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10rder of Fifinella] Publisher IBetty j. Williamsl Editor IClara jo Marshl President IHally Stires Bus. Manager

'Ruth Mary Petryl Sec' y .-Treas.



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The WASP NEWSLETTER is published every two months by the Order of lifinella. This organization was formed prior to inactivation of the Women'. Airforce Service Pilot program, December 20,1944. It ia legally incorporated under the corporate seal of the stat. of California. This publication i. devoted principally to aeronautical activities of WASPs, and other pertinent information regarding ~omen in aviation". Editorial Oftice 3633 Lavell Drive Los Angeles 41, Calif.

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J\CKNOWLEDGEMENT Lola Perkins----Photographs Jacqueline Hart e-- Typing



US "

l::ardo Crane 44-1 ~bst of us were a pretty sad bunch after our deactivation. "Ie had, and still are having, a terrific time getting readjusted. In fact we got so d8rn tired having people tell us that after .mile we'd get adjusted after while "Tell, I met a gal the other day who has taken the whole thing with such calm good grace, toot I laughingly ['.sked her if she'd been to a Psychiatrist. She surprised me by replying seriously, ''No -- but I did psychoanalyze myself." So of course I had to know about tha t. It seems that one day she VlFl.S jolted into facing re<'lity by a young brotrer who had heretofore rrore or less hero-worshipped her because she VJRS a flier. She'd been moping around, feeling sorry for herself (as didn't we all!), when he snorted in disgust, nOh, for garsh sakes, you must be getting old! All you do is live in the past!" .il.nd'nith that, slammed the door, leaving her with something to think about. She picked up a pencil and started to write, analyzing herself -- how she felt; vlhy she f el t tha t way; and WM t she was going to do about it? "I realized a lot of things after that," she said. "Myanalysis was qui te reveAling - and believe me, being honest wi th myself was good for me, even if it was hard. As a result of it I finally had my own little three-point program. First: Keep busy. Second: Keep flying -- at least once a week, even if I had to pallm the family jewels! Third: Keep being glad I had the wonderful training and experiences I h,":ld a lVASP,instead as of being sorry I wasn't still flying those beautiful airplanes. Sort of a Pollyanna approach maybe -- but it worked for me." Well -- maybe. But, just between us, I think she's got something there!


This column "Just Between Us" will be R regularly featured article appearing in your publication. Mardo Crnne was your guest columnist in this issue. All editorials on similiar interesting trends of thought will be appreciated.

.;:* *
College Credits


Given for ~JASP Training

Several colleges are crediting as high as 22 hours for ;VASP training. Some of the girls report the follollnng:rriU tary Science--12 l:et eorology 6 Navigation 4 Electives--12 Geology 6 r,Iath. 4

*- * *



The following officers have been elected and have been active montbs=- President, Dorothy Fowler 43-7 Vice-Pres. Juanita and Secretary-Treasurer - Pat Gibson 44-4.

tIe past fev! Drier 44-10

At one meeting it was decided tha t the rnain aim and objective of this chapter will be to do everything in the ir power "to secure con.plete recognition for all those who served in the ';lASP program---they believe that we deserve the recognition and benefits accorded to all other wartime ,romen's organizations. f:nd here's some good news for you out of town gals, who might be travelling through San Francisco it ha s been proposed that a permanent "V[cSPNEST" be established there, under the sponsorship of this chapter. At the December 12th meeting, it was suggested that they get a houseboat and fix it over as a sui table next for roving ".JASPS sounds like an excellent idea! The St. I,oritz Hotel was the gathering spot for some 18 girls on December the 20th, to comrnemor8te that date. Nearly all present vJOre their Santiago Blues.t Three of the "Bay Area" newspspers carried adv8.nce publicity. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed themselves!

* '" *


The Los Angeles Chapter Early in December a meeting was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where plans for a Recognition dinner on or near December 20th were discussed. The desire to be to-gether at this tbne of the year promoted the gathering of some fifty Wasps and several guests of honor at Eaton's in'Beverly Hills on Saturday, December 22nd. They were honored with Miss Jacqueline Cochran's presence, and she held everyone's interest as she enthusiastically related her recent trip around the world as an accredited war correspondent. She said there was evidence everywhere of the inhuman treatment accorded American prisoners by Japs and Nazis. She had the opportunity to see the doc~~entary evidence presented at the Nuernberg trials. The following are ~ few of her remarks, "If I hadn't seen this written evidence, I wouldn't believe the human mind capable of thinking up such devilish forms of torture. The twenty-one men sitting there on trial sbnply 10(jked_like a group of American businessmen. Only two looked the part of criminals, just as in any group one or two might look like gangsters. Goering lo.)ked for all the world like a good natured beer tavern keeper. In every defeated country I visited I felt sorry for the children. In Germany the children are beautiful, after all, only the superior specimens were allowed to survive. Not one Gennan child begs~ They offer to buy food and sweets, but they do not ask for charity." Miss Cochran visited Hannah Reisch, Germany's outstanding woman pilot whom she met during the International Air Races. If Hitler was still alive, she believed that Hannah Reisch had flown him to safety. Also present were several officers of the Civil Air Patrol, and Dr. Mary Crawford, professor at the Uni1J'ersi of Southern California and President of the ',Voman's ty Inte~national Association of Aeronautics. Mr. Pat Hogan, from the Los Angeles Examiner, was press representative. He devoted his entire column in the December the 30th issue to comments of the affair. Miss ~ileen Evans, Chapte~ President was,in charge of arrangements, assisting her were Lola Perkins, Social Chairman of the chapter, Elin G. Harte, SecretaryTreasurer, Callie Kurten, ~ member of the Project Committee, Hally Stires, Business Manager and Betty Williams, Editor. Barbara Searles made very attractive place cards. It was a very successful di~ner party, and it was so good to see such a representative gathering of former classmates, friends and those interested in our organization. Let's have more of these social affairs throughout all chapters. A meeting was held in January at the Civil Air Patrol Headquarters and many plans for the future meetings were discussed. Miss Mardo Crane and Jacqueline T. Harte have been appointed as a Membership Committee, to visit all possible members in this area and increase the organizations' register. The next meeting will be held on February 7th at Lola Perkins' horne, 917 South Stanley St., Los Angeles. The films which were taken at Avenger before deactivation will be shown.

* **

Texas Chapter They have been very busy making plans for a Women Pilots Convention, jointly with the Texas Wing of Women Flyers, the ~inety-Nines and the Wasps. The gala event will take place in Austin, at the Driskill Hotel on the 9th and lOth of February. The program will include 12:30 Luncheon, 2:00 Business' Meeting, 6:00 Cocktail Party, 7:30 Dinner, and 9:00 Dance. Officers from Bergstrom Field will be. invited as escorts for the dinner and dance. Formal dress will be optional. They are planning to have several prominent and interesting speakers who will give the latest infonllation on aviation. However there w ill be plenty of time for "hangar flying tl The following are several projects with which they are concerned: Recommendation that Congress make it legislatively possible for the Army to turn over a abandoned airports and equipment for the use and furtherance of Civil Aviation; A membership drive, urging all eligible girls to join NOW; The compilation of a letter to be sent to the various Senators regarding separate command for the Air Forces, following the action of the New York Chapter in this matter. They have sent a very concise agenda to ell members, stating the organization and policy problems of their chapter. They have a state Newsletter, which is a media of advising all members of any and all important matters which might come up between meetings, besides keeping the girls informed of all interest items concerning the members. The Texas chapter has good organizationt on the abandoned airport project. Would like to see them follow through

WASP CLOTHING Notice has reached our desk from Bolling Field, Washington, D. C. and we quote "It is regretted that favorable consideration cannot be given your req~est, as all WASP clothing is being disposed of through surplus channels. In Vlew of this procedure no sales to former members of the 'HASP organization can be made at this time."

* * *

WASP !\TESTS Lois Hollingsworth 43-3 wishes her abode at 4122 Montana, El Paso listed among the others. Mary Lincoln Heckman 44-2, 8 Bayard Street, Larchmont, New York, wi shes to -list her place. It is only 45 minutes from Broadway .a cinch via train. In case you get Alaska bound, Ann Ufer 44-4, at 6th Bonnefield, C.A.A., Apt 7, Fairbanks would like you to contact her phone East 588. The WASP NEST on Honeysuckle Street, Fort Worth is permanently closed. Jean Babb has gone home to Kansas City for a while, Ann Atkinson is in Mundy, Texas and Kay Kleinecke is going to school in Denton, Texas. Betty Ferrol Martin 44-9 invites all WASPS to visit her place in Alice, 'l'ex8s. Contact her at Knolle Flying Service. Jean Downey, 547 "A" Street, Coronado, Calif., loves company, so here's another Wasp Nest. If all girls in her vicinity will contact her at Henley 3-3368, she will get a chapter started. Get your dialing finger busy gals.

"WE ONERE WASPS" This is the first book to be written about the Women Airforce Service Pilots. It contains "a vital day-by-day account of the lllany hilarious and serious happenings which constituted the life of these Flying Females. They worked hard, and though they may have trip~ed over themselves occasionally, they did a wonderful job. So this book is not only about them, but to them. Everyone of those girls should be proud to say 'WE WERE WASPS.' " Winifred Wood Duane 43-? and Dot Swain 44-5 can be proud of their work. CONGRATUL~TIONS to you both.

* * *

Did You Kilo,,? . Ban on Private Flying in F2waiinn Area Lifted The wartine ban on private aviation in the Hawaiian area has been lifted and and certain airport facilities are again open to civilian fliers under specified conditions. A letter from the C.A.~. dated November 13,1945, stated the limitations as follows:- John Rodgers Airport, Kaval _" Station, Honolulu: Private or commercial aircraft, pilots holding commercial license or higher, two-way radio, and. subject to direct control of field re~ulations in accordance with NAS, Honolulu. Such operation limited to the hours between 10:00 and 14:00. Naval idr Station, Hilo: Unlimited. N.".S,Puunene: Unlimited. As soon as the volume of transoceanic flights decreases other restrictions will be lifted.

Betty Pec1anan, authoress of t! Sky Hostess ", has a new book titled in .'\viation ". It deals wi th ava ilable positions for 'Nomen in the aviation and how to secure them. She has compliments for women in in the military services, and also for the ,"lOmen '!lho \'orked the ; on line. It should make interesting rending.

" ;!,Jomen field of aviation assembly

---------December gave birth to a new magazine knovm as the American :aelicopter " a magazine of rotary wings, aviation, and airways,with editorial offices in N~v York City. Doris ~anuel, 43-4 is the Circulation Director. There have been many and varied uses planned for the helicopter, and when they are in conunon use we will indeed be living in a vlonderful world. You will enjoy every page of this magazine.

"J!'~SPTIVITIES 1943 CL,'\SSES Isabel Madison 43-6 and Helen Johnson 44-9 are instructing in the Stephens College Flying Program.* * * Becky Edwards 43-6 is serving with the American Red Cross Clubmobile Depertment in Goppingen, Germany.* * * Mary M. Rosso 43-4 is now Mrs. J. F. Williams, married a Marine pilot. She is doing graduete work in Physics at the University of California in Berkley as assistant teacher in the Physics Department.~ * * Maxine Edmondson 43-8 is back in Alice, Texas flying a Cessna UC-78 for a Pipe and Supply Company.* * * Marianne Beard 43-5 is in the Marines, stationed at Cherry Point and is now Mrs. David Nutt. Her husband is in the Marines too. They bought a PT-19 while on their honeymoon Happy Landings, Mari8nne~~t * * * Katherine Menges 43-3 is Assistant Director of Aviation, connected with Ercoupe "department store experiment" at Bambergers, Newark, N. J. Katherine is in dire need of a dress uniform size 16 or 18, winter preferred. So if some WASP has an extra uniform, she would certainly appreciate it very much.~ * * Jeannette Doon 43-8 is teaching Physical Education part time, while waiting for her husband to come home.* * * Marion Tibbetts 43-6 works in the New Englend Mutual Office~ * * Dorothy Hopkins Henesy 43-6 is now living in Ranson, W. Va. She expects to get plenty of flying time in the near futw'e, her husband just bought a PT-19 and soon will buy a C-45. They expect a third member of the family very, very soon.* * * Jean Parker 43-7, Beverly 44-8 and Isabel Tynon 43-7 stopped to visit Jean Babb on their way back to California after a trip to Mexico City and Acapulco.~ * * Pat Pateman 43-6 and Dolores M. Lamb 44-10 have sold the hamburger stand at Monrovia. Going to concentrate on selling Ercoupes, girls??* * * Wilma Morehead 43-5 is dispatching at Burbank AAB and wants everyone to know that she has lost twenty pounds of that avoirdupois Jane Scott 43-5 is also dispatching at Glendale AAB.* * * Margery Taylor 43-6 is working in Washington D. C. Our report was rather vague. It stated ' "doing work with Congressmen". We would like more details~t* * *Mary Jane Meikle 43-4 has finally settled down in Long Island, N. Y. She was formerly Mary Jane Stephens and is quite proud of her son. He is six months old no\'l.* * Dorothy Louise Coleman 43-2 is in Miami, preparing to go to South America with J. P. Riddle's School.~ * * Julie Ledbetter 43-5 has just received her Instructor's rating at Tri-City Airport, San Bernardino, Calif., and is now back in North Carolina. Lots of luck Julie on any ventures.* * * Ann Lincoln Dennis 43-8 now has her commercial and is working on that Instructor's rating. * * * The week before Christmas five members of the 601st Squadron from Dallas gathered in Hollywood. They wish that all members could have been there. Delphine Bohn, Virginia Luttrell, Nancy Nesbitt, Jane Waite and Frances Dias toasted them well.* * * Mary Shale 43-3 has been discharged from the WAVES.* * WAF, Bernice Batten wes working at the Army Air Field in Sacramento, when last we heard.~ * * Nancy Lee Baker is instructing at Staten Island Airport, N. Y. The New York Daily Mirror ran an interesting article about ~ancy. She is from class 43-4. * * Mary JO Baker is working for American Airlines at LaGuardia Field. She is also from 43-4.* * * Izydora Bochanek 43-5 is dispatching at Kewark.* * * Dot Colburn 43-4 is working for PCA at LaGuardia Field on reservations. * * *Rita Davoly 43-6 is working for Aero Service Corp. in Philadelphia flying single engin~ Cessnas for aerial photo~raphy~ * * Lauretta Darcy 43-6 is purchasing for the Florida East Coast Co.* * * WAF Barbara Donahue is recovering from an accident due to engine failure while on a charter trip to New Orleans Now at her home in New York. Barbara has her instructor and instrument ratings. -* * *

WASPTIVITIES 1943 CLASSES Continued Patricia Dickerson 43-2 is instructing at Detroit Airport. She has bought a PT and has been towing gliders at the various air snows in the midwest.~ * * Anna Flynn 43-6 is instructing at Willoughby,' Ohio. She is planning to head for Californie via Mexico with the advent of cold weather. * * * WAF Betty ~illies has moved to San Diego where her husband is with Ryan.* * * Margaret Grant 43-6 is a free-lance artist in New York.* * * Betty Haas 43-5 now has her instrument rating.* * * Margaret A. Hamilton and Margaret Kerr 43-2 are in New York City studying at Columbia.~ * * Katherine Kupferberg is working at Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York.* * * Lenore McElroy WAF is in Florida with her husband, Captain McElroy. * * * Floella McIntyre 43-5 is instructing at an airport near Memphis.* * * Lois Gott Moore 43-2 was at Goose Lake Farms, Lee, Mass. this summer and has gone back to Idaho to college this fall.* * * Rita Moynahan 43-2 is working for American Airlines at LaGuardia Field.* * * Eunice Oates 43-4 and Margaret Reeves 43-4 are in Flushing, N. Y. They have an apartment there and with them is Rosalie Grohman * * Jane Page 43-7 is doing charter work, flying DC-78s.* * * Avanell Pinckley 43-2 is an Air Evacuation Nurse.* * * Grace Putnam 43-6 is in New York.* * Mary Ruth Rance 43-6 is working for the National Outdoor Advertising Bureau in New York City.* * * Meredith Rolfe x43-6 is working in New York writing radar manuals. +: * * Helen Schaefer 43-4 is working for a bank in Cincinnati.'" * * Anne Shields x43-5 is working for Aero Service Corp. * * '"Marjorie Sanford Thompson 43-5 is an aircraft accident analyst, and is living in New York City.* * Helen Trench 43-4 is with the Red Cross. * * '"Violet Thurn 43-4 is in the reservations department of TWA at LaGuardia Field.~ * * Carol Webb 43-6 is at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. * * * The January 7th issue of Life Magazine ran an interesting article about Elizabeth Gardner 43-6. Lib has been doing "test work" for a parachute company. They are experimenting a par3chute method of allowing small ships to make descents ~hrough fog and low ceilings. She is regularly employed by the J. M. Mathes Advertising Company in New York City.* *

* * *
1944 CLASSES Ann Hopkins Dance 44-1 is instructing Link in Corpus Christi, Texas. Anyone knowing her address, would certainly appreciate it if you would s~nd it in to the Editor.'" * * Phyllis C. Ryder 44-1 has launched a new career on the stage. She has recently completed several hit parts in outstanding plays on Broadway and is at present time "on the road" with the cast of the popular hit "You Touched Me".* * * Betty Thompson 44-6 is a Tower Control Operator at Bakersfield, Californie and attending college on tnose days off.~ * * Carolyn Cullen Petzold 44-6 has the Stinson dealership for Berkshire County in Mass.~ * * Edith Cragin 44-6 is doing ceramic work and instructing on week-ends at New London, Conn.* * * Beverly Beesemyer 44-6 has an Ercoupe dealership at Monrovia Airport, Monrovia, Calif.* * * Dorothy Ehrhardt 44-5 is working at the Control Tower at Richmond Field, Virginia. * * * Pidge Hoskins 44-1 has taken over the Physical Education Department in her old Alma Mater, Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa.* * * Marge Barkley 44-6 who has been in the WAVES, stationed at Balboa Island, San Francisco, Calif., is now a civilian and teaching physical eduoation.


WASPTIVITIES 1944 CLASSES Continued ~illicent Peterson 44-10 is attending ner last year at the University of Nebraska, majoring in Home Economics. She reports that sbe too received credits for WASP training at Avenger. * * * Betty.Roth 44-7 is at Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa studying for her Instructor's and Instru.ruent rati'1gs.* * * Doris 'ranner 44-4 was teaching English in a high school until Christmas, now she is back in the kitc~en learning to cook for her Bill~ * * * Mary Jane Lind 44-10 is with the ~.~il itiny At tache in Lima, Peru, South America. They have an Aero-Club, operated by the Peruvian ArnlY. All they have at present are three or four outmoded T-Crafts, but have hopes of getting new ones. Last s~~er she flew as copilot on a,C-54 around Lima and vicinity. * * * Juner Bellew 44-6 has been turning her talented hand to Ceramics these past months. She does beautiful work, had the good fortune to see some of it. * * Ruth Woods 44-2 is workin~ in a stationery shop and doing some flying around Dallas. * * * Yvonne Stafford 44-2 is with the American Red Cross in Manila, going to the Embassy, meeting many people and seeing much activity.* * * Jeanne Wagner 44-3 .is employed as a Secretary for some DDT' company that sprays by plane. * * * Mary Regalbuto 44-9 is working in Operations at the Cleveland Municipal Airport. * * * Esther Noffke 44-2 and Anne Nogle 44-1 ~ere inst~ucting at Palwaukee Airport outside of Chicago. * * * Lorraine Zillner 44-2 has been working at the Naval Air Station at Glenview, Illinois. She is in charge of the "Jacket Room", where all Cadets records are kept, where their grades are computed. She relives many flight problems and likes it very much. She wants anyone passing through Chicago to be sure and look her up. Gall Park Ridge 341-R. * * * Fay Wolfe 44-4 is a part time proof reader for the Ann Arbor Press, while attending the University of Michigan. * * * Emily Metz 44-8 and Dorothy Nagel Ally 44-10 are also attending the University of Michigan.* * * Betty Jo Streff 44-7 and Ellen Wimberly went through the Douglas co-pilot School on C-54s and got their certificates as qualified co-pilots. Congratualtions galstt Ellen was expecting to go overseas with the A.R.C.,'but the program was curtailed. She is now .:ithAmerican Airlines, in Viashington, D. C. as Reservations Clerk ... Betty Jo has been recuperating from a very serious auto accident. * * * Peg Parish 44-7 is with the United Aircraft Research in Hartford, Conn., in the Thermodynamic Laboratory, which has to do with wind tunnel tests. * * * Scotty Bradley 44-7 has been flying at Gardens Airport, Celif. and according to latest reports she, Joan Gough and Mimi Keir with. the help of a CAA offici81 friend, have convinced a new airlines to tryout women as co-pilots, and they are to be the test models. Nice going galst~~ * * * Pat Smythe Coker 44-7 was intending to go back to Dallas for a while .had been in and around Hollywood seeing the gals. * * * Jane Harris 44-7 is with the American Red Cross and stationed on Saipan at a Naval Air Base. * * * Opal Hicks 44-7 is really doin2 a bang up job at Odess, Nashington. She is not only instructing, delivering cargo, giving CAA fli8ht checks, making charter trips, but she has the sub-dealership for the Aeronca end Stinson. * * * Nona Holt 44-7 has been busy with the CAP, givi~S checks in that PT-17. Her husband is now in Japan. '!' * * Pat Blackburn 44-7 had a :r:ecent ppendectomy, but is doing well a enj bHck on the job ~ith the CAA in Alaska. * * * Betty Pettitt 44-7 has been instructing on the Link at Napier Field. * * * Virginia Krum 44-7 works in an office and is proudly part owner of a PT-19. * * * Jody Richardson 44-7 was with the State Department at the San Francisco Conference and is now with Aviation News, writin: and getting lost in the Pentagon . Her husband expoocts to be home shortly and take her back to England with hL'Il.


WASPTIVITIES 1944 CLASSES Continued Suzanne Bane 44-10 is a junior engineer, doing drafting work. * * * Cecily Elmes Bruckner now has her commercial and instructor's ratings and is living in New York. She graduated with 44-3. " * * Mary Cooper 44-3 is workill8 for PCA at LaGuardia Field in reservatiop-s. * * Emily Chapin 44-10 is loafing and raising chickens.(~efore a Wasp Emily was in England with ATA) * * * Kit Dooley 44-8 is now a sales manager for the Talon Zipper Co. She is working for her instructor's rating.* * * Elinor Fairchild is doing ~ersonnel ~ork for Standard Oil i~ New York. She was a member of 44-6. * * * Lucy Gladson 44-8 is Registrar in the office of the Wilfred Beauty School. * * Mary Heckman 44-2 is a laboratory techniclan at United Hospital, Port Chester, N. Y * * * Madeline Sullivan 44-2 is a co-pilot on a New York to Miami run of a small airline. * * * Gloria Heath 44-5 is Director of aviation program at Connecticut College at New Haven and is also writing a book. * * * Grey Allison Hoyt 44-4 is instructing,has both instructor and instrument ratings. ~ * * Marjorie Johnson 44-2 is running her own airport at Belding, t,':ichigan has the Aeronca dealership for that and region. Mary Ellen Keil, now Mrs. Ungerer 44-2 is working with her. * * * * * Pat Kenworthy 44-5 is instructi~~ at Hings Field, Philadelphia . * * Julia Laillill 44-9 is working for Aircraft Supply Co., Allentown, ?a. * * * Mimi Lindstrom 44-2 is working for a large aircraft company in Los Angeles. She is in ch3rge of Tech. Orders, keeping them up to date, etc. Alice Montgomery 44-2 is with her. "" * * Marga ret 1,,0Gre 44-8 is do iug free lance ed itorials, and is working on her instructor's rating. * * * Nina K. ~orrison 44-10"is a WAVE, stutioned at Hunter College, New York City. * * * Marge Needham 44-2 is working for Leister-Kauffman Co., glider manufacturers, in st. Louis. She has been demonstrating gliders at airshows, hopping passengers in them and has also had a chance to fly the large cargo gliders. * * * Mary Niramaier 44-5 is writing for United Press. * * * Mary Strok Peter 44-2 is social editor of the Ithaca Journal, Ithaca, N. Y. * ~ Ruth Petry 44-2 is secretary for the Extension Administration department at Cornell University. She gets oc~asional jobs flying people to their appointments and ta~ing pictures of extension projects. * * * Anna Mae Petteys 44-2 is doing social work in New York City. * * * * * Jerrie Phirips 44-10 is instructing at Skyline Airport near Dallas. She does some ferrying, mostly to the West. * * * Shirley Tannehill 44-4 is working in the offices of the M.K.T railroad in Dallas. * ~ * Ruth Shafer 44-4 is ~orking in the control tower at Philadelphia. She is also doing some instructing.* * Joan ;1belen 44-2 is running an airport at ?embina, No. Dakota. * * *

G.1. Bill for "TASPS Return all questionnaires re:- G.I. Bill or Reserve status, ,',hich appeared in the December issue il:mediately. We must knO"N your desires in order to act accordingly. Don't put it off, do it now! Every answer counts!!!!!

* * *


DAI1 CUPID'S 100. BOOK 1943 CLASSES ~~rjorie Ketcham 43-1 is now Y~s. Milton L. Deacon living in Flushing, L. I. New York * * * Sidney Miller 43-1 is married to Bill Osborn and living in San .~tonio * * * Geraldine UJJner 43-2 is now answering to the name of Williams* * Catherine Vail Bridge is now living in Oakland, Calif having just returned from a six weeks tour of -I;he .S.i.~. U with her husband after he obtained his discharge * * * Betty Heinrich Berkstresser 43-4 bec&~e the mother of Betty Keene, born Dec. 3rd. Win Wood Duane and Emmy Drummond 43-7 were near to welcome the arrival * * * Jeanne Robertson 43-4 and her husband have moved to san Francisco to resume peace-time duties * * * Virgie Lee Jowell Hagerstrom 43-4 is now in Iowa City with her husband who is attending the University of Iowa they have a baby girl, Mitchell Anne.

** *
1944 CLASSES Barbara Lanchester 44-1 is now Mrs. William Robinson, living in Troy, N.Y. where her husband is attending college * * * Verda Fae Jennings 44-2 announced the arrival of Charles Arthur on October 6th * * * Frankie Roulstone 44-4 was married to Ray GuJeman on Jan. 15, 1946 at Las Vegas, Nevada Ray operates a flight school at Skyranch Airport, Puente, Cal~f. where Frankie has been instructing they plan to continue the business together. Lots of luck and happiness to our first wedded pair in '46 * * * Marylyn Holcomb 44-5 is the proud mother of a little girl, born July 12, 1945 * * * Bette N. Rcihards 44-5 is leaving the USA in 1srch for London where she will be married to Lt. Col. Geoffrey D. W. Court, Royal Artillery, Reading, Berkshire, England. Bette met Geoff this past summer while she was instructing in sea planes at Lake George, 1~. Y. They plan to be married in April in london and make their hoce in Suny, just outside London, where he will resume his law studies * * * 1Brtha McKenzie 44-5 was married in October to Daniel Green of :Soston. They have been "doing" Washington, Hew York, Boston, Niagra Falls, and Canada. They plan to work until next fall when college terms begin * * * Lesley '.\filliams 44-6 has been traveling with her .husband ever since November '44. In September of '45 she became the proud mother of a girl. They are now living in Jacksonville, Fla. * * * Bat Collins 44-6 is with Lt. Hughes, her husband, at the Army Air Base in Lincoln, Nebraska * * * Georgia Sloan 44-8 is in Florida with her husband who has just returned from India * * * Kay Herman 44-2 "is in San Francisco waiting her husband's return * * * Betty LeFevre 44-2 is living in Buffalo, when last we talked to her she is expecting her husband back from the ETO very soon * * * Betty Chambers 44-3 is now married-- the When? and To whom? are missing. She was working for Am. Airlines at LaGuardia Field until recently.

* * *
RINGS ON THEIR WAY 1 All ring orders have been placed with the manufacturer, and delivery will soon made. The new die is very satisfactory. Thank you for your patience.