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VoIP GSM Gateway

HG-4000 Series
Optimized for medium to high volumes of call traffic

Product Overview
The VoIP GSM Gateway HG-4000 introduces new techniques for reducing telephony call costs. Hypermedia's VoIP GSM Gateway provides superior voice technology for connecting IP-based telephone systems, soft switches, and IPPBXs to GSM or CDMA networks. This professional VoIP GSM Gateway connects directly to the IP-based system using the existing IP/VoIP networks, and cost-effectively routes incoming and outgoing fixed line, PSTN, cellular and VoIP calls all in one box. Also available: a smaller, 8 to 24 channel VoIP GSM Gateway.

Key Benefits
VoIP to GSM gateway Scalable from 32 to 72 simultaneous calls Fast return on investment (ROI) Optional ISDN-PRI interface Professional carrier-grade gateway Optimal solution for alternative carrier providers One point of contact for customer service Remote web-based management and control

Reducing Call Rates to Cellular Networks

The VoIP GSM Gateway reduces local and international interconnection charges between fixed and mobile calls and capitalizes on mobileto-mobile rates. Given the system's flexibility, modularity and scalability, the VoIP GSM Gateway can easily expand to meet call traffic requirements and needs over time.

New Business Opportunities

Hypermedia's VoIP GSM Gateways are the ideal solution for anyone who would like to start a new termination business with minimum investment.

Target Users
HG-4000 series professional VoIP GSM Gateways are optimized for high volumes of call traffic. They are suitable for: Alternative carrier and service providers Call traffic terminators Telecom equipment distributors and resellers System and call-center integrators

The VoIP GSM Geteway is available with different add-on applications & services, including SMS server, call-back, call-through, CTI and more.

VoIP GSM Gateway

HG-4000 Series

HyperGateway system specifications

Interfaces/protocols PRI: BRI: GSM: CDMA: UMTS: IP/Ethernet: Voice over IP
Voice compression: GSM, G.723, G.729, G.711

System Highlights
8 to 72 cellular channels Embedded VoIP no need for any external VoIP gateway Multi-SIM 4 SIM cards per channel Full support for GSM, CDMA and 3G networks Advanced LCR functionality & routing groups IP address and DDI pattern restrictions Remote SIM card re-charging Integrated antenna combiner Web-based management and control High voice quality Bi-directional calls Optional redundant power supply Fast and easy installation

DSS1 (Q.931, national variants), E1/T1, TE/NT, CRC4/double frame optional Optional Ericsson GR64, Wavecom Q24xx One antenna per four channels Motorola C18 Motorola 3G mobile phones C975 and E1000 10/100 Base-T, RJ-45

Echo cancellation: G.168 Signaling: Call setup: H323 (Q931, H245, RAS & RTP/RTCP), SIP (optional), QoS (RSVP, DiffServ) Either integrated or on external server

Management & Control Web-based management Antenna Omni-directional: 3dB, indoor antenna with a 3m cable

Product Range
General Dimensions: Weight: Housing: Power: Certification: Humidity: 482 x 266 x 280 mm (84HP x 6U x 280 mm) Minimum 7kg (based on the system configuration) 19" rack-mountable Max 230VA, 100-240VAC CE 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
*All GSM gateways are available with Multi-SIM (4 SIMs per channel).

HG-4000 32 x VoIP to GSM channels HG-4000E/T 60 x VoIP to GSM & E1/T1-PRI channels HG-4000SV 60 x VoIP to GSM channels HG-4000FV 72 x VoIP to GSM channels HG-4000C 12 to 72 x VoIP to CDMA channels

Environmental temperature: +5C to +45C

Note: technical data is subject to change without prior notice. 2 Prof. Bergman St., Rehovot, 76705, Israel Tel: +972-8-9363077 Fax: +972-8-9363066