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Safelink AS

Safelink AS is an engineering company that supplies hardware, sofware and engineering solutons to ofshore
lifing operatons. Our solutons increase operatonal safety and reduce weather dependency and downtme
caused by adverse weather conditons and wave actons.
Safelink AS main objectves are:
Technological innovaton
Communicaton with customers
We believe: When we provide increased safety and added value for our customers, we will succeed with our
products and services. To reach our objectves, we will choose main suppliers that recognize our way of thinking.
Two vital elements in ofshore operatons, are safety and tme. Our products are developed with
this in mind.

Passive heave compensators
In subsea operatons where wave-induced resonance and high landing velocity are key issues, our
passive heave-compensators may be the ant-dote to operatonal delays.
Shock absorbers
In the North Sea, the average signifcant wave height (SWH) will be 2.0 m - 2.5 m in Autumn-
Winter, and 1.5 m - 1.8 m in Spring-Summer.
Example: Without a Shock Absorber a cranes safe working load will be reduced already at SWH
0.5m, at SWH 3.0 m the safe working load will be reduced with two thirds. With a Safelink shock
absorber there will be no reducton in safe working load at SWH 3.0 m.
Safelinks wet tow units are very robust, and designed for heavy duty usage. The unit will
withstand severe side loads in wet towing operaton, and handle splash-zone and overload
Light shock absorbers
These are developed because of the new NORSOK R-002 regulatons to become operatve
January 1. 2013. They ensure quick and safe launching of MOB-boats and lifeboats when tme is
These new products ensures smooth delivery of payloads through the water surface without
interruptons. A tagline revoluton!
Our advanced simulators will add a new dimension to planning and utlizaton of equipment in
ofshore lifing operatons
Some economic consideratons
Weather dependency is a fact of life in all maritme operatons.
Heavy investments, expensive equipment and costly operatons is another fact of life in ofshore
These estmated key fgures exemplify these conditons:
Rig Daily rate Hourly rate
Producton platorm $ 1 500 000 $ 62 500
Drillship $ 400 000 $ 17 000
Heavy duty ROV $ 20 000 $ 1 000
Supply vessel $ 35 000 $ 2 000
The fgures above may vary substantally, but the overall picture remains the same, tme is a
critcal element, and tme-saving a critcal factor.
Safelinks solutons reduce weather dependency in lifing operatons. They can be accomplished
safer and quicker, with less risk and less cost.
Our products will beneft safety.
We guarantee a very good return on investment.
Passive heave compensaton
Safelink specialize within passive heave compensaton. We currently have three patent pending
designs with large improvements over the current technology on the market. Our designs ofer
high efciency, low landing velocity and low dynamic load.
Estmate of DCPHC 50-6000 efciency versus wave period and mass density of load
The Safelink DCPHC is a gas spring. Gas pressure is increased when the piston rod is extended. A
sof spring has a small pressure increase for large changes in stroke. To achieve spring isolaton it
is important that the spring is as sof as possible, ideally infnitely sof. Safelink DCPHC units have
large gas accumulators that ensures that the pressure change is low even if the change in stroke
length is large. This makes the units sof which gives a high efciency even for long wave periods.
Safelink DCPHC features an integrated water pressure compensaton system. This is a requirement
for low stfness heave compensators. If you dont have this the piston rod will be forced towards
the inner positon and afer only a few hundred meters it will be rendered useless. This is a major
reason why the passive heave compensators on the market today features a slim piston rod and
high stfness. This reduces the problem slightly, but it introduces another set of problems, which
is vulnerability against side load and poor efciency.
Oscillatory systems have a resonance frequency, which is a functon of the mass and the
combined stfness of the various components such as wire and crane. The resonance frequency
will vary with depth. If this frequency is close to the frequency of the surface waves, the system
will oscillate with large amplitudes. This can cause damage to the load, the lifing system or both.
If a DCPHC unit is used the resonance period will be 17 s or more (compared to typically 6-8 s).
Safelink DCPHC Units
Safelink DCPHC 50-6000
Technical data for Safelink DCPHC units
Unit DCPHC 50-6000 DCPHC 100-6000 DCPHC 100-12000 DCPHC 200-6000
Payload weight in water [kN] 0 500 50 1000 50 1000 100 2000
Safe Working Load [tonne] 120 200 200 400
Stroke [m] 6.0 6.0 12.0 6.0
Length [m] 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.0
Mass [tonne] 8.0 12.0 30.0 25.0
Buoyancy [kN] 20 40 80 80
Wave period range [s] 12 12 18 12
Max signifcant wave height [m] 3 3 6 3
Max water depth [m] 3500 3200 3200 3000

llvu Labellen l bunn av slden
Sleu LeksLen oa ersLau den med flaende (som plasseres under blldeL av enheLen oa over ploueL)
asslve heave compensauon advanLaaes
Safe subsea lllna
uepLh compensauon
Solves resonance problems
Low landlna veloclLv
SulLable for lona wave perlods
Low dvnamlc force
Skl ploueL med deue:

Passive heave compensaton advantages
Safe subsea lifing
Depth compensaton
Solves resonance problems
Low landing velocity
Suitable for long wave periods
Low dynamic force
DCPHC 50-6000, wave period 10 s, H
= 2.4 m
Technical data for Safelink SA units

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Seu p 1able 2: 1echnlcal daLa for Safellnk SA unlLs p Labellen
lla 3 bllr n a 4
1abellen vues ul bunn
LkslsLerende LeksL sleues oa ersLaues med flaende som plasseres under blldeL av demperen:
Shock absorber advanLaaes
Advanced Lheoreucal foundauon ensures correcL safeLv facLors for all loads
new load charLs can be calculaLed accordlna Lo unv, L8, Al and Ln rules
Ad[usLable suness and damplna
Advanced rod coaunas ensures a lona and malnLenance free llfe ume ln marlne envlronmenLs
Load charLs lmproved bv up Lo 300
lncreases weaLher wlndow slanlcanLlv
8vu plou

Safelink SA Units
Safelink SA 100-1500
Figure 3: Force versus tme for an original crane and a crane with Safelink SA15-1500
Unit SA 15 SA 25 SA 50 SA 100
Working range [tonne] 0 - 15 0 - 25 0 - 50 0 - 100
Safe Working Load [tonne] 17 35 85 150
Stroke [m] 0.5 - 1.5 0.5 - 1.5 0.5 - 1.5 1.0 - 1.5
Length [m] 1.2 - 2.2 1.5 - 2.5 1.9 - 2.9 2.8 - 3.3
Mass [tonne] 0.25 - 0.45 0.45 - 0.95 1.0 - 1.8 3.0 - 3.8
Max water depth [m] 0 0 0 2800
Hydraulic damping Fully adjustble
Shock absorber advantages
Advanced theoretcal foundaton ensures correct safety factors for all loads
New load charts can be calculated according to DNV, LR, API and EN rules
Adjustable stfness and damping
Advanced rod coatng ensures a long and maintenance free life tme in marine environments
Load charts improved by up to 300%
Increases weather window signifcantly
Force versus tme for an original crane and a crane with Safelink SA 15-1500
Safelink WT Units
Safelink WT 200-3000
Summary of technical specifcatons for WT-3000 series
Allowed force [tonne] normal to unit axis for WT100-3000
Unit WT 50-3000 WT 100-3000 WT 200-3000
Payload weight in water [kN] 0 - 500 0 - 1000 0 - 2000
Safe Working Load [tonne] 120 200 400
Stroke [m] 3.0 3.0 3.0
Length [m] 4.5 5.0 5.6
Mass [tonne] 4.0 7.5 15.5
Max water depth [m] 2800 2800 2800
Wet tow unit advantages
Extremely robust design
Well suited for wet towing
Excellent performance in the splash (wave) zone
Perfect for overload protecton
Can handle large side loads

Sleu flaende plou

ueue sprsmlsLeaneL skal vel lkke vre der.

1ab 2 bllr Lab 3
llvu Labellen ul bunnen
LkslsLerende LeksL sleues oa ersLaues med flaende som plasseres under blldeL av demperen:
WeL Low unlL advanLaaes
LxLremelv robusL deslan
Well sulLed for weL Lowlna
LxcellenL performance ln Lhe splash (wave) zone
erfecL for overload proLecuon
Can handle larae slde loads
Seu lnn flaende plou

lloote 7. AlloweJ toJlol fotce vetsos sttoke fot w1100-J000

lloote 6. uvoomlc foctot vetsos sloolfcoot wove belobt fot o set of sttoke leootbs
Safelink NS SA Shock Absorbers
Safelink NS SA 1-500
NS SA shock absorber advantages
Low cost
Tailormade for NORSOK R-002
Low dynamic load
Low weight
DNV approved constructon and design
Longer stroke length gives lower dynamic factor
Summary of technical specifcatons for Safelink NS SA units
Unit Stroke length Payload Mass of NS SA Length of NS SA
NS SA 1-500 500 mm 0 - 1000 kg 20 kg 90 cm
NS SA 1-1000 1000 mm 0 - 1000 kg 35 kg 140 cm
NS SA 1-1500 1500 mm 0 - 1000 kg 50 kg 190 cm
NS SA 2-500 500 mm 0 - 2000 kg 35 kg 90 cm
NS SA 2-1000 1000 mm 0 - 2000 kg 65 kg 100 cm
NS SA 2-1500 1500 mm 0 - 2000 kg 95 kg 150 cm
NS SA 4-500 500 mm 0 - 4000 kg 65 kg 200 cm
NS SA 4-1000 1000 mm 0 - 4000 kg 115 kg 100 cm
NS SA 4-1500 1500 mm 0 - 4000 kg 165 kg 150 cm
NS SA 8-500 500 mm 0 - 8000 kg 135 kg 120 cm
NS SA 8-1000 1000 mm 0 - 8000 kg 240 kg 170 cm
NS SA 8-1500 1500 mm 0 - 8000 kg 345 kg 220 cm
Safelink Saferunner
Safelink Saferunner on the lef, conventonal tagline on the rigth
Saferunner advantages
No need to remove taglines, ever!
No more risk of injury during removal of taglines
Will save signifcant amounts of tme
DNV approved design
For all wire sizes, main and auxiliary hook
Low cost soluton
Proven concept during ofshore trials in 2012
Patented soluton
Summary of technical specifcatons for Safelink Saferunner
Unit SR 5 SR 10 SR 30
Safe Working Load 5000 kg 10000 kg 30000 kg
Wire diameter 15-50 mm 50 - 90 mm 90 - 150 mm
Mass of unit 15 kg 30 kg 60 kg
Hook type Aux. Main Main
Safelink DCPHC Simulator
This simulator is used to simulate subsea lifs with Safelink DCPHC units. The simulator is
based on an advanced theoretcal foundaton consistng of:
Peng-Robinson equaton of state
Finite element method used to calculate crane wire efects
Advanced fricton model
JONSWAP and Pierson Moskowitz wave spectrums
Quadratc drag model
Added mass model
Adams Moulton numerical diferental equatons solver with variable tme step
SA15 Simulator
This simulator calculates dynamic forces during ofshore transfer lifs with and without a
shock absorber. The user has the opton to choose diferent operatng parameters.
Download for free at

lrsLe bulleL polnL sLrvkes
LCS skles ul equauon of sLaLe
lLM skles ul llnlLe elemenL meLhod used
Adams MoulLon numerlcal dlerenual equauons solver wlLh varlable ume sLep
SLrvke below ls a screenshoL." oa sLrvk seLnlnaen euer bulleL polnLs.
8lldene br vre llke sLore?
8r de ha aurLeksL? (aenerelL) l sfall:
lla 8: Safellnk uCPC slmulaLor screenshoL
lla 9: Safellnk SA slmulaLor screenshoL

lrsLe bulleL polnL sLrvkes
LCS skles ul equauon of sLaLe
lLM skles ul llnlLe elemenL meLhod used
Adams MoulLon numerlcal dlerenual equauons solver wlLh varlable ume sLep
SLrvke below ls a screenshoL." oa sLrvk seLnlnaen euer bulleL polnLs.
8lldene br vre llke sLore?
8r de ha aurLeksL? (aenerelL) l sfall:
lla 8: Safellnk uCPC slmulaLor screenshoL
lla 9: Safellnk SA slmulaLor screenshoL
Figure 8: Safelink DCPHC simulator screenshot
Figure 9: Safelink SA simulator screenshot
Visitor adress:
Safelink AS
Storgata 101
3916 Porsgrunn
Postal address:
Safelink AS
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