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BRYCE PENDERZON LORDS OF MIDDLE-EARTH™ VoLUME THREE HOBBITS, DWARVES, ENTS, ORCS & TROLLS CONTENTS FOREWORD PART ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION oor 2.0 USING LORDS OF MIDDLE-EARTH.... 3.0 GUIDELINES. 3.1 Abbreviations. 3.2 Definitions 3.3 Citations. 34 Converting Statistics. 35 Skills in LOME .. PART TWO 40 HOBBITS ...... « 4.1 An Overview of the Hobbits. 4.2. Hobbitish Character Glossary 4.3. Hobbitish Short Description Gi 5.0. DWARVES .rsesonisnsn 5.1 The Tribes of the Seven Fathers 3.2 The Nocgyth Nibin Uhubbie bb 6.2 Entish Character Glossary wvsnnm 6.3 Entish Short Description Gtossary 7.0 ORCS pss TL An Overview of the OF€8 nro 1.2 Oteish Character Glossary. 713 Orcish Short Description Glossary ns 8.0 TROLLS BAL Troll Varieti¢s nonce 8.2 Troll Character Glossary. 8.3 Troll Short Description Glossary PART THREE 9.0 USING HIGH LEVEL CHARACTERS... ‘9.1 Selecting High Level Characters nue 92 Balancing the Use of Powerful Characters 10.0 GENERATING HIGH LEVEL CHARACTERS .. TOL Generating Sts o.oo : 10.2 Background and Personality 3 Equipment and Magic lems 104 Skill and Level Bonuses . 11.0 MISCELLANEOUS... 109 11.1 Converting Fantasy Hero 108, 112 Selected Reading nnn 110 ‘CREDITS Authors: R. Mark Colbum, Peter C.Fenlon, John D. Ruemmnler, Terry K. Amthor, Jessica M. Ney Series Bditors: Peter C. Fenlon, Jessica M. Ney Development; Jessica Ney Page Design: Fileen Smith, Suzanne Young, Pete Fenlon, Jessica Ney Charts: John Ruemmlcr, Kurt Fischer, Judy Madison, Terry Arathor, Jessica Ney, Eileen Smith, Pete Fenlon Production: Kurt Fischer Interior Art: Liz Danforth Cover Art: Angus MeBride Cover Graphies: Richard H. Britton Layouts Judy Madison, Larry Brook, Suzanne Young, Leo LaDell, Paula Peters, Eileen Smith Editorial Contributions: Tom Loback, Fileen Smith, Terry Amthor, Jessica Ney, Coleman Charlton, Rick Britton, John Ruemmier Typesetting: Graphics Plus ‘Special Contributions: Olivia Johnston, Bruce Neidlinger, ‘Kurt Razmussen, Brace Hlavin, Deane Begiebing, David Johnson, Bill Downs, Larry Taylor, John Breckenridge, Rob Bell, Kevin Barrett, Becky Pope, Heidi Heffner, Mare Rainey FOREWORD Fantasy role playing is akin toa living novel where the players ‘are the main characters. Under the guidance of a referec, each player guides his orher character and, inthe process, helps to site ‘new story. Each game is anew and unigue adventure. ‘This work is part of a series designed as a flexible tool for Gamemasters who wish to introduce major characters from The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings into their fantasy games. ICE's Lords of Middle-earth is athree volume character compendium of the major characters found in the remarkable works of LR.R- Tolkien, A game supplement. itis a statistical reference for use ‘with most major fantasy role playing games. ‘This supplement is based on extensive research and attempts to ‘cet the high standards associated with the Tolkien legacy. Ra- ‘ional linguistic, cultural, and geological dataareemployed, lnter- pretive material has been included with great care and fits into sefined pattems and schemes. ICE does not intend ito be the sole view; instead, we hope to give the reader the thrust of the creative processes behind, and nature of, each character, ‘This is an authorized secondary work, Itis specifically based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, amv ithas been developed so that no conflict exists with any of the other primary publications. OF ‘couse, always remember thatthe ultimate sources of informat ae the works of Professor FRR, Tolkien. Posthumous publica- tions edited by his son Christopher shed additional fight on the world of Middle-earth, ‘Copyright © 1989 TOLKIEN ENTERPRISES, a division of ELAN MERCHANDISING, Inc.. Berkeley, CA. Lords of Middle-earth, Volume Hl, The Hobbit and The Lord ofthe Rings, and all character Firs US. Edition, Semuary 1969 and places therein, re trademark properties of TOLKIEN ENTERPRISES. Produced and distributed by IRON CROWN ENTERPRISES, lnc., P.O. Box 1605, Chartotesvlle, VA 22902. Stock # 8004 ISBN 1-§8806.052:9 2 Introduction PART ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION How would you like to adenture with Thorin Oakenshield or challenge the battle-prowess of an Ore-lord?. Could you draw ‘blood from a Cave-trol as Frodo did in Moria or persuade Bilbo Baggins to recount stores of the Ekler Days? Have you ever ‘needed to seek help in Fangom Forest from Treebeard the Ent? ‘Now you can at least try. ‘Lords of Middle-earth permits you to ricet Endor's most ‘prominent or powerful individuals, the famous orinfamous figures ‘Who affect the history ofthe Middle Land. You can call forth all ‘of the major characters found in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. ‘This is the last of three volumes in the Lords of Middle-earth series. Volume One covers Elves, Maia, Valar, and the “Great Enemies," while the Volume Two tells of Men. ‘Together, these three comprehensive works portray the great figures from each of Endor's varied races. ‘Volume Three describes Hobbits, the Little People ignored in the histories; Dwarves, the Children of Aulé; Ents, the Shepherds of the Trees; and Orcs and Trolls, creatures perverted by Morgoth toserve his evilends. Each rave weaves aunique pattem inthe rich tapestry of Middle-earth’s epics and ballads. Whether waxing ot ‘waning in power, these varied peoples have changed the very essence of the Ages by their deeds, 2.0 USING LORDS OF MIDDLE-EARTH ‘This volume of Lards of Middte-carth is divided into three parts: (1) GUIDELINES — a section devored 10 abbreviations, « tation key, and notes on converting statistics and adapting this work io any major fantasy rote playing game; (Q)RACE SECTIONS — sections describing the general charac {er and principal individuals ofthe races covered by tis work; and (3) HIGH LEVEL CHARACTER GENERATION — a section providing asampling of sats and bonuses for typical high level ‘characters, together with guidelines for generating and har ding high level characters ina fantasy role playing game. GuwELINes “The Guidelines provide the means o use Lords of Middle-earth {nour fantasy cole playing game. This section includes abbrevia~ tions, definitions of game terminology, and conversion notcs. It cenables the reader to understand the Codes and citations found in lamer passages. Since this work is described in terms of ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing and Rolemaster game systems, we include provi- sions for translating game stats and bonuses for use with other games, (Afterall ths work is intended asa supplement alaptable to most major role playing games.) Race Sections Each race section begins with a survey of the group's general history and features and an examination ofthe race which deline- ates the relationship between all the race's subgroupings (e.g. Harfoots versus Fellohides). The Character Glossary follows, pro- viding an alphabetical compilation ofthe race’s majoc individuals. Each Figure is described in terms of his or her appearance, motivations, characteristics, and background. In addition, we provide chars containing a listing of each individual's game Statistics — his or her Profession, Stats. Skills, and items — with satistios for both Middle-earth Role Playing and Rolemaster game systems. ‘A Short Description Glossary section covering less prominent characters follows some of the Character Glossaries. While the ‘material covering each character in hiselphabeticallistingisquite brief. ithepsiluminate the character's status, as well ashis orber relafionship t0 more important individuals. Few of the characters in Lords of Middle-earth are given the ‘exhaustive treatment found in the character studies in ICE's ‘Middle-carth Campaign Modules. Instead, the emphasis is on significanlly pertinent information. & character's home and prin- cipal possessions, forinstance ar listed butthey are not described in any great detail. These works are gene supplements, generat aids; dhey are not Substitutes for products that focus on particular places or individuals. ‘The materialinLords of Middle-earth is drawn fromauthorized sources and, wherever reasonable, these entries provide citations to peminent seotions in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. ‘Whore ICE hus extrapolated information, tbe entry cites ICE's ‘Middle-earth role playing rules and supplereenis. More informa- ton about the works and the use ofthese citations is located in the ‘Guidelines section described above. ica Lever. CHaRacter GENERATION ‘A section on generating high level (1th level or higher) char- acters is located at the end of cach volume of Lords of Middle. arth, Keyediothe races coveredby the given volume, thissection provides a means to (1) quickly generate high level non-player characters, and 2) develop characters past 10th evel. Guidelines fortheuse of power e.g. spells and magic items) arealso included. 3.0 GUIDELINES Space does not permit us to spel out every thought or include statistics for every major role playing game system, so we inchude the following abbreviations, definitions citation guidelines, and conversion notes. Section 3.1 cavers abbreviations. Definitions of frequently employed game terms are sct out in Section 3.2, while notes on the use of source citations appear in 3.3. Section 3.4 enables readers totranslate statistics into numbers usable in most other fantasy role playing games.