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';loL I No. 6 -_.. 5'Ait ed ill1d-d-i-s-t-r.-i-b-u-t-e-d------------.-----

oy the Acting Staff '01' YTASP lJE~'JSLETTER., Maxwell Field, Ala.


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"I am very oroud of JTou;,;oung 7!omen .'lad the outstamling .io~ 3ToU have done as members of the Air Forces tea.In. r-hen lie needed YO'J, you car-a thr~;u:jl ;:md h2ve served most com.ale.ndilbl~T l.U1clervery difi'icult circuHst,.:tnces I V!C1nt' you to lmoiv that I appreciate YOU:' Vial' sel'vice nnd thst the AI.:? wil1.m.iss ;you 1v~~r'sincer est tj':ahks .j,nd H,;:qpy L<ldirtgs al~' 8.ys. II
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"Each of ~TOU has mc-ide' i.mport.::'.nt contribution an to your cou... >1tr:,~>~twC',!' 8,nd h-3.s aidod inmoasurllbl,y iYl:est8.blishing ".;ome:'l's pi-3.ce in ::'.-i.s.tion. It has been a great, honor .to have teon, the Dir 3ctor of this. program 2.rid ::..pleasure .to hC'~7e known most of you individually.. }fy. ver;,/ be~3t -.:'ishes fo::' YOl.l:r :\rture " SUCC8es' cU1d happiness." -, '. J().c~ueline Goch:::,,?n,Dir:Jctor 'of'" \IoIllen Pilot s ~



.'... ...


,., ,

"Your services l:'Jith the AAF 'l'r(.~:inin~ CO:7l.'!'"il.nd"o.s :>~.memb0r'of the '\iTos,m's AjTforce Service Pilots have bel3!J. of rmeh great aid to the ,::,ccoJaplisr'.::lc1nt f o .our mission that I Ylish to extend .tOYOlL ow.' deep appreci::ltion for n. ,job. well done . 1'.'8knmJ tInt JTou havo,shecl ~{0u1' duties ~"i-::'hout regard for p03sible danger or risk, pla<;init ~he'v:'elfar"e 'of ..th3 nation '=100""0 your 0'\!11, tl1erei:.'Y evidencing :, d8gree of d8\i'otion.'v':1ich .1:1:'(s not. gone unheeded .'llnong the men of the Air Forces As a fellow pilot, 12t me wish Y0,,- good luc;~ and .malW happy landings." . " B. K. Yount, Commanding '}eneral , AAFTraining Con1~and : ;,~


.' l

On DeC8I:l'.::'sr 0th our service as pilots 2 in the Army Air Forces 'sill end-but Y'lhen,w leave behind n. foeling such as .th(,~t expressed abovo., we have not fl.own in vain.


CLASSIFICATION TRAINING CO~SE: Flying Training Officer, Hq., of any intm:cstcd

Tho following TWX v~s sont to nIl Stntions in the Eastern Command, and at the suggestion.of the C~vilinn Personnel EFTC, it is being published in the NEriSLET'l'ER for responso WASP: , .



... ~
/.' -' I I I


.......... ,

, ..: ....

INTERESTED WASP WHOI::EET THE ABOVE REQ'UIRErJiENTS SHOULD FILL OUT CIVIL SERVICE FORM 57 AND FORWARDIMi'.:EDIA1'EL~ TO THIS HE1l.DQUARTEHS ATTENTION: CIVILIAN PERSONNEL SECTION, A-I DIVISION, CLEA.R.LY nlDICATING ADDRESS liT "NEICH THEY l,jAY BE CON TACTED DURING [dONTII OF J;~NUil.:R.Y 1945. PROSPE'CTIVE ANALYSTS WILL BE. E]\ftPLOYED GRADE CAF-4 $1800 PER ANNUM. SUBSEQUENT AT HIGHER GP~DES ~TILL DEPEND ENTIRELY UPON APTITUDE'AND P~~FORMANCE OF DUTIES AS A RESULT OF GN-THE-JOB TRAINING AT TEE STATION. Tins I''illSS;~GEIS NOT BE CONSTmmD AS DEFINITE . INDICATION THfl.T TRl\.INIJ:;G counSE VlILL BE CONDUCTED, BUT IS MERELY PRELIlliINARY ACTION FECESSARY IN THE EVENT PHE3ENT CON'l'EI:iIPLATED PLANS GO THROUGHEND. Fo,r '[.rASPs who o,re interested. in finding a 'good non-flying job at ono of the Stntions~-\his is an oxce~lont opportunity. Although your experience and education may not bo outstanding under requiroment (A) abovo, it is . _, suggested that you send' in your application, innsmuch ns it is felt that WASPs. would be well quc.lified undor (B) and (C) nbove. The training course would be.held sombtimo in' January and last about 10 days. Your duties after'assignmont ~ould involve going around tho line and tho hangers and all places whoro civilinns are employed on an Army Air Fiold, nnd,fi~ding o~t just what a.particular job ontails. You ~ust be~blo to deQ.:i. diroctly' with nll thecivilio.ns on the field and the military'whom.thoy nre cmployed8.nd make a good o.nalysis of thGir work; apd: be nble to v~'ite out your findings. Thor~ is an'ex~ellent chnnco .for snlary advnncement for a good Analyst. At the presont time thpre is a need for one or mo~e Job Analysts at tho following Stntions in EFTC:




\ . 1:

~. \ '.' .~


Hdqrs., EFTC., MaA~ell Field, Aln . ]\;bx-iJGll Field, Aln. Spence Field, l':Ioultrie', . Ga. Nnpior. Field, Dothan, Ala Smyrna.AAF,:SmJTan, Tenn. Lnredo. iL:;;F,'.Lnrcdo, Toxas Hendricks Field, Sebring, Fla,. Harlingen iVlF ,Hnr lingen , TeX!lS Cochrnn Field, Macon, Ga. Turnor Field, Albany, G~. Lockbo1p.'J,1o AAfJ,. Columbus, Ohio.



Analysts are needed in 'the oth6r Training Commands also. Informalinformation indicates that tho Trnining Course will be conducted at Ma~1011 Field, Ala., will afford opportunitios for prospoctivo Annlysts to be



assigned"to ,stations under the, jurisdiction of the Central and :Western Tr:~ining Commands. '. Promise of location of plncoment cannot be hlado.:at the presont timc,."but every'offort will. be mndo to fllaoe tho girls 'at ..the . :,bns(;s of their: ohoice.' ~ .. Application Forms 57 crm be obtained from your local Post Office. WASPs from all Commands may submit :their: appli'cCltions to:

.. .'


Commanding G(mcral, E.F. T.C. Mnxvle.ll', Field, Ala.. ~TT: Civ~lian Porsol~~-e21i?n.




JOBS WI'l'}!f.!lAR.TIN ..AIRQRAFT: The folloYling for publication TWXw:>.s forwardod from l'UssCochran in. the WASPNe~lSlott(;r: 's office, 'i1ashingt~n, ., .,. D. C.


There are severnl pOSGibiliti6s of ground jobs rclat;.ing qiro.ct;Ly::,:t6 with the E,'1lbry-Riddle Aero College. Mr. E. J. Smith, GGncralHc.nager,


vrrites as fol1oVJs:
I!Y10 do not,hEwe

: .:-::' '.~',~' ... , '

'any pilo,!<'.positions open, and I do not' nnt:i:cipnte" n!ly n~ ~.h~~, f.?=el~; h,?Yl~YC~,. I ~o 11~V,C, qpGning as C011trQl .' a.'~ ,'. Torrer Operator and anothor o.s Dispatcher.. The salary for theso positions is $100.00 to $175.00 per month.

nprior to this timo ViC had not considered putting girls in tho Link Depo.rtment, and some thought must be given to this problom. If any of the girls cnro to mako application for this work they may do. so, and I.Vlill o.dvise th:mof our policy at th<it ti!.no. " We have had'. a very sloV! turn-over of pc:rsonnel in this dGpartment' and.I do not supposo that'more than t~o or throe openings would occur in the near futuro. Salsry during the Link Instructor's course ,is $100.00 p~r month. Link Instructors start at $150.00 ",/' '. per month after complcti~1g the course and mo.:)!be raiscd. to , ~.,\t :' $250.00 poSr month. ' , ,;: , ,~~. :. ~ '.': .:'.,/.: uIn tho future. we. may discovc,r add:i,tionc.l \lOrk which' could bo', '7\";< .offcre::d and if"we do I will mos.t: cE;rtninly ndvise anyone thnt, ,~''-:~ . /' might CD.l'.c ,to. cantnct me.lI :~. .' ,':_,

This letter Writo to:

ha.s just



nnd no responses

have beon r:K~d0.

Mr. E. J. Smith, Gen. Mgr. Riddle r,~cI\ny Aero College, Riddle Field, Clewiston, Florida For othors interested in emploJ~Gnt in Civil Aviation in Florido., ~~. Smith suggests tha.t they cO~'1lLmicatG with Mr. T. E. Frantz, Embry-Riddle Compa.ny, Colonnade Building, Coral ~~bles, Florida.


The War.Department Memberof the Interdepartrncnt~f jiir Tretffic Control Board in Washington, D. 'C. needs a secretary.--prefernbly with an aeronautical backgroundo ThiS Board is composed of rep!?es6ntatives of the Army, Navy, and CAA--their purpose being the coordination of the three Departments ~~ all problems rel~ted to control of air traffic~ The position \ o-ffered carries, a CAF-4rating" Applicnntp submit Forms 57 to:


, .' .

" \.-1 ;""'\' ,\ \

..>~. ,

s:i,stant Chief of Air. Staff Training, Flight Operations Division, WEl~hiUgtODJ',DIo'~C~, . Attn: War Dept II Memberof lATCB

AIR;b'VAGUATICN NURSES: Anne~,Berry, 44-2, offers the information tha.t graduate nurses in the WASP co.n be taken .directly 'into Air Evacuation viork if they P[;SS the physical examinationQ !iANTTODRAW MAPS? .There is a position open in Washington, D. G. for an Engineering Draftsman . (Cartographic), SP-7. If you hnve any experience .in this line of vfOrk, .'submit a Civil Service Application Form 57 to: . -/ Assistant Chief of Air Staff. Training,. Flight Operations Division, , 'Washington, Do C.
", I


/.. >





~/ .....


The Manager,of the Aviation Gas Sales in th8 Ghicng~' Office' of the Pure Oil Company~' needs a good Ptivate secretary with,aviationexperionco, Contact: fu~~ Til Jo Manske, Personnel Employer,'Pure Oil Company, 35 E . Wacker Drive, Chicago, Ill.' Attn; Mano;ger0Uviation G~s Sal~ .


Jean McCart, ~ffiSP from. GreenwoodAAB, Gre~wood; Miss. stopped in at Newsle.tter:' HqQ recently:o.nd it was quite refreshing to ,hear a positive answ~r in r~sponse to 'that,. Sixty,,:,,;fo,ur ollar Question: "iVhnt.a~e you going D to do tifter December 20th?1I- She and Yvonne Stnff0rd, Pat Velut and Fny .Wolfe, all stationed at Greenwoodand Dolly Sexton, Lubbock.~~F, Texas have their Civil Service Transfers all lined up for ALASKA, work with to the CAll. n Air ... r"btmdC'ornrnunications. "After a short lenve, they are schedi G uled to report to Seattle ,Wnshington whore. they wlll be trained for approximately six weeks. Cnn1t you just see that little Louisiana Stafford bundled up like an Eskimo drnwling !'Ugh, Ugh--you-all" to some lost Eskimo pilot.---Good luck, gals---dnd don't forget your red flannelsJ ,.

",4-" .






POLICYANDSTATU~REPORTOF THE ORDEROF FIFINELLA: This report on the status c.l1d.policy of the !lOrder of Fifinelln!l has been compiled from reports sub~ittedby the members of the Advisor~r Council on pcrtinen~ organizational problems. Your analysis of this policy and stntement is desired before it .is l0gally contro.ctcd. Address opinions to Clc',ra Marsh, Acting Chairno.n, llOrder of Fifinello.!I, 3504 Courville Ror,d, De'trait 24, Michigan. 1. STATUSOF ORGl~NIZATION; STRUCTURE

-----,-,---_ T-----.. ,: 11 G' TIN G S ..4. F.J:_-i

:Business: :Historinn: :Ohaircan :f.!lannger:: :: Clc,rc. ~!!nrsh: (to be selected)1to be selected) : Treasuror

. : Bet t}=--'J2!2~:~12~~


:NevlSletter: :Editars :
Pc try-,

Mary Peters

. -



Clara J. Mo.rsh, 44-iV-3, 3504 Courville Rd., Detroit, iIich. Elizo.bcth ~:IG.c~\Ethan,44-.:7.2) 119 N. C,)ol Spring st." li'L1yGttevil1e, N.C. Betty ThoDpson, 44-1)-6, ~~our.:7inds F'lr!:1, ~7illinr.lstorm, 11.'i:.,ss . Ruth H. Petry, 44-:1-2, 104 Devon Rond, Itha<;::~, N. Y. Judy Snpp, 43-7;-4, Tro.ining COD!,:nnd Hdqrs., nnndolph Field, Tex. (home . o.ddr8ss 'iJill be given lntor) Bonnie Edm~~ds, 44-:1-1, 431 Heffernan Ave., Calexico, Cal. Dorothy Aspoll, 43-~"J-8, 1548 Kelton l~v(;., Los Angelo:? 24, Cr,l . Eva Mo.rie Pederson, 44-:7-.6, Schnller, Iowa. Betty, 44-1,'1-6, 108 N, Thomc.s Ave.,. Kingston, po.. Mary Eurke, 43-:'1-7, 603 N. st., Sund S);rings, Okla.. '. Betty Clements, 43-~-5, ElmTIo~1~ Nebro.skn. . Dorothy,.44-":7-5, 600 KiI:1":JE;:rly Ave., Asheville, N. C. MD.rg::LretHolburn, 43-'.'[-6, 71 F:cesh Pond, Co,ebridgo, L1ass. Dorothy Kielty, 43-IT-8, 738 E. 106th st., Los Angelos, Cnl. Mary ~.yntcrs, 44-','[-3, 3692 Ec.ndini !~ve.,Riv(;rsidc, C2l. ".. Ann' Berry,' 44-H-2, 8~' Second Avo. ~ Henderson,' Ky. . MurIel Lino.strom} 4L!,.<7.,.2. 425 Srrt"'E..;:mn i... VIC;., 3D,lt L".ko City, Utah. Ann Johnson, 43-:i ... ,.' 8'c ~ b::,iar.'.',iff Rd., N.E;j' AtlD,nto., G::i. Ruth :ioods, 44-~7-2> ! C)".J ;1e:.rydcLleAV0.,. Dnllcl'3;, . ~.\;X" Ann Lincoln, 43-;1..8. j\:la:.: ,i.~.'os~\ :.::ivG, Rcdl~.nds Oe,.1..., . D Irene Crum, 44<i-6; 2780 EJ.::lwocd.Ave., Huntir:'.gton) '.'i. Va. Ho.zel Rtiines, 44-:;-3, c/o T.Irs. Rcgin'J.ld Trice, 'Rivoli, Hr,con, Ga. Mo.rjoric Logan, 43.-~7-6, Airport, Billings, l'llontana . MD,rg8.ret Pr.rish, 4!;..-~I-7, 568 Newbcry Ave H.[~lGigb..,N. C" , Ruth c'f1nfer, 44 .~'j"L: .. 621J. Cobbu Creel,: Pc.rk:;ay, Philcdolphict, P[l.. Hc.lly .~'cir.eq, 3310 TJcndo:l, Los Angeles 26, C[,1. l'liki ,~';.I ..1en, 44-'.1[-8.. ~fclrr0l1 Av,,; H8.vrthornc, N. J,. Ruth GJ.~oves, 44-1.1-9) Ro.vcnno, N(J':!York" Florence Emig, 44-W-IO, 101 South 13th st., So.n Jose, 12,., Cnl.

PRCCEDURES: Offices to be held


yeo.r ':" By election thr011gh Ne~'!slettcr ballot 1st Election; be hold b3T rJid-Spring. (Acting Staff to be :.... t':.intcdncd until sto.bilized.~


~Duos to be



~!lomQcrships cover"l yoc.r fron Dec.' 20 to Dec . 20 of, tho following YG2~. Initiutions ffieciborship'vo.lid until December 20, 1945.. (1'he ontire yenrly membership will be l'oquircd for uny ::lE:nbc' member joining bofore Juno 20. Aftc.r June 20, the foe for th~t ye3r will be

$2.50) - 5 -


AGENCIES OF ORG~~IZhTION: Nm'isletter: Funds nlloce.ted from tho nOrder of, Fifinelb.". Cover~ae to be developed from existing form as needs ~nd curront c..~ financial and st~tus, reports ::tne'ideas grow. To be published monthly if prnctico.ble,.,. Newsletter he!ldquarters will be at the .10c3.tion of the Editors. \!Jelfare Fund: A basic fund t'o be allo'cnted from which 10.ems ill".y to WASPs (M.embers of the 'nOrdor of Fifin8l1,::t") in good st.:'..nding on <~n endorsed note by t'w.o other' member's in good sto.ndhlg, :md approvcd by t.he Treasurer . Scholarship (MemoriD.l) Fund: The :,dvisory Council will vote on the advisability of establishing:'. scholarship for tho furthcrtlnce of tr:-,ining of (1 worthy person in,:J,tion. Tho, digibiU't., :;,ncl tro.ining ,:md fino.ncial status of applicants will be screened ::md dotc;~d.n8d by the :,dvisory Council from which a Director for the m:_' the, Schol,::trship will of ,. be elected by the Council.

DEFINITION OF OHGf,NIZI,TION: The ma,jority analysis is that ~alg:lrrntion VJith o.ny athor i,ssoci:.'.tion of Vornen Flyers is not dosiro.ble nO\\'. This decision is b:;scd on the diffcrcmcc in purposes betwoon these orgo.nizations. It is judged thi'.t it would be v['.luable to develop clo se coordin:ltion between tt10 Qrganiz:ltions. The Council recognizes tho value of bringing our strength to thovJhole of lVomenpilots, but f(' ;ls that the maintcm.elnce of OUT identity as the only group of' cx':"~','omGns ;,ir Force Pilots in :;,me:rica is vittll to the fulfillmont of the professiom.l ,J.nd ol'g::~niz<:'.tionD,l purpQses of tho "0rder of Fifincllo.. II It ho.s also boen decidod thxl:. it is imper.:J.tive t h:lt VIC keep our funds sep?rc.te for tho needs D,nd projection of our orgnniztlt'ion. The "Order of Fifinellft II will ,'lpply for c.ffiJ.iation with the NdicnrJ.l :,erono.utics i.ssocic.tion as soo.n .:;S our current status (md financinl rr:::ports elrG legally contrelctod. V. PURPOSES DRGf,NIZ.\TION:" OF



1. To provide "ill .:'.cti va, unified., org::.nization to .:lct <,:"S ,1;.'1 nguncy to influence legislation and pOtonti<:,,,l ,-,mri16ycrs in:;vit'.tion. ' 2. To, promote ,::.hd contribute to tho development of, ~vi::!tion ['.s n group or indi vidu['.lly in th,; reconstruction of 'civilir~n .flying. 3. To provide a medi['. for maink ..nin8 contr.~ct with o::lch othcr, .nnd to dei velop our association::.nci cont".cts 1'lith othor c.cti V8 .'wome!)'in ,:''l.tion. 4., . To Gst~"blish n' InCt'.ns of disscminr,'.ting employment, i.nformr.ltion, and other worthwhi~o,' news and id,3-:'!.s. 5,. If f::LVoro.bly .::cpprovod, to establish ~LDd maintnin<"" schol.".rship for a deserving woman for trElining in ,tOrommtics .~~s:1. living nicInori:-,l to the W:,SPs who hnvc died in. t'lIS:!? service. )<~",.' .
I -{., ~

./ ,').,',?v, _

/~- /.. -;//

" ," /,0 .~// /'-'


. .,/
IF. ~/

/ .i~:"/I/,/l. (.; i.' ..

\ .'

~/,..........;,,#.t.... ...

< ,.,



... '






CL.R.\ JO U::.}lSP., :,cting Ch:_'.ir:~:'m "armER OF',tIFINELL;, II .


. ~J

i \

IIFifinellall is q01vover tho bTo thous:md doll".r nnrk in Ch:',rtor ~;lomborships alone. Vielve a good strong st::,~rt, with funds ,::lvnil''.blc to ;B.S in futurdente .. rprises. i,dded to this', \ow will h::lve me. surplus 'monoy froJll tho ;,vc.mger Fiel.d V1clfnre Fund~ T.he Gx''3.ct'imount of this F:..1,nds not known yot, but will be i published,'in a'1D.tor Newslettor. EV8t'y expendi,ture' from the "Fifincll:,,11 funds is b~cked by c. voucher, indicating tho 2.mO~'1t nnd tho purposo. Each voucher must bo signod by the Tro2.sur.or 'and two council member's':.2:s tndorsors. ,,''1'heso' vou~htirs ,'lrO fildd 'with the records and Qvnil~ble to any n~mber of the Ordor o.t nny timo for ins pectioU. \ . ,

\ 1


/~~ \'7




,/i't \,-"\'

" \. ./ !; !'-,, >~


//// , /'!

~:._/ /
.F /1


.--..L, .', ','


/<. .~.~/ /c~ /1... /" ~ BETTYTHOEPSON, reo.sur~r T "ORDER OF FIFINELL1',1I

/ / . ,'i


/ r..;,1... .'.' ~


' ..


THAT'S ALL'.AT. VENGER: A . .'.'., , On the 7th of December" 1941~,.he tr<:>.ditionC).l'graduation t ceremonies v'rere.h':;:lq for thc.;-last class. of w9men pilots to be .gradU!.:1.tedat Avenger Field. Thi~ descript.ion 9 tho gradl1ation:was:wri t.t~~ bJ' Ann Eerry, 41+ W-2, whof+ow'1,n to Avenger from La Junta. '., .: .Nearly 100 old gi.rls Ci?me frqm yad.ous fields and from '-!aried duties 'to see t he last .braduating class 07: HASPso' Our jYjloved benefactor, .. General Arnold, [nade the principal adciress to the 'girls, ,'lnd pre sGnted to each her silver wingse- G8u'3l'al Yount gave th,,:) gradu,'3.tion '.E!, girlo Miss Cochran m.:lde a short tal:( in whic11 she told tb.. girls B thcit" sne" y:as proud to know .1000 women pilots had learned to fly the hrmy 1'1['..710'" nyou can exert a great denl of influer.ce' on women concerning r'.vi~.:tion:> and you can be of much help to m.tion<:~l aeronautics ,;tft8r the war, If she; told her VIASFs~ The tr.1.ditional original songs in honor of tho graduatingclas5 were not neglected. W-IO s:mg four clever p::.:'.:ld.ios for themselxes and for HA.SPsin ,~en0r:2lo . Tho old girls sr.luted ~{-10 veith .:(1' song hailing :them 2.S a symbol of Avongcr :r'ield.} .. f t)1G hopes and aspir,,'..tions of o eV'iry eager, sky-Iovine girl :;ho ever bounced through AV'2nger' s big gate in the "cattle-truck,,11 W-IO, proudly \\'o'::l.ringthc ;Nings. so soon to be folded, mC.r,::hedfrom t.he .. g'Jmnn.sium to the. tv.... of liThe ;~rm:l '1q .,,~ir Corp~.11 .1iorc tb"n one 1I0ld Girl'L.:.: ... ;" moved to touch her' chum and bit her li~) to r.:e.:ma to:,'..!' or two from falling . It is hard to see an orgnnizdion l;hich is in ~3a.lity d big' sistorhood of .girls ,ono loves ~'1d D.dmires be disb~nd0d.


Af.ter the :corcmony, Co.chr[ll1spoke inform:'.11y to the gir1s 8h8. told thGil1 shc was trying to ,get the \:.r/,SPseligib:L8 for the G.L Bill 0 fRights. She ':urgod .e.1.chgir.l to 1 rite or contact hoI' Congrcssman.:in this respoct -:> Some 100.,000. service-women will receive ,its ben3fits ... Thore is no ~enson. why 1U,SPs shouldn't. h:'..vG tliem, tooo She 'is working hnvc us put on a roseI've sto.tus whereby wo ,co.n fly governmc~t :::.:ircr.:l.ft four hours a month"
0 M


Miss Gochrannruned. those .possibilit;ios pf post-war jobs: 11) With def'em,e pl!.'_~ts. flying the::i,r. surplus pl 'U1esto koep. th0m in working condition. " 2. Hith indi vi d'uc;,l s'tdtes' or CIt;, in ::dr marl(ing e 3. Vfith agricultural dqpwtment ix1 sowj,.l1gsood from. the <dr, or in, erosion. . . .. F-IO .is an enterprising class -:md vie 0.11 tlvmk them for the. ,job thGY h[tve. done on the WASPSongbooks e Under the direction o.f.Ann /,tkeison they have; cOlnpi1ed a book of all Avenger 'Songs b:" cl:"'.8ses., ,60p:;,g(;)s in ::,11, [tud r,re. hewing them print0d, m:lking n bookl\3t hrelf the, size of a class booko This".was a tremendous job, and lTh'1ny irls g l"'orked nights tmd even during their open posts finishing ito .One hundred doll,3.r.s W::.s C'.,uthor;l.Z9G the "Ordor of Fifinol1".11 by. for' the printing These books CU"c bcll)g SGpt to al.l clW.rter lJ.r1d honor:::.ry mombors of the "OrciGr of Fifinell?"t~', and 'will 'of) .~i3nt to all new merrberso'




44 W-IO is 100% Order of Fifinella rest of' the Welf,' Fund be turnod contract to that effecto

Etnd befori.:' lce.ving !<VGDgGr voted that t.he ovor to the Order of Fifinella, signing a

~TEhRING THEVJ/,SPll~IFOm:: OF In response to a request for inform~tion ~bout the permission and time liITit for wearing of the V!1,SP uniform, the following WEt::} receivGd from Headquarters, :,!,F, Washington] D.Co .'.11 official nir Co;,rps insignio. must be cmoved from our. uniform:> as of midnight, Deccmbor .20th. After tha.t time.; only the l'T,',SP wings may be worn with tho Santiago Bluea

,DPC PLANECRASH: A Lockheed Hudson, AT.,18 crashed on'o.nd burned o.t the Orno.ho. Municipo.l Airport, Qilo.ho.,Nebro.slm, to.king the live's of seventeen people.' The flight v~s in COllilcction \V~th ferrying for the Surplus Wnr Aircraft Divisior,Reconstruction Fino.nce Corp., Defense Plo.nt Corporation. Includod among those,killed were Mr. Dick Tate and Mro Ronan Torkelson, both former Advo.nccd Instructors at Avenger Field, o.nd throe girls: Mnrio.n Isbell, Virginia Hopo and Verna May Turner.

Renenber '~ay ~hen the v~s our'plo.yground; then it oxpo.ndcd to include the Tor.'11 or Ci t;y; sto.rtcd flying Cubs D,nd T.cro.fts o.nd tho neighboring To~ns and sto.tcs greTI fanilio.r~ Today the 48 States our playgroundJ'~l This is po.rtiaulo.rly true of the ATC girls ,nlo, flo~n fro::! Long Bench to Ncyro,rk so no.ny tines they have lost count? 'Itls 0. bco.~tiful cOQ~try--but o.irplnnes it conpact o.nd easily covered. We 1ilOnt have the Lrny P,.51 IS" AT-6 IS Gnd B..26 is o.t our fingertips I o.nymore --but there's no doubt.tho.t lots of us will be flying so~ething sODovmere. Several of us wore to.lking about this one do.y~-o.nd sor:loono hndo.n idee,: y~BY NOTESTABLISHL .m~T:70RK OF~:JASP HOSTELS .ACB,OS8 HE COUN1'RY?HOr::1tS T OR SlTc'flI'JER COTTAGES ~VEEf:.E A ~ifl~SP .COULD FEEL FHEE TO DROPIN FOR AN RON OR TWO??? 'The thought vm.s axci ting, rtnd be fore we knew it, without o.n;y co.nvnssing, we ho.d fiv~ V&SP NESTS suggested: B~tty Thonpson .this of her "Four 'Winds Fo.rrJ" up near Williamstown, Mass. "Yes ~- I1d love to list r.lYplace 0.8 ,0. WASP NEST. Thero I s plenty of ,room-and: it Ylould be .fun to have the kii:1s drop ino" Betty has 'offered to collect mcr.lOSand history articles o.nd 0.11 pertin'ent infon:18.tlon on the WASP fo~a repository Q~til an historical officer of the Order of Fifinella is selected. Faith BucY.l1er follo'\'led suit with o.n offer to' "A,-v-Kur2-Inn" on a Up118C'..rChico.go an avo.ilable Vli:..SP NEST. Fo.ith said tho.t hors ~o~ld only be open from April through October. Claro. ~lrsh suggested hoI' hone in Detroit, where her folks would be only: too glad to hc:vo 0. HASP or two flit in. In the West, Hillly Stir(;q wo:uld like to list tho "rfuy Worry Denl! ne[:r So.n Bornardino, Cal. DOvV11 South rIo could drop in o.t "CurIes o.ero fo.rm near Ricm~ond~ Vo.. Neck Fo.rml!, Doo.n Fergti8son1s '500'0.

Thero must be lots of others who hayo residences where they would be glad ~o be;...friond 0. tr[~nsient vi.'\.3P and enjoy tho'rG-i.ll1ion at tho sfli.le tii.lC. If you bave such 0.;! ','irite a briof desc:i.'iption of it, v/hat seasons of the. year it would be' Qvailable,and how no.ny girls could drop in without distu~bing the Weight o.nd Bo.lance of tho housoholdo infornO-tion to tho Wf-i.SP NE:'JSLETTE...'1., ,Nary Pet;I'or c/o Rut!1 Potry,, }\~ II)' whore the infornationwill be compilod. A uo.p of the Stntoq I'lill be drmm 'Ivith the loc'o.tion of the WASP NESTs indicated, and a brief description of each---for easy reference when travelling QrOlL~d the countryo S8nd this

310 2nd.Stc;>

* * * * * ** * * * *
vfuen submitting ncvm about WASPsit is requested which the vVASP Wc.S Q l:lGmber be inc'luded. that the Avenger of


1t4-w-6 t REUNI 0lI:

A copy of the following letter from Hally Stires was received>bY.9~e ".~f the members of the Newsletter Staffr and it displays such a wonderful spirit of gaod fellowship, ..that ,being-published {:qr"all-.the '.WASPs rE)ad. to Even though. 611 w6rcnlt,. ortUnate enough to' be ,Eembers of the' :outstanding f Clas~ . C?f: V{-6, .Y!~'~:i~e ..H.a~ly.?-fJ.9. .~~l' these VfASPs . .sitting: ar~und .a' 'big open fire to know that we~re with ..hem i,n QpA-,JttH t ..:.,,' _ '.. .':, :_ ' ..'. ',_! ..,;.'. :' .. ~. . lISUBJECT: REEEEEE .N1 .Q l! ~11 Q

':PO.~;, ., " .. ll Membersof. '44-W.;6o. A ~. ... ...::... '. PLACE lI\rVhy vVorryDenII .'. .

~'Thetime has come for all good W-6'ers. tq:.hay:~the grand" ol'.:."Get Together" we have so long talked and dreamed about. The time set for this gala.: occasion .i8 to be: from 30 DeC61nocr 944 through .. 1 January 1945. The reason ~or;extending the time .overt~is period is 80 that everyone will have an opportunity to get there at some . time- duringi:he nboV'.e menti'oned dates.' aIs~ set after Christmas, to give everyone a "chance. to be' home for that time" However, it fun to have.ffiostof w--:6 together to ring out .the old yea):' cmd in the hew.. ".' .. Ii' you are driving, 'bring blankets as: there will be snow" Also bring ,your. rntionbookso The' cabin. is .located in' the ',San Bernardin!') Mountains about half .way between. San. Bernardinq and. Lake Arrowhead~. Your address vrhile t~ere 'vdJ .. , be BGX 83, Crestline';. California. l Phone Crestline 6717. Bu~e~.~~.da~ly froID;Snn Bernardino to Crestlina. Upon'your arrival phone Mother (Nellie A. Stires) for directions to the cabin. March ~iE!ld, Riverside,} ,:Cal'ifo).'nia is the heal'est field to .fly into . . 1'.willb"!3 here at Avenger '.through 8 De.cember After that time . write to. Randolph' Field;-:General' Delivery., Texas c/o either Betty Williams., .WASP. Marie Pederson, 'WASP..Wouldappreciate a prompt 01" reply can or:'cannot be thcr~ for :the reunion. So 'till we are all gathered 'round the big 011 .fireplace reliving all the days at Avenger and hearing all about your doLDgs at your various bases, will say, Makeplans to be there and take care, Sincerely, ... J.
t ".
.; ,0 .'


Hally Stires


P.S. To have been a part of this program as a Trainee and also out in the field as a WASP is, in itself something for vlhich to be thankful'e Perhaps this is a bit early for Seasons Greetings., but may Christmas find you with loved ones, and here is hoping tho.i;.'s..qmo.. thing somewhere to your liking., unfolds for you before the NewYear is ..v~ry old 0 II "~. .; .... ;. : As alwD.Ys, /s/ Ha'llY: ,::
.. ':, '!'.




t., .


Tho,,Order.of Fifine11a. vliii nward,,,a~Fifty~~i'"1ar ($50.00) VIarSand the gir.:+.' \7ho,sends in the ;lnOS.t "amusing..personaJ.~' light ... ncident, or oxp'(C;rionce f i as D. WASP. Your contributiClhSsh.Quld .be ..'l'imited to-,.jOOwords:.. These stories will be published, in c[\04 issue of the Newsletter, until twenty incidents have been published.~ From tho t~enty best tales, the Newsletter Editors and the .Advisor~.CoUncil QII select the most out3tanding~ The winner viII be announccdin'theNewslotter at the close of the contest~


.. ' .' ,:. ,'".'>:\' . ~ '


~ I ' .~~ . _




:;:,',";.'1 ..~ .:1_.: ,"_:.' .' '

..-, . ~.... '.:'


j~,: ..... \


Y'J4enyou .receive yctu:t copy"of.' the' .!Roster<of' Home'Adaresses that "'-R,S C6mp:LlcJ by the.girlsd'lt Greenwood. :AAB,.pl.ease:'che'ck"it. for: 'correcti'ons o.nd"p'(')ss-ible omis siops .: ,pend ,:these chang8s to WASP :NEWSLETTER;' 'Me,ry Peter at.. :rtu.t4 . c/o petry, ;nO.2J;1d.At..uJ..thncn, )~i;,.Xi' or. publicntion'~ f . .All cho.nges 'of 1.:((.1:'03S should be reported in the same w'a.yso tho.t these Rosters C3.n be kopt up to do.te. . .. ' ..

The Rosters nrc bE:ing sent only ,tb ':those. who' have slibs crilJed--horievcr, it is not too late to I"\rdcr n copy if you do so immf.;diat21z.~ Send Y01..'.l' orc~(;r to the Nowsletter nddr()ss given Clbove.~' ANOTHER CO;~~~:~:JID_)!~RD FRCM:: Harriet Thyson '(4L~~'il~:3)stc.:tioncd with .the Army Technical at Wright Field,,. Dnytbn, , Ohio, wri t(;8 :,
," :.,'. 111




.r. 'noticed tha,t a .copy of. the NEWSLETTER hich renched' mo w contnins 9-'roster of tho WASPSinth~' Second, Air Force" tho Western. Flying. Training' Conm18.ndnd the Ee:.s'tcrn Flying Tro.ining a Commo.ncl \ C'L"TC ~ Roster was published :infirst: issue: of' N~-;;~VSLETT:SR). Would' it not pepossibloto, also 'include in this roster tho ILSPS who with the otl1Gr Commands? We.VIDO' nrGo.ttachcd' o.s si'l1sJ.e members of tho FmSp in'like ATSC' in a ruther' p<::l3itiop in .some respects, 'in th:"t 'flO do not. have tho ofo.n exocutive liJASP'!lho'Toccivl='s colnmunic[.tions, directives, etc." dcnling with', our nctivit~?s' g8nernlly

I I'."


The stnff of th8 NE1YSLETTER, sorr;r "that: rosters is' of 0.11 the COlnmc.nc1s wore not publishQd. ThisffJ.s'due entirely to tho un:lvo.ilnbility of tho cOR~)I(.tr inf,ormo..tion. Apologies you IIlono 'Holves"; irid 0 to the' gli11s Y!l10 have .done such 0. fino job 'flith the. Air Trc.nsport Comme.nd, the Air Forcos, the Provip,g Ground ,Commend, tho Army'Technical Service Commo.nd2.n'dthe W&.'1 ther THings. ,



,.. A Wo.spie had 0. little, And through the air sheld whisk, Oh, she vns such 0. foolish girl, Her little

* .





to the

NEWSLETTER from Peg Po.risl1, Freornan Field,"


1l~llol.I wish. I had some noVISfor you, but being stuck up horo in Indinno., surrounded bJ- fog, ho.zo, smoke Cl.l1Q bitter cold, o.bout C'.ll I know is thc,t if tile wOD.ther doesn It brenk soon' 11m going to bo too fat to fit :Ll1tOthat GI chute I c2.11 my O\"ffi. There is something I wish you rmuld do for me, thoJ ;.W~uld .. be possible for you to put n small l:Ll1o in tho next NEVSLETTER 2.sking all mombers, of LJ...::W",:l~~E.21Lme ; lct:t.1P.:R2"J.Q.....tP...9\T-'~11.G:ce ,0. .. ,they are hOil o.nd :::!o.tthey G.r~.doing. ,I Ipn~ .. s'?pcth.~P.:K::to- '. t '_w_o,-,-._r_d_k_()~o"pin.lL.1_h_o_l_it_t_l_e_ol_o_ga_n.g'... together." . '





"Is/, Peg .,perish'.::

. '.1'.

,22.~ e '\7be lIT


!:Y.._ Av.9., Ro.loight .,lL!.;,_G..

,. ~lO-

NEViS AND RAD10: ' Four i,'ASPs stIJ.tioned at Hlc.xvmllField were ipterviovied on ,:'., c.dio progrnm rer c,ent1;}r. How did you become interested in flying~ And you CD.... all by yourself---:why I think thnt I s ,:onderful. lilld. whEtt you going to do after December 2Qth??????? They1re npt the dlJ.nger~~s type, but it is rumored thnt some more vicious 1'1'ASPs C'.vG h threatened to murdoI' the ne~:t person who m.::JCGs the wistnke of asking. One WASP reports that a sailor nIJ.rrowly escaped injury when he innocently said, "Tough about, you gals getting FiRED. VJhIJ.t ou going y t.o do now?1I One of our more recent graduates, Rl~h Groves, 44 ~).-9, l"i~1s been doing Co fine job of making t::l.lks on tlu F},SP Progrrun ,':'.t the orientntion sessions of officors, enlisted men, and cndcts. There was IJ.n. xcellent e rIJ.dio progr<'UTl recently over the NBCHookup, sponsored by the 'V.Trigley CarporD-tion. Shirley Sl~de, 43 W-5, did D. fine job depicting the lifo and 'work of "" l'!ilSP. lNnlter Winchell gave the 1'f,SPs a good boost in his. column .Look in the December issue of ,un FOnCEfor ,::mi:'.rticlc entitled; !IFo.rewell to the 1-"!ASP" -a favornble SUmJQ3,ry our service. of It m;:mtions the fnct that a WASP was the first woman to fly D. jot-propel:18d pl::me. The Vi,~SP "vas Ann Baumgartner, 43 W-4, formerly stntionod [,;.tVTright Field, D9.yton, Ohio.
; ,

,,' "



,/ l





/' Ii

r . f/ l



/ ('(

., -- '''.---'.-e.

(/1" I

(I ,"r;:'




/ !.

,,~ /. ..

(.. <;




With the demise of the ~'J!',SP o.nd the dep'trture of the .~irls from thoir various bases, appreciCltion is being sho"iiDin numerous Vlf.1YS~ Bl~!thcvil18, l\t ;',rk~:.ns.:.'.s, Colonel Stelling, the Comm,nding Officer of the Army f,ir 3::,-se, cf.',lled a Forme.l Retreat in honor of the nin,O)F!,SPs sto.tioned there. It liJf.1.,Sproud group of 2. girls l':ho watched their Gntir:; field p1.SS in ravie'w. Other reviews were held at Ellington F1cld, Houston, T',;x::.s) P.::cos U:F, Pecos, TC;XLtS, m~d C)1ild.ross :.f,F, Childress, Texf.1..s. Everywhere wo tonI' of p~rties ga~oro nnd the sadn0ss of . leaving can nlmost be forgotton in the gaiety. M,:myfind th8 parting too difficult "md ".ro trnding in their yr:,SP privileges for Army l."IFE privilegoso lilin Lincoln, 43 1"-8 v\'c.smarried D,:;,ccmber12 to Lt. D.:;nnis. nt the Poet Ch:;..c:ol,Tyndnll Field, Pc.nam.s. it:/, F.:.oridJ.. She fins C given awny by Col. Persons, the Corrun'.'.ndj11g Of:',icc;;r. " l~nn :md her Li..:::uteno.nt will go to Californio. for ChristI:',:'.s, then return to Tyndall. IvI.s,ry f, ,Jorshin, 44 1':-1, WLl.S rrnrricd D(;cembc:..~ to Lt. Gordon J. 0 'Rourke ;:.t the Chapel, E2.glo 2 Pass ;l:lF; Tox"..s". They took ,~mextonded Cl'OS s country D.ndliJill be stationed at Eagle Pass.) 'FLSP Eckcrd, Stuttgart .:~i,F, ,'Jill m',Try r;nrrant Officer Carder, and they too will remain in :,rhLl}[;::'.S C'.ft0r the 20th. I:r:ene Raven, 44 V-5, Tyndall ~ield, is cngo.g.:Jdto aB-29 pilot nO~'Jin tr~nsition : school at Mmovcll FiGld~ Thoy pl~n to be marriod sometime in the middle of JanuClry. imn Bartholf, Grco.t. Bc,nd :,LF, K:\ns,:>.s,PelS married scvsr,l'.. weaks ::..go l to 1st Lt. John Rnwlings, B-29 pilot from Las Animas, Color,.. do. She is nOVI w(),tching his proross in nevvsp".pers, folloving the re.ids over Japan. Iv':ary F::ters 44 "'-3, is planning a JiLl1uC'.ry edding to Lt. i,lberic (Ricky) doLaot~ He;will be w stationed at Olmstead :,LF, Middletown, Pn. Bobbye Cr.1in, 43 1.':-8, and C:-~!)tain Cholby Jersig of ClOVis, NON Moxico, WGremarried rocontly. C~'.Dt2in Jcrsig is on IJ.yoars' leave of absnoce from the Marine Corps, and she will join h~~ on December 21. Est.hor Rluller is quite excitod too c.oout her pending m' .. '.rri:.lgo in Jenuary to her flight instructor of Piper Cub days.