lars)

THE DAY TIME ENDED Dir. John Bud Cardos, 1979, PG, 79 min, 35mm RZ 12/19
A psychedelic sci-fi freakout you can bring the whole family to. This strange and awesome alien encounter film takes a pretty basic premise about an alien landing in the desert, adds some Sun Ra style transmolecularization and about $5,000 worth of intense basement special effects. The final product is as close to total happiness as you can get without actually opening up your skull and messing with the wires and shit. The plot concerns a family get-together on a western ranch spoiled by the appearance of a glowing green pyramid in the horse corral. Soon all manner of aliens and UFOs are showing up to alarm the family and to - I dont know how else to put it - fuck with them. These aliens can communicate with them telepathically, alter destiny and make everything really shiny and pretty. Best of all, theres no real explanation. It just happens. Ill be enjoying this one with a tall frosty mug of LSD. Wont you join me? (Lars)


Just in case the world doesnt end on December 21, we will cap off another great year of Weird Wednesdays with a top secret surprise screening. The name of the film will be held in strictest confidence and only announced at the screening. You can be certain that the theme of the movie will be appropriate for the High For The Holidays theme, so be sure to pay a visit to your parents medicine cabinet after your holiday dinner. You wont be disappointed. (Lars)

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Its time again for CHOOSE YOUR OWN PANCAKE where you, the viewer, get to pick a movie for Master Pancake, and then we improvise a complete mock of it, including the skit! Bring the DVD of your choice, well narrow it down to our top favorites, then the audience will vote on which of those they want to see. Be prepared to give a short speech. The audience has final say. Previous winners include: WHITE COMANCHE, LOGANS RUN, LEFT BEHIND, FACE/OFF, SKYSCRAPER, AND BULLET PROOF! What will be the pick this time around? CYOP is always a fun night, with lots of audience participation and the thrill of seeing a movie mock created right before your eyes. (John)

ROAD HOUSE Dir. Rowdy Herrington, 1989, R, 114 min RZ 11/9, 11/10, 11/16, 11/17, 11/24, 12/8
Master Pancake revives the very first mock they did there back in November of 2007, the Citizen Kane of bouncer movies: ROAD HOUSE. ROAD HOUSE (1989) tells the story of Dalton, a Zen bouncer (or cooler as its called in the trade) played by Patrick Swayze who uses his cooling powers and Zen wisdom (Pain dont hurt) to help turn a seedy whisky joint into a somewhat less seedy whisky joint. Along the way Sam Elliott beefs things up as Daltons mustachioed mentor Wade Garrett, while Swayze meets his mullet-match in the impossibly coiffed town doctor played by Kelly Lynch. Come watch Master Pancake give ROAD HOUSE a roundhouse to the groin as Pancake Master John Erler welcomes to the mic guest comedians Mac Blake and David Jara of Mascot Wedding Productions and The Hustle Show. (John)


What happens if you hold a Choose Your Own Pancake and cant show the winning movie? Turn it into a Mystery Monday seven months later! Last April during a Choose Your Own event, we had some technical difficulties and couldnt play the winning DVD. We vowed then that we would eventually give that movie -- and Simon, the man who brought it -- its due. Well, that time has come. In order to keep the price low, we cant tell you the title of the movie, but rest assured an audience of 150 thought enough of it to make it their number one choice to be mocked. Those folks werent monkeying around because this movies definitely a shue in. Maybe you can even find a link to it somewhere online. Keep in mind, like all CYOPs, it wont be a rehearsed product. But for the ridiculous price of $3 how can you resist? And we may even have Simon join us on mic to make fun of it. (John)

XMAS SHOW RZ 12/14, 12/15, 12/21, 12/22

The Master Pancake holiday extravaganza returns! Join us as we mock a blizzard of clips from your favorite holiday movies and specials (RUDOLPH, FROSTY, THE GRINCH) and some weird programs you never dreamed existed (THE CHRISTMAS SHOES, HOLIDAY PORN). Pancake Master John Erler welcomes to the mic guest comedians Joe Parsons and Owen Egerton who join us for all the fun, including caroling based on your actual holiday memories. Past audiences have been treated to such improvised carols as Deer Hooker and Circumsized for Christmas. Well also have an audience sing-along, seasonal snacks, and a little Pudding and Butter. Come help us SLEIGH THE HOLIDAYS in Master Pancake style! Warning: kids may enjoy it, but the show is definitely rated R! (John)


We cant tell you what movie well be mocking. And it wont be a finished product. But for the ridiculous price of $3, how can you resist? Heres what we can tell you: its a movie that Pancake veterans Mac Blake and David Jara have been itching to do for ages, but we didnt think it could sustain a full run. So its a pet project, a labor of love, if you will. Cant tell you what the title is, but we can say that its about video games and that it was SAVAGED by the critics. Weve written a lot of jokes for it, but were going to be improvising a lot of them too. If things go well, maybe well do a full run of it. If not, youll have seen a one-time-only Master Pancake show for super cheap. So what if its not polished? Always a fun time. (John)


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local fashion discoveries

2904 Guadalupe St. 512-480-9922

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BRIDGET JONESS DIARY Dir. Sharon Maguire, 2001, R, 97 min RZ 11/6 & 11/13 : LC 11/7
Bridget Jones is, in the words of Chaka Khan, every woman. Shes smart but baffled by men; shes pretty but always concerned about her weight; shes hilarious but often unintentionally so. She sings terrible karaoke, wears inappropriate costumes to fancy dress parties and drinks far too much. In short, she is a modern day hero, and at Girlie Night, well celebrate her, just as she is. Leave your genuinely tiny knickers at home and let it all hang out as we cheer on Bridget (Renee Zellweger), tell off Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) and swoon over Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), a man so handsome, he can even pull off a reindeer sweater. No need to prepare any notes on the situation in Chechnya, but come ready to hug your wine bottle and sing along to All By Myself. (Dont worry, you wont be alone in your esteem for Bridget Jones, wanton sex goddess.) Smug marrieds are strictly prohibited. (Sarah Pitre)

Afternoon Tea: DANGEROUS LIAISONS Dir. Stephen Frears, 1988, R, 119 min SL 11/10
Prepare to be seduced by tantalizing tea, tasty treats and the deliciously scandalous costume drama of DANGEROUS LIAISONS. The Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil (Glenn Close) and Vicomte Sebastien de Valmont (John Malkovich) are master manipulators who elevate the art of back-stabbing to unparalleled heights. But when Sebastien actually falls for his victim, Madame de Tourvel (Michelle Pfeiffer), he finds himself caught in a web of his own deceit, with the darkly cunning Marquise closing in for the kill. Malkovich and Close are formidable opponents as both characters and actors, and their escalating games of secrets and lies build the intensity to wonderfully excruciating levels. Also featuring Uma Thurman and Keanu Reeves, this juicy slice of cinema will titillate you with intrigue while you enjoy tea and treats just as delectable as the costumes and set design. (Sarah Pitre)


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Man Crush: GHOST Dir. Jerry Zucker, 1990, PG-13, 127 min SL 11/27 & 11/29
When Patrick Swayze passed away in 2009, the world lost the ultimate Sensitive Tough Guy. Swayze was a magical contradiction of manly and sweet, a macho dude who could feel all of the feelings. For Novembers Man Crush, we salute his brawn and his soul with GHOST, a ridiculously compelling story of loves triumph over death. After Sam Wheat (Swayze) dies, he remains on earth as a ghost to protect his partner, Molly (Demi Moore) from his killers while trying to expose their crimes with the help of Oda Mae Brown, a psychic (Whoopi Goldberg). Swayze is at his sexy, hunky best in this Academy Award-winning film, and you wont need a potters wheel to feel his presence electrify every scene. Join us for this celebration of Swayze and prepare to get haunted by the hottest ghost in history. (Sarah Pitre)

LOVE ACTUALLY Dir. Richard Curtis, 2003, R, 135 min VL 12/4 : LC 12/5 : RZ 12/11 & 12/18 : SR 12/12
Forget about A Christmas Story or Charlie Brown. Heck, forget about Baby Jesus! LOVE ACTUALLY is basically the whole reason I celebrate Christmas. For, without this masterpiece of a romantic comedy, there would be no love in this cold, cruel world. Plus, wed all be stuck singing Jingle Bells instead of everyones favorite carol, Christmas Is All Around. I challenge you to find one other movie that combines Colin Firth, an adorable little boy with a dead mom, the British Prime Minister, the porn industry, Mr. Bean, a washed up rock star and a kid in an octopus costume into something that makes me cry tears of shimmering, golden joy into my holiday cocktail. This film TROUNCES all other holiday films in the squee category. I mean, ask me how many times Ive rewound and watched the scene when Mark shows up at Juliets door and shows her a sign that says, To me, you are perfect. Because OMG I WANT THAT!!!! Join us for this very special holiday edition of Girlie Night, where youre allowed (and expected) to squeal, sigh and grab your neighbors arm when Colin Firth finally proposes to that Portuguese lady. (Sarah Pitre)

Afternoon Tea: LITTLE WOMEN Dir. Gillian Armstrong, 1994, PG, 115 min LC 12/8 : SL 12/15
Long before women wondered if they were a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte, girls have been classifying themselves as one of the March sisters. If youre traditional, youre Meg (Trini Alvarado); if youre unbelievably angelic, youre Beth (Claire Danes); if youre silly and vain, youre Amy (Kirsten Dunst), although you probably wont admit it. But of course, everyone really just wants to be Jo (Winona Ryder), the brave, fiery heroine of Louisa May Alcotts classic novel. Jo is daring and independent, and, equally as important, she has the chance to marry Laurie (Christian Bale), an opportunity that all of us would seize, am I right ladies? Grab your sister, your Marmee or your favorite gal pal for this special holiday edition of Afternoon Tea and cozy up with the March sisters while sipping on tea and nibbling on treats. And no, you dont have to share with the Hummels. (Sarah Pitre)

Man Crush: THE FUGITIVE Dir. Andrew Davis, 1993, PG-13, 130 min SL 12/13
Its easy to man crush on Harrison Ford, but its extremely difficult to choose one film with which to celebrate his handsome, badass ways. After all, he cant help but be a total fox in all of his movies, so in the end, it came down to externalities. And THE FUGITIVE has pretty much every bonus factor imaginable: thrilling action, big explosions, daring heroics, scintillating intrigue and, most important, Tommy Lee Jones, who won the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his performance. (With Jones in the mix, youre actually getting two studs for the price of one!) In this adaptation of the 1960s television series, Dr. Richard Kimble (Ford) is falsely convicted of murdering his wife, so he goes on the run to find her killer and prove his innocence. As U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard (Jones) follows in hot pursuit, youll find yourself in the strange position of cheering both of these men on in their endeavors, because theyre just too damn awesome to lose. (Sarah Pitre)

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NETWORK Dir. Sidney Lumet, 1976, R, 121 min SR 11/6 & 11/8 : VL 11/11 & 11/14 : RZ 11/25 & 11/27
NETWORK is simply one of the most insane movies that has ever been released by a Hollywood studio. Its also one of the best, most intelligent and flat-out ballsy cinematic satires ever. That shouldnt be a shock when you look at the talent involved: Sidney Lumet, Paddy Chayefsky, Faye Dunaway, Peter Finch, Robert Duvall. I could go on and on. Chayefskys screenplay about the corporate takeover of a TV station combines many of the social issues that were defining America in the 1970s, mainly American political terrorism and the conglomeration and political manipulation of television. He brilliantly mixes these very pertinent and important subjects with an over-the-top, farcical, biting tone that makes the film all the more groudbreaking and powerful. Lumet assuredly directs the films many different elements while the cast, lead by three Academy-Award winning performances by Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway and Beatrice Straight, achieves the balancing act of making their characters both overblown caricatures and realistic people. We at the Alamo are proud to bring NETWORK, back to the big screen. (R.J.)

GREMLINS Dir. Joe Dante, 1984, PG-13, 106 min LC 12/1, 12/2, 12/4 : SR 12/8, 12/9, 12/13
Joe Dantes hilariously funny, wickedly scary film is about a lovable, furry little Christmas gift that multiplies into many little Christmas gifts, with savage consequences. Rand Peltzer (Hoyt Axton) is an inventor who hasnt successfully invented anything. But this Christmas hes bringing his family something special -- a small, cuddly creature known as a mogwai. The little fella comes with three crucial instructions. Hes not to be fed after midnight, hes not to get any direct light and he should never be given so much as a drop of water. If Rand and his son Billy (Zach Galligan) can adhere to these rules they can avoid the otherwise tragic consequences. Unfortunately, the rules are harder to stick to than it seems, and suddenly Billy finds himself with far too many pets, all with big appetites. Its up to Billy and his girlfriend (Phoebe Cates) to stop the mischievous gremlins before they ruin Christmas for the residents of Kingston Falls. One of the most loved and original Holiday movies, GREMLINS is a cinematic Christmas present for all.

PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES Dir. John Hughes, 1987, R, 103 min SR 11/18, 11/22-11/24 : VL 11/22-11/24 : LC 11/2211/24
Hollywood has provided us with no shortage of classic Christmas films, but there is only ONE great Thanksgiving epic, and it is HERE. No fibbin...this is the flat-out funniest holiday feature ever made, and deserves to stand tall in the ranks of Perfect Movies! John Candy gives his best-ever performance as shower curtain ring salesman Del Griffith, a carefree loser who takes uptight businessman Neal Page (Steve Martin) on the misadventure-ride of a lifetime. Thrill to flaming cars, maniacal hijinks, emotional blowouts and a face full of really big, really dirty underwear.

ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE Dir. Frank Capra, 1946, NR, 132 min SR 12/2, 12/4, 12/5 : VL 12/11, 12/13
Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra have said multiple times that ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE remained the favorite production and film each one was ever a part of. Over time the film has gained notoriety as a seminal holiday classic and has been given the distinction of being a sentimental and corny gem about whats important in life. This couldnt be further from the truth. In fact, Capras film is one of the psychologically darker and emotionally rich Hollywood productions of the 1940s. Thats not to say its uplifting, but the undertones, which were no doubt brought upon by each mans experience in WWII, allow for a very mature and complex experience. So if youve skipped this film because of its reputation as a light, happy Christmas movie do yourself a favor and see this undisputed classic. And if youre already a fan you can ditch the annual TV viewing and watch it on the big screen at the Alamo.

A CHRISTMAS STORY Dir. Bob Clark, 1983, PG, 94 min, 35mm RZ 12/21-12/23
There is no other Christmas movie that captures both the adolescent joy and adult horror that comes with the holiday season than A CHRISTMAS STORY. This film version of the childhood memoirs of Jean Shepard also is a painstakingly accurate depiction of Midwestern middle-class suburban life. Told through the eyes of little Ralphie, who wants nothing more than a Red-Ryder BB Gun to make his Christmas dreams come true. But as the months of November and December pass we are also viewers of his home life and his brilliantly subjective take on it. We see his father, played to perfection by Daren McGavin, move between stern discipline and juvenile outbursts. His mother (Melinda Dillon), all love and concern, is the kind of matriarch we all want, but try telling that to Ralphie when she keeps repeating the mantra that he will shoot his eye out if he gets his coveted Christmas gift. A CHRISTMAS STORY is so much more than a great Christmas movie, but the commercialized sentimentality that is forced on us during this time makes its overall effect that much better. (R.J. LaForce)


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SULLIVANS TRAVELS Dir. Preston Sturges, 1941, NR, 90 min, 35mm RZ 11/19 & 11/21
A successful comedy director, John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea), yearns to expand beyond his frivolous repertoire and to broach more serious, respectable subject matters. His yearning leads him to pursue an adaptation of a work that is both aimed at and about the less fortunate, Sinclair Becksteins O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? Met with criticism from his producers, who claim that he knows nothing of the common man or his plight, the director dresses up as a penniless hobo to experience first-hand the ins-n-outs of the socially-relevant drama that is his dream. From one farcical turn to the next, Sullivan cant seem to escape his Hollywood roots that is, until he meets a young girl portrayed by the lovely Veronica Lake. Finding himself both literally and figuratively in the deep end from here forward, Sullivan learns a simple, moral lesson the hardest way possible. Another unforgettable, Preston Sturges tale of comedy and woe! (Sam Prime)

THE MIRACLE OF MORGANS CREEK Dir. Preston Sturges, 1944, NR, 98 min, 35mm RZ 11/26 & 11/28
Here, in his heyday, Sturges was the most courageous, confrontational nutball the studio system would ever encounter. The writer/director was a tornado of productivity, fearlessly (and uproariously) assaulting Hollywood executives and international audiences with every taboo he could lay his mitts on. And no project of his ever started monocles spinning like THE MIRACLE OF MORGANS CREEK, where he set his WWII-era sights on the home front, dropping comedic bombs of casual sex, teen pregnancy, bigamy and general banana-peel insanity. Betty Hutton plays Trudy Kockenlocker (ahem...), who comes home from a night of carousing with a bun in the oven, much to the dismay of her spastically furious father (the gut-busting William Demarest) and her would-be beau, played by the lovable, owl-faced Eddie Bracken. Come witness the work of a filmmaking genius at the tip-top height of his prodigious powers, and exit the theater with a bellyful of earth-shaking yuks! (Zack)

THE PALM BEACH STORY Dir. Preston Sturges, 1942, NR, 88 min, 35mm RZ 12/1 & 12/3
With a cast and title that misleadingly spell out Hollywood Romance, Sturges delivers one of his slyest assaults on the intricacies (and idiocies) of the human heart. Claudette Colbert (IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT) and Joel McCrea (SULLIVANS TRAVELS) are a hapless married couple under the duress of financial hardship. In an attempt to do the right thing, they separate to escape each other...only to end up in the exact same spot: Palm Beach. From there, Sturges unleashes a full-scale torrent of madcappery and misunderstandings, igniting a screwball powder keg like none other in film history. Egos and asses are bruised as the increasing circle of zany characters stumble from one fine mess to the next. Not just one of the filmmakers finest, but one of the most cynically heartwarming movies youll ever see in your fool life. (Zack)

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Bangarang!: POINT BREAK Dir. Kathryn Bigelow, 1991, R, 123 min, 35mm RZ 10/30 , 11/4
Before Kathryn Bigelow was making movies about Iraq War bomb techs and SEAL Team 6 hunting down Osama Bin Laden, she was making IMPORTANT movies about vampires in the southwest and unruly gangs of surfer bank robbers. If you like your heart palpitations short and ultra-fast, then strap yourself in for the nonstop adrenaline ride that is POINT BREAK. Keanu Reeves has never been more vacant than as the FBI agent Johnny Utah who is forced into deep cover as a surfer dude infiltrating the suspected Dead Presidents bank robber circle headed by none other than Mr. Patrick I can rip your throat out if I feel like it Swayze. If seeing these two dudes backsiding huge waves and fist fighting 15,000 feet above the Earths surface isnt your thing, then you might want to shoot yourself in the face because you clearly have no barometer for fun. So, come out and celebrate your right to choose your President this November by watching muscly surfer dudes dress up as your favorite ex-presidents and rob banks. BANGARANG! (Greg MacLennan)

FREE RADICALS: A HISTORY OF EXPERIMENTAL FILM Dir. Pip Chodorov, 2010, NR, 82 min SL 11/3 & 11/4
A personal window into the history of experimental cinema, Pip Chodorovs film begins with a simple and inviting phrase: Id like you to meet some of my friends and see their films. Without aspiring to be comprehensive, Chodorov presents an array of short works by the experimental directors he quite literally grew up with, as well as excerpts from the interviews and conversations conducted with the aforementioned filmmakers throughout his lifetime. Featured here are the likes of Hans Richter, Robert Breer, Michael Snow, Peter Kubelka, and Stan Brakhage, just a handful of the personalities that make up the canon of experimental film. Chodorov also does something unique to the documentary form: he allows intervals within his film wherein he plays short experimental works in their entirety, blissfully presented without commentary. FREE RADICALS is a beautiful essay from a film community insider: a love letter to experimental cinema and its makers. (Sam Prime)

AGFA Deep Tracks: LAGRESSION (ACT OF AGGRESSION) Dir. Gerard Pires, 1975, R, 101 min, 35mm SL 11/5
At every installment of the AGFA Deep Tracks series, we invite you to view a film from the murky depths of the American Genre Film Archive vault, with all proceeds benefiting the Archive. In this edition, we bring you a little-known Catherine Deneuve picture from 1975, LAGRESSION. A man named Paul Varlin (Jean-Louis Trintignant), his wife (Michelle Grellier), and their daughter (Catherine Deneuve) venture across country on a family vacation. Letting the long and winding road get the best of him, the man gets into a heated, if ultimately trivial argument with some tough, leatherclad motorcycle dudes. The dudes dont take kindly to his posturing and payback is immediate and deadly -- they attack in full force, bringing the vehicle to a screeching halt and leaving him unconscious. When Varlin awakes, he discovers to his horror that his wife and daughter have been raped and murdered. What follows is a most harrowing tale of vigilante justice. (Sam Prime)

MIAMI CONNECTION Dir. Y.K. Kim, R, 1987, 83 min Opens 11/9

THE ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT IN TAE KWON DO ANTI-SANITY! The year is 1987. Motorcycle ninjas tighten their grip on Floridas narcotics trade, viciously annihilating anyone who dares move in on their turf. Multinational martial arts rock band Dragon Sound have had enough, and embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice. When not chasing beach bunnies or performing their hit song Against the Ninja, Mark (Tae kwon do master/inspirational speaker Y.K. Kim) and the boys are kicking and chopping at the drug worlds smelliest underbelly. Itll take every ounce of their blood and courage, but Dragon Sound cant stop until theyve completely destroyed the dealers, the drunk bikers, the kill-crazy ninjas, the middle-aged thugs, the stupid cocaine...and the entire MIAMI CONNECTION!!!


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Zzang!!!: SUPERMAN III Dir. Richard Lester, 1983, PG, 125 min, 35mm SL 11/11
Yep. The Richard Pryor one. Sometimes you program a movie because you simply need to. Because its so powerful, so unjustly disregarded, so just plain entertaining that its your goddamn duty to shove it directly in the worlds unwilling eye sockets. Such is the case with SUPERMAN III, which Im not afraid to say is THE BEST SUPERMAN MOVIE THAT WILL EVER BE MADE. This is your cue to scoff if youre a boring, joyless, closedminded turd. Everyone else will be with us at this rare 35mm screening to witness the film thats one part Jacques Tati, two parts Pryor, and 500,000 parts pure SUPERMAN. In fact, we challenge you to watch this film without being decimated by its infinite bizarre complexities and wayward concepts, from Supes dual personality alcohol-fueled suicide battle to the terrifying robotization of a middleaged woman in a jumpsuit. Sometimes Hollywood accidentally makes a perfect movie, and sometimes it takes the public 29 years to catch on. That sometimes is NOW. ZZANG!!! (Zack)

Austin Film Society and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema present: CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING (Brand New 35mm Print!) Dir. Jacques Rivette, 1974, NR, 193 min, 35mm SL 11/17 & 11/18
Cinema as pure magic! Jacques Rivettes CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING is a modern, hallucinatory fairy tale, a proverbial tumble down the rabbit hole of narrative filmmaking! With thanks to a magic sweet, the titular Celine and Julie move from their everyday world to a parallel world that is beyond all they can imagine a mystical, magical place that is slightly reminiscent of, but not quite, their own. The result of this semi-improvisatory cinematic experiment is a hypnotic metafilmic experience that must simply be seen to be believed. In partnership with the Austin Film Society, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is proud to present this brand new 35mm print of Jacques Rivettes CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING! (Sam Prime)

Asian Invasion: HEROES SHED NO TEARS Dir. John Woo, 1986, NR, 93 min, 35mm RZ 11/18
Before he made A BETTER TOMORROW, THE KILLER and HARD BOILED, John Woo cut his teeth in the Hong Kong film industry for over 20 years, perfecting his craft in one of the toughest and most competitive environments in the world. By the time he made this Rambo-inspired film, he knew all the ins and outs of action, and it shows. The pace never flags in this story of a group of mercenaries dispatched into southeast Asia to retrieve a drug lord. In the classic mode, getting in is easy, but getting out is hard. There are more explosions in this film than in many actual wars and Woo takes you right into the action. Dont miss this very rare screening. (Lars)

Cinema Club: FORTY GUNS With Special Guest Louis Black Dir. Samuel Fuller, 1957, NR, 79 min, 35mm RZ 11/18
At each installment of Cinema Club we are joined by a special guest presenter who introduces the screening and participates in a discussion about the film afterwards with Alamo programmers and you the audience. This time we are honored to be joined by Austin Chronicle editor and co-founder Louis Black. We will celebrate the centenary of the late, great Samuel Fuller, one of Americas purest film artists and a favorite of ours. The film, FORTY GUNS, is a delirious, strangely sexualized western starring Barbara Stanwyck as a tyrannical land baroness who maintains a private army of forty guns. When a new marshall (Barry Sullivan) arrives in town, the sparks - and bullets - fly. This was the era of subtextual westers, and this one is bursting at the seams with innuendo. It is raucous and perverse, just the way we like them. In massive, overpowering Cinemascope. (Lars)

Bangarang!: DUTCH Dir. Peter Faiman, 1991, PG-13, 107 min, 35mm SL 11/18 & 11/22
Dutch is a working class man with his own money, Doyle is a worthless and entitled 12-year-old child. Why would you ever find these two traveling across the country together? Dutch is dating Doyles mom and he agreed to drive cross country to pick Doyle up from boarding school to get him home for Thanksgiving. Doyle hates Dutch...Dutch hates Doyle, but they are going to have to get along if they want to get back to Chicago in one piece. Dutch is probably my all-time favorite Thanksgiving movie. ONeill wears his contempt on his face and delivers the cruelest of lines with the greatest of ease. John Hughes work here is pure poetry. To see ONeill menace and belittle a child truly gives me reason for thanks. And thats why Bangarang! is celebrating this Thanksgiving with the greatest of Thanksgiving/Road Trip movie ever. So before you go home for the holidays, come to the Alamo and celebrate DUTCH, we might even have BB guns to shoot each other in the ass with, either way the first round of waters is on me. BANGARANG! (Greg MacLennan)

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QT Retrospective: JACKIE BROWN Dir. Quentin Tarantino, 1997, R, 154 min, 35mm LC 11/30 & 12/1
This has already become the forgotten great Tarantino film. Based on Elmore Leonards RUM PUNCH the film focuses on the titular character (Pam Grier) whos a stewardess (dont worry, that was politically correct in 1997) and sometimes money smuggler. After the cops pinch her Jackies boss (Samuel L. Jackson) bails her out in fear that she might become an informant to the police. Things become more complicated as the bail bondsman (Robert Forster) instantly falls for the beautiful Jackie. The most character-driven of all Tarantinos films the story contains genuine heart in the middle of all the crime that encompasses the plot. The cast, which also includes Robert De Niro, Bridget Fonda, Michael Keaton and Chris Tucker, is first-class and Tarantinos direction is assured and mature. It took three years for him to make his follow-up feature to the phenomenon PULP FICTION. Even if its been overlooked since its initial release, JACKIE BROWN earns a spot right next to PULP FICTION as one of the very best achievements of the writer/directors career. (R.J. LaForce)

Video Hate Squad: DANCE OR DIE Dir. Richard W. Munchkin, 1987, R, 89 min, VHS! RZ 11/25
This November The VIDEO HATE SQUAD features the mescaline-stuffed turkey known as DANCE OR DIE. A sample from the back of the box reads: Jason Chandler wants just two things in life To stay off drugs, and to choreograph a dance show that rivals FLASHDANCE. This shot-on-video thriller is directed by straight-tovideo warrior Richard W. Munchkin, the man responsible for such other minor classics as RING OF FIRE and DEADLY BET. This is a man who takes absolutely unlikable, bottom-of-the-barrel elements and makes them soar to great heights, and DANCE OR DIE may be the mightiest Munchkin phoenix of them all and its wearing leg warmers! Will Jason Chandlers dancers get their shit together before their big dance recital? Will he ever nail his aging Narcotics Anonymous sponsor? How threatening can some guy named Turtle really be? (Max)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema present: BASS ON FILM AN AFTERNOON OF SAUL BASS SHORTS, feat. newly restored WHY MAN CREATES, QUEST, and much more! Dir. Saul Bass, Various, NR, 90 min, 35mm/Digital SL 12/1
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy Film Archive and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema are proud to present this afternoon of short works by legendary director and graphic designer Saul Bass. While the Drafthouse cinephiles are no doubt familiar with the many notable title sequences designed by Saul Bass (PSYCHO, SOMETHING WILD, WEST SIDE STORY), his equally brilliant short films, although by comparison criminally underseen, are worth more than a mere look and are due for critical consideration. This selection of extremely rare Saul Bass shorts and other rarities is culled from the Academy Film Archives Saul Bass collection and will be presented on celluloid and digital video! The afternoon will be hosted by May Haduong from the Academy Film Archive. (Sam Prime)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema present: BASS ON FILM PHASE IV w/ long-lost psychedelic ending sequence! Dir. Saul Bass, 1974, PG, 92 min, 35mm SL 12/1
A box office disappointment in its initial release, PHASE IV is one of those underappreciated, overlooked sci-fi gems that is only now being reappraised by modern audiences. In partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy Film Archive, we at the Drafthouse are proud to present a brand new 35mm print of PHASE IV from the Archives collection. This once-in-a-lifetime presentation will also include a rare screening of the original psychedelic end sequence, long thought to be lost and alternately rumored not to exist at all. This sequence was recently unearthed by the Academys archive team and may well be considered the cinematic discovery of the decade! It is with great pleasure that we partner with the Academy to showcase this incredible film, complete with its original ending! Ellen Harrington, Director of Exhibitions & Special Events for the Academy Film Archive, will appear in person to introduce the film. (Sam Prime)

AGFA and Drafthouse Films present: TRAILER WAR Dirs. Various, 2012, NR, 113 min, 35mm SL 12/4, 12/9
Unleashed from the vaults of Austins American Genre Film Archive, we present a meticulously-curated selection of the best, strangest, and most amazing coming attraction trailers in the world! Most have never been available in any home format, and all are presented for this special event on glorious 35mm! From the high flying, explosive metal mayhem of STUNT ROCK to THUNDER COPS disembodied flying head chaos, each 3-minute masterpiece is like a beckoning portal to another, more exciting dimension. Its a crippling overdose of towering flames, mechanized destruction, lurking fear, poor sexual choices and spiritual devastation on an apocalyptic scale. You might want to have a cornea donor standing by just in case... because THIS IS GOING TO BURN! Presented in collaboration with the American Genre Film Archive and Drafthouse Films, we look forward to sharing this evening of eye-popping, gut-punching glory with you! Can you handle Trailer War?!


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QT Retrospective: KILL BILL VOL. 1 and 2 Dir. Quentin Tarantino, 2003 & 2004, R, 111 min & 136 min, 35mm LC 12/7 & 12/12 : RZ 12/23-12/25, 12/29
Maybe Tarantinos most ambitious effort, the KILL BILL films are one of the most audacious odes to cinema an American filmmaker has ever made. Told in two very similar, yet completely different volumes, the story is about The Bride and her quest for revenge on those who unfortunately tried to murder at her own wedding. Her survival is unknown to them, which leads to one surprising and action-filled confrontation after another. The first volume finds its inspiration from the Far East and the films of the Shaw brothers, Sonny Chiba, Bruce Lee and even anime. The second has a decidedly Western feel, but still captures the heart of a samurai film. The overall product is bold and immensely entertaining. And if you somehow missed the opportunity to see these films on the big screen then you are in luck because this holiday season at the Alamo were giving you the present of a second chance. So take a note from The Bride and relish it. Do something about it. But dont kill people. Just come watch these amazing films on the big screen at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Zzang!!!: D.C. CAB Dir. Joel Schumacher, 1983, R, 99 min, 35mm RZ 12/16
MR. T APPRECIATION SCREENING! Some people are under the impression that Barack Obama is Americas first black president. This isnt the case. In the 80s, Mr. T was our guiding light, a masculine but sympathetic force of moral leadership who eclipsed mere politics with his universal teachings on values, truth, and not being a foo. Of all his screen work, chaotic action/comedy DC CAB best showcases this mans superhuman powers as he cruises through our nations capital at 30 cents per mile, along with the terrifyingly spastic Gary Busey, pop star Irene Cara, pugnacious identical twin bodybuilders The Barbarian Brothers, a synthesizerwielding Bill Maher (!), plus tons of car crashes, blowtorches, Halloween creatures, male strip clubs, the Angel of Death, and laffs laffs LAFFS. Its a hyperactive typhoon of blue collar funnyboners as these hard-workin schmoes end up going fist-to-fist with every opposing force they can find, narrowly escaping doom with a combination of muscles, hilarity and boneheaded genius. Another wrongly disregarded goldmine of 80s wildness is resurrected in 35mm for one night only. Failure to attend = complete failure as a human being. ZZANG!!!

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER w/ director Tom Schiller live Dir. Tom Schiller, 1984, PG, 80min, 35mm RZ 12/23
NEVER RELEASED ON VHS OR DVD! RARE 35MM SCREENING OF LOST 80S MASTERPIECE, CO-STARRING BILL MURRAY! Writer-director Schiller is best known for his short films from the early days of SNL and, together with producer Lorne Michaels, concocted this imaginative fantasy-comedy about true love, bad art, magical bums, Carnegie Hall and space travel. Sweet, absurd and crammed with moments of inspired brilliance, it was barely released and never found the cultaudience it so rightfully deserved. Set in some bizarre, retro, b&w time-period (with occasional Technicolor splashes!), the film follows a young man (a pre-GREMLINS Zach Galligan) on an adventure that will take him from beneath the earth to the surface of the moon, where Bill Murray is a sky host for a group of interplanetary grandmas. Things just get wilder from there. Its entirely incomparable to anything youve seen. This is a true original thats alternately charming, crazy and utterly unique, indisputably one of the most vivacious and inventive films of our lifetimes. Unbelievable, and unseeable anywhere else! Accompanying the show will be a special, ultra-rare reel of Schillers shorts.

Video Hate Squad: SCARED STRAIGHT RZ 12/30

Video Hate Squad presents movies that have never been released on any format other than VHS tape. If you want to see any of the movies presented at this series youll need a VCR. Fortunately, we have one. And every month we present the best in antiquated, endangered cinema. This month, in honor of High For The Holidays, we present the most shameless youth scare film ever made. It documents a real intervention session - in a prison cell - of a bunch of juvenile offenders. One by one a group of murderers and other bad people get in the face of the high school delinquents and lay down the harshest shit imaginable at top volume. It is alternately hilarious and terrifying, and it is totally gripping entertainment. Peter Falk narrates, in sequences that look like they were filmed in another country altogether. With a selection of other short VHS scare films. Dont miss! (Lars)

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CLEOPATRA Dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1963, NR, 251 min, 70mm RZ 11/3 & 11/4
This astonishingly huge, lavish historical epic broke box-office records. It was a TITANIC-sized success. But the budget and cost overruns were so high that it still did not break even. Heads rolled in Hollywood over CLEOPATRA and it became a catchphrase for bloated filmic spectacles, but all these years later, its still magnificent to see. Like the pyramids, it is a gaudy monument to bloated egos, and also like the pyramids, it will fill you with wonder at the hugeness of its scale. Elizabeth Taylor, who naturally plays the title character, and Richard Burton, who plays her tragic lover Marc Antony, were the two greatest stars of their age. Walter Wanger surrounded his two shining jewels with millions of dollars in sets, locations, props and dancing elephants. Its huge, and hugely vulgar - fortunately its also fabulously colorful and entertaining on as grand a scale. Taylor and Burton are magnetic, and their chemistry is palpable. CLEOPATRA is gigantic, grand and monstrous all at once. If you love Hollywood, do not miss it.

LIFEFORCE Dir. Tobe Hooper, 1985, R, 116 min, 70mm RZ 12/8 & 12/9
Sure, Naked Space Vampire movies are a dime a dozen, but this big-budget 70mm career-wrecker from TEXAS CHAINSAW director Hooper tears through all competition and stands tall as the ultimate example of the form. An astronaut crew investigating Halleys Comet run across a pile of batmonster corpses and three apparent humans encased in giant glass shards. When the Crystal Nudie Trio are brought back to our planet, their diabolical nature is revealed in a worldshattering bloodsucking shitstorm. These creatures devour life straight through your face, level entire cities in seconds and spread like Country Crock. LIFEFORCEs script possesses a manic ferocity matched only by the eye-bulging, vein-throbbing lead performance from perpetual screen maniac Steve Railsback, whose unhealthy dating relationship with Interstellar Evil Incarnate sends our feeble species down the road to absolute annihilation. So do what you like, but skip this show and youll be missing a telepathically possessed Patrick Stewart declare himself the perfect woman before kissing a dude right smack dab on the lips. (Zack)

APOCALYPSE NOW Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 1979, R, 153 min, 70mm RZ 12/9, 12/10, 12/12
That smell? Napalm! As part of our ongoing commitment to presenting rare titles on 70mm at The Ritz, this December were bringing you one of the rarest 70mm blow-up prints known to man: Francis Ford Coppolas journey into the very heart of darkness itself, APOCALYPSE NOW. Weve had to virtually mortgage the theater to make this event happen, as this 70mm print may very well be the only copy in existence. Nowhere else will you see this rarity shown! You know the world-weary war story, the Oscar-winning cinematography by the great Vittorio Storaro, the Oscar-winning sound design by the masters Walter Murch and Richard Beggs, so come to the Drafthouse and see APOCALYPSE NOW in 70mm!!! (Sam Prime)

PLAYTIME Dir. Jacques Tati, 1967, NR, 155 min, 70mm RZ 11/24, 11/25, 12/1
Writer/director Tati expertly transforms the screen into a manic comedic tornado of outrageous inventions and blaring colors in his single greatest, grandest and most earthshakingly hilarious foray into fearless filmmaking. In PLAYTIME, Monsieur Hulot (played by the director) stumbles through the terrifyingly modernized streets of Paris, where ludicrous architecture and zany Rube Goldberg-esque mantraps cause increasingly complex goofball crises. Its very truly one of the most stunning accomplishments in the history of movies; an impossible spectacle thatll unravel your brain while you laugh yourself inside out. PLAYTIME was shot in 70mm, and well be experiencing it in a big, big, bright, recently restored 70mm print, where Tatis visionary madcappery will explode into your senses and never leave your skull. Unforgettable, unbelievable, and unmissable! (Zack)


November-December 2012 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

November-December 2012 Schedule of Special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit




Tough Guy Cinema: DIE HARD

THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along Dir. Joel & Ethan Coen, 1998, R, 117 min SL Mondays
Man, this is one of those movies that you dont just quote-along with when youre watching it; if youre at all like me you quote this movie every day, all through your regular life, and at times you forget that some of the things you say all the time are actually from the movie. Well from now on, that aggression will not stand, man, because at long last the Action Pack has put together THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along and we cant wait to see all of our Little Lebowski Urban Achievers out at the theater. As always with a Quote-Along, all of your favorite lines will be subtitled karaoke-style so it will be easy to yell out, Nobody f*cks with the Jesus! at exactly the right time (youre on your own for getting the accent, though). Well have a giant-sized bowling game on stage before the film, a bunch of props to help make the best moments of the film come to life (including a bag of Walters dirty whites) and MORE!

TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET Sing-Along RZ 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/22 : LC 12/11

Over the years, some audiences have hailed TRAPPED as the Plan 9 From Outer Space of music videos, while others have recognized it as the masterpiece from our generations greatest living R&B legend. But whichever camp you fall into, one thing is certain - there will be no better cinematic event this year than singing and dancing and playing with props in a theater full of other R. Kelly fans at the fully interactive R. Kellys TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET Sing-Along. Brought to you by the Action Pack, the group made famous by creating dozens of interactive events for the Alamo Drafthouse, this Sing-Along event will take TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET and give it the full Rocky Horror experience, with subtitles on screen to make it easy to sing-along (or just keep up with the story if youve never seen this majesty before), and props like Barettas, rubbers, spatulas and more to help make the magic moments on screen come alive in the theater. Prepare yourself for all the glory of R. Kelly.

OLD SCHOOL Quote-Along Dir. Todd Phillips, 2003, R, 93 min RZ 11/1, 11/8, 11/15 : VL 11/3 & 11/7
Remember back in the day, when you lived in that ridiculous frat house and spent all of your nights chugging beer and partying with Snoop Dogg? Well, even if you actually never did that, the OLD SCHOOL QUOTE-ALONG is the perfect way to relive your college glory days. Prepare to be initiated into the fraternity of Mitch Martin, a.k.a. the Godfather (Luke Wilson), Beanie Speaker City Campbell (Vince Vaughn) and Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) as they embark on a spree of debauchery and ridiculous hijinks. Streaking is optional, but quoting along is required, and weve subtitled all of your favorite lines (even the ones that require earmuffs.) Well give out carrots for BJ practice, and there will even be a keg in the theater, because once beer hits your lips, its so good. There might not be any live K-Y Jelly wrestling, but we can still guarantee that this quote-along will be crazier than that time you got hit in the neck by a horse tranquilizer gun. (Sarah Pitre)

DUMB AND DUMBER Quote-Along Dirs. Peter & Bobby Farrelly, 1994, PG-13, 107 min RZ 11/2, 11/3, 11/20, 11/22
I know what youre thinking. Just when you thought The Action Pack couldnt possibly be any dumber, we go and do something like this...and totally redeem ourselves! Harry and Lloyd are traveling cross country to return a briefcase to the woman Lloyd loves. Sure hes only met her once, but she gave him that kind of old fashioned romantic feeling where he just knew he would do anything to bone her. Of course what these idiots dont know is they accidentally picked up a ransom briefcase and are being pursued by trained killers. This movie is a quote storm of non-stop hilarity. Even if youve never seen it before, where else can you see someone sell a beheaded bird to a blind child, a sheepdog van, and hear the most annoying sound in the world? Plus if you play your cards right you might be able to order up a ton of food and then Seabass the guy sitting next to you. If you promise to sing Mockingbird with us at The Action Packs DUMB & DUMBER Quote Along we promise we wont put any Turbo Lax in your drinks... (Greg MacLennan)


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Tough Guy Cinema: TRUE LIES Dir. James Cameron, 1994, R, 141 min LC 11/3 & 11/8 : SR 11/25 & 11/29
Harry Tasker leads a double life. Tasker is a government spy who risks his life day in and day out protecting our freedom. But to his family, Harry is a computer salesman made up of 250 lbs. of pure muscle. Harry plays the hapless husband until he suspects his wife is cheating on him. Utilizing his government connections, he follows her and her supposed lover until Harry and his wife both end up kidnapped by a terrorist organization plotting to detonate a nuclear weapon all over Floridas bright, sunny face. If that isnt the perfect recipe for a night out at Tough Guy Cinema, maybe the top choice ingredients of James Cameron, AHNULD Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Arnold (in arguably his greatest role ever) will entice you to try a piece of this cinematic bliss. As always, we will be blowing up pyrotechnics LIVE in your face as you enjoy the movie. So, tell the wife youve got a conference to go to, sneak out to the Alamo, grab a cold one, lock and load, and prepare yourself for awesome. (Greg MacLennan)

XMAS Pops Sing-Along RZ 12/6, 12/13, 12/20

Its easy to feel like a Scrooge about the holidays, especially when stores start putting up decorations and blaring Jingle Bells muzak in October. But we guarantee that even the biggest Grinch will be rockin around the Christmas tree at the XMAS POPS SING-ALONG, a modern twist on the caroling tradition. We put together the greatest and most ridiculous holiday hits so you can sing falsetto with the Peanuts gang, jam to Whams Last Christmas and dance along with Justin Bieber. Well have trivia, videoke, a host of new videos along with favorites from last year, and so, so much more. Dont be left out of our reindeer games this year; get your tickets early, and come down to the greatest holiday party of the year. Whether youre Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Atheist, the XMAS POPS SING-ALONG will have you holding your neighbors hands, singing in unison, and celebrating Festivus with the rest of us.

ELF Quote-Along Dir. Jon Favreau, 2003, PG, 97 min RZ 12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 12/24, 12/27 : LC 12/8, 12/9, 12/12
This year, Christmas comes early, and were all going to spread that Christmas cheer the best way we know how - by singing and quoting loud for all to hear. And dont worry, if you can quote alone, then you can quote around other people. Theres really no difference! Oh man, just writing out a paragraph with jarbled versions of Buddys quotes from this movie is getting me all sorts of excited. Will Ferrells take on a North Pole elf trying to figure out Manhattan just might be the funniest hes ever been, and this is certainly the best holiday movie from the past ten years. To celebrate, well have jingle bells for everyone, bubbles for a few key scenes, and a present for whoever can eat their spaghetti the fastest! Buddy the elf, whats your favorite color? Thats how Im answering my phone all through December. (Henri Mazza)

Tough Guy Cinema: DIE HARD Dir. John McTiernan, 1988, R, 131 min RZ 12/21-12/24
DIE HARD is the ultimate Holiday film that brings us all together and makes us give thanks at the alter of Bruce Willis for making us believe in the heroic acts of one man, against the odds, with no shoes taking down a German terrorist organization. When I think TOUGH GUY...I think BRUCE WILLIS. You can have all your 28-inchwaisted, mega-shouldered action heroes you want. But if Im going to trust my life to one man, that man will smoke cigarettes, have chest hair and swear like a goddamned sailor. And that is why we will be showing this holiest of hard man films this December; so you dont have to wait until Alan Rickman kidnaps your ex-wife for you to realize you still love matter what problems you may have. And THAT may be the greatest gift of all. Well THAT and we will be providing FREE TWINKIES for all and IN-THEATRE PYROTECHNICS during the show.

New Years Eve Sing-Along RZ 12/31

Were beyond excited to bring back our New Years Eve Sing-Along Extravaganza Party, and if youve attended one in the past, you already know that it will be the best movie theater dance party ever. Well be singing and dancing to music videos of all of the years biggest hits, from Kelly Clarkson to Pitbull, so even though your ticket comes with a seat, dont plan to use it for most of the night. Your ticket will include free champagne for the midnight toast, and when 2013 does hit Austin, the explosion of confetti and balloons will blow any bad memories from 2012 right out of your mind. Of course, NYE is also about being classy, so come out decked out in your best formal attire. Or at least your best formal attire that you dont mind spilling a little queso and champagne on, because this partys going to be all sorts of ridiculous.

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ZARDOZ Dir. John Boorman, 1974, R, 105 min, 35mm RZ 11/16, 11/17
The gun is good! The penis is evil! Well said, Zardoz. Few post-apocalyptic movies are as funky, freewheeling, and straight-up fun as in John Boormans ZARDOZ. For those whove often dreamed of witnessing Sean Connery in a bright orange jockstrap/suspender onesie, this movie was made with you in mind. Heres the basic premise: in the distant future, earth as we know it is divided into two camps savage, cave-dwelling brutals on one side and fancypants immortals boasting powers beyond comprehension on the other. A lone adventurer, Zed (Connery), seeks to unite and restore balance to the planet, as well as to unlock the secrets behind Zardoz, a mystical stone head deity that promises salvation to all its worshippers by way of a zone known as the vortex. Celebrate the end-times with this mind-melting tour de force! No guns allowed. (Sam Prime)

12 MONKEYS Dir. Terry Gilliam, 1995, R, 129 min, 35mm RZ 11/23 & 11/24
Join the Late Shows countdown to extinction with this brain-scrambling, paranoia-inducing bit of Apocalyptic cinema from Terry Gilliam! Its the film that showed the world Bruce Willis had more big-screen depth than yippee ki yay, motherfucker and that Brad Pitt was more than a set of abs. Inspired by pioneering French filmmaker Chris Markers short LA JETEE, Gilliam shows us a wintry world of the future where all humanity has been forced to take refuge underground after a deadly virus has swept the planet. Willis stars as Cole, a man sent back from this bleak future on a mission to acquire a pure sample of the virus in order to find a cure. Ricocheting back and forth from future to present-past, Cole dizzyingly uncovers even greater mysteries about the events leading up to the bioapocalypse -- and about his own fate. Satisfyingly twisty-turny with compelling performance from Willis, Pitt and the always gorgeous Madeline Stowe, a director Gilliam managed no small feat in crafting a genuine sci-fi masterpiece complete with ingenious visuals of the early 90s.

MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME Dir. George Miller, 1985, PG-13, 107 min, 35mm RZ 11/30 & 12/1
MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME is the last time the post-apocalyptic icon found his way onto the screen, unless (ugh!) MAX MAD 4 somehow still gets made, and its a great sendoff. The final product is decidedly different from MAD MAX and THE ROAD WARRIOR. The tone is lighter and a great performance by Tina Turner swings for the fences and (almost) overshadows Mel himself. Although its a bit of a departure that doesnt mean it still isnt pretty damn awesome. I mean it has a giant arena, Thunderdome, where Two men enter. One man leaves. This time Max stumbles onto a barter town (aptly named Bartertown), fights for his life before hes sent away by the towns leader evil Aunt Entity (Turner) to exile and is eventually saved by group of kids who believe he is their savior. While it is heavy on these crazy plot developments the main joys of BEYOND THUNDERDOME, along with seeing Mel Gibson kick some ass and deliver awesome one-liners, come from the unique vision of director George Miller, especially the films amazing, ambitious and original set and costume designs.

High for the Holidays: HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE Dir. Danny Leiner, 2004, R, 88 min RZ 12/2 : VL 12/7 & 12/8
With All-you-can-eat sliders! Easily one of our most popular High for the Holidays screenings, HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE has everything you want in a completely silly, sweet and harmless stoner comedy: Jokes gleefully perpetuating racial stereotypes, Neil Patrick Harris being a badass, an escaped cheetah and, of course, those little delicious White Castle burgers. We cant guarantee the first three of these things will be live in the theater with you, but we will fill your stoner hunger needs with a feasting of ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SLIDERS!! So come retake Harold and Kumars smoke-filled first adventure while overeating these amazing, delectable culinary creations.

High for the Holidays: BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW Dir. Panos Cosmatos, 2010, R, 110 min RZ 12/28, 12/29, 1/2
Young Elena has been a prisoner her entire life, her world consisting of four stark white walls and a single window. On the other side of that window is Doctor Barry Nyle. Is he Elenas salvation or her tormenter? Will she ever be free to live a normal life? And what, pray tell, is the exact purpose of the mysterious glowing pyramid at the center of the institute that contains them both? BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW is a psychedelic head trip of the highest order, born of the pre-teen fantasies of writer-director Panos Cosmatos as he browsed through early 1980s Canadian scifi and horror VHS tapes that he would never be allowed to rent. Cosmatos captures the aesthetics of an era effortlessly while fusing those influences into something bold, visionary, and entirely his own.


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Birth control . Testing & treatment for sexually transmitted diseases . HIV tests for men & women Breast health care . Cervical cancer screenings and more




DETROPIA w/ video intro from filmmakers! Dirs. Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady, 2012, NR, 90 min RZ 11/3 & 11/4
Detroit, Michigan once encapsulated Americas greatest ideals: freedom, selfmade manufacturing and automobile industries, the establishment of a middle class, and the ever-elusive American dream. Now, Detroit is on the brink of total collapse economic, financial, and social. As a once prosperous cityscape transforms into an urban wasteland, one would think that all hope is lost. DETROPIA, the latest feature film by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady (JESUS CAMP, FREAKONOMICS) proves that this is far from true. Ewing and Grady show a side of the city inhabited by eternal optimists and pragmatic souls who refuse to give up on a city that has been and continues to be their home. Detroit, which can so easily be written off as a woeful stereotype of the declining American mythos, comes alive when its people serve as its voice. DETROPIA proves that Detroits young people and its artists in particular have a personal drive to revitalize and reclaim a city that is almost lost. Winner of the Editing Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, DETROPIA is powerfully affecting and not to be missed. (Sam Prime)

GLOW: THE STORY OF THE GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING w/ filmmakers live! Dir. Brett Whitcomb, 2012, NR, 76 min RZ 12/4
This undeniably moving documentary (from the creators of 2009s ROCK-A-FIRE EXPLOSION) chronicles the rise and fall of the first ever all-female wrestling show through the stories of those who lived it. From the initial open-call auditions, to the grueling training with wrestling legend Mando Guerrero, to overnight success and global recognition, to the shows sudden and unexpected cancellation in 1990, the GLOW girls recall their time on the show with a mixture of heartfelt nostalgia and tearful regret over injuries and the loss of friends. For some, the show was a brief foray into acting and a short-lived adventure on the way to a normal life. For others, their time in GLOW would impact and influence their lives for years to follow. For all of the women, working on GLOW was a unique and exciting experience that will bond them forever. Director Brett Whitcomb & writer Bradford Thomason will be here to introduce the show!

Dollywood Boulevard: SMOKEY MOUNTAIN XMAS and BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE Dir. Colin Higgins, 1986 & 1982, R, 208 min RZ 12/9
Here in Texas, we appreciate sassy ladies with big hair and lots of flair. And there is no one with more flair or bigger hair than Dolly Parton. With her charming twang and folksy wisdom, Dolly is a bedazzled force to be reckoned with both in music and film, and were celebrating this country superstar with a double feature of A SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS and THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS. Let Dolly teach you about the true meaning of Christmas as she takes care of seven orphaned children and faces off with a mountain witch, then learn a whole different kind of life lesson at the Chicken Ranch. Whether shes playing a compassionate country singer or a fiery brothel madam, Dollys down home charisma will melt your heart like a stick of Velveeta. So tease up your hair, wear your best rhinestones and come take a magical stroll down Dollywood Boulevard.


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Tickets & Information: Waterloo Records 877 4FLY TIX ACL Live Box Office: 310 Willie Nelson Blvd, 78701 Mon-Fri, 10-3pm





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DEC 30-31

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FOOD PARTY w/ Thu Tran LIVE! Dir. Various, 75 min, NR RZ 11/4
Modern-day culinary psychedelic puppet pioneer Thu Tran from the hit IFC series FOOD PARTY comes to the Alamo for a rousing evening of wacky culinary/sanity exploration! Her anti-human TV series is like a Crayola-induced aneurysm that rockets your skull into a better, more violent, rampagingly hilarious way of Satans stomach. Snaggletoothed marionettes devour each other while Thu prepares cannibalicious treats, battles armageddon, and/or gives birth to disgusting creatures. Your funnybone will vomit and the rest of your organs will leap out of every hole in your body. FOOD PARTY is the most viciously inventive show on the air and tonight its host and creator selects her favorite episodes AND performs an onstage cooking demo thatd make Julia Child call the police before exploding into a ball of flames. DO! NOT! MISS!! ITTTTT!!!!

Dionysium SL 11/7 & 12/5

The Dionysium offers a unique, innovative program of debate, lecture, declamation, theatrical presentation and music in a salon-like atmosphere on the first Wednesday of every month at the Alamo South Lamar. Audiences enjoy offerings not to be found elsewhere in Austin, including the recitation of famous speeches, participatory discussion in a formal, moderated context, and the opportunity to participate in the recreation of Ancient rituals. A typical Dionysium show will feature a lecture, a declamation, a drinking song, a film or live musical performance, an appeal to Dionysus, a fiction-writing contest, and plenty of strong drink. But the heart of every Dionysium is the debate, pitting two experts against each other in toe-to-toe parliamentary combat. Dionysium debate resolutions have covered everything from Social Security reform to the future threat of genocidal robots.

The Golden Hornet Project presents: AMADEUS Dir. Milos Forman, 1984, PG, 160 min SL 11/8
Golden Hornet Project (GHP) has launched a project to complete Mozarts unfinished Requiem, in collaboration with composers from the rock, hip-hop, video game and avant-garde music scenes. To support this monster project, which will be completed and presented to the public in 2014, we are hosting a series of screenings of the film AMADEUS over the next two years. Each screening will include a live choral performance of The Requiem work in progress performed by members of Texas Choral Consort with GHP co-artistic directors Peter Stopschinski and Graham Reynolds in attendance. Based on the stage play by Peter Shaffer, AMADEUS tells the tale of Salieri, a famous composer who is tormented and ultimately goes mad because of his jealousy of the infinitely more talented Mozart. His utter mediocrity when compared to Mozart is too much to bear, and Salieri hatches a plan to kill the brilliant composer.

Fantastic Fest presents: THE AMERICAN SCREAM Dir. Michael Paul Stephenson, 2012, NR, 91 min RZ 11/9 - 11/14
The director and team behind documentary hit BEST WORST MOVIE return with another unexpectedly heartwarming tale of obsession, voted Best Documentary at Fantastic Fest 2012. Every Halloween, sleepy Fairhaven, Massachusetts erupts with the most ambitiously creative spookery in the world. Endless styrofoam tombstones and backyard beasts come courtesy of a few supremely dedicated local home haunters whove devoted their lives to the art of handmade monstermaking. THE AMERICAN SCREAM follows three of these horrific households to uncover the triumphs and tragedies that come with carrying the blackened banner of true Halloween spirit.


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FUTURE SHORTS Festival SL 11/13
Since 2003, Future Shorts has created a rapidly expanding network that allows filmmakers the opportunity to have their work seen on the largest theatrical platform worldwide. Future Shorts is the biggest pop up film festival of its kind, showcasing the some of the best classic, cult and award-winning shorts from around the world. The programming is a unique departure from that of a usual film festival. Most of these carefully selected films cant be seen in any other way and this venue is unique because Future Shorts dedicates itself to maintain quality and balance within its programming. Using screeners from all over the world in an attempt to get the most diverse and best global shorts available you wont want to miss Future Shorts, so join us at the Alamo Drafthouse for this oneof-a-kind event!

TV at the Alamo: DR. WHO: THE CLAWS OF AXOS SR 11/24

When a damaged spaceship containing beautiful humanoid creatures called Axons lands on Earth, the Doctor (Third Doctor Jon Pertwee), Jo and UNIT are sent to investigate. In return for their help, the Axons offer the gift of Axonite, which would end world famine. It all appears too good to be true so what secrets are the Axons hiding on board their ship? And why is the Doctors old enemy the Master involved?

TV at the Alamo: DR. WHO: THE CLAWS OF AXOS SR 11/24

When a damaged spaceship containing beautiful humanoid creatures called Axons lands on Earth, the Doctor (Third Doctor Jon Pertwee), Jo and UNIT are sent to investigate. In return for their help, the Axons offer the gift of Axonite, which would end world famine. It all appears too good to be true so what secrets are the Axons hiding on board their ship? And why is the Doctors old enemy the Master involved?

MY HEART IS AN IDIOT FOUND Magazines 10th Anniversary Tour! RZ 11/29

FOUND Magazine is an annual collection of notes, letters, pictures, and other found items plucked off the ground or the street and sent in by readers worldwide. This fall, to celebrate the magazines 10th anniversary, FOUND editors Davy and Peter Rothbart embark on an epic North American tour, performing their rowdy, energetic live show in 75 cities over 100 days. Davy reads hilarious and heartbreaking finds from the magazines pages, and Peter, an acclaimed singer/ songwriter, plays songs inspired by stories within the finds. The Los Angeles Times calls the Rothbart Brothers utterly engaging performers, and the Village Voice hails their show as thoughtful, compassionate, and electric. This falls cross-country tour also celebrates the release of Davy Rothbarts new, highlyanticipated book of personal essays, My Heart is an Idiot. You wont want to miss this spectacular evening of finds.


Its no secret the Austin comedy scene is blowing up. Like awaken-a-sleepingmonster-with-atomic-breath blowing up. Like buy-stock-in-it-now-and-thenretire-in-3-years blowing up. Like you-dont-need-a-third-example-becauseyou-get-it blowing up. Come down to the Alamo for our comedy sketch favorites Stag Comedy for a hilarious combination of live and video sketches from Stag. You wont want to miss this!

A CHRISTMAS CAROL follows newlyweds as they are trapped on a crashing space liner. The only way the Doctor (Matt Smith) can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser, Kazran Sardick (Michael Gambon). But is Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown, beyond redemption? And what is lurking in the fogs of Christmas Eve? The Doctor (Matt Smith) is joined by a stellar cast in a festive, emotional special, packed full of Christmas thrills and chills. The special, set during World War II, sees Madge Arwell and her two children, Lily and Cyril, evacuated to a draughty old house in Dorset, where the caretaker is a mysterious young man in bow tie, and a big blue parcel is waiting for them under the tree. They are about to enter a magical new world and learn that a Time Lord never forgets his debts...

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Free Family Fun: CHICKEN RUN Dirs. Peter Lord & Nick Park, 2000, G, 84 min SL 11/23 : LC 11/25
After so many great years of producing groundbreaking animated short films, the geniuses at Aardman Animation finally decided to make their first feature length movie: CHICKEN RUN. It was worth the wait as this brilliant parody/homage of prison break films remains the studios most celebrated movie that doesnt have a dog named Gromit in it. The story is about chickens being raised on a British farm who dont question anything about their day-to-day lives. Well, except feisty, independent Ginger who realizes her fate if she doesnt flee the coop. This is a task much easier said than done as she has gone through numerous attempts to reach the other side of the fence, but is always caught by the farms owner, the evil Mrs. Tweedy. Enter Rocky the American Rooster. A misunderstanding causes Ginger to believe the traveling Rocky can fly, and quickly recruits him to teach all the Tweedy chickens to fly in order to escape. He reluctantly agrees. Now he has to somehow teach the chickens to fly while also hiding his secret. Filled with original and eyeopening animation and the voice talents of Mel Gibson, Miranda Richardson and Julia Sawalha CHICKEN RUN is a treat for young chicks, hens, and roosters alike.

Aint It Cool, Austin Chronicle & Toy Joy present Free Kids Club: MESSAGE FROM SPACE Dir. Kinji Fukasaku, 1978, PG, 105 min, 35mm SL 11/24
NEVER RELEASED ON HOME VIDEO IN THE US! Once George Lucas (R.I.P.) opened our minds to infinite galaxies of action and alien worlds, it took about three seconds for a thousand other filmmakers and studios to hop on the trans-universal bandwagon. An incalculable number of STAR WARS knock-offs erupted from all corners of the globe, packed with shag carpet Chewbaccas and homemade Vaders. Of this swelling tide of janky jedis and scrapyard stormpoopers, genius Japanese filmmaker Fukusaku rose immediately to the top with his 100000% bizarre space epic, teaming lazer insanity with ageless heroism, unimaginable concepts and just the right touch of tin can technology. Though MESSAGE FROM SPACEs wildness didnt earn it the same level of respect that STAR WARS enjoyed, its light years beyond anything that franchise has dumped on us in the last couple decades, so lets celebrate a truly unique vision in stellar adventure. Ladies and gentlemen (and kids)...set your phasers on FUN and strap in for warp speeeeed! (Zack)

Free Kids Club: EMMET OTTERS JUG BAND CHRISTMAS with The Rogue River String Band LIVE! An Alamo tradition! Dir. Jim Henson, 1977, G, 70 min SL 12/15
The Alamo Kids Club Christmas custom returns, with special thanks to the Jim Henson Foundation! Christmas is approaching in Frogtown Hollow, and Emmet Otter and his Ma hope to buy gifts for each other. Unfortunately, Emmet doesnt make enough from the odd jobs he does, and Ma doesnt make enough as a laundress. They decide to compete in the Frog Town Hollow Talent Contest in order to win money, but Ma will have to hock Emmets tool chest to buy a costume, and Emmet will have to put a hole in Mas washtub for his band! Kermit the Frog hosts this classic Muppet musical Christmas tale, based on the book by Russell and Lillian Hoban, with original songs from master tunesmith Paul Williams.


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Alamo Kids Camp: THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL Dir. Brian Henson, 1992, G, 85 min., 35mm LC 12/21 - 12/23 : SR 12/21 - 12/24, 12/26, 12/27
20 years ago, The Jim Henson Company enlivened Charles Dickens classic novella, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, in the hearts and minds of children everywhere with a truly delightful film adaptation: THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL. All your favorite chracters are here Kermit as Bob Cratchit, Gonzo as Dickens, Miss Piggy as Emily Cratchit, and more. Of course, the inimitable Michael Caine stars as the grouchy, mean-spirited Ebenezer Scrooge. A holiday classic since its original publication in 1843, that Dickens story is repeated on an annual basis is a testament to the joy an audience finds in witnessing someone discover the reason for the season, the joy in giving, sharing, and being part of a holiday that means spending time with those you love, and who love you. This holiday season, we present THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL as our gift to you, free of charge with a weeks worth of opportunities to see it on the big screen. (Sam Prime)

Alamo Kids Camp: ERNEST SAVE CHRISTMAS Dir. John R. Cherry III, 1988, PG, 95 min SL 12/21-12/27
The immortal Ernest P. Worrell is on the case when a zany mix-up leaves Santa in a yuletide bind. The Big Red Guy has had a great run but hes ready for retirement, and is now on the hunt for a proper feller to take the job. While zipping across the world in a pre-Christmas frenzy, he ends up grounded right here in the US of A, where hes mistaken for a Mr. Santos and held by authorities, along with his reindeer colleagues. With the clock ticking on holiday cheer, the world hopes for a hero wholl bumble forward, rescue the jolliest man to ever drop down a chimney, and ensure that every kid in the world still gets to enjoy the multiple magics of the season. This unknown champion must truly believe in the power of Christmas, and possess a perfect combination of fearlessness, resourcefulness and brainlessness. And theres only one gold-hearted goofball who fits that description... knowhutImean? Come learn the importance of being Ernest when we unleash the most gut-busting Hollywood holiday highlight of all: ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS!!

Alamo Kids Camp: THE SANTA CLAUSE Dir. John Pasquin, 1994, PG, 97 min VL 12/21-12/24, 12/26, 12/27
Back when Tim Allen was a star on HOME IMPROVEMENT his fame was so huge he actually was offered the role of Santa Claus. Allens not quite in the big guys league anymore, but he can always go back to THE SANTA CLAUSE, which is exactly what a family holiday movie should be: silly, breezy and funny. I know that sounded like a list of elves names, but those words also perfectly describe this film. The premise is simple and clever: After Santa passes away (Im softening it up for the kids) on Allens roof he becomes legally obligated to take over the role of presentgiver to the whole world. If youre looking for a little Christmas cheer to brighten up those dark days of shopping at the mall THE SANTA CLAUSE is the perfect cure.

Kid Party: THE POLAR EXPRESS Dir. Robert Zemeckis, 2004, PG, 100 min SR 12/21-12/24, 12/26, 12/27
A young boy who questions the existence of Santa Claus climbs aboard a mysterious train that has someone found its way to his Michigan street on Christmas Eve. Once he gets on the conductor proclaims that the train is going to the North Pole. Will the boy figure out the truth about Santa Claus? Robert Zemeckis film has gorgeous animation that was technically unmatched upon its initial release and its message is one that can be felt by young and old alike.

Alamo Kids Camp: MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, 1988, G, 96 min LC 12/28 1/3
One of Japanese animation innovator and legend Hayao Miyazakis best and most loved films. Here is a childrens story made for the world we should live in, rather than the one we occupy. A film with no villains. No fight scenes. No evil adults. No fighting between the two kids. No scary monsters. No darkness before the dawn. A world that is benign. A world where if you meet a strange towering creature in the forest, you curl up on its tummy and have a nap. (Roger Ebert)

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AFS Presents WALK AWAY RENEE with Jonathan Caouette Live Dir. Jonathan Caouette, 2011, NR, 90 min RZ 11/7
In WALK AWAY RENEE, director Jonathan Caouette embarks on a road trip to move his mentally ill mother Renee across the country. As they encounter roadblocks in the present, we begin to flash back to moments from the past, giving us insight into this anything-but-ordinary mother/son relationship. Through musical montage, psychedelic sequences and real and imagined circumstance, the film raises questions about love, sacrifice, and the reality in which we live. Screens with Caouettes new short ALL FLOWERS IN TIME: A mesmerizing, fractured narrative about childhood imagination and the power of the red-eye effect, the short features a transformative performance by Chloe Sevigny. A selection of the Cannes, New York and Sundance Film Festivals.

Music in the Blood, Poetry in the Soul: WALES ON SCREEN PATAGONIA Dir. Marc Evans, 2010, NR, 119 min, 35mm SL 11/13
A rare example of recent Welsh-language cinema, Marc Evans PATAGONIA is a unique glimpse into one of the more unusual chapters of both Welsh and Argentine history. Against the backdrop of Y Wladfa (the Welsh settlement in Argentine Patagonia), twin narratives follow a young Welsh-speaking couple to the windswept landscapes of Patagonia, while an elderly Welsh-Argentine woman heads to Wales with her reluctant young neighbor. Gorgeously shot by Robbie Ryan (WUTHERING HEIGHTS), the scarred landscapes of Patagonia and the verdant Welsh Valleys provide the perfect canvas for this classically-realized, passionate film. PATAGONIA reminds us of the bittersweet ways we remain tethered to home, and the wrenching desire to leave. Justifiably, the film recently won a swathe of awards at BAFTA Cymru, the Welsh equivalent of the Oscars.

AFS Presents TARNATION with Jonathan Caouette Live Dir. Jonathan Caouette, 2003, NR, 88 min RZ 11/5
Jonathan Caouettes 2003 documentary was recognized the world over as an electrifying, groundbreaking innovation in autobiographical filmmaking. A narrative collage composed of the filmmakers home movies, TARNATION documents Caouettes early life as a gay youth in Houston growing up with a schizophrenic and deeply psychologically damaged mother. As a child, Caouette transformed daily trauma into imaginative escape, coming up with characters and dramas that were born into reality via a Super 8 Camera. Discovered by John Cameron Mitchell (HEDWIG) via audition video, TARNATION was a thrilling revelation for movie lovers, and Caouette was deservedly celebrated as one of the most exciting new voices both in non-fiction and queer cinema. Jonathan Caouette will be in attendance for a Q&A.

SLEEP FURIOUSLY Dir. Gideon Koppel, 2008, NR, 94 min, 35mm SL 11/20
The premise of SLEEP FURIOUSLY couldnt be much more elegantly simple, or more emotionally complex. An impressionistic, poetic portrait of a Welsh agricultural community coming to terms with the decline of a way of life, and the nervous hope of growing into a new one. Filmmaker Gideon Koppels camera somehow transforms the mundane and quotidian into something profoundly, uncannily cinematic as it calmly observes the denizens, animals and machines that compose the rhythm of the community of Trefeurig. The organic/mechanical electronica of Welsh/Cornish musician Aphex Twin provides the aptly weird soundtrack to a film that occasionally suggests a languid, rural equivalent to the city symphony films of the 1920s. SLEEP FURIOUSLY also somehow emerges as a tribute to the printed word, as the motif of a mobile library becomes more than simply a framing device, and functions as a wry metaphor for the onset of technology at any cost.

Austin Film Society Essential Cinema Tuesday nights @ 7:00pm Nov 13 - Dec 18 Alamo South Lamar Free for AFS Love and Premiere members $5 for AFS Make and Watch members and students with school ID cards/ $8 all others Late Have I Loved Thee: Latter Lubitsch (Continued) CLUNY BROWN Dir. Ernst Lubitsch, 1946, NR, 100 min, 35mm SL 11/6
Begun two years after a massive heart attack in 1943, Lubitschs final delight tops off a treasure chest of more than 70 films on the sheer and unadulterated effervescence of Jennifer Jones. Sabrinas unification of Audrey Hepburn and head Lubitsch protg Billy Wilder would wait until the next decade, but the masters career already came bejeweled with priceless turns from delicate queens (Pickford/Garbo/Tierney). Jones titular orphan turned preternatural plumbers assistant meets international anti-war hero Charles Boyer, banter/obstacles ensue. Said Wilder to William Wyler, pallbearers at Lubitschs funeral: What a shame, no more Lubitsch. And then [Wyler] said something better. He said, And worse, no more Lubitsch pictures.

PROUD VALLEY Dir. Pen Tennyson, 1940, NR, 76 min SL 11/27

An Ealing Studios film, THE PROUD VALLEY is actually one of the more anachronistic films in the series. Politically radical, even by todays standards, the film tackles the thorny issue of coal pit closures, one that continues to resonate throughout Wales socioeconomic history. Legendary baritone, actor and activist Paul Robeson plays the revealingly named David Goliath, a role that forms the galvanizing force of the film (it was tailored to highlight his vocal prowess), as well as its emotional gravitas. The result of a prickly relationship between director and trade-unionist Pen Tennyson (great grandson of the poet), and the rather more conservative Ealing honcho Michael Balcon, THE PROUD VALLEY pulls off the rare trick of Hollywood sentiment and rough-hewn polemic.


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TIGER BAY Dir. J. Lee Thompson, 1959, NR, 105 min SL 12/4
Among other things, TIGER BAY stands out as the acting debut of a young Hayley Mills. A far cry from the saccharine imprimatur of later films like POLLYANNA and THE PARENT TRAP, TIGER BAY is a much more hard-edged affair, starring Mills as the troublesome friend of a Polish sailor on the lam in the murky Cardiff docklands community of the title. Tiger Bay itself is now better known as Cardiff Bay, the setting for TORCHWOOD and DOCTOR WHO, but has rarely been seen like this on screen. In 1959, the area still bore the rough reputation earned in the Victorian era, but equally reflected the kind of diversity that is still absent in much of contemporary British cinema. At times resembling KILLER OF SHEEP, but particularly indebted to Film Noir (director J. Lee Thompson later directed the decidedly noiresque CAPE FEAR), TIGER BAY careens between jagged, hard-boiled set pieces and touching moments between Mills and the sailor (Horst Buchholz of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN). Making brilliant use of local non-actors, years before it became de rigueur, TIGER BAY shines as an unexpected beacon of rough, tough urban filmmaking from the most unlikely of places.

5 BROKEN CAMERAS Dirs. Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, 2011, NR, 94 min SL 11/14
An extraordinary work of both cinematic and political activism, 5 BROKEN CAMERAS is a deeply personal, first-hand account of non-violent resistance in Bilin, a West Bank village threatened by encroaching Israeli settlements. Shot almost entirely by Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat, who bought his first camera in 2005 to record the birth of his youngest son, the footage was later turned into a galvanizing cinematic experience by co-directors Guy Davidi and Burnat. Structured around the violent destruction of a succession of Burnats video cameras, the filmmakers collaboration follows one familys evolution over five years of village turmoil. Burnat watches from behind the lens as olive trees are bulldozed, protests intensify, and lives are lost. I feel like the camera protects me, he says, but its an illusion. (Kino-Lorber)

CYMRU FACH Dir. Gruffydd Davies, 2008, NR, 73 min, Welsh with English Subtitles SL 12/11
Along with PATAGONIA, CYMRU FACH highlights the beauty - and, to some, eccentricity - of the Welsh language. Unlike that film, however, CYMRU FACH is a rather more claustrophobic, edgy experience. Structurally echoing LA RONDE, the film is essentially a compendium of morality tales circulating around sexual mores, but this conceit acts as a prism for a wider observation of what it is to be Welsh, and in Wales, in the 21st century. Based on a critically acclaimed play by William Owen Roberts, Gruffydd Davies film makes beautiful use of saturated HD video textures, angular editing and neon-soaked ambience as a counterpoint to the raw emotions and awkward interplay of characters who are perhaps better suited to a fleeting acquaintance than a long-term relationship.

RADIO UNNAMEABLE Dirs. Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson, 2012, NR, 87 min SL 12/12 Q&A with filmmakers Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson after the screening.
Legendary radio personality Bob Fass revolutionized the FM airwaves in the 1960s and 70s with his free-form program Radio Unnameable, a cultural hub for music, politics, and audience engagement. For nearly 50 years, he has been heard at midnight on New York City listener-sponsored station WBAI, utilizing the airwaves for mobilization long before todays innovations in social media. Drawing from Fasss extraordinary personal archive of audio recordings including interviews with Allen Ginsberg and Abbie Hoffman, and performances by Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, and Carly Simon RADIO UNNAMEABLE celebrates the profoundly influential career of one of radios unsung heroes. (Kino-Lorber)

The always wonderful Peter Sellers excels himself as the deceptively meek, lecherous librarian John Lewis in ONLY TWO CAN PLAY. Adapted by Bryan Forbes from a typically acidic novel by Kingsley Amis, the film offers a sly look at some of the more parochial aspects of Welsh culture, not to mention Amis perennial theme of masculine pomposity and folly. Fortunately, the copious flawed testosterone on display is mitigated (slightly) by Virginia Maskell and Mai Zetterling as the objects of Sellers affections. The film also holds the dubious distinction of being the first X-rated film to be set in Wales (although its more wryly titillating than brazenly erotic). Directed by Sidney Gilliat, (GREEN FOR DANGER), ONLY TWO CAN PLAY also features wonderful minor roles from Richard Attenborough as the garrulous playwright Gareth Probert, and one of Wales finest actors, Kenneth Griffiths, as Ieuan, Sellers hapless sometime sidekick. All of which adds up to a hilarious, acerbic, and at times cruelly reductive portrait of the Welsh, and one which notably, if unintentionally, highlights the many erroneous misunderstandings so often attributed to the Welsh character. The perfect Christmas tonic, in other words: Iechyd da!

ONLY TWO CAN PLAY Dir. Sidney Gilliat, 1962, NR, 106 min SL 12/18

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