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Muhammad K S KHAN CV

265 B Whippendell Road West Watford Herts WD18 7NN 00447824642079, 00447575845376.

OBJECTIVE To work in a reputable organization where one can nurture his professional growth and utilize abilities to the maximum for significant contribution in the growth of the organization. PERSONAL PROFILE Telecom Engineer, with strong electronic engineering background Has seven years working experience including Six years of Experience in Telecom Sector with multiple vendors NSN, ERICSSON, HUAWEI, ALCATEL-LUCENT and their operators, enjoy working in a team but can work equally well on my own. A good Time Planner, working under pressure and to deadlines. Like learning new things all the time and willing to pursue a challenging career in a beneficial organization such as yours that can benefit from my skills, have completed my M.Sc. in Advance photonics and communications from the University of Warwick, one of the prestigious institutions of the United Kingdom, Have TIER 1 General Visa. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE O2 Olympic Project 07/2012 till 09/2012 Field Fault Maintenance Engineer Responsible for Operation and Fault Maintenance of Nokia 2G and 3G Which includes Trouble shooting of faults in WBTS Nokia (Supreme and Flexi), FRGXs, MHXs, FSMXs and other equipments Diagnose faults in Transmission which comprises of Nokia, NEC and BT. I was directly reporting to Field OPs Manager. Hartwood Engineering 07/2011-06/2012 Field Engineer Expanding the Ericsson and Nortel networks by installing and Decommissioning the sites TRUs and DTRUs on RBS205, RBS 2X02, RBS 2X06 . Integrations of the new sites that is Nokia Supreme and Nokia Flexi Node B, Ericsson RBS 2XX and 2XXX series, Nortel and Huawei 3900 A and 3900L . Technical site surveys for new expansions.
People Logic Ltd. China mobile Zong Project

Front Office Lockdown Engineer To control and monitor access to the operational network, both from physical site access through to facilitating China Mobile (Paktel & PTCL and Warid remote access). To minimise the amount of network unavailability caused through planned work, and make sure all halted sites are managed to resolve issued keep them halted to the shortest time scale. Maintaining the planned work daily log (Site Work Atlas) and to escalate any breaches in procedures, To play an active part in the overall team performance to ensure that levels of service is maintained at agreed acceptable levels.To answer calls from external customers and Ericsson staff / Contractors ensuring that queries are dealt with in a polite satisfactory manner. To ensure that all Health and Safety issues are raised and dealt with in a prompt and timely manner. To ensure that all requests for access to the operational sites are logged through the Atlas Daily Log, permitting access to only approved personnel. To halt and activate sites and cells in accordance with current process. To ensure that sites are on air and alarm free prior to and immediately following all planned work activity.To participate in assessing and reviewing current Lockdown processes, actively seeking and recommending areas for continuous improvements. Activation and updates of China Mobile and Warid work orders during Change Request work activity. To assist the Lockdown & Permits Team and Change Management Managers in additional projects and tasks. MBNL Project 03/2010 till 01/2011 Field Fault Maintenance Engineer Responsible for Operation and Fault Maintenance of (Ericsson and Nortel) 2G and Nokia 2G and 3G 3G.Which includes Trouble shooting of faults in Ericsson RBS (205 and 2000 series) Replacing Faulty parts DXUs, DRUs and other units. WBTS Nokia (Supreme and Flexi), FRGFs, MHAs, FSMEs and other equipments Diagnose faults in Transmission which comprises of Ericsson Mini link craft, SIAE (AL,G), Passo link, Alcatel and Nokia. Handling Work force management System(WFM) I was directly reporting to Field OPs Manager. Using of BYBOX Facility for NSN, Ericsson and H3G. NSN Saudia Zain project 07/2009 till 02/2010 Field Fault maintenance enigineer Pro-active follow-up on all faults to maintain maximum TCH availability. To ensure South Network availability by monitoring stats-KPIs and by involving in CM/PM activities.

01/2011 till 03/2011

Coordination/Follow-up with internal and external customers to obtain the maximum availability and quality of South BSS network. Provide support for resolution of RF issues with in required SLA. Coordination and participation in all field operation tasks (BSC rehomings, site reparenting and expansions activities). Ensure quality delivery and maintenance of Abis connectivity in coordination with all vendors. Ensure quality preventive maintenance as per agreed SLA with TP and environmental Subcontractors. Works with responsibility of responding to customer problems directly or through internal customer interface. Identify and investigate network quality and performance degradation issues. On-line fault diagnostics, troubleshooting and restoration of the system. Generate and interpret daily/weekly performance reports. Teams mobilization and office Management Responsible to test and verify system functionally and to ensure the system operate fault free. Supports configuration, network rollout and drive-test teams. Coordination with supervisors for all technical issues of sites Installation supervision and upgrading of Transmission Links Perform testing includes Sweep test, Power test (using site master), BER test, Internal and External alarms.

Software Upgrades and Strong Experience of Siemens eBSC, cBSC, BTS, cTRAU and eTRAU (Worked on BR 7.0, BR 8.0, BR 9.0 and BR 10.0). Technical Troubleshooting of Nokia BSC (Flexi/3i) and Flexi EDGE BTS issue. BSS Equipment Ordering and Installation SupportSupporting NOC in alarm monitoring. Supporting Microwave team for upgrading capacity of IDUs. Ericsson, Pvt. Ltd. Warid Project 04/2008 - 07/2009 Service Engineer Responsible for transmission, making cross connections with Mini Link-CRAFT of all versions Installing RBS 2000 Series using IDB loading for integration, Trouble shooting of RBS & Microwave Equipments, Online expansions of RBS 2000 Series Convert automatic transmit power control ATPC from Remotely transmit power control RTPC for performance of the Radios.Checking the performance of Radios and monitoring all the external Alarms through Ericsson OMT.

I was directly reporting to RAN Regional Manager. Supervise and control service providers resources for the implementation of radio sites, implementation and documentation completion as per stipulated quality requirements and lead-times. Controlling service providers resources in regards to competence, efficiency and tools & instruments usage. Follow-up on sub-objectives based on objectives set by Radio Access Network. Authorise to take corrective action towards service provider team if deviation from quality and lead-time is apparent. Temporary dismiss a service providers team who is found performing inappropriate. Access information necessary fulfil responsibilities I have to maintain a professional relationship with Radio Access Network (RAN).Regional Function (RAN), Senior RAN Supervisor (RAN).Customer, Approved Resource Providers (ARP), Approved Service Providers (ASP) Service Providers (SP). Establish and maintain regular communications plans with both the client and the Ericsson Project Team Experience in Integration and Acceptance Testing of Telecommunications services and equipment Control Site Survey process, issuing instruction of works tracking in Site Handlers. Continuously update for specific single sites Review and monitor quality of Site Audit Report, Site Drawings, including execution documents during site building process from subcontractors And Report it to Project Manager. Have attended weekly Gating meetings Review Site Technical Site Survey Reports to understand site issues and potential delays to the programme, escalating threats to the programme at the earliest opportunity. Working with Logistics and the ASP ensure equipment forecast are in place to achieve required times scales of delivery and programme demands, Managing the progress of assigned ASPs responsible. Work closely with responsible team for reviewing Quality assurance of the site build and upgrade process. Responsible for Establish regular

ASP programme, that is Establish relationships with the Clients Operational department to ensure ownership on a site level is clear and agreed site acceptance is seamless in transition.

Understand and report back via agreed process all differences between actual on site specific details such as but not limited to access, contacts, H&S issues. (China Mobile Telecom project): Responsible for RF Planning and optimisation of Ericsson GSM 1800/900 dual band network and directly reporting to RF Manager. responsible for nominal design, activated predictions with the help of TEMS Cell planner, carry out propagation model tuning and link budget analysis systems site selection, approval and configuration determination, create coverage maps that reflected the design for the market based on the customer's requirements making initial site survey for suitable candidates and design its report providing with coordinates, actual height of antennas, its azimuth and panoramic, Technical site surveys with customers choosing the actual nominal, actual predictions, then make a final report, with detailed design of complete site configuration including which type of cabinet will be installed, Band of frequency is used, batteries power calculations, Detail of equipment having number of cabinets, Bands, TRX(Radio units), combiners, Output power, no. of jumpers, feeder type, its length, feeder + jumpers loss etc. panoramic azimuth of antennas, Tilting. Using tools for planning purposes like TEMS Cell planner for predictions, Map-info. Preparing Nominal Plan, performing TSS, SAR Evaluation, Frequency planning and neighbour analysis; Preparing expansion plan for congested sites by proposing either new TRX or site. Site Audits & Verifications: Testing of site in the field to make sure the site design parameters are implemented as planned. Verification involves TRX Testing, Intra/Inter Site Handover Check, identification of Faulty hardware, Handover check for neighbours, Call sustainability, Drop Call (%) and other basic statistics auditing neighbours, changing frequencies, various changes to TRX, Cell, BSC Level Parameters and other physical redesign recommendations in order to improve the performance of the cluster. Drive test analysis using TEMS Investigation. IManager (Huawei) to Extract and Analyze Network stats and RNO to extract and analyse FAS, MRR, NCX reports. Using TEMS investigation; Recording all the data i.e. RX levels, RX quality, FER, BER, SQI etc. using this data we optimise our network. This includes Radio designing, implementation and optimization.
09/2007 - 05/2008 Regional Technical Support Engineer

Alcatel, Pvt. Ltd. Mobilink Project

Organising, conducting and supporting test activities. Involved in performance testing and integration testing. Rapidly response to equipment failures & implementing immediate repairs. Participating in audits and reviews of testing, highlighting areas for improvement. Monitoring and reporting to senior managers any repair trends. Drawings and documentation updates. Responsible for executing test cases, documenting results and defects. Testing and fault finding finished systems in accordance with company procedures. Reporting to the Test Manager any issues or potential prioritisation conflicts. Assisting in the loading and installation of software. Responsible for Solving Trouble Tickets and providing LTECH Support i.e. technical support to the customers regarding BSS or RF problems from all levels (area, cell and TRX) that is improvement in KPIs, which involve increase in Call drop rate (CDR),decrease in Call success rate, Problems in Handovers, Installation or reconfiguration during O&M; troubleshoots the problems of BTS, G2 and G3 ALCATEL A9130 MX_BSC.A- 9130 MX MFS, TC. & Microwave. Expansions of BTS sites, reporting to LTECH support Manager. 02/2007 - 09/2007 Executive Engineer

World Call WLL

Operation and Maintenance of World Call NSS Department, My area of Work is in Intelligent networks USAU for billing Huawei. Creation of billing, charging matrix. Csoft. Creation of subscriber (MDN, IMSI and ESN) in HLR and MSC. Making policies in IN Huawei, handling the database, WEBSMAP, WIPT (PCO), ETPC (WLL), USAU, SMP,HCP, Informix, Intelligent Network (IN) Huawei is based on Data bases that includes Oracle9i, SUN Solaris as an operating System, SQL (front end) for querying the performance as the daily routine checks , NMS, CRM, AAA and PDSN.

NED University Since 2007 External Tutor and Examiner Jul/09-Dec/09 Involved in supervising Thesis RF review network, coverage planning & optimization of 3g External Examiner continuously from 2007 to 2009 subject Antenna and Microwave Preparing material for exam papers Taking Viva for the practical Antenna and Microwave.
Alcatel, Pvt. Ltd. (O&M) PTCL Project

08/2004 - 10/2004

Internee / Trainee

Operation and maintenance of switches on land lines. Installed the Switches. I am the team member, which installed MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) in millennium mall Karachi.

NED University Department of Telecom 07/2004 - 10/2004 Lecturer Lecturing to the first year Telecommunication engineering students. Prepared material for lecture and tests/exams. Motivated students, marked student work. PAKISTAN MACHINE TOOL FACTORY 12/2002 - 01/2003


have worked on CNC machines, which includes turning, planning, milling, drilling, jig boring, thread grinding, deep hole drilling, shaping and shaving, gear grinding, spiral bevel gear cutting.

Morrisons PLC UK 08/2005 01/2007 General Sales Assistant Basic Food Hygiene, Health and safety, Customer Care & Services ,Legal Requirements, Product Knowledge, Security, Product Handling, Use/Care of Equipment, Documentation, Communications, Good House Keeping. Pertemps Job Recruitment 04/2005 - 08/2005 Team member Airport Warehouse working in conveyor belt in picking and stacking Flex Recruitment 01/2005 - 04/2005 Team member Working with Exel PLC Ware house (mother care) which dealt with Picking and Packing. ASDA Ware House working in conveyor belt in picking and stacking

EDUCATION University of Warwick, UK. NED University Cadet College Petaro. Cadet College Petaro.

2005 - 2006 2000 - 2004 1998 - 1999 1996 - 1997

MSC (Advance photonics & communications) B.E. (Electronics Engineering) H.S.S.C. (Pre Engineering) S.S.C

Pass First First First

MAPINFO for designing. Familiar with the use of TOM TOM, Garmin GPS and compass. TEMS planner and Investigation for planning and drive testing of cells. Now SMS Gateway. Comprehensive knowledge of HTML, XML and WAP using these tools in making 3 G Gateway as a master thesis. Well Conversant with the I T that includes all windows, Linux and apple Mac OS. Multi-lingual English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi languages.

ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS IEE, IEEE and IET, Computer & Communication, Communication societies 2005-2006. Life Member Pakistan Engineering council, NED Old boys & The Petarian Association. Owner of Departmental Yahoo groups for helping in knowledge transfer, mentoring the juniors, motivating them, increase communication skills, built a team work for the betterment. Enjoy taking part in science quizzes and general quizzes Published Souvenir 2004 THE PETARIANS Best worker Award the Petarian Association. Captain of EHAWKS in KPMG Cricket tournament, University of Warwick UK. Best sports Captain award 2003 Department of electronics NED University.

TRAININGS AND SHORT COURSES Total Access (UK) SAGE Safety & Training Ltd (UK) 2010 2010 Advance Climber Roof top & RF Safety Awareness Emergency First Aid at Heights. Tower rescue -GSM BSS 2x16 Field-Maintenance. -Ericsson Windows Vista -Project management Props C -Security Sally NSS Soft switch (Csoft3000X), Media gateway (UMG8900) HLR (9820)

Ericsson Pvt. Ltd.


Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd.


University of Warwick offers a range of Skill programmes which are accredited modules A I T Karachi Pakistan



-Transition to the employment collaboration with IBM), -Assertiveness, -Time management and team work -Communications skills MS OFFICE


INTERESTS I enjoy travelling and exploring differing cultures in different countries. I also have a keen interest in Telecommunications, Electronics and IT.