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Quarterly Newsletter

July-september 2012

Interaction with
Message from the


Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

The Principal and staff of T. John College of Pharmacy interacted with His Excellency, Bharat Ratna, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, former President of India, at Rajbhavan, Bengaluru on August 30, 2012.

We, in this institute have worked constantly to churn out students who are equipped to create a better world through their achievements. I congratulate my staff for their dedicated excellence in making not just career oriented students but also well developed individuals. A section of students of T. John Group are now gearing up for their exams and I would like to wish them good luck for their semester exams. Also I would take this opportunity to welcome the students who have joined our family this quarter. The festival season is around the corner. I wish all the members of T. John Group of Institutions happiness and may the light enlighten you and guide you on the path of success.

Congratulations Mr. Febin

Mr. Febin John James (I Sem BCA) from TJC is now a Guinness World Record Holder for participating in the worlds largest App Development Marathon in Windows App Fest, 2012 held on Sept 21 & 22, 2012. In the event, Febin also proposed to Microsoft to develop a software through which by the use of facial gestures, the movement of the mouse can be controlled. This idea if implemented will be of immense help to the visually impaired. Hearty congratulations to Mr. Febin for being part of this extraordinary feat.

Message from the

Campus Director

Sri Lankan Football Champions

Sri Lankan students of TJC won the Football Championship organized by Acharya Institutes, Bangalore on September 2, 2012. Kevinda Hettiarachchi, BBM I Sem was chosen as the Best Football Player of the tournament.

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Alumnis Corner

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Activities in T. John Institute of Management & Science

Activities in T. John College Activities in T. John Institute of Technology

Events of T. John Group

Activities in T. John College of Pharmacy

Activities in T. John Business School Sports News

Activities in T. John College of Nursing


July-September 2012 | I n t e r a c t


The past quarter has been extremely engaging with admissions, events, seminars etc. We have learned a lot but the ultimate realisation is that we do have miles to go. I congratulate the staff of T. John Group for putting their best foot forward in utilising the pools of their talents and thereby making our students high achievers. We will continue to put our concerted effort for the betterment of our students. As we set into the festival season, I pray for our students and staff to have a blissful life. May this season fill us with goodness and strengthen our values which will enable us to reach greater heights.


Malinda (2003-07) BHM, TJC is currentl working a y s training manager Wing Hote at Jet l and Reso rts in Colo mbo


, is currently (2007-11) TJCP armacist at working as a Ph lus, Mauritius Pharmap

Prema Ramkisson

(2004-08) BHM, TJC is currently working as a Lecturer at T. John College, Bangalore

Mr. Ravichander Reddy

curre TJCP, is t at 07-11) (20 armacis as a Ph A art, US working Walm

atel Smith P ntly


ReCRuItment exAmInAtIonS
T. John Group of Institutions was made as the center to conduct recruitment examinations. This examination has been a huge success with the support of TJGI staff. Around 1500 students were present for each exam accompanied by their parents. BEL 2012 was conducted on July 1, 2012 & DRDO was conducted on August 5, 2012.

Participants of DRDO Examination

onLIne ConteSt FoR IDentIFyIng BRAnD LogoS

Online contest for identifying brand logos was held from August 27 September 3, 2012. The winners of the contest are Mr. Niranjan Ashtekar (TJC)-1st Prize, Mr. Atul Kumar (TJC) - 2nd Prize, Mr. Vishal Dey (TJC) -3rd Prize. Campus Director Wg. Cdr (Rtd) P. Sambasivan and Mr. Rajesh Naik (Head Marketing TJGI) gave away the prizes to the winners.


Open Invitation to Participate in


Research Grant was obtained by TJCP from CIOP for the following projects:
1. Literature Survey for the Identification of Clerodendrum Species with possible Therapeutic Potential Dr. Vineeth Chandy, Principal (TJCP) for Formulation Development. 2. Biological Studies on different Extracts and Fractions of Clerodendrum Phlomidis Leaves. 3. Biological Studies on Formulated Extracts of Clerodendrum Phlomidis Leaves.

Students of T. John Group of Institutions have been invited by TJCP to participate in science exhibition Scientia Fiesta 2012 during the month of Nov-Dec, 2012. Scientific ideas with practical relevance to innovation related to any field of science may be exhibited. Certificate of Merit will be distributed to all participants. Interested staff and students may contact Principal of TJCP at 080-28429123 for further details.

TJCPs Pride
Mr. Kumar Sambhav of 2007- 11 Batch, B. Pharma student secured 95% at the All India Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test conducted by All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi and got selected for National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education &

Research Grant Obtained from Government Funding Agency

College of Pharmacy has obtained a research grant of Rs. 20,00,000 (Rs. Twenty Lakhs) from Vision Group on Science and Technology, Department of IT, BT and S & T, Government of Karnataka, Bengaluru for the project entitled Establishing the Facility for the Development of Herbal Dosage Formulations.

Kumar Sambhav pursuing his M. Pharma at NIPER Research, Chandigarh, the best Government Pharmacy College for M. Pharma in India.

1. Mr. Ramesh Manchiganti, student of T. John College of Pharmacy (2007-11) studying in Loyalist College, Toronto, Canada, motivated his juniors about the opportunities available abroad for pharmacy graduates.

2. Ms. Merrin, student of T. John College of Pharmacy (2005-09 batch), shared her experience as a hospital pharmacist in Fortis hospital, Bangalore. She stressed on the experience of learning and finding solution by observing case studies and handling of emergency drugs. 3. Ms. Shruthi, student of T. John College of Pharmacy (2007-2011 batch) shared her experience of working at Agarwal Eye Hospital. 4. Mr. Ajoy John, student of T. John College of Pharmacy (2005-09 batch) shared his experience of working as a production leader in Strides Arcolabs, Bangalore.

Industrial projects carried out by M. Pharma students

Sl No 1 Students Title Name Janga Spectrophotometric methods for the Veera estimation of Dobutamine Hydrochloride Kumari in formulation. Spectrofluorimetric methods for the Santosh estimation of Tramadol Hydrochloride Kumar in formulation. Design development & evaluation Md. Shameem of Pulsatile drug delivery system of Pasha Hypercholesterolemic drug. Formulation & evaluation of Diazepam Narasimha Hydrogel for rectal administration in the Rao. J treatment of epileptic seizures. Encapsulation & evaluation of Nicotinic Manne Acid with Natural Phenolic anti-oxidant Ravi polymers. Novel extended release formulation A. Sushma of matrix tablets of Metronidazole for colon drug delivery. Anusha Design & evaluation of Intramuscular Chowdary Injectables of Anti-Psychotic agents. Study the effects of Polymers / K. Nikhila Excipients used in oral solid controlled drug delivery systems. N. Santosh Design & evaluation of Oro dispersible Kumar tablets of Fexofenadine Prabhakar Formulation & Invitro evaluation of Reddy Orlistat solid dispersion. Formulation & evaluation of Macrolide Mahesh antibiotic matrix tablets by Gastro Chandra retentive drug delivery system (GRDDS) Formulation & evaluation of Peter Transdermal drug delivery system of Deepak Candesartan. Design & evaluation of Oro dispersible K. Divya tablets as an anti-Hypertensive drugAtenolol Venkatesh Formulation & evaluation of extended Pippiri release tablets of Nicorandil Design, development and evaluation of Bi-layer tablet of aspirin as immediate release & Nicotinic acid as controlled release Design & evaluation of antiCholesterimic drug-Niacin in combination with guar gum in external release dosage form. Department Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry Associated company Symed Labs Ltd. Natco Pharma Ltd.

PharmaceMicro Labs utics Pharmace- Aurobindo utics Pharma Ltd. PharmaceKAPL utics Therdose PharmacePharma utics private Ltd. PharmaceMicro Labs utics Medchem Pharmaceinternational utics Ltd. Pharmace- Aurobindo utics Pharma Ltd. Pharmace- KAPL, utics Bengaluru PharmaceNoel Pharma utics Pharmace- Lee Pharma utics Ltd. Pharmace- Gland utics Pharma Ltd. Biotrans PharmacePharmaceuutics ticals Pharmace- Natco utics Pharma Ltd. Medchem Pharmaceinternational utics Ltd.

Poster presentation by M.Pharma students at International Symposium in Chennai

M. Pharma students of TJCP presented a poster entitled Acalypha Hispida leaf extract-a rapid and bio-economical source for fabrication of Silver Nanoparticles at the 2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Research and Nanotechnology in Chennai held from September 28-29, 2012.

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HPLC Workshop

Analytical conference and workshop on High Pressure Liquid Chromatography was conducted on August 17, 2012. Students and staff from various institutions attended the workshop. Mr. Suresh. C, Deputy Manager, HIKAL Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore was the Chief Guest for the program and he delivered a guest talk on HPLC. Involvement of students in HPLC workshop




Title Method development and validation of Neverapine by Rp-Hplc Hepatoprotective activity of 80% ethanolic extract of Leucas Hirta against carbon tetrachlorideinduced hepatotoxicity in rats Journal name The Pharma Journal (ISSN: 2277- 7695), Vol. 1 No. 7 2012, Pg no. 8-13. Contemporary Investigations and Observations in Pharmacy 2012, 1(2), 80-85, ISSN: 22787429 Author Sindhu Reddy M, Agilandeswari D, Dabhi Harshkumar D, Sajani Raju, Dr. Vineeth Chandy




Pramoda. V

guest Lectures in tJCP

1. On August 25, 2012, Dr. Gayathri Devi, Director, Manipal Academy of Clinical Research, Bangalore delivered a talk on the accreditation process related to National Board of Accreditation (NBA). She explained in detail about the importance of accreditation and the process involved. 2 On August 13, 2012, Mr. Vinay Pandit, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, AlAmeen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore, delivered a talk on Chronotherapeutics. The talk was regarding effects of circadian rhythms in human health. The advantages of this method over conventional methods were explained in detail. 3. On August 11, 2012, Mr. Srikanth, Sr. Research Associate & Team Leader- F & D, Strides Arco labs, Bangalore delivered a talk on Formulation and Development in Regulatory Prospective. 4. On July 17, 2012, Dr. Samarendra Narayanan, Principal Veterinarian, Syngene Laboratory Animal research, Bangalore, delivered a talk on Role of Pre-Clinical Studies & Toxicology in Drug Development.

Mesa Royal Kalyan Das, Agilandeswari. Dr. Vineeth Chandy


by Final Year B. Pharma Students

Final year students of TJCP organized a thanksgiving party on September 28, 2012 at Savoury SeaShell, Bangalore for the staff of TJCP .
Thanks Giving party by IV Yr B. Pharma students

F&D session by Mr. Srikanth of Strides

July-September 2012 | I n t e r a c t

5. On July 29, 2012, Mr. Raghavendra S, Manager HR, Juggat Pharma, Bengaluru, delivered a lecture on Human Resource ManagementInterview Skills. 6. On July 29, 2012, Mr. Venkatesh G, General Manager, Q C Department, Juggat Pharma, Bengaluru, delivered a lecture on Regulatory Affairs and QA- QC.

TJCP achieves 100% Placement

TJCP achieved 100% placement for its Final B. Pharma students for the session 2011-12. Sl No 1 2 3 4 5 Student Name Sunil Kumar Md. Kaizar Ahmed Krishna Mohan Mishra E. Sravan Kumar Thakur Jaggat Singh Jedda Yalla Reddy Ashish Kumar Kashyap Vishruth patel Jani Viral Rajeshbhai Patel Maulik kumar Bhanderi Pradip kumar Akshay Dhadvi Abul Kareem. P Lenin das Savaliya Mithul Shakeel Placed in XL Health co-operation Ltd. XL Health co-operation Ltd. XL Health co-operation Ltd. Abbott Life Sciences Abbott Life Sciences Abbott Life Sciences Abbott Life Sciences Abbott Life Sciences Abbott Life Sciences Abbott Life Sciences Shreya Life Sciences Shreya Life Sciences Shreya Life Sciences Shreya Life Sciences Shreya Life Sciences Shreya Life Sciences

Mr. Venkatesh from juggat interacting with M.Pharma student

6 7 8

7. On July 29, 2012, Mr. Ramachandra Gupta, Sr. Executive, Quality Assurance Department, Kemwell Biopharma, Bengaluru delivered a talk on Formulation of solid dosage forms and USFDA.
Guest talk by Mr. Ramachandra Gupta to M.Pharma students

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DePt oF oBStetRICS & gynAeCoLogy nuRSIng
Ms. P. Neelavathi, Principal, (TJCN)


Medical Surgical Nursing Department conducted an In House Seminar on Hepatitis on July 25, 2012 and it was organized by HOD Ms. Gladish Ms. Gladish George George I, Associate conducting a seminar Professor for I and on Hepatitis II year M. Sc Nursing students.

Sita Bhateja Specialty Hospital came for a campus recruitment drive on July 25, 2012. Dr. Saraswathy Chaterhee and Ms. Saritha, Nursing Superintendent of the hospital conducted the interviews.

T. John college of Nursing conducted Midwives Day on July 16, 2012 for M.Sc Nursing 1st year and PB Basic nursing students. The event was a result of the efforts put in by HOD GT Midwives Session conducted by Sartaj Fatima, Associate professor students in TJCN Jayanthi G and class co-coordinator Sugirtha. It was organized to update the knowledge of nursing students to bring down maternal mortality and morbidity rate.

Dr. Saraswathy Chaterhee & Ms. Saritha interviewing the Nursing Final Year Students


Mr. Sunil B Rao, HOD, TIMS organized a seminar on Dr. E Daniel Santhosh Finance with Special Reference to Reliance Capital on Raj, Principal (TIMS) August 16, 2012. The topic was on the structure of Reliance Capital. Mr. Anindam, head for Leap Programme from Reliance explained the students on how Reliance Capital functions and the future growth opportunities. The program was beneficial for all students in commerce and management as they got to know the concept of capital in reality. In the seminar, they also got to address fund management and the impact of fund management on companies and individual investors.

Mr. Anindam interacting with the students during the presentation I n t e r a c t | July-September 2012

Students attending seminar on Statistical and Analytical Tools

Mr. Sunil B Rao, HOD, TIMS and Ms. Seema Begum organized a special seminar on Statistical and Analytical Tools Programme for management students on September 4, 2012. Statistical and analytical tools are important skills to be acquired to do a research. Without statistical tools research is impossible. The use of it helps the students in their projects and to understand the basic tools to be used while doing projects. The various types of tools are SYSTAT 13, Regression, Correlation, Hypothesis Market analysis, Graphs, Excel, SAS, SPAS, etc.


Faculty members Mr. Reddy Kumar CV and Mr. Sangram with the students during PMI Conference


Bangalore Chapter organized a conference on Project Management for management students. Prof. Reddy Kumar C V and Mr. Sangram organized and accompanied twenty management students to the conference.


Prof. Sunil B Rao, HOD, TIMS organized a management activity called Know Your Business Plan on July 31, 2012. 13 teams comprising of 4 members each participated in the event. It was really difficult for the judges to decide a winner but the ultimate motive was participation from the students.

Dr. Chitra Devi presented a research paper on Financial Stability and Impact of Global Financial Crisis in Nationalized Scheduled Commercial Banks at the India National Level Conference conducted by Kristu Jayanti College from September 10-11, 2012. Dr. Chitra Devi presented a research paper titles A Study on the State of Business Schools, Business Education and Business Ethics at the International Conference conducted by Vellalar College for Women in Erode on September 18, 2012. A research paper was published in the Journal Indian Economy Emerging Issues, ISBN no.978-93-80015-26-2 on the topic Customer Satisfaction Towards Low Cost Airlines in Coimbatore. (Page no:189-199)



TIMS organized a Pre-Placement Talk for the final year U.G students, co-ordinated by Mr. Sangram Kumar Baral, Asst. Prof. TIMS on October 1, 2012. Greet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. visited the college and was represented by Mrs. Prathima and Ms. Varsha. The two representatives did a power point presentation on the company policy, job description, salary break-up and the working environment of the organization. Prof. Sunil B Rao, HOD, TIMS had taken up special initiative to sensitize the students on soft skills and interviews.

Mrs. Prathima and Ms. Varsha talking about Greet Technologies

GuESt talK on EntREPREnEuRShiP

On September 18, 2012, E-cell hosted Mr. Sumit Verma at T. John College, Bangalore. Mr. Sumit has worked with Infosys at Gurgaon for three years Dr. Shikha Tiwari, and presently he is working with DreamWorks Principal (TJC) Animation Pvt. Ltd. as the Production Coordinator. He started his own business Arthavan in November 2011. He addressed the I and III Sem MBA students of TJC. He enlightened them by sharing his valuable knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur and also as an employee. He threw some light on how to arrange funds for the organization eg. Venture capital, loans etc.

GuESt talK by DR. ajay SinGh
(iPS, Ex-DG iGP, banGaloRE)
A Guest Talk was organized by T. John College on August 3, 2012. The talk was attended by all the students of T. John College. The guest talk was delivered by Dr. Ajay Singh, IPS & Ex-DG IGP of Bangalore. The talk was motivating and thought provoking for the youngsters who were referred to Dr. Ajay Singh, IPS & Ex-DG IGP as The Future of India by the guest delivering a talk for students himself. Dr. Ajay Singh touched upon various topics and areas pertaining to ones personality, profession and said that Attitude determines the Altitude of the Individuals. Dr. Ajay Singh aptly claimed that honesty is the best policy and righteousness elevates an individual to remarkable heights.

E-cell conducted an E-day on September 29, 2012 at TJC B Block. Students came up with attractive stalls selling pani puri, dahi vada, roasted fish, plants, chat etc. Students participated enthusiastically and gained good profits. They used their own marketing strategies for selling. The event was a great success and these activities provide students with the exposure needed to start their own ventures.
TJC Vice Principal Dr Nilanjana Basu at the students stall


Students Welfare & Grievance Cell initiated guitar classes for the students of TJC from July 24, 2012. These classes are by the students and for the students. It is being conducted by Denil Guitar Class Participants Limbu of III Sem BCA who has been playing guitar for over ten years and has conducted guitar classes for students before.

GuitaR ClaSSES

July-September 2012 | I n t e r a c t

EthniC Day 2012

On Aug 25 2012, T. John College celebrated Ethnic Day in the campus. The show exhibited ethnicities of different countries and states such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kerala, Karnataka and Rwanda. The program included colourful dance, skits and cultural display of different regions. On the same day as part of Onam celebration, Tug of War was organized for the students. V Sem BBM students won the event. A cooking competition was conducted for the staff and the Language Department was declared as the winning team.

United Colours of TJC during Ethnic Day

DePt. oF ComPuteR APPLICAtIonS

National Conference & Seminars
Paper Information and Communication Technologies in E-Learning was presented by Nagaveena A at the national level seminar on Emerging trends in ICT and Management, IT Enabled Education in Engineering and Management Research, TECHMAN12 held at Department of MCA, Acharya Institute of Technology on September 7, 2012. Journal on Network Security was published by Mr. Kiran D N in Bhutan.

Activities and Intercollegiate Competition

Students of V BCA from Computer Application Department attended the intercollegiate competition organized by PESIT. The students actively participated in all the events and came out with flying colors bagging first or second spots in most of the competitions. V Sem BCA students Manoj Kumar and Vivek won the first prize in the event Amazing Race. Vivek also won the first prize for IT Manager while Midhun bagged the second spot in the same event.

DePt. oF LAnguAgeS
International Conference on Learning and Application

guest Lecture for BA Students

A guest lecture was organized for BA (JEP) students on July 31, 2012. The resource person was Mr. Debajyoti Mal, Content Editor from the E-Business Team at Honeywell. The talk focussed on a wide range of topics starting with career options in different fields of media to editing and writing better content and finally optimizing ones writing for Google with regards to opportunities in the field of IT. The students enjoyed the two hour talk by Mr. Debajyoti Mal and also learned about various industry opportunities that open up for them after they finish their degree.

Mr. Debajyoti Mal, Content Editor from the E-Business Team at Honeywell conducting a guest talk for BA Students

Dr. Panchali Mukherjee (HOD Languages) presenting her paper at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Participants of the anti ragging street play

StReet PLAy on

Panchali Mukherjee (who has recently been awarded Doctors Degree) attended the International Conference on Learning and Application from August 17-18, 2012 held at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She attended a one day faculty development program and presented a research paper titled Cohesion in the Selected Novels of A.S.P. Ayyar, Manohar Malgonkar and Bhagwan S. Gidwani.
Participants of Poetry Writing Competition

The Humanities Club of Language Dept. (TJC) conducted a street play on the theme Anti-Ragging on July 26, 2012. The play was performed at T. John College lawn. B.A, BBM and BCA students took part in this play. The play was scripted and directed by Akshay Sidharth (BA III Sem) under the guidance of faculty Ms. Pooja Basnett. The Humanities Club did its bit to create awareness on the effects of ragging and chose street play as the medium to convey its message. The main slogan of the play was Say No Ragging.

Literary Club Activities

Literary Club from the Dept. of Languages conducted Short Story Writing competition on August 23, 2012, Poetry Writing competition on August 10, 2012 & Pick and Speak competition on July 30, 2012. These events were conducted with the motive of bringing out creativity, imagination and language skills in students. Students from different courses participated in the events with great zeal and were guided by the coordinators Ms. Meenakshi T & Ms. Niji Nelson

DePt. oF FAShIon & APPAReL DeSIgn

Design and Weaves are of great importance in designing a garment. The judicious use of both can create wonders on any garment. I, III and V Semester B.Sc FAD students visited the exhibition held at Sindhoor Convention Centre, Bangalore on July 14, 2012 along with faculties Ms. Hemalatha, Ms. Yashaswini and Ms. Thejeswini. I n t e r a c t | July-September 2012


B.Sc (Fashion and Apparel Design) students of I, III and V Sem along with faculties Ms. Hemalatha, Ms. Yashaswini and Ms. Thejeswini visited Garment Tech exhibition on July 14, 2012 at Palace Grounds, Bangalore. The exhibition was a place for selling and exhibiting latest machineries from the garment industry. The students were enlightened with regards to availability of different machines and equipment.

DePt. oF hoteL mAnAgement

Workshop on Flower Arrangement
A workshop was organized on flower arrangement for the BHM students on September 12, 2012. Mr. Paresh, a professional florist using flowers like orchids, lilies, gerberas, etc. made a variety of arrangements in triangular, symmetrical, circular shapes. It was a very resourceful session for the students who joined in to make flower Ms. Bandana (BHM Faculty) & Mr. Paresh, arrangements. a (Professional Florist) conducting a workshop on flower arrangement

DePt. oF mAnAgement

ttK PReStIge LImIteD

Lecture by Mr. Krishnaraj Senior Manager (Human Resources), TTK

On August 3, 2012, T. John College BHM Department conducted The Art of Bartending workshop in the BHM Seminar hall. It was conducted by Mr. Rohan Carvalho on bar tending, preparing cocktails and flaring. Mr. Rohan has conducted several bartending training programmes for hotels and bars across the world. Food and Beverage Service team had taken the initiative along with Mr. Sathish Kumar and Mr. Gopi Anand, faculty of BHM Department made this event a grand success.

Department of Management Studies, T. John College had organized an industrial visit for BBM V Sem students to TTK Prestige Ltd. Hosur Plant on September 22, 2012. While giving a brief about the company to the students, Mr. Krishnaraj, Senior HR Manager highlighted the fact that TTK Prestige is the largest manufacturer of pressure cookers in the world. The students were able to view the manufacturing process of pressure cookers from a plain sheet to a completely finished product. The entire assembly line is automated and uses skilled manpower to achieve its overall business operations.

Mr. Rohan Carvalho conducting a workshop on Bartending for BHM students


7 WAyS to SuCCeSS
Dr. Chandra Mohan who is a Management Consultantcum-Trainer-cum-Entrepreneur addressed MBA I Sem students of TJC on September 29, 2012 on the seven ways to success. He started the session by posing a question to the gathering Did you choose MBA by chance or by choice? This was followed by a management game with an outcome that underlies the message that Nothing is Impossible, if proper guidance is provided. According to Dr. Chandra, SUCCESS stands for the following: S - State of mind (Balance between EQ and IQ) U-Updation C - Communication C - Commonsense E - Enthusiasm S - Synergy S - Stress He concluded the session by conducting a memory game and also presented an award to the best performer.

On July 27, 2012, III Sem students of BHM department went on an industrial visit to Eagleton Golf Resort at Bidadi. On the visit, students learned about the functional differences between commercial hotels and resorts. The visit was organized by Mr. Manoj B. Gedam, Mr. Gopi Anand and Mr. Ravichandra, III Sem BHM Students at Eagleton Golf Resort class coordinators for III SEM.

DePt. oF QuAntItAtIve teChnIQueS

1. Ms. Mohana K attended a two day Science Academies Lecture Workshop on New Vistas on Mathematical Modelling held by Nirmala College for Women, Coimbatore from August 1314, 2012. 3. Ms. Mohini Bhat published a paper in the International Journal of Mathematical Archive, under the title Inventory Policy Under Trade Credit When Time of Payment is Uncertain, in the July edition, Vol. 3(7), 2012, pages 26692679.

On September 29, 2012, Mr. R Krishna Kumar delivered a talk on Business Intelligence Today where he showcased the use of business intelligence tools and how they assist large organizations in their decisionmaking processes. He urged the management students to undertake skill up-gradation courses in business intelligence in order to stay ahead in this competitive era.

2. Ms. Mohana K published a paper in the Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences: Theory and Practical, under the title Mildly (1, 2)*-gNormal spaces, Volume 4, Number 3 (2012), pages 195-202.

4. The Department of Quantitative Techniques, T. John College, conducted QT Quiz on August 30, 2012 for the undergraduate students. The quiz was organized in four different rounds: general round, jig saw & missing numbers, word hunt & data representation, rapid fire round. 27 teams participated in the event. Principal Dr. Shikha Tiwari distributed the prizes to the winners. Mohammed Hisham (V Sem BBM) Recieving award from TJC Principal

Ms. Padma. C (Lecturer) from Management Dept presented a paper on Quality in Higher Education A Right to Stakeholder in the Conference on Higher Education 2020 New Studies for Empowerment and growth which was held in St. Josephs College of Commerce, Bangalore on Sept 12, 2012 July-September 2012 | I n t e r a c t

DePt. oF BIo SCIenCeS

Students of B.Sc Biotechnology III Sem were taken for a seminar on the topic Career opportunities in Life Science industry on August 2, 2012 at St. Josephs College, Bangalore. The seminar was organized by the Dept. of Biotechnology, St. Josephs College in association with Probiosys Life Sciences, an institute which provides training to develop technical skills useful for industries. Heads and representatives from different industries such as pharma, water purification, agriculture and food industry attended the seminar and shared their views. Dr. Rao, Ms. Vinutha and III Sem Students of B.Sc Biotech with faculty members at the Seminar Mr. Pradeep from Union Lever, Dr. Manoj Mozamdar from Narayana Hrudayalaya and Mr. Anto and Mr. Rohith from Biocon were heading the panel. They gave valuable information to students on what are the required basic techniques, how to prepare for interviews and how to succeed in the field of biotechnology. Faculties Mrs. Sindhu S and Ms. Sathiya G accompanied the students.


Sindhu. S (who has recently been awarded Doctors Degree) attended the conference World Congress on Holistic Medicine from September 14-16, 2012. It was organized by the Indian Holistic Medical Academy. She presented her PHD work entitled PROTEOMICS & GENOMICS OF MALIGNANT CELLS TREATED WITH BOVINE URINE (bos indicus) FOR THERAPEUTIC USE AND STUDYING THE CYTOMORPHOLOGY & MITOTIC PROLIFERATION-in vitro condition and she was bestowed with a gold medal for her presentation and degree. Mr. BABU N attended the International Conference on Science And Technology For Clean And Green Environment from July 2728, 2012 at the Zoology Wing of Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.

Students of M. Sc & B. Sc BT I Sem visited St. Johns Medical College, Koramangala for a workshop on Karyotyping on September 27, 2012. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Ramadevi, Head (Department of Human Genetics) on the technique - Karyotyping. A video was shown to the students and procedures like sterilization, media preparation, setting culture were explained. Students observed slides with normal and abnormal karyotype. Students also had a lab tour of the blood drawing room, sterilization room, culture room and harvesting rooms of the department. Ms. Sharon Kitty & Ms. Shiva Sharma accompanied the students.


Mr. Babu. N (HOD) along with students in Wonderla Department of Biosciences, T. John College organized a one day trip for students and staff on April 23, 2012. A group of 52 students from M. Sc Biotechnology & Biochemistry were accompanied by 7 staff members.

MSc & BSc BT I Sem Students along with faculty Ms. Sharon Kitty & Ms. Shiva Sharma at St. Johns Medical college


Ms. Sathiya G published her research paper entitled Veratric acid ameliorates hyperlipidemia and oxidative stress in Wistar rats fed an atherogenic diet in the International Journal of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, Volume-366, page number: 21-30, year 2012.


Dr. S. Padmanabha, Principal (TJIT)

one Day Faculty Development Programme

On July 25, a one-day faculty development program was organized at TJIT. The programme was kicked off with an inspirational presentation by Dr. S Padmanabha, Principal, TJIT on the Teaching Learning Process. Through many examples and real life scenarios, he stressed on the need for teachers to be role models and an inspiration for students. This was followed by a presentation by Sri. Srinivas Murthy Guruji of Sri Balaji Yoga Kendra. The presentation included various topics like pain relief using acupuncture techniques, home remedies for various ailments and relaxation techniques. Guruji left the audience enthralled by his live demonstrations in which he was able to relieve participants of various ailments like head ache, shoulder pain etc. The demonstration also showed how easy it is to practice simple techniques at home to relieve aches, pain and mental stress.
Yoga Demo by Sri Srinivas Murthy Guruji

Engineers Day was celebrated on September 13, 2012. Engineers day commemorates the birth anniversary of Sir M. Visvesvaraya. The celebrations

began with an inaugural ceremony, followed by a talk on the life and achievements of Sir M. Visvesvaraya. The program continued with a talk by Ms. Anuradha Ajit of The Chopras, who stressed on the importance of communication skills and personality development. This was followed by a talk by Mr. Mirza of Vemsys who put forth many novel ideas and concepts.

Inaugal Ceremony for Engineers Day

The post lunch session was dedicated to introducing the faculty members to Rockefeller Habits. It gave a brief overview of the practices followed in Rockefeller Habits and familiarized the faculty members with the various terms used in Rockefeller habits.

I n t e r a c t | July-September 2012

DePt. oF meChAnICAL engIneeRIng

TJIT Mechanical Department faculty Mr. Nagamadhu M visited AgriTech India 2012 held from August 25-27, 2012 at Palace Grounds, Bangalore. Objective of the exhibition was to showcase automation in agriculture. Mr. Somashekar S, Asst. Professor in Mechanical Engineering secured 100% result in Non-Traditional Machining subject of VI Sem, conducted in June 2012 Mr. Somashekar S, Asst. Professor in Mechanical Engineering has registered for PHD in October 2012 under the guidance of Dr. Shantha Kumar, HOD, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Girish Badragond at the NABARD sponsored stall in AgriTech India 2012)

Mr. Sathish Kumar, Asst. Professor in Mechanical Engineering secured 100% result in Manufacturing Process_1 and Energy Engineering, III Sem and V Sem respectively conducted in Jan 2011 and June 2012 Mr. Sathish Kumar, Asst. Professor in Mechanical Engineering has registered for PHD in October 2012.

DePARtment oF ComPuteR SCIenCe engIneeRIng

Student achievements
Ms. Anusha Kamath of VII Sem Computer Science and Engineering completed a two month internship at Globals, Bangalore with the Web Solutions team. She was highly commended for her remarkable performance at Globals. Ms. Shruthi H.S. of VII Sem CSE was selected to attend the Literati Event held at SAP Labs on July 27. The event was held by Global Shapers Karnataka. Mr. Pradeep Sebastian, author of The Groaning Shelf was the Chief Guest for the event. The discussion included various topics such as the importance of books, his college life and his life as an author.

one Day Workshop on Design Patterns

Mr. Jabeer Ahmed conducting the Java Workshop

As part of the effort towards enhancing the technical skills of final year students, a one-day workshop on Java Design Patterns was held by the Department of CSE on September 29, 2012. A design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design. Mr. Jabeer Ahmed, Project Manager from HCL is an expert in Java and a maestro in design patterns. He was the course instructor for the workshop. He took the students through the various scenarios in which design patterns are applicable and then proceeded to teach design patterns in detail.

talK on hiGhER EDuCation

As students prepare for graduation from TJIT, a talk on higher education was held by the Department of CSE to create awareness regarding opportunities in higher education. The talk was delivered by Ms. Gayatri Kannan from Gateforum Educational Services, Bangalore.

attended by Faculty Members
Ms. Renukadevi S, Lecturer, Department of CSE attended a two-day FDP in System Software & Operating Systems organized by RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore from July 30-31, 2012. The FDP was intended to familiarize the faculty with the newly introduced syllabus for System Software Lab Ms. Rashmi S attended a one day technical training on Operations and Maintenance of Satellite Interactive Terminal on August 2, 2012, organized as part of the initiative to introduce VTUs EDUSAT programme. The training was held at SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore. The training was very helpful for setting up the EDUSAT facility at TJIT Mr. Shailesh Kumar attended a three day workshop on Formal Languages and Automata Theory held from August 22-24, 2012 at the Vivekananda Institute of Technology Ms. Sejal Nimbhorkar attended the Sixth International Conference on Information Processing organized by the The Society of Information Processing, Bangalore and Visveshvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore University from August 10-12, 2012. The conference had eminent speakers from various organizations like Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and HP Labs Ms. Sejal Nimbhorkar attended a Faculty Development Program on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence organized by Actuate in association with Infosys and Compengence from September 12-14, 2012. Shruthi HS atLiterati Event with Mr. Pradeep Sebastian

onaM CElEbRationS
Department of CSE organized a grand celebration on the occasion of Onam on August 29, 2012. Faculty members donned traditional Kerala attire and organized a sumptuous Onam Sadhya. Traditional Pookalam was laid out in the department.
CSE Staff Members

EvEntS attEnDED by StuDEntS

A talk on Opportunities and Trends in Animation, Visual Effect & Gaming Industry was given by Mr. Rajeev, HOD, VFX, BDM-ICAT Design & Media College, Bangalore on August 25, 2012 Final year students attended a guest lecture by Mr. C. Selvaraju on Java & Corporate Environment A guest lecture on Robotics was held on September 29, 2012 in the main auditorium. The talk provided the students with in depth insight into the world of Robotics Students participated in a Blood Donation Camp organized on September 5, 2012 at TJIT. The programme was organized in association with Indian Red Cross Society

talk on approach to Developing technical aptitude

Mr. Anantha Acharya from Vista Mind gave a lecture on Approach to Developing Technical Aptitude on August 7, 2012.

July-September 2012 | I n t e r a c t

hearty Congratulations to the


Ms. Anusha P. Kamath VII Sem CSE

Ms. Kumuda IV Sem CSE

Mr. Akshay II Sem CSE

Principal,TJIT and HOD CSE along with staff members at Teachers Day

Department of Computer Science Engineering has achieved an overall result of 85% in the II, IV and VI Sem exams conducted by Visveshvaraya Technological University in June-July, 2012.

tEaChERS Day CElEbRation

Students of III, V and VII Sem Computer Science and Engineering celebrated Teachers Day on September 5, 2012. Staff members were given a floral welcome, followed by a cake cutting ceremony and cultural activities & games, all organized by the students for their beloved teachers.

DePt. oF InFoRmAtIon SCIenCe engIneeRIng

Ms. Smera Ranjani B. K of VII Sem Information Science and Engineering has successfully built a Windows 7 App for Microsoft Corporation through Trainedge, a Microsoft partner Ms. Raksha S, Ms. Syeda Farheen Fathima S of V Sem and Adarsh H. B of VII Sem Information Science and Engineering attended Start-up Immersion Programme initiated by Global Shapers Karnataka from August 30-31, 2012 at Transcendix, Bangalore. Mr. Adarsh H. B, Ms. Ayeesha Tabassum, Mr. Badarinath C. D, Mr. Mohammed Khalid Nehan, Ms. Smera Ranjani B. K of VII Sem Information Science and Engineering attended Climate Science Quiz organized by the Divecha Center for Climate Change and Indian Institute of Science on September 25, 2012 at J. N. Tata Auditorium, IISc, Bangalore. A short film on climate change was played before the quiz programme.

The Department of Information Science and Engineering has achieved an overall result of 77% in II, IV, and VI Sem exams conducted by Visvesvaraya Technological University in June-July, 2012. Hearty Congratulations to the Academic Toppers: Ramya V VI Sem ISE (76.77%) Pradhanvi T. R IV Sem ISE (77.67%) Deepika M Bhat II Sem ISE (78.32%)


Students of III, V and VII Sem Information Science and Engineering celebrated Teachers Day on September 5, 2012. Staff members from Information Science and Mathematics department were present on the occasion. The celebrations began with cake cutting by the Principal of TJIT, Dr. S. Padmanabha. The students also organized various games for the faculty members.


Mr. Anatha Acharya from Vista Mind gave a lecture on Approach to Aptitude on August 7, 2012 An awareness programme on higher studies was held for the students of final year on August 11, 2012. The talk was delivered by Ms. Gayatri Kannan of Gateform Education Services, Bangalore A talk on Opportunities and Trends in Animation, Visual Effects & Gaming Industry was delivered by Mr. Rajeev HOD, VFX, BDM-ICAT Design & Media College, Bangalore on August 25, 2012. The talk focused on opportunities in the animation industry Students of final year attended a guest lecture by Mr. C. Selvaraju on Java & Corporate Environment on September 28, 2012. He delved on the importance of Java, C++, C Language and also provided an insight into the corporate world Guest lecture on Robotics was held on September 29, 2012. The lecture focused on the usefulness of robots in present world.

Principal TJIT cutting the cake on Teachers Day

List of Papers Submitted & Presented at the National Conference held on September 8, 2012 at KSIT, Bangalore Title 1. Real Time Data Updation and Web Traffic Reduction Using Green Ajax 2. Privacy Preserving Distributed Systems Using a Generic Framework on Three-Factor Authentication 3. Mobile Phone Based Medicine Monitoring System 4. Solving Job Shop Scheduling using ANT Colony Optimization Submitted by Sowmya G, Nandini G, Anitha J Chaitra B, Meena R C Lakshmi Holla, Srusthi Chengeri Anitha J

Best Paper Award Winners were Privacy Preserving Distributed Systems Using a Generic Framework on Three-Factor Authentication by Chaitra B and Solving Job Shop Scheduling using ANT Colony Optimization by Anitha J. J Anitha HOD/ISE Department published a paper Priority Dispatching Rules in Solving Job Shop Scheduling using Ant Colony Optimization in the International Journal (EJSR) in its September 2012 issue. J Anitha HOD/ISE Department presented a paper at the International Conference held at Kathir Engineering College, Coimbatore in September 2012.

I n t e r a c t | July-September 2012



TJIT with the help of ISE Department organized a Blood Donation Camp in TJIT auditorium on September 5, 2012. The camp was organized in association with India Red Cross Society. Students turned up in numbers for donating blood and the event was a huge success.
Packed Auditorium for Blood Donation

DePt. oF eLeCtRonICS & CommunICAtIon/ teLeCommunICAtIon engIneeRIng

An expert lecture on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems was organized on September 22, 2012 for the final year students of Electronics and Communication and Telecommunication Engineering. The speaker was Dr. M. M. Nayak who is currently a visiting Professor at the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering at IISC, Bangalore. Dr. Nayak has previously served ISRO for nearly forty years and held many commendable positions. He emphasized to the students on

DePARtment oF mCA

Dr.Nayak Delivering the lecture on MEMS

the importance and role of MEMS in the field of Astrophysics and also gave them an insight into the types of MEMS sensors used in space applications and the automobile industry. He also gave a demonstration on sensors developed by him during his service at ISRO. Shyamili Wijesiri and Kavya Mohan of V Sem Telecommunication Engg. and Hamsa Nadig from V Sem Electronics and Communication Engg. had the golden opportunity of being The Students along with their mentor Mr. Abhinav Kashyap a part of the Annual Youth Summit 2012, organized by Golden Shapers, Karnataka at SAP Labs, on September 13, 2012. Apart from the opportunity to listen to the inspiring speeches by young CEOs like Suhas Gopinath, Sangeeth Vargeese and others, they will also be able to shadow their mentor, Abhinav Kashyap, Sr. Manager at SAP Labs, one day in a fortnight and learn by association, the art of managing situations. Students of V Sem Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. participated in the Climate Science Quiz Competition organized by the Divecha Center for Climatic Change at IISc, Bangalore on September 25, 2012. The participants were Uzma Anjum, Vaishnavi A, Spoorthi M, Pooja Singh, Monika Kaul, Shyamalie Yasmin, Rani Aishwaraya, Anil Reddy and Chandan Kumar. Dr. P. V. Rao of Telecom. Engg Dept. participated in the IETE 55th Annual Technical Convention on September 28, 2012. He also attended the Pre-Convention tutorials on Smart Grids and Embedded Systems for Automotive Applications.

An awareness program Dr. AMN Yogi welcoming the Campus Director, on IEEE Xplore (part of TJIT Principal & Sri Dhanu Pattanashetti e-journals subscription made by TJIT) was organized by the Department of MCA, TJIT in collaboration with the Department of Library, TJIT on September 17, 2012. E-journals comprising of DELNET, ASTM, IEEE, INFOTRAC and SPRINGER publishers have been subscribed by TJIT. Subscription allows faculties and students to access research articles from more than 180 international journals with back volumes since 2000. In addition to 1700 e-books, 13000 journal articles, 1999 management collections and 1150 technical collections can also be accessed. Resource person Sri Dhanu Pattanashetty spoke about IEEE Xplore and dealt with how to save searches, set-up alerts and use personalization features, new search engine and how it works including advanced search options, improved search tools refine and drill down into searches by multiple criteria, improved browse options browse by document type, most popular or whats new, enhanced online support tools. The session served as a platform for clarifying doubts regarding IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Department of Computer Applications, TJIT organized a lecture by Mr. Kneel Samuel, MCA, CCIE, CCSI from Inter Networkz!, Bangalore on Scope of Networking as a Career for MCA students on August 11, 2012. 80 students from the department attended the lecture. Mr. Kneel Samuel gave detailed applications and scope of network in addition to the latest network technologies. Mr. Rajeev, Head of the Department of Visual Effects, ICAT College, Bangalore delivered a talk on Opportunities and Trends in Animation, Visual Effects and Gaming Industry on August 25, 2012 at the Department of MCA. 90 students from MCA and 100 students from the Departments of CSE and ISE attended the lecture. A video was played to visualize the animation effects.


DePARtment oF mBA
Seminar on Emotional Intelligence
A one day seminar on Emotional Intelligence was organized by the Department of Management Studies, T. John Institute of Technology on September 27, 2012. Students from MBA Department attended the seminar which was hosted by Dr. Jayaram, Ex-Director, Dena Bank. The seminar was conducted to explain the importance of Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Jayaram, (Ex-Director - Dena Bank) in the Business conducting a seminar for MBA Students Environment as well as in day-today life.


B.E VI Sem ECE Tejaswini K. IV Sem ECE Chaitra B. II Sem ECE Preetham M. Angya VI Sem TCE Shamili Shetty IV Sem TCE Shyamalie Yasmin II Sem TCE Sushma R. Naik M.E. I Sem Roopashree R.


July-September 2012 | I n t e r a c t

gueSt LeCtuRe on CAReeR oPPoRtunItIeS In FInAnCe InDuStRy

Ms. Anuradha interacting with MBA students

Avon CoSmetICS PReSentAtIon

Ms. Anuradha (Marketing Manager) and Mr. Rakesh (Zonal Manger) from Avon Cosmetics along with their team addressed MBA final year students about the company and its products. She explained to the students on the various market opportunities and how to grab them. She also shared her corporate experience with the students.

Department of MBA, TJIT organized a Guest Lecture on Career Opportunities in Finance Industry for III Sem MBA students on September 8, 2012. The lecture was given by Mr. Prashanth Kulkarni from Manipal Global Education Services. He is an expert in the field of Stock Market having more than 15 years of experience in the field. Mr. Prashanth Kulkarni spoke about the current scenario of finance industry, its various sectors, and on the future prospects in the industry as a whole. He also introduced the students to the various career opportunities available for MBA students and the skills required to meet the industry standards. The main emphasis was on developing various skills required to have a successful career in the stock market. Mr. Lakshminarayan, Asst. Manager, Manipal Global Education Services, spoke about the various programs offered by their organization for students to get certification in Stock Market Trading and the importance of certification for career growth in the stock market.


SemInAR on oPPoRtunItIeS In mARKetIng FoR mAnAgement StuDentS
Dr. Daniel E Santhosh Raj, Director and Principal of TJBS organized a seminar on Opportunities in Marketing for Management Students on September 24, 2012. Ms. Debasree Sen De had conducted the program with live examples and management activities to make the students understand the actual market scenario and to be prepared for any situation. TIMS organized a special cricket match as part of Sports Activity. Mr. Gopan and Mr. Vivek Mathew (TIMS students) took the initiative under the guidance of Mr. Reddy Kumar CV and Mr.Vijay, TIMS faculty. TIMS cricket

Ms. Debasree Sen De taking the session for TJBS Post Graduate students

Sciences College, Bangalore from September 21-23, 2012 Department of MBA organized a class trip to Pearl Valley. Physical Education Director Mr. Govinda Kumar was the guide for the tour T. John Institute of Technology Cricket Team participated in the Suvarna News Cricket Cup 2012-13, held from September 1, 2012 and conducted by Asian News Network Pvt. Ltd. at SJB Institute of Technology, BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore Satish Gowda H K (MCA III Sem), TJIT participated in the VTU Single Zone Inter Collegiate Wresling and Judo (men) Tournament 2012-13, for the very first time held from September 14-16, 2012 at the MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore TJCP organized RGUHS Inter Zone (M), Single Zone (W) and selection trials Chess Tournament from August 6-7, 2012. RGUHS zonal winners and runners of Bangalore, Mysore, Belgaum & Gulbarga zones participated in this inter zone tournament. RGUHS chess tournament fixture and results were updated for the first time on the website; Trophies and RGUHS Certificates were distributed to the students. Chess Federation of Karnataka coordinated the event.

Participants from TIMS gearing up for Intercollegiate Cricket Tournament


team played under the captainship of Mr. Gopan Gopi, student (BBM V Sem). The tournament was held on August 8, 2012 at the National College Grounds Congratulations to the swimming team of T. John College who participated in the Bangalore University Inter-Collegiate Swimming and Diving Championship 2012-13 held at Sports Authority of India Swimming Pool Center, Bangalore on August 22, 2012. Mr. Kanishka (BHM III Sem) bagged 2 Silver medals in the 100 M Freestyle and 50 M Freestyle categories and 2 Bronze medals in the 50 M backstroke and 50 M Butterfly categories T. John College Softball Team participated in Bangalore University Inter Collegiate Tournament 2012-13 for the second time held at Don Bosco Institute of Bio Sciences and Management Studies, Bangalore from August 13-14, 2012 T. John College Athletic Team participated in the Bangalore University 48th Annual Athletic Meet 2012-13, held at Sri Kanteerava Stadium from September 12-14, 2012 T. John College Basketball Team participated in the Bangalore University Basketball Tournament 2012-13. The team reached the semifinals. The tournament was held at St. Josephs Arts and

RGUHS Inter Zone Chess Tournament at TJCP

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