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At the start of the lesson, teacher is able to gain pupils attention through showing a picture of food. As pupils answer teachers questions, they are able to guess the topic. Using Gagnes instructional events teacher stimulate pupils previous knowledge on food through questioning and recalling. Teacher could make it more interesting if instead of a picture, teacher can show real food.

As teacher proceed to the presentation step, the time allocated for pupils to read are sufficient but as teacher continues with questioning, teacher did use more time. Since it student centered, teacher should accept all possible answers given by the pupils.

If teacher could not get the necessary answer from pupils, teacher should guide them. As teacher reads first, teachers should be able to attract pupils who are not paying attention by asking them to continue the reading for the teacher by reading a few words. This will help to get their attention back and alert other pupils not to make the same mistake.

The time allocated for practice are not enough as teacher only carried out repeating after teacher and individual reading. Pupils should be able to practice first with teacher than as they mastered the reading, pupils should then read the sentences individually.

In practice step, pupils should take part as much as they can. It should be at least for 20 minutes.

When teacher asks pupils to read individually, teacher should first ask them to read in groups as it will help them to pronounce the words more accurately and helps them not to be shy in pronouncing words that are difficult for them. To help pupils pronounce the words correctly, teacher should did the reading aloud at least twice.

Teacher should make the practice reading interesting by asking pupils to read each pupil one word repeatedly by changing the starting position of the reading. This can generate their interest in reading with their friends. As pupils can grasp the pronunciation of the words they will not feel embarrassed in reading alone.

For production the pupils are taking charge and pupils are involving in talking. Pupils are assigned tasks in which through the tasks pupils are assessed informally their understanding of the lesson. With the feedback shown by the pupils through their presentation in front of the class, teacher knew that pupils understand the lesson. As pupils are set in big groups, pupils who are shy, not at par with their friends and have less social skill did not contribute a lot. Other activities that teacher could do that can get all the pupils to participate is role playing. Teacher could give short dialogue for pupils to act. This will help the shy ones to be more open and participate more.

From this lesson, I learnt that we as teachers should be proactive and be prepared for unexpected. We should have plan B if our lesson did not go as planned. I also learnt we should not talk too much and we must create as much opportunity as we can for pupils to shine.