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CMC Steel Products Non-Composite Castellated Beam Design Program

This program will assist in sizing simply supported, castellated beams with point and uniformly distributed loads. All areas in shaded yellow require information to be input. Contact CMC Steel Products toll free at (877) 764-2326 for further information or assistance.


1. Enter job name and design mark (not required). 2. Enter span, unbraced length, material strength and conx. type. 3. Enter loading. Program allows (1) uniform live load, (1) uniform dead load, and (4) point loads. Note, beam wt. is included. 4. Press Stnd. Geom. button. This enters the standard castellation pattern corresponding to the given wide flange.

Three modes of failure and their corresponding interaction values are shown in the results section. All values must be less than or equal to 1.0 for the beam to be ok. Press the "Find lightest shape" button to have the program select the lightest shape with standard castellation geometry. Significant strength changes can be achieved by modifying the castellation pattern. The following guidelines will help the optimization process. 1. To increase shear or web post strength, increase "e". 2. To increase bending strength, decrease "e". 3. If point loads are a significant portion of the load, increase "dt".

Construction bridging is required for castellated beams that spans longer than the maximum bridging spacing. Maximum bridging spacing is controlled by connection type at end of beam. OSHA requires construction bridging to be installed to meet the following loading conditions: 1. A 300 lb. Man @ midspan - requires bolted X-bridging to be installed before hoisting cables are removed. 2. One 4000 lb. Bundle of deck to be placed over three beams no further than 1 ft from the end of the beam requires horizontal bridging to be in place before deck bundles are placed.

d = depth of root beam bf = flange width tf = flange thickness tw = web thickness e = web post width & tee length b = width of sloped portion dt = tee depth dg = castellated beam depth ho = height of hole wo = width of hole

1. "e<emin" - e must be at least 3" to provide end conx. material. 2. "dt<dtmin" - dt must be greater than dtmin for fabrication reasons. 3. "e/tw>30", "2h/e>8", "Phi>62", "Phi<43" - research on web post buckling is valid only within these limitations. 4. "Top tee slender" or "Bottom tee slender" - allowable stress on tee section is reduced per Qs. This will not cause error in program. The information presented in this publication and design software has been prepared in accordance with recognized engineering principles, in conformity with the AISC Specification for Strucural Steel in Buildings (ASD,1989) and is for general information only. while it is believed that all data and information furnished is accurate , no person, corporation, association, or other entity involved in the preparation of this publication represents or warrants that this information is fit or suitable for any general or particular use or purpose, or assumes any responsibility in this information. This information must be used in conjuction with sound engineering judgment and is intended to be used only by competent structural engineers, architects or other licensed professionals.

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Non-Composite Castellated SmartBeam Design Program PRODUCTS


Job Name: Sample Project Beam Mark # CB1 Span 54.000 Unbraced Length 5.000 Mat. Strength-Fy 50

ft ft ksi

LOADING INFORMATION Uniform Distributed Loads Live Load 800 plf Dead Load 800 plf
Concentrated Point Loads Load # (#) Magnitude (kips) Dist from Lft. End (ft) Perc. DL (%)

EXPAND'D. SXN. PROP'S Anet 16.908 in^2 Agross 27.380 in^2 Ix net 4774.037 in^4 Ix gross Sx net Sx gross rx net rx gross Iy Sy ry rT 5268.3 266.706 294.321 16.803 13.871 82.420 18.336 2.208 2.444 in^4 in^3 in^3 in in in^4 in^3 in in

P1 Castellated Beam Root beam d bf tf tw e b dt S dg phi ho wo

W24X76 W24X76 23.9 8.99 0.68 0.44 in in in in



0% 0% 0% 0%

P2 P3 P4
Failure Mode Bending Shear Web Post Overall

0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 RESULTS

Interaction 0.985 0.567 0.659 0.985 Status <=1.0 OK!! <=1.0 OK!! <=1.0 OK!! <=1.0 OK!!
1.189'' 1.302''

Castellation Parameters:
7.500 6.500 6.000 28.000 35.800 61.356 23.800 20.500 in in in in in deg in in


End Connection type Min No. Of Bridging Rows Max. Bridging. Spacing (ft)

1 44

Live Load Deflection Dead Load Deflection

=L/545 =L/498


(Diam.(in) Width (in) x Height (in)