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This booklet contains the FACTS about worming your horse.
It takes about 5 minutes to read and it will change the way you
worm your horse.
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Choose Your
The importance of rotating wormers by active
NOT by brandname has never been as important
as it is today! Resistance is only a matter of time
The active in MecWorma & Bot is a member of the mectin family while
MecWorma & Tape Allwormer contains a mectin in combination with morantel.
Worma Drench and Worma paste are members of the BZ family. Worma paste has
a completely different additional active, piperazine, for extra repower.
MecWorma & Tape Allwormer treats and controls tapeworms and is a broad spectrum allwormer.
MecWorma & Bot is broad spectrum and controls seasonal bots.
Worma paste is broad spectrum and combats sensitive roundworms, pinworm, hairworms,
stomach worm and strongyles, plus you can give a 2nd dose 48 hours later
if migrating strongyles are a problem and reduce associated colic.
Worma Drench is a liquid formulation which can be administered in various ways
(see label) and can be added to feed for those horses that prove difcult to worm.
All 4 products have a wide safety margin and
are great value for money.
You can FREE CALL from our website by clicking on Free Advice Line FREE CALL
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A Strategy For Worm Control
Weighing Horses:
1. Scale are alwav the bet option.
2. lt i eav to etimate the weiht ol anv hore or ponv bv uin a piece ol trin (balin twine etc),
a tape meaure and a calculator. lirt, uin the trin, meaure around the irth and record the
meaurement then meaure the bodv lenth lrom the lront ol the chet to the bae ol the tail. when
vou have both meaurement, ue the ecuation below to calculate the weiht.
Note: Remember girth squared.
Possible Solutions
hi i an L//VLL 0lLY and depend on tockin rate, razin preure, location etc (alo ee 0ther
Strateie). lt ive two ueted wormin proram, aumin ` x wormin per eaon:
Other Strategies
% lemove manure lrom table, vard or paddock weeklv.
% Spell paddock epeciallv in ummer.
% Cro raze uin e.. cattle[heep lor 6 month period.
% Loe and contain animal lor /S hour prior to introduction to the herd.
% Lo not relv excluivelv on anv one cla ol compound.
Worm Tests
% laecal e count (lLC) can be perlormed in the laboratorv
% reat onlv when level are hih enouh:
lor individual /uuep (e per ram)
lerd (min.1u) `uuep
% Check lor anthelmintic reitance Lnure the treatment vou ue are ellective (conult vour
% ldentilv 8 electivelv treat wormv" hore. hee hore tend to be carrier animal" and
routinelv mav have hih lLC that contaminate vour paddock and o inlect other hore.
Rotation of Wormers
8ecaue hore worm have the abilitv to become reitant, hore owner are advied not to relv on anv one
cla ol wormer. hat mean to prolon their lile vou hould rotate wormer.
lere i an explanation:
Classes of horse wormers
here are 6 clae ol compound:
The BIG issues are
% he mot important paraite are the mall tronvle which
are controlled bv broad pectrum wormer.
% lo one cla ol compound i ellective aaint all worm and that i the reaon
whv wormer olten contain more than one active e.. mectin 8 prazicuantel.
% leitance to wormer i a lact ol lile. when a inle cla ol compound i overued it loe it
ellectivene. here i reitance to the 8Z' and emerin reitance to mectin" mot particularlv
roundworm 8 pinworm. Vectin reitance to roundworm i proven overea and cae have been
lound in /utralia. lurther there i evidence ol ivermectin reitance to mall tronvle developin
overea. here i reported reitance to pvrantel in the US/ but no evidence in /utralia, a vet.
% we hould protect the mectin", tetrahvdropvrimidine and iocuinolone lrom overue.
% Vanv hore owner continue to ue the ame wormer OR
chane their wormer bv brand name, not active.
% Some worm tvpe are eaonal:
apeworm occur in prin and poiblv autumn.
8ot occur in late ummer and autumn
% /nnual chemical rotation (uin one cla lor a vear then witchin to another)
ha been advocated lor vear, but i not commonlv adopted becaue annual
rotation i at odd with eaonal worm activitv. lurther, there i new evidence
indicatin that thi practice i aitin in the development ol reitance.
% here i little likelihood ol anv new clae ol wormer becomin available in the loreeeable luture.
% Vanv hore owner ue" the weiht ol their hore, leadin to under doin or over doin.
Vacrocvclic Lactone (mectin): uch a abamectin,
ivermectin 8 moxidectin
8road pectrum ol activitv includin the control ol bot
8enzimidazole (8Z'): includin thiabendazole,
oxibendazole, oxlendazole, lebendazole, mebendazole
8 lebantel
8road pectrum wormer.
etrahvdropvrimidine: include pvrantel 8 morantel 8road pectrum wormer plu one pecie ol tapeworm.
locuinolone: prazicuantel Lllective aaint the three tapeworm pecie.
leterocvclic: piperazine Stronvle and epeciallv roundworm
0ranophophate: dichlorvo 8 trichlorlon 8ot and ome worm
Class Activity
Spring Stronvle and ape

Vectin[Vorantel Vectin[razicuantel
Vectin Vectin
Summer Stronvle 8 8ot
8Z 8Z[iperazine
Vectin Vectin
Stronvle, 8ot
and poiblv ape

Vectin[razicuantel Vectin[Vorantel
Vectin Vectin
Winter Stronvle
8Z[iperazine 8Z
Vectin Vectin
Season Target parasites Option 1 Option 2
apeworm occur in Sprin and poiblv /utumn
8ot become active late ummer 8 autumn dependin on the eaon and vour location.
Source: Carroll 8 luntinton 19SS
Cirth(cm) x 8odv lenth(cm)
Livided bv 11,S77

Option 2 Option 1
Strongyles and Tapes
Strongyles & Bots*
Strongyles, Bots*
and possibly Tapes

Target parasites
MecWorma & Tape
MecWorma & Bot
Worma Drench
MecWorma & Bot
MecWorma & Bot
Worma paste
MecWorma & Bot
MecWorma & Bot
Worma paste
MecWorma & Bot
MecWorma & Tape
MecWorma & Bot
Worma Drench
MecWorma & Bot
20594_Get Rotated 4pp A5.indd 2-3 4/05/12 9:45 AM