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Food chain and Food web



Oct. 2, 2012 Tues.

  • A. “Given the available materials 85% of the students should be able to:”

    • 1. identify and differentiate a food chain from a food web;

    • 2. construct a food chain/ food web using the organisms found in the environment;

    • 3. trace the flow of nutrients in two or three food chain/ food web; and

  • B. Answer three out of 5 items correctly.


    • A. Topic: Food chain and Food web

      • 1. Concepts: A food chain is a sequence of energy transfer among organisms to obtain energy and nutrients; A food web is consists of food chains in a biotic community that interlace. Energy pyramid is a diagram that shows the transformation of energy from one trophic level to the next; Food pyramid is a diagram that shows decreasing amount of nutrients at the trophic levels.

    • B. Materials

    manila paper/ cartolina

    illustration of a food chain and a food web


    • C. References:

    Encarta 2009 Premium Encyclopedia

    Miller, K. R., & Levine, L. (2006). Prentice Hall biology. Upper Saddle River,

    NJ: Pearson. Rabago, Lilia M. 2005. Dynamic Science: An Integration of Physical and Biological Sciences. Vibal Publishing. Metro Manila. Reece, Jane B. et al. Campbell Biology: Concepts and Connections, 7th ed. Pearson Education Inc., U.S.A. 2012


    • A. Routine Activities

    • B. Recall and Motivation

    The teacher recalls the previous lesson discussed.

    • C. Lesson Proper



    • a. Unlocking of terms difficulty


    Activity Proper


    Form the groups on the class.

    Distribute the materials in each group.

    The 5 groups will be given 10 minutes to finish the activity.

    The teacher will check the students’ activity.

    Activity 1


    From the diagram below list down at least 2-3 food chains.

    Then label each organism as follows; producer, 1 st order consumer, 2 nd order consumer,…

    2. Activity Proper Procedure: ∑ Form the groups on the class. ∑ Distribute the materials in
    • 3. Post-activity discussion

    Generalization of answers leading to concept formation.

    • D. Evaluation

    Direction: Create 2 food chains, one for each category (land and water)



    • A. Bring the following materials:

    manila paper

    pentel pen

    scotch tape