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lorder of Fifinellal Publisher IBetty ~. Williamsl Editor lClara ~o Marshl President IHally stiresl Bus. Manager

'Ruth Mary Petryl Sec' y .-Tress.

jAdvisory Boardl Ann ~ohnson ~udy Sapp Betty Clements Margaret Helburn Mar jorie Logan Mary Burke Dorothy Aspell Dorothy Kielty Ann Lincoln Bonnie Edmunds Ann Berry MUriel Lindstrom Elizabeth MacKethan Ruth Woods Hazel Raines Mary Waters de Laet Ruth Shafer Dorothy Swain Irene Crum Eva Marie Pedersen Betty Thompson Margaret Parish Miki Allen Ruth Groves Florence Emig 43-W-l

The WASP N3'NSLEl'TERis published monthly by the " Order of .Fifinella". This organization was formed prior to inactivation of the Women's Airforce Service Pilot program, December 20,1944. It is legally incorporated under the corporate seal of the state of California. _This publication .is devoted principally to aeronautical employment and other pertinent information relative to women in "aviation". Editorial Office 3633 Lavell Drive Los Angeles 41, Calif.

43-W-5 43-W-6

43-W-7 43-W-8 43-W-8 43-W-8 44-W-l 44-W-2





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Z A word From Our Chairman 3 Newsletter Takes X-C Miss Cochran Correspondent 3 Retirement Deductions 3 4 Flying in Colombia, S. A. 5 With the WASPS in D. C. Los Angeles Chapter 6 San Francisco Chapter ? ? In Sincere Gratitude Fort;vorth Chapter 8 9 Business fuanage~'s Report History of :VASP_ Wings 10 11 The Roster Is Out 12 Dan Cupid's Log Book 13-16 WAsPtivities




It's been a long time since most of us have been able to say "Hi" to each other. Many have been lucky in seeing special friends frequently lots of reunions have been occuring through Red Cross and D.P.C. activities. Larger meetings have been effected through the new and strong chapter organizations. Amazingly enough Texas and California are leading in membership and activity. The Order of Fifinella has come a long way from the seed of an idea in a few hot-to-go-heads: Bally says that the day we have our first National Convention will be "THE" day. It should not be too far away with the settlement of the peace. As individuals, and as a group, we will be able to concentrate our thinking and efforts toward the accomplishing of the purposeful realization of a sound peace for our world and the world henceforth. We have the essential structure for an active organization. We can do with it, that which you will. We need the continued eager support of all. There are many basic problems of policy that should have a definite vote before action is taken. Whether or not we affiliate with the National Aeronautics Association, is primarily up to the mempership. Should we attempt to affiliate with Servicewomen's veterans' groups? The projected plan to attain veterans' stetus for WASPS needs careful consideration and strong backing. As you are no doubt aware, there is proposed legislation to provide such status for several civilian groups. Let's be extremely careful in our analysis of our relative position and NEED for such action before we begin to agitate or demand. Miss Eileen Evans, 44-W~3, is Chairman of the Project Committee of the Southern California Chapter, which is inVEstigating the need of exWasps for this expenditure, and the possibilities of attaining this status through legislative action. Write to her about your point of view. A special vote of sincere appreciation to Hally for the wonderful manner in which she has maintained the high standard of proceedure and organization on which we had planned. She has spent many months since the Advisory Council voted her Business Manager, building a solid, working, legal organization. Those of us who have hoped that the "Orde! of Fifinella" might grow to be something more than a sit-by-the-fire collection of females, are grateful for the intelligent and active cooperat ion of tho se who have pitched in on the unglamourous beginning work. The solid and thoughtful response of the ex-WASPs, from whom we have asked help bas built something fine from which to go forward, toward sincere and purposeful accomplishment. If we can maintain our present cooperation from all of you, we will be able to utilize "thetraining and experiences we gained through our work and from our leadership in the Wasps toward a purposeful goal. ClaraJo :Marsh

NEWSLETTER TAKES CROSS COUNTRY Your WASP NEWSLETTER has a new home. No longer will it be written, edited, rushed, cursed, praised and mailed from Ithaca- it has now graduated into the cosmopolitan atmosphere of LOs AngeLes wbare Betty Williams 44-W-6 has been chosen to nurse it along, come what may. A cert~ln sense of affection and attainment is always felt after being assoctated with an organization for any length of time, and our work on the NEWSLETTER has been no exception,-it has been most enjoyable and profitable in the senae of acquiring all sorts of information, points of view, and news we would not otherwise have had. During the last month, when all was a mad whirl of trying to hold down a job, running charter trips, sterilizing bottles, and whatnot, matters reached an impasset It becwne a problem of having too little time to do the job well enough, so we are very ~rateful to Betty Williams for taking over the Editorship. But we will miss the letters that roll in every day Mary Strok Peter Ruth Mary Petry The NEWSLETTER has progressed with leaps and bounds from the hustlebustle-mimeographed-days at Maxwell--- Ruth and Mary deserve much praise for their constant effort and workt Thera are many new plans for the "Coming publications. We are establishing a definite date of publication your cooperation will be of great help. The deadline of each month will be the 10th so try and get your news items to us by the 10th of November for the Nov. issue. Any suggestions or criticisms will be greatly appreciated. RETIREMENT DEDUCTION RKFUNDS: Since last month, when we printed a notice in the Newsletter about refund of retirement deductions, we have received dozens of letters from girls who have not rece ived the ir refunds. We have sent the information on to the Retirement Records Branch, and will continue to send in any further requests we receive. Many of you have not been very specific in giving your assignments. Will you please give dates of assignments, including dates of Houston or Sweetwater training as accurately as possible? Also, will those girls who started training in one class and finished in another, please indicate that fact? It would help us a great deal. ATI'EN"TIONPLEASE ttl t t t Send all infonnation regarding Retirement Deductions Refunds to Ruth Mary Petry 104 Devon Road, Ithaca, New York. There will be an unnecessary delay if--sent to any other office:- J"ACQ,UELINECOCHRAN - SPECIAL COR~ONDENT Miss J"acqueline Cochran is at present in the Pacific areas as a Special War Co~respondent accredited to both the Army and the Navy. She has a roving assignment from Liberty Magazine to cover special aspects of. the war and early days of peace of particular interest to women. It is expected that she will return to this country in October.

* * *




~argaret Helburn, 43-6, has just returned from Colombia, South ~erica. Peg is now working for the Personal Plane Division of Republic Aviation, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. She made her first water landings in the new "Seabee" and is raring to check outt Good Luck, Pegt "NOW FOR COLOY~IA and it is mostly negative, at least as far as private flying is concerned. It i8 8 wild and rugged country for flying. The And es Mounta ina break up into three ranges, which cover all of Colombia, except the Eastern plains. ConaeCluently, all eros a-country flight a are planned for altitudes from 11,000 to 15,000 feet. Being on the Equator, clouda hang over the ranges much of the time, so practically all flights are instrwment clearances. One would think these conditions would minimize flying, but on the contrary, planes are used wherever possible, since mountains hinder "thru-railroads", trucking roads have never been built, and Slow, uncertain rive! passage is the only alternative. Comparatively speaking, there is a larger portion of air transportation, both passenger and freight, than in the United States. Private flying is practically non-existentt Only three, or at the most four, small planes are in condition in the entire country. One is owned by an oil company, used for patrolling the oil lines, and another is owned by Avianca, the airline. Unfortunately, an aeronautical autho rity, similar to the Civil Aeronautics Authority in the states, has not been organized. The Ministry of War governs all aviation, which naturally details Cluite a bit of "red tape", so to speak. There have been a number of Aeronautical Schools, at present nonoperative, because of the unavailability of ships. Restrictions prevent them from importing new ones. On the other hand, due to geographic and meteorologic cond itions, all small plane operation with the exception of strictly local flying will be restricted. There is an excellen t opportunity for people with aeronautical background as Airplane Dealers for American made planes. How's your Spanish and Portugese? To date, there are but two agents in Colombia for any type of l?hip. If the manufacturers intend to do any business with the South American countries, they will need to import people from the United States who are capable of operating a snall business, people who know their airplanes. If you are adventuresome (aren't we all?) and know where you can spend a night or two in Washington, D.C., then buy a second hand ship in good condition, get the necessary permission to fly it to Colombia, and sell it. You should be able to make enough on the sale to cover expenses down and back and see either Mexico or the W.est Indies in the bargain." If anyone is interested, Peg will give the names of three or four prospective buyers most of them want a PT-19 or better. Best of luck to any of you who give it a tryt WASP RINGS Many have n~de inClulrles about the ring we can offer is picture a miniature pair :icur fiuger not too heevy .[,ndyet sturdy delay i~ delivery but the jeweler broke the However \Ve expect delivery in a few weeks. design. The best illustration of ~ASP win~s curved to fit and attractive. We regret the die and had to make a new one.

WITH 'illE WASPS IN WASHIIDTON It's natural that a buzzing center of aotivity like our nation's Capitol should attract many WASPs. A"t the Anierican Red Cross _Training School, several of the girls decided it would be fun for all available ex-WASPs to get together for dinner one evening thinking that perhaps there might be ten or twelve in the vicinity. The plan was to meet at one of the hotels and then to make a desperate effort to dine and maybe wine a bit together. Someone heard that Miss Cochran was in town, and she was contacted in the hope that she might join the party. "Yes", she would. And her interest was manifested in a cordial invitation to have dinner at her apartment--a lovely penthouse, atop the Statler Hotel on Friday evening, JUDe 29th. The number of guests was still indefinite, as the entire affair had been spontaneous, backed up o~y by word of mouth and a few hastily scrawled post-cards. However, by devious methods of orientation, twentyfive WASPs found the beem to the statler and enjoyed a-most delightful dinner with Miss Cochran. We began with tasty pars d'oeuvres and a choice of drinks, followed by Lobster a la Newberg, with many complementary dishes; champagne, dessert, coffee, brandy, and other delicac ies added to the festivity. And in keeping with the enjoyable dinner was the ever present spirit of comradeship shared by fellow flyers wherever they gather, especially those who have experienced a similar type o~ service. After dinner the guests sat around and talked. about ~he good old days. Someone played the piano. Others gathered on the terrace, from whioh the lights of Washington glittered below. Then all gathered in the living room for a group meeting before soattering again' to the four corners of the world.

Clara Marsh, 44-2, Chairman of the Order of Fif1nel1a, told the girls about a very fine group insurance policy that can be arranged if a sufficient number are interested. The response was very favorable and more will be heard about its development later. The question of retaining the Commercial licenses for girls going overseas with the ARC was esked, and Miss Cochran said she would get a statanent of policy on the t. Various things were discussed--yes, mostly hangar flying. Miss Cochran said that she is the proud owner of a Lockheed Lodestar C-60, which is IIErked with this low impressive number: "NC V-13" V for Victory and 13 for luck. Dinner guests included Mrs. Harper, wife of Major General R. W. Harper, who is now in Germany, and Mrs. Judy, wife of Col. H. S. Judy, Jr., who is with Gen. Harper in Europe. The WASPs who were there and their present positions are as follows:- Betty Bailey 44-6, A.C.A.S.I. Air Field Intelligence Analyst-Research Airfields~ Mary Hillberg 44-6, Artist for the CAAj Joan Michael.s 44-6, Ferrying for DPCi Anita Paul'44-6, Analyst Officer for the Q.M. General; Dorothy johnson 44-8 Air Intelligence Specialist, Aeronautio Chart Service; Helen Paine 44-10, Secretary for the Air Transportation Association of America; Joan Olmstead 44-9, AAF Intelligence; Mary Breidenbach 44-6, Drafting Model Airplanes for Wind Tunnel Testing at David Taylor Model Basin,Co.; Pauline Canney 44-6, Navy Nautical Scientist; Mary Martin 44-10, Ferry1ng for DPC; Betty Phillips 44-10, Ferrying for DPC, and Betty Price 44-2, Statistical Bureau in Washington the following ARC girls: Elizabeth MacKethan 44-2, Mary Reineberg 44-6, Norine PatterSon 44-3,

WITH 'IRE WASPS IN WASHINGTON (Cont inued from page 5) ~ane Harris 44-7, Betty Clements 43-5, Mary Martin 44-3, Pat Jameson 44-5, Rosalie Phillips 44-<;), Ann Craft 44-2, Mary Ann Baldner 44-9, Sue Booth 44-6, Betty Price 44-2 and Clara Jo Marsh 44-3.

** *
REPORTS OF 'IHE CALIFORNIA CHAPTERS Lo s Angele s Chap ter The fourth meeting of the Los Angeles Chapter was held at the Civil Air Patrol Headquarters, 2256 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles on Monday evening, August 13th at 20:00. At the April 5th meeting in Chapman Park Hotel, tentetive officers wer~ elected for a three months' period and so nominations o~ officers for the balance of' the year were in order. ' Accordingly, the following girls were nominated for these offices:President-Lole Perkins 43-6, Eileen Evans 44-3 and Harriet Stockwell 44-5. Vice-Presiden t-Joan Smythe 44-7 and Maur ine Brunsvold 43-6. SecretaryTrea,surer-Ellenor Kurten 43-5, Elin G. Harte 43-3 and Maxine Manogue 44-3. Election will be held at the next meeting. The Project Commdttee gave theirreport this committee had been appointed at a previous meeting to discUss the G.I. Bill of Rights. They had resolved that those injured and the next of kin of those girls who gave their lives, should be compensated. The resolution was unanimously passed, because those present felt that we would'be inviting Congressional criticism by seeming to want individual rights covered in the G.I. Bill of Rights but felt that compensation to those injured and to the next of kin was justified. The resolution was referred to the Project Comm~ttee for enlargement and further investigation and development. The Project Committee includes Lola Perkins 43-6, Eileen Evans 44-3, Elin G. Harte 43-3, . Xllenor Kurten 43-5, Joan Smythe 44-7, Hally Stires and Betty Williams 44-6. The objective of this committee is to frame a resolution and prepare methods of accomplishing the objective then present it to the other chapters for discussion and approval. Among the dec isions agreed upon were: - The same night each month for the meeting. Notices will be mailed ten days in advance, including a resume of the previous meeting and the Agenda for the caming meet ing. Meetings will be short, if all committees function, and social activities will begin with organization. The following were present:- 'Eileen Evans 44-3, Maxine ~anogue 44-3, Beverly Beesemyer 44-6, Kiin Harte 43-3, Pat Pateman 43-5, Calie Kurten 43-5, Ruth Gla~er 44-10, Gerri Bowen 44-7, Catherine McGrath 44-10, Gayle Snell 44-9, Marjorie Christiansen 44-9, Pam Carr 44-10, Maurine Brunsvold 43-6, Jean McCart 44-4, Inna Cleveland 43-5, Merridee Newell 44-5, Peggy Phelan Taylor 44-5, Kay Cleverly 44-2, Dolores Lamb 44-~0, Mildred House Ferree 44-9, NO?8 Holt 44-7, Joan Smythe 44-7, Harriet Stockwell 44-5, Lola Perkins 43-6, E. Marie Pedersen 44-6, Gen North 44-6, Hally Stires and Betty Williams 44-6.

* * *

San Francisco Chapter In May the ex-WASPs in and around the Bay Area met and started the organization of the San Francisco Chapter. They decided to meet regularly once a month. Much of their discussion circled around these points:Vfuat about affiliation with the Ninety-Nines? The negative decision ruled. Did they approve of the present name of the organization, "Order of Fifinella?" This won an affirmative from all present. What about the G.L Bill of Rights? After much discussion, they agreed that the chances of getting these rights and privileges are slim, they definitely do not wish to make nuisances of themselves, so to speak all in all, it would be better forgotten. Those present were:- Phyllis Lee 44-9, Margaret Gee 44-9, Marie Jacobson 44-9, Betty Deuser Budde 43-3, Dorothy N.eyn 44-5, Isabel Steiner 43-4, Jerry Hill 43-5', Ruth Gamber 43-4, Ma!"J Cavet t 14-4, Doro thy Britt Mann 44-4, Juanita Dreier 44-10, Pat Seares Sullivan 43-7, Bonnie Dorsey 44-8, Kay Elliott 44-8, Doris Boothe 44-8, Gertrude Dietz 44-8, Florence Einig 44-10, Doroth;}' Estep 44-9, ELeanor Thompson 43-4, Gene Lamb (?), JO Baker 44-4, Ellen Howard 44-10 and Elaine Harmon 44-9. On July 18, 1945 they had a dinner meeting at the St. Moritz Hotel and Gertrude Dietz 44-8, Pat Sullivan 43-7, Elaine Hannon 44-9, Sherry Phelps 44-8, Doris Boothe 44-8, Jean Ward 44-8, and Gene Shaffer 44-1 were present.

* * *
IMPORTANT URGENT The Kxecuti ve Board is compiling important informa.tion for publicity re: Socinl Adjustment and Utilization of Military Training. This is a sincere pleat PLEASE RETURN COMPLEI'ED Q,UALIFICATION FORMS they are the basis of our analysis for this article and an important f/3ctor in the organization of chapters. IN SINCERE GRATI'IUDE This idea cane from the pen of Ann Berry 44-2. In a recent letter to Clara Marsh, Ann suggests that as rumor has it, General Arnold may retire within a short time. And she asks, "How would it be, if we gave him a gift on the event of his retirement, commensurate with his personal interest in the entire WASP program?" We think it is a rare and fine idea. It would be at least a small gesture toward an expression of how sincerely and how deeply we appreciate all that he did for us. Let's not forget how his moral support took the very tangible form of backing us when much public opinion was being loudly expressed against us. Send all opinions and gift suggestions to Clara JO Marsh- 630 Fifth Avenue, 3418, New York, New York. Your immediate action on this matter will be appreciated so that committees and committee heads may be appointed and start functioning.




20 .JUNK 1945


(1) The following Grounded Women Airforce Service Pilots are relieved from assignment from home duty and are transfered and assigned to Birdgirl Field, Fort Worth, Texas reporting to C.O. thereat upon arrival. (2) All persons on these orders report to transportation officer stationed in the lobby or Hotel Texas not later than 2330 on 13 July 1945. (3) Duty assignments as follows: (a) Grounded Women Airforce Service Pilots reunion: (b) Establish local Order of F,ifinella (c) Period of duty from 1800 on 13 July 1945 through 2400 15 July 1945. Travel will be at own expense (Auth: Letter CM-123, Hq. Order of Fifinella Detroit, Mich., dd 10 January 1945.) FD!1.D RULES .AND RlGULATIONS UNIFORM: The unifonn. shall consist of shorts, halters, blue jeans or anything the Grounded Pilot wishes to wear. At no time will you wear hair nets, turbans, or ties. FORMATIONS: Fonnations will be met only when ~rounded Pilot so desires. Reveille will not be sounded at any time and anyone guilty of sounding reveille or caught awakening others sha~l be punished according to predetermined punishment, namely: guilty party must buy drinks for all personnel on the field. Taps will not be sounded at any time and the same punishment is effective. Lights will be put out after the last person staggers in. If a pilot is found to have intoxicating beverages conoealed in bay she shall be expe oted to open the bot tle and share with all.

One regulation to be observed at all times is: HAVE FUNtt And so this is what some 100 ex-WASPs received as an invitation to the Forth Worth Chapter meeting. Very C-L-~V-~R galst They rented cabins near Lake Worth Casino and Bathing Beach for the week-end and made some excellent plans for their ohapter. Everyone hag. a grand time. The following officers were elected:President - Ava M. Hannn 44-6 Vice-Pres. - Ann Atkinson 44-10 Sec.-Treas. - Mary Quist 44-7 Reporter - Ruth Hageman 43-5 Distriot Representatives: Jo Myers 43-5, Fort Worth and Dallas; Kay DtArezzo 44-4, Austin; Mary H. Crane 44-3, San Antonio; Lois Brooks 43-3, El Paso; Barbara Hioks McGregor 43-5, Oklahoma and Ann Henry 44-7, Texarkana.

BUSINE3S MANAGER'S REPORT To Members of the Order: Our memberShip as of this date is 747 active members. We are mailing lists of non-members to all your Advisory Council representatives in an'effort to bring in the three hundred WASPs who have not become members of the Order. If any of you are associating with or corresponding with a WASP who is not a member of the OOF, appoint yourself a conmittee of one and sand her $2.50 dues for the last half of 1945 to Ruth Petry, 104 Devon Road, Ithaca, New York. We have set our goal at the 1,000 active member mark for 1945. Will each one of you assist in attaining our gpal? We have received orders from 132 members fo r Memorial Fund items. Let' a hear from more of you. You all write letters and each member of the Order should purchase a pin, thus showing you are a member and at the same time contributing towards the Memorial Fund. The first order ~f Wings on the stationery had the insignia in the center instead of on the left aide. However, this had been corrected for the ensuing orders. Twenty-five plain sheets are included in each box of stationery as those of you who have placed orders for stationery have discovered. The decals have been made smaller as we have had numerous requests from members for decals to place on sets of glasses. Numerous letters have been received asking about the Memorial Fund and what is to be done with the funds derived. First or all, it will take quite a while to have the MEmorial Fund running on its own resources. It takes quite a sum as an initial output to even get the fund started. In the event of the pins and decals, orders have been placed in large lots because quite a saving is involved. So of course 8 few hundred orders have to be plaoed before the original order cost is offset. We have only received ~alification Forms from 151 of you and these returned fonns are our means'of fbnning Chapters. Through the fonning' of Chapters we Shall present ways and means of arriving at our MEmorial function and decision as to hew we desire to go ahead with our Living MEmorial Fund. Please send in your Qualification Fonns and also more Orders for the Memorial Fund. The girls to date have been very pleased with orders rilled. Give us a chance to please youttt Virginia Yates of Honolulu has been the only member who has gone right down the Order Blank and checked every item. Thanks a lot, Virginia, surely hope this is an incentive for the other galst\t We have two bids on a group insurance for you, to cover you while flying, and are awaiting one more bid before presenting the chosen plan to you. A Group Insurance and plans for a Credit Union will be outl ined in the next NEWSLEI'TKR. A copy of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Shall be included in the envelope with your neJEt NEWSLE'rTER, as we are to have an election of Officers in NOVEmber. Before going overseas Miss Cochran became our first Sponsoring Member by sen ding"us a check for $500.00. She is very glad that we have organized our group as an outcome of the WASP. program and extends her best'wishes for our



continued success. Shall be waiting for those other 596 Qualification FOlInS and also hope to have at least a couple more hundred order blanks received within the next few weeks. How about it? Sincerely, (Gon tinued from page 9)


Hally Stires

HIS'ID OF WASP WINGS RY Official wings were not provided for WASP graduates until December, 1943. The 444 Women Pilots who graduated in the first seven classes were presented unofficial wings whieh were bought personally by .Tacqueline Cochran, since no other provision was made. When officials of the 319th AAFFTD at Houston realized, shortly before the graduation o~ class 43-W-l, that the graduates would receive no wings, the unofficial insignia were hastily contrived from "sweeiheart wings" available at the Ellington Field Post Exchange, redesigned to make them suitable by Mrs. Cli~f Deaton, Establishment Officer and Lt. Alfred Flei shman, one of the offi cers assigned to the detachment. The Air Corps insigne was replaced by a smooth shield bearing the designation WWl" while a soroll placed above the shield bore the detachment designation, "319." Manufacture and purchase or the wings were authorized by .Tacqueline Cochran, as was the case in the succeeding six classes. Wings for each class until the official ones were provided were similar in design except that the class and detachment designations were changed to fit the occasion. Class 43-W-8, 17 December, 1943, received the first wings bearing the "lozenge" officially assigned to the WASPs. However, these were also redesigned wings, being contrived from regulation pilot wings with the shield beveled smooth and a lozenge superimposed. The regulation WASP wings were analler than regula tion pilot wings am the lozenge r~laced the shield, rather than being superimposed upon it. Also, the lozenge was satin finish silver, rather than the glossy finish of the lozenge on 43-W-8's wings. WASPs assigned to Air Transport Command Ferrying Division wore Air Transport Command Civilian Pilot wings until the regulation WASP wings were issued.


** *
The following is an excerpt from a NEWS DIGEST distributed to Navy men overseas in the Pacific area amusing coming from Tokyo Radio of course not true in any sense :-"Tokyo broadcasts said three American planes, piloted'by women, have been shot down in China. The broadcaster commented that the shortage of American air crews is so acute, women are being employed."

11 THE ROSTER IS OUTttttt AT LAST, to the delight of the Editor (and many other people we trust) the WASP Roster is actually finished and has been mailed to all who ordered it. Enclosed with each copy is a mimeographed sheet giving changes of addresses which have been reoeived since the book went to press. Additional corrections will be printed in the ~~. To facilitate making corrections, the Roster is printed on a paper on which you can write in ink, and has a ring binding so that it can be laid flat. As soon as they are available, removable plastic ringe will be supplied to all subscribers, and thereafter we will send revisions every few months, as is done with the Pilot's Information File. We are very sorry it has taken so long to get the Roster to you, but it has been unavoidable. Most of the delay has been due to the fact that the location of the Roster has been changed three times and the editorship once. We wish to acknowledge the fine work which Mary Waters de Laet and her husband, Alveric de Laet, did on it in Mobile and Middletown. After compiling the information, they turned the printing arrangements over to the present editor when they left for the Belgian Congo, where Mr. de Laet is now assigned with the DiplOmatiC Corps. It is now planned that the headquarters of the Roster will remain at 104 Devon Road, Ithaca, New York, and all subscriptions and corrections shOUld be sent to that address-.--We would appreciate it ~mueh if you would please send us changes in permanent addresses and changes of name as quickly as possible. We fin4 it very difficult to keep up with the marriages these days, and know that we have probably missed quite ~ few changes of name. We'll have to depend on you to help us keep the Roster as nearly up to date as possible. Ruth Mary Petry ADDITIONAL ROSTER CHANGES 43-W-4 Baker, Nancy Lee, *301 S. Beaux Arts Apts., 310 X. 44th st., New York,. 43-W-3 Brooks, Lois B, *4601 Montana St., El Paso, Tex~ N. Y. 44-W-l Clark, Marie Mountain, 3114 Garden Ave., Royal Oak, Mich. 44-W-6 *Cook, Beverly Cangiamila, *Box 131, Haskell, Texas 43-W-5 *Davis, Edna Modisette, 6046 Rhodes Ave., N. Hollywood, Calif. 43-W-4 *Florey, Ruth Underwood, Box 36, Brownwood, Texas 44-W-6 *Goettel, Elizabeth Peters, 1 Outlook Ave., Tuckahoe, N. Y. 43-W-3 Hollingsworth, Lois V., 4601 Montan.a, El Paso, TeIas 43-W-6 Hurlburt, Margaret, *394 Mildred St., Painesville, Ohio 44-W-7 Lucas, Dorothy Smith, *611 N. 17th St., McAllen, Texas 44-W-3 Marsh, Clara Jo, *630 Fifth Avenue, 3418, New York, N. Y. 43-W-8 *Matevish, Helen Skjersaa, 115 Riverfront St., Bend, Oregon *43-W-8 *Morgan, Doris Marland, 1768 Leyden St., Denver 7, Colo. 44-W-5 *Strauss, Phyllis Johnson, 90 Progress St., Saylesville, R. I. 43-W-6 *Tannassy, Frances Synder, 710 - 4th St., Rupert, Idaho 44-W-10 Van Scyoc, Mary 0., *c/o E. A. O'Brien, Route 5, ~poria, Kansas 43-W-4 Woodward, Inez S., *1320 McCutcheon Road, Richmond Heights 17, Mo. 44-W-l Worden, Eileen Kealy, *+300 E. 7th St., Hastings, Nebr. 44-W-3 *Wunsch, Shirley Haugen, 12518 Sunset Blvd., W. Los Angeles, Calif. 43-W-6 Yates, Virginia H., *Hospital Librar,y, 218th General Hospital (TGH) APO 9&8, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.

nANCUPID'S LOGBOOK 1943 CLASSBS Helen M. Skjer8a8 43-8 married Cap1iain .joseph R. Mstevish on .Tune g. CaPt. llateviah has just returned fran the Mariannas and is now stationed at McCookAAl, Nebraska. They are residing et 1101 Hast Third Street, McCook, Nebraska. * * * Captola Whittaker 43-6 was married to Lt. Lyall .Tohnson on March 2nd. They met wh611 th~J: were both stationed at Victorville, Calitornia. They are now residing at 114 Menores Street, Coral Gable., Florida, 8Ild Cappy is anxious to contact any ex-WASPsin Florida. * * * Natalie Lupton Kllia 43-4 was married to Lt. Oolonel Albert Fahy, J"r. on Maroh 17 at Roswell, New Mexico. Col. Fahy was in the Atrioa-SicilyItaly and England osnpalgne with the 316th Troop Oarrier OOIlJlJ18D.d, two for years. He is now with the VBBSection Proving Ground Command, Eglin Field, Ilorida. Natalie adds that thisaddreas will be rather pennanent, but mail can alway8 reach her if addressed - Mrs. Albert Fahy, J"r., Rome, Ga. * * * Key Ball Cochrane 43-8 is the proud mother of 8 baby girl "Lindy" born on May 3rd. * * * Iris K. Heil1msn 43-8 who is now Iris Schupp is back at Kanaa. Oity, .Misaouri and is expeoting that fella' with-the-big-wing-spread to pay her. vtsf t this eerly fall. Doris Marland 43-8 of Denver, Colo. weis married to Colonel Herbert Morgan jr. on june 22 at Lowry Field Ohapel, Denver, Colo. 001. Morgan was an ace with Ohennault's famed "Flying Tigers." Many notables were present at too ceremony. They are residing in Olovis, New Mexioo, where 001. Morgan is the Oom:nandingOfficer. * Frances Snyder 43-6 1s now married to very handsome (so we've heard) Major Tannassyl * WAF Mary Potter is now married and her husband is in the Pacific. * * Ellie Bryant Folk 43-7 is living in Xl.Paso, Texas, where her husband, Oapt. Robert Folk, is stationed at Biggs Field. Ellie is now the model mother of a little girl "Karen." * jan Gagnon 43-8 married Harry Doon and they are the proud parents at a little tyke "Skerry." jan's husband is now flying the "Hump." * Sylvia Barter 43-7 annOUnces the birth of a daughter "Elise" on March 31st. Oapt. Eugene Barte~ just returned from overseas with the R.T.O. Ruth Lindley Muller 43-5 announces the birth of "Lindley Ann" on july 16. Ruth is now l!i.ving in St. Petersburg, Florida. Oapt. Muller left for overseas duty in B-25ls ten days before Lindley Ann was born. * * Mildred McLelland 43-6 married Lt. Theodore Christiansen at Hendricks Field, Sebring, Florida. Featherhoff 43-6 was a Oll Oommunicator at Lambert Field, St. Louis, MO., but is now Mrs. Sendelbach and living in Illinois. Merylene Lamphere 43-1 is now Mrs. Nyman. * Adaline Blank 43-8 married Lt. Robert W. Adams of the Navy FerryOommand on june 24, "1944. Their red-headed son is being lulled to sleep by "Zoot Suita and Parachutes~"




* *

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1944 CLASSES Marie Mountain 44-1 was married to Lt. john Alden Clark on july 8th in Des Moines. Lt. Ollltrk has just returned from tlying duty in Europe. Betty Jane Hanson 44-3 was married t'o Richard Eranberg on june 14th. Shirley Haugan 44-3 was married to Lt. (jg) Robert A. Wunsch on June 9th in St. Louis, Missouri. Betty Stagg 44-9 married Lt. William A. Turner end is now living in Alabama. They met at Gunter when Betty was working in Operations as a Dispatcher. Ruth Weller Kunkle 44-2 is now married and has a cute little boyl She is livjng near Pittsburg, Penna. - exact address unknown. Lucy Dubiel 44- 6 luurrie d \'1.0. jefferson Davis johnson at Douglas, _irizona, where they are residing. The"J"ohnaons are expecting a

*** * **

* **

* **

* **


little johnson this fall. * * * Mary Burch 44-5 married Lt. Clayton Nirmaier. He has left for France and Mary is workine for Army Intelligence in New York City. * * * Marjorie Rllfeldt 44-1 married Lt. William Rees at Douglas Army Air Field. She is living at home and expects to be a proud mother in a few months. * * * Mary jane Stimson 44-5 married Lt. john B. Kenward shortly after inactivation. He was at that time Air Inspector of Training at Minter Field, Bakersfield. They are now residing in Long Beach, California, and in her spare moments she helps the Red Croas and the Home Service Workers has been doing some flying at Compton Airport. ,** * Sadie Hawkins 44-2 is now Mrs. Goot and' is instructing at the local airport in Long Beach, California. * * * Patty Ordway 44-5 was married to Lt. john Cushing Wright on july 7th. * * * Virginia Stell 44-1 announces the birth of William Vernon in june. * * * Carolyn Cullen 44-6 was married to Mr. William B. Petzold on Saturday, September 1st, at Hinsdale, Mass. * * * Phyllis johnson 44-5 is now Mrs. Richard Strauss. * * * Kay D'Arezzo 44-4 is planning to meet her husband in San Francisco, after his three years' imprisonment by the japs. * * * june Braun Bent 44-3 is with her husband, Capt. john Bent, at Route #1, Box 75, Kingsport, Tenn. * * * Eileen Kealy Worden 44-1 is anxiously awaiting a little Wordan this fall. * * * Vivian Gilchrist 44-3 is now Mrs. Gustave Nemhauser and wants 319 East 10th St., New York City, New York to be open house for any exWASPs passin' thru'. She is still at CAA Communications at LaGuardia Field.

* **
"WASPTIVIT ms" 1943 CLASSES Marjorie jane Ketcham 43-1 is now a CAA Control Tower Operator at Dow Field, Bangor, Maine. * * * Helen Trigg Luts 43-8 is.with her husband at Maxwell Field and instructing at a field in Alexander City, about fifty miles from Montgomery, Alabama. * * * Margery Taylor 43-6 is working with a legislative group in Washington, D. C.; left teaching at the University of George Washington after one semester, and says that this new position is almost as uncertain and as interesting as the good old WASP days. * * * Mary Nelson 43-4 has the Ercoupe dealership for the state of California and an airport project in Indio, Calif. * * * Isabel Steiner and Eleanor Thompson, both of 43-4, are attending Riddle's School in M~ami, Florida, preparatory to going to Sao Paulo, Brazil to be ground school instructors. * * * Monica Flaherty 43-5 is now working for Fortune Magazine. * * * Helen A. Turner 43-5 dropped us a note upon docking in New York; she has been aboard a hospital ship in the Atlantic might get to sail the Pacific? Her address is U.S.A.N.S., Ernestine Koranada, c/o P.M., New York, New York. * * * Margaret j. Ray 43-5 is home and was ferrying for D.P.C is now instrac~ing in Fort Wayne, Indiana. * * * Adelaide Scharr, WAF, is working for a glider concern in St. Louis .* * * Patricia Ann Chadwick 43-2 is working in the P.O.W. camp in Houlton, Maine, getting in a lot of flying the C. O. is a 1st Lieut has a beautiful AT-6t * * * Frances Green Kari, Wilma'Moorehead and Sylvia Dahmes, 43-5 gals, are employed by the War Dept. in jet Propulsion at the San Bernardino AAF which has the only repair ,station for jet units in the U.S.A. Wilma and Sylvia are block testing P-59s and P-80s, and Frances is in Disa ssembly and Assembly Departl!len * * * jill McCormick 43-5 is in t. Arlington, Virginia working for the Army Signal Corp. * * * Virginia Yates 43-6, Connie Colby Yerkes 43-4 are on Oahu with the ARC. * * * * * * * * * *


(Continued from page 13) Ruby Mullins 43-4 is a Technical Research Assi stant fo r Bell Aircraft, Gear gia Divis1on instructing on week-ends. * * * Lorame Chambers Keyfauver 43-6 is 8. teller in a bank doing some flying, too. She want s anyone coming her .~y to look her up. The address is 1029 N. Second Street, Phoenix, Arizona. * * * Mickey Stevenson and Lela Loudder 43-7 are in Phoenix having a gay time. Mickey is working for station KTAR, writing commercial advertising copy. Each end every SPAM (Biggs Field gala) is welcome. The address is Route 5, Box 142, Phoenix, Ari2Qne, and the phone is 3-9481. * * * Emeral D~ond 43-7 is also in Phoenix 8S a CAA Control Tower Operator at Sky Harbor. * * * Lois Brooks and Lois Hollingsworth, both 43-3, are instructing/at Kl Paso MUnicipal having a wonderful timet * * * Caro Bayley, Kaddy Landry and Win Wood 43-7, Duke Caldwell 43-6, Doxis Gee 44-1 end Dot Swain 44-5 are still in Miami, having a wond erful time working on airplane engines The WASP NEST there ha s changed address and is now 3663 Avocado Ave., Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. * * * Carolyn Clayton, better lmown as "Mommielt to all her children o~ 43-7 is back in M~phis, Tennessee. * * * Caryl Jones, better known as ItSuds" 43-5 is home in Billings, Montana. * * * Nancy Lowe 43-4 is with the CAA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. * * * Isabel Tynan 43-7 and Lois Dobbin', 43-8 were through Phoeni enroute to Wickenberg, flying for R.F.C. * * * Frances J. Dias 43-2, address P. O. Box 91, Ne~an, Calif. is anxious to become active in the San Francisco chapter. Be sure to notify her of.your next meeting, girlst * * * Marian Hanrahan 43-3 is a Flight Orderly in the WAVIfS on the Oakland-Hawaiian Navy Transport run f~ys at Sen Mateo on off-hours, and is influencing quite a number of the WAVBS to get in the "air." * * * Evelyn Stewart 43-6 has been riding the range with some Arizona cowboys. * * * Moya Mitchell 43-6 is a WAC was stationed at Sheppard Field, Texas, but expects to be sent to Dallas for reassignment. * * * Margaret McConnick 43-1 is a WAC Tower Operator in Topeka, Kansas. * * * Gertrude C. Brown 43-1 has returned to her former position as secretary. * * * Vega Johnson 43-1 has joined the ARC. * * * Claire Callahan 43-1 is at an airport in Martinsburg, West Virginia. * * * Harriet ~aclane 43-5 is with Lockheed in Dallas. * * * Yvonne AShcraft 43-7 and Marge Logan 43-6 are now in Colorado Springs he ving plwty of fun love the tOlVn. * * * Marge Gray 43-1 is an instructor at a seaplane base in New Jersey. * * * Marian Mackey 43-1 is working for her instructor's rating in WaShington, D. C. * * * Nancy Lee Baker 43-4 is instructing for the Skyservice at the Staten Island Airport, Port Richmond, New York says it is a good sized field with all facilities, in case any WASP might be coming that way. It is also convenient to New York City. * * * Betty Scantland 43-6 is instructing in Indianapolis, Indiana. * * * Jean Livingston 43-5 is studying law at the University of Iowa. * * * Marianne Beard 43-5 is a Pvt. at Kingston, North Carolina, Marine Base, in charge of an auxiliary field. * * * Pat Dickerson 43-2 is helping Lenore McElroy, WAF, operate her airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Bert Miller Collins 43-4 is also helping. * * * Grace Clark 43-4 is working on her instr~ctor's rating in Texas. * * * Jane Scott 43-5 has left Douglas for a summer's rest. * * * Elizabeth McKinley 43-1 is still in lmgland with the ARC. This is the beginnihg of her second year there. * * * Martha Bevins 43-4 has an interesting line of work. She and her husband are buying up old houses and re-selling the antiques within. * * * Alice J. May 43-4 ferried with R.F.C. for awhile is still at home in New Jersey. * * * Pat Lawler 43-2 is Lt. Lawler in the Air Evacuation' Nurses Corps. * * * Alta Corbett 43-4 is in Gustavus, A1R- with the CAA.

15 Nancy Batson WAF, is studying the piano she gave a recital recently in. Birmingham****Katty Kelly and l~Brty Lawson 43-4 are plugging it out as CAA Communicators at Dillon, Montana. * * * Viola Thompson 43-4 is also CAA Communicator at Livingston, Montana, as is Eileell Roach 43-4 at Stevenson, Washington. Mary Burke 43-7 is at Vale Field, Los Angeles doing oTfice work and some instructing.* * * Betty Haas 43-5 is also at Vale--working on her instrument rating.* * * Jeanne Robbins 43-8 is attending college in San Diego--flying oocasionally. * * * . Effie Pratt 43-8 was doing some occcsional ferrying to the West Coast. * * * Effie and Martha Wilkins 44-1 were forced to land on a golf course at Campo-when they got into some bad weather over San Diego. They want the CAA to designate the field as an airport. * * * 1944 Classes Sylvia Miller 44-7 has been busy organizing an all girl flight in the C.A.P. in Bridgeport, Conn teaching them Navigation, Meteorology, Aerodynamics and Engines also hopping passengers at a small airport. She flew down to her old base, Enid, as co-pilot on a.civilian AT-ll won a beauty contest became "Jewel-of-the-Month-of-August" and is about to accept a modeling position in New York City Sunny has checked out,in the .Crumnan Widgeont A busy gal. * * Ann Warren 44-6, is in France with the A.R.C., address A.R.C.59860 American Red Cross - Assembly Area Command Headquarters--Camp Baltunore A.P.O. 752 c/o P.M. New York City. * * * Martha Harmon 44-5 is working in the office at Thunderbird Field, Phoenix. * * *Twile Edwards 44-2 is workine in the dispatcher's office at El Paso. * * *Pat Pollock 44-1 is bringing 'em in at the Kansas City Tower.* Alice Ris s 44-1 is relaxing at Omaha Airport according to the latest report. * * Ann Kenyon 44-8 flies for the State of Rhode Island. * * * Jamece Paxon 44-8 is working for Pratt & Vlliitney, Hartford, Conn. * * *Phyllis Ryder 44-1 is now overseas with the U.S.O. She started 8S an understudy for Dorothy McGuire in "Dear Ruth" and now has the lead. Dorothy left with the troupe in April have you noticed her in "PIC" magazine as Martha Scott's protege??? * * * Suzanne Irvine 44-10 has been studying at the Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa, Oklahoma since Januery and now has her InstrUment and Instructor's ratings She is instructing at Spartan and has some very interesting students some from South America and some from Iceland.* * *Rose Palmer 44-6 is back at work with Delta Airlines after an appendectomy in early July.* * *Edna Harrison 44-6 has been working for Consolidated Aircraft in New Orleans but is now back in Meadow'Brook, New Jersey.* * *Mary Retick Caulfield 44-6 is in Peryallup, Washington, visiting her in-laws and instructing at the local airport. * * * * Kay Murphy 44-1 has her own.plane --charter serv1ee free lances anywhere in the U.S.A.* * *Jo Moore 44-8 is Chief Clerk at the ~itchell Convalescent Hospital in Southern California.~' * * Frances Coughlin 44-6 has receiwed her N~ster of Arts Degree in September of this year awaiting call from A.R.C.* * Sara E. Payne 44-10 is instructing in Charlotte, North Carolina.* * *Barbara Searles 44-10 is ferrying D.P.C. planes. * * *Dolores Lamb 44-10 is working at Monrovia Airpo:?:'t, t',ionI'ovia, California.'~ * * Helen Paine 44-10 has an office job in Washington, D.C.* * *Dorothy Nagel Ally 44-10 stoPged at Avenger enroute to California and seid, "The flight line is filled with P-47s our barracks are occupied with men (12 to a bay) and the walls are cluttered with pin-up gals the O.D. office is now a Post Office the gym has regular movies every night Mrs. Deaton's office and the Recreation Hall are now pa~t of the Officer's Club, which ha s a very nice bar in the rear the Mess Hall is divided into two sections, one for Offieers and one for G.I.s. The words "Shot Rocks" now take .the place of "Thru' These Portals---" * * *Jerry Bowen 44-7 has returned to InglGwood~ California snd is working there.* * *


1944 CLASSES (Continued from page 15) Lorraine Fiedler 44-1 is in Pasadena, Calif. working for Cal-Tee photo labora~ tory. * *.*Doris B. Tanner 44-4 has spent many months in New York City waiting for her husband, Lt. Col Bill of the Infantry to return from three years oversees. The big reunion was in ~uly. * * * Ann Petteys 44-2 arrived in New York City in ~uly to do Social Work. * * *Ann Dfer 44-4 has been wandering allover the country like the rest of us and finally dec'ided to go with the CU Communications is Seattle, Washington may even be in Alaska by now. * * * ~oan Freter 44-10 is working in the Control Tower in Witcnita, Kansas. * * * Elizabeth Davis 44-9 is with the A.R.C., stationed at Bowman Field, Louisville Kentucky working on her instructor's rating in her spare time.* * *Isabel McCrae 44-3 is an Army Nurse passed thru' Cilicago aboard a C-47 visited Jeanne Wagner 44-3 Jeanne and Betty Naffz 43-4 are having fun flubbing a Cub. Eve~yn Taylor anoth3r 44-3 gal visited Jeanne enroute to St.Paul recently.* * *Marge Bergh 44-5 is instructing at Martin's Creek Airport, Belvidere, New ~ersey on Taylorcrafts and PT-17s.* * * ~o Baker 44-4 is with "Scotty" MacDonald 44-4 in New York City wondel' what those gals are up to Jo said fun and a lot of it~~~* * *Jo Bardsley 44-10 is flying in Rochester, New York.* * *Hazel Raine~ 44-3 and Irene Crwn 44-6 are now in Sao Paulo, Brazil as ground school instructors for Riddle's School of Aeronautics, after 14 weeks of processing and learning Portuges3 in Coral Gables, Florida.* * * Mary Breidenback 44-6 has an interesting job with David Taylor Model Basin Co., testing models in "wind tunnels".* * *Mary Hillberg 44-6 is an artist for the CU,drawing our future airports, getting a little flying, too~~t * * Ava Hamm 44-6 is vlorking for Globe Aircraft in Fort Worth doing great things with that new Swift you've all been reading about.* * * Janet Lee Hutchinson 44-6 has been really seeing the country ~anet works for R.F.C. in Washington hes been flying every type ship from DC-3s manages to get home occasionally just recently completed an 8000 mile trip in a Lockheed i2.,~~.Happy Landings Janet~!* * *Louise Prine 44-3 is with the ARC on the Island of Oahu.* * *Sue Booth 44-6 is with the ARC near Paris, France.* * Mary Reineberg 44-6 is with the ARC near ~laples, Italy.* * ~Jary Ann Baldner 44-9 has gone overseas with the ARC just where we haven't received word. Nancy Lou Hanks'44-6 finished tr8.~i"::';::l~:'.n the ARC on August 4, one year to : tileday that she graduated from Avenger Field .haven't heard where she is based. ADDITIONAL "',7ASP" 2STS N Kay Kleinecke 44-9, Ann Atkinson 44-10 and Jean Babb 43-7 have a WASP NEST at 2329 Honeysuckle, Fort Worth, Texas P,lOne 2-7030. Virginia Grant 44-3 wishes to list her home as one address is Elizabeth Street, Christiana, Pennsylvania .near Harrisburg or Philadelphia. Kathleen Kelly 43-4 and Martha Lawson 43-4 wa~t to list their home in Dillon, Montana contact them at CAA Communications. And here is one in Georgia .Mrs. Jo Arin Parry 44-4 P. O. Box 1401, Fort Benning, Georgia.

* **