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6 RF Colour Touch Panel The architectural specifications are as follows. 320 x 240 resolution with a minimum size of 4.

.70" X 3.55". Eight Color Passive Matrix LCD display. Error detection and correction of RF two-way communication (operating at 2.4 GHz spread spectrum). Wired or wireless communication. Use of power pack slow charges installed batteries. Support an infinite number of user definable pop-up menus designed in a Windows software package. Display 3-D buttons with animated feedback. Support a minimum of 26 scalable and TrueType fonts. Support a minimum of 999 discrete button channels. Detailed architectural specifications of the touch Panel are as follows. Touchpanel shall use high resolution liquid crystal display technology with a minimum pixel resolution of 320 X 240, and a minimum size of 4.70" X 3.55". Lower resolution or smaller size displays shall not be accepted. Touchpanel shall display a minimum of eight colors. Touchpanel shall display up to eight color bit map graphics with dithering. Touchpanel shall communicate with control system over four wire RS-485 Token Passing Local Area Network (LAN). The control system and touchpanel shall support the uploading of all panel programming and display configuration over the LAN without physically moving panels. Touchpanel shall have error detection and correction of radio frequency (RF) twoway communications for noisy environments (operating at 2.4 GHz spread spectrum). Touchpanel shall switch over from RF communication to wired network operation when the network connection is made. Touchpanel shall slow charge installed batteries when external DC power pack or CRESNET connection is made. Touchpanel shall utilize 24 VDC power. Touchpanels utilizing less than 24 VDC or requiring the use of a local power shall not be accepted. Touchpanel shall support no less than 96 screens and 999 button functions. Touchpanel that supports less than 999 discrete button channels shall not be accepted. Graphic design features shall include circles, obrounds, rectangles, squares, ellipses, radiuses, poly-lines, variable line weights, button shadowing and shading, background shading, and a variety of text fonts. Touchpanel shall support true 3-D buttons with animated feedback - 2 pixel down, 2 pixel right shift. 3-D buttons shall in addition allow user definable active text feedback color. Touchpanels that support only simple extruded of backdrop line-type 3-D buttons shall not be accepted. Touchpanel shall support an infinite number of user definable pop-up menus.

Pop-up menus shall be designed in a graphical based software package. Systems limited to a predefined set of pop-up menus or systems requiring nongraphical design of pop-up menus shall not be accepted. Touchpanel shall support a minimum of 26 scalable and TrueType fonts. Touchpanels limited to manufacturers defined fonts shall not be accepted. Touchpanel software shall include multiple panel display tracking and message windows with variable text. Touchpanel shall include an integral software package for designing one and two dimension, position dependent "joy stick" type controls. "Joy stick" controls must support both snap and non-snap modes. Touchpanel shall support user definable compression of graphics. Touchpanel shall be provided with design software that is Windows-based and supports multiple projects open simultaneously, enabling true drag and drop project creation. Acceptable Crestron STI-1550C + ST-DS, ST-BTP or AMX VTP-CP, VPA-DS AND PS2.8 approved equal 1 Way Spread Spectrum RF Transmitter This unit is to be a 1-Way Spread Spectrum RF Transceiver. Specification Communications: Radio Frequency (RF) 1 way spread spectrum 2.4GHz. Communications Port: Net Modular and Net 4 Wire LED Indicators: Power Supplied, Communication, Radio Operational, Command Received, Command transmitted. Enclosure: Black Metal Dimension: 43.2mm (H) x 176.3mm (W) x 160.6 (D) Acceptable: Crestron CNRFGWA OR AMX AXR-RFor approved equal

IR Probe This unit is an Infra Red Emitter probe and if used to connect devices to the system that run on IR. Acceptable: Crestron CNIRP or AMX CC-IRC or approved equal 3 Channel Volume Control Communications Ports: NET: (2) 6-wire RJ-type connectors for connection to the SmarTouch STS system or the Cresnet control system CHANNELS A-C: Balanced/unbalanced IN ports connect to any device needing volume/tone control; balanced/unbalanced OUT ports connect to amplifier LED Indicators:

PWR: Indicates 12 or 24VDC power supplied to unit NET: Indicates command activity between unit and SmarTouch STS system or between unit and Cresnet control system V and T: Indicates Volume (V) or Tone (T) activity on any channel (A, B, C) Power: Requirements: Options: Cresnet Power Factor: 12 or 24VDC External, 12VDC, 500mA AC adapter included; 24VDC network power 6W

Volume (per channel): Input Impedance: 10K or 600 ohms Output Impedance: 10 ohms Input: Balanced or unbalanced Output: Balanced or unbalanced Total harmonic Distortion: (THD) -85dB Hum and Noise: f. 0Dbv) -85dB Max. Input leve:l at mode) 4V rms Channel Separation: -90dB Attenuation Range: (excluding Mute) 0 to -76dB (max.) Mute: 104dB Frequency Response: 8Hz to 60KHz (-3dB minimum) Tone (per channel): Flatness: Bass Gain Range: Bass Step Size: Treble Gain Range: Treble Step Size: (8 to 60KHz flat mode) +/-0.2dB (100Hz) +/- 12dB (100Hz) 2dB (10KHz) +/- 12dB (10KHz) 2dB

Enclosure Black metal; stackable and Rack Mountable With ST-RMK rack mount kit Acceptable: Crestron ST-VC or AMX AXB-VOL3 or approved equal AV Master Controller Processor CPU 32-bit Motorola 5407 ColdFire Processor Processing Speed 257 MIPS (Dhrystone 2.1 benchmark) Memory 36MB Connectors COM (3) DB9 for RS-232/422/485


(8) normally open, isolated relays; each relay is rated 1A, 30VAC/DC; MOV arc suppression across contacts for use with "real world" loads

INPUT/OUTPUT (8) programmable digital/analog input and digital outputs; digital outputs offer 250mA sync from maximum 24VDC; catchdiodes for use with "real world" loads; digital inputs rated for 0-24VDC, 20K ohms input impedance, logic threshold 1.25VDC; analog inputs rated 0-10VDC, protected to 24VDC maximum, 20K ohms input impedance; programmable 2K ohms pullup resistor (per pin, software reference to GND or closure to GND) IR ports 8 programmable simultaneous outputs for IR, TTL Level RS-232 or serial interface; signal (ws) and ground (G) pins; infrared output up to 1.2MHz with individual UART per port allowing simultaneous firing of all ports

Computer Port 1 RS-232 port,9-Pin DB9 for programming a PC Cresnet Port Power 1 4-Pin male connector 1-jack accepts 24VDC from pw-2420RU power supply(sold seperately), passes power through to CresNET port

Reset Buttons HW-R Performs physical reset of system SW-R Restarts SIMPL program LED Indicators PWR Green LED, indicates power supplied to the unit NET Yellow LED, indicates activity within the system ERR Red LED, indicates an error message is available from the software feature buttons Power Requirements External 24VDC, 2.0A2, 24W+ power jack or Cresnet connector Acceptable: Crestron CP-2 or AMX Axcent-3 or approved equal

4 Channel Lighting Controller Connectors AC Power and Lighting Loads Screw type terminal blocks, 10AWG maximum Local Control Input (1) nine-position screw type terminal block, 16AWG max. NET (1) 4-pin terminal block, included; connects to the Cresnet control network Switches ID Select (2) rotary ID switches to set network ID code Dim/Non-dim (2) position jumper selects dim/non-dim operation of each channel Override Slide switch selects normal dimmer operation or switches output to full on; DIP switch sets up local control mode and selects Override (both channels full on) Dimmer Load Capacity Each channel rated for up to 1000W with total load of all (4) channels not to exceed 1920W for the module AC Power Dimmer fed with a single 20A circuit Enclosure Occupies one module space in CLC enclosure Construction (14) gauge steel chassis and cover, light gray baked enamel Cooling Free-air convection cooled from 0 to 40 degrees C ambient Acceptable Crestron CLI-220-N-4 or AMX Radia DD-DM-4

Relay Controller Communications Ports NET (2) 6-wire RJ-type connectors for connection to the SmarTouch STS system or the Cresnet control system DIGITAL IN (1) 5-pin connector used to detect digital input levels or analog 1, 2, 3, 4 & G input levels RELAY OUTPUT(1) 16-pin connector provides (8) relay contact pairs 1-8 LED Indicators PWR Indicates 12 or 24VDC power supplied to unit NET Indicates command activity between unit and SmarTouch STS system or between unit and Cresnet control system Input 1-4 - Indicates signal to respective digital input is 'logic 1' Relay 1-8 - Indicate respective relay is closed Versiports Input Threshold Voltage mode: 2.0VDC (+/- 0.5) Closure mode: 2.0VDC (+/- 0.5) Input Voltage Range Voltage mode: 0 to +24 VDC Closure mode: Not applicable Input Impedance Voltage mode: 44K ohms to ground Closure mode: 1K to +5VDC Max. Rating per Relay 1A, 30V AC or DC; 100A, 100mV minimum Power Requirements - 12 or 24VDC Options - External, 12VDC, 500mA AC adapter, included; 24VDC network power Cresnet Power Factor - 6.0W Enclosure - Black metal; stackable Acceptable Crestron ST- IO or AMX REL-8