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Palm Lakes Campus
Pre-Primary, Preparatory, High School

Please attach a copy of the Guardians ID Document. Fax both (signed) pages to Trinityhouse attention Lara at:0119580015 or E-mail to Telephone number 0873503925

Payment Amount Payment Amount Pastel ISIS PBox Letter

Date receipt No. Date receipt No. Acc No. Date Date Date

Trinityhouse is a Christian School. Willingness to participate in all religious ceremonies and occasions celebrated by the school is a precondition of acceptance.

Pupil Details
First Name(s) Surname Previous School ID Number Religion Nationality

Application for Grade Start date Birth Date Religion Gender Home Language

(Required by DOE for statistical purposes)

Sibling at Trinityhouse: Name and current status Staff at Advtech: School and Position held

Parent / Guardian Details

Parent / Guardian to whom Accounts should be sent Parent / Guardian 1 Title First name Surname Occupation Company E-mail: Identity No. Home/work Tel: Cell Tel: Home Address Home Address Town / Suburb Postal Code


Father / Guardian 1

Mother / Guardian 2
Indicate Relationship to Pupil

Indicate Relationship to Pupil

Parent / Guardian 2

Mother / Father

Mother / Father

Postal Address 1 Postal Address 2 Town / Suburb Postal Code

We/I hereby apply for the admission of our/my child to Trinityhouse Schools. We/I agree that our/my child's admission will be subject to Acceptance and the completion of the "Rules and Conditions of Enrolment" contract. We have read pages 1 and 2 of the Application Form and understand and agree to the conditions therein.

Signature Date

Signature Date

Fee Structures - Palm Lakes
Application Fee Admission Fee
Payable on Application Payable On Confirmation of Acceptance

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R250 R3000

Non-refundable Non-refundable

NB: School Fees for 2013 are provided below for reference. Subject to Confirmation

School Fees (2013)

Pre-Primary Pre-Primary Junior Primary Senior Primary Senior Primary Junior High Senior High Grades 000, 00 Grade 0 (R) Grades 1, 2, 3 Grades 4, 5 Grades 6, 7, 8 Grades 9 Grades 10, 11, 12

Monthly X 10 Months

Full Annual Amount

R2 865 R3 455 R3 995 R4 860 R5 075 R6 045 R6 480

R26 500 R32 000 R37 000 R45 000 R47 000 R56 000 R60 000

Method of Payment of Fees (2013)

1. Monthly: 10 equal payments made monthly in advance from January to October. 2. Full Annual: This amount is applicable only if payment is made before 31 December 2012 Direct Payment into our Bank Account or Internet payment: Bank: ABSA Bank Corporate Gauteng Account Name: Trinityhouse Palm Lakes Account Number: 40-7916-9815 Branch Code: 630432 Reference: Your Child(rens) Name(s) and Grade Debit Order facilities are available at the School: Contact Financial Administrator. No cash payments will be accepted at the School for security reasons

Educational and Sports Tours

Fees to be paid prior to departure. If school fees are in arrears children will not be admitted on tours.

Outing Fees
For grades 000 to 7, an annual Outing Fee of R250 will be invoiced to your School account.

Printing and Stationery Levy

Text and exercise books are included in your school fees. A R600 levy will be invoiced to your School account for printing and stationary costs.

Terms and Conditions

Confirmation of Acceptance will be subject to the completion of the "Rules and Conditions of Enrolment" contract being fully completed and all required documentation being supplied. Signature Date Signature Date